Why Getting Up and Moving Is Important

It has long been known that living a sedentary lifestyle can put people at a greater risk for Type II Diabetes and for developing heart disease. But, moving throughout the day is also important for your mental well-being. Staying confined to a desk or sitting down all day long is hard on your body.

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While we typically focus on moving things like boxes as your Boulder movers, Exodus Moving and Storage is all about your well-being in all aspects of life, so here are a few different kinds of moving tips for you to check out!

How to Move At Work

Many workplaces are a lot better than they were in past years where exercise is concerned. Some offices provide employees with desks that can be raised (so that employees can stand up while working), and other offices give employees discounts on neighborhood gyms and exercise programs. But if you happen to work in a place that doesn’t do any of these things, you can still make an effort to move during the day while you are at work.

1. Stand up and stretch in all directions: bend down and touch your toes, reach for the sky, do a few air squats, and move your arms all around – sure, people might look at you funny at first, but we’re betting your colleagues soon join in the fun.

2. Go outside during your lunch break. Many of us have formed the bad habit of eating at our desks. While it might seem like eating lunch at your desk is the best and fastest way to get through that stack of work, the truth is that getting up and walking around outside will help you generate a creative spark much better and faster than sitting at a desk all day.

3. Make your break time exercise time. Bring running shoes to your office, and go for a run or walk during any break that you have. All it take is fifteen minutes of fresh air and sunshine to feel better and gain energy.

4. Start a sports program at work. Company teams are a lot of fun, so why not start one?

5. Try squatting at your desk instead of sitting in a chair. Take ten minutes, remove your chair, and just sit in a squat – your quadraceps will thank you, and your whole core will feel tighter as a result.

Why Moving Matters

Humans weren’t meant to sit at desks all day (really!), and our bodies can take a real beating when we are forced to sit down all day and stare at a screen. Not only does a sedentary lifestyle lead to things like high blood pressure and diabetes, but your muscles can start to cramp up and your mind can become fatigued just by sitting down all day long. It can be hard to get used to moving regularly at first (if you aren’t used to it), but five to ten minutes per day is all it takes. Once you get into moving on a regular basis, you’ll crave those minutes!

If you need help moving things like furniture and boxes, that’s where Exodus Moving and Storage can really lend a hand. Our Boulder movers will get your stuff where it needs to go quickly and expertly, and you can count on our Boulder moving company to be there when you expect us. Call our team of Boulder movers today for a quote or additional information, and see why our Boulder moving company is loved by all of our clients.

You can also find Exodus Moving and Storage on Facebook – we look forward to connecting with you there too. In the meantime, get up and move!

Where To Find Free Stuff

Moving companies in Fort Collins (like Exodus) have seen a lot of things over the years. One of the recurring things that we’ve seen is college students going to school for the first time, or going back to school at the end of the summer. While outfitting a door room with new things can be a lot of fun (who doesn’t like new stuff?), you can also find a ton of things for free if you look at the right websites (and, hey, free stuff is better, right?). If you’re heading back to college this fall, take a look at the following sites, and see if you can get that coffee table or bookshelf for free.


College books CC Photo Courtesy of wohnai

1. Craigslist: this might be one of the original websites to offer free stuff. Look for your town, check out the free section, and see if there’s anything in your town that you may want to bring with you to your dorm this year – you can find everything from books to furniture.

2. eBay Classified section: have you ever looked at the eBay Classifieds? No? Well, it’s time to take a moment or two to see what eBay has to offer. The Classified section of eBay has a ton of stuff that you can simply have for free, and some more stuff that can be had for a lot less than what you would pay in a store.

3. Freecycle sites: it’s really not eco-friendly to keep buying new things. Most of what we buy will end up in the trash anyway, so why not simply purchase used items from people that no longer want those things? You can also find free stuff on these sites. Just Google the name of your town plus the term “freecycle,” and you’ll find lots of things.

4. Facebook yard sale pages: look for a Facebook garage sale or yard sale group in your town. The idea here is a virtual yard sale where people go to post photos and descriptions of items that they are selling, or are giving away for free.

5. Use other social networking sites: put out a post or two about certain items that you are looking for, use tags, and see if someone in your area can help you out – you never know, a friend of yours might have the very thing you need for free.

Buy Used If Possible

Moving companies in Fort Collins can move free, used, or new items to your new home or dorm room, so there’s no need to buy completely new stuff if you can buy used! Plus, buying used items means helping the environment out, and since the environment is important to everyone on the planet, it’s a really good idea to do your part when you can. The other reason why it doesn’t make any sense to buy all new items for your dorm room is that those things will likely be ruined, broken, or left behind by the end of the year – save yourself the trouble of throwing money down the drain by purchasing used things.

If you are looking for moving companies in Fort Collins, give us a try – we’ll help you move everything from that massive fridge to storage bins to your dorm room, even if you are moving far away from Fort Collins. As your Fort Collins movers, Exodus Moving and Storage will provide you with a fair and free quote in addition to efficient moving. We also offer storage room in both Denver and Fort Collins if you need to store some additional items. Call your Fort Collins movers today, and we’ll help you get back to school quickly – with all of your new, used, and free stuff!

Why Hiring an Interior Decorator Makes Sense

Sometimes, hiring an interior decorator makes good sense. If you’re toying with the idea of working with an expert, here are some reasons why hiring an interior decorator makes sense.

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Interior Design CC Photo Courtesy of Associated Fabrication

1. Increase home appeal: buyers that walk into a professionally decorated home will be awed by all the style. Even if the home won’t stay the way that you make it once it’s sold, the eye always buys.

2. A professional will see all the holes and cracks that you don’t see. Sometimes, simply patching up the small things means making a home look much better all around.

3. Someone to oversee construction. Even though designers aren’t project managers, having a design on staff and helping you create the overall look of your home while another crew is working on an addition or other part of your home is a good idea. Plus, designers with good contractor relationships can help bridge the communication gaps.

4. Avoid making costly mistakes. You might think that carpet in the bathroom makes sense, but a designer will help you avoid those expensive mistakes. How can mistakes be expensive? It will cost you a good amount to remodel a design gone wrong, or to rip up that carpet, but you can save on those costs by doing it right the first time.

5. Designers have great contacts. An interior designer that’s been working in the industry for a while will have good contacts with furniture retailers, contractors, plumbers, and pretty much everyone else that’s involved in the design or redesign of a home – and contacts means discounts on those great things you want for your house.

6. Possibility of increasing the cost of your home. If you are trying to sell your home, a designer could help you raise that selling price. How? Simple things that add a lot of curb or inside home appeal will help. If you don’t have the decorating gene, it’s probably best to hire a designer to put it all together the right way.

7. Experience. Working with someone that’s been decorating and designing for a few years means getting all of that experience, and using those honed skills to make your places as stunning as it should be.

When to Hire a Designer

When should you hire that designer? If you are trying to sell a home, want to decorate a new home, or need to change the look of the home that you are currently living in, it’s time to hire an interior designer. The cost of a designer can range from hundreds to thousands depending on where you live, how much expertise the designer has, and what you want to do, but any designer should be willing to work with your budget. Some designers will even let you work with them room-by-room or piece-by-piece. Remember, there’s no real rush unless you are moving long distance, or need to finish a certain part of your home.

When you do sell your home, Exodus, your Colorado moving company, can help you move into your new home. As your Colorado moving company, we can also help you pack, or store things at our Denver or Fort Collins storage facilities whether you’re moving locally or moving long distance. Call us today, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate. Aside from calling your Colorado moving company to help you get where you need to go, consider hiring a professional interior decorator to help you sell your home. We’d like to hear about your experiences with decorators, so leave us a note here (or check us out on Facebook).

Best Colorado Autumn Fairs

red leaf

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The fall season is upon us, and that means apple pie, cider, and those romantic nights by candlelight! It also means a ton of great fairs will be happening in Colorado. No matter where you reside in this state, you have to check out at least one fall fair – here’s our best roundup of fairs happening in September this year from your Denver moving company.

1. Aspen Mac and Cheese Fest: do I really need to say more? This is a festival that’s all about Mac and Cheese, and it happens on September 6th

2. Telluride Blues and Blues Fest: if you’re into the blues, this is the festival for you to check out in September – plus, Telluride is beautiful that time of year, so make sure to go! The Blues Fest happens from September 12-14.

3. Breckenridge Oktoberfest: like the one in Germany, the Breckenridge Oktoberfest happens in September, and you’ll find beer, food, rides, and a simply fantastic time from September 12-14.

4. AppleFest: does anything say, “fall” more than apples? I didn’t think so! You can’t miss AppleFest if you love these tart fruits – and you really can’t beat apples fresh off the tree either. Check out AppleFest in Buena Vists on September 13th

5. Autumn Gold: the slogan for this festival is “a festival for bands, brats ‘n beer” – with that kind of a slogan, you pretty much get the picture, right? Think of crisp fall air, plenty of brews, and lots of delicious food on September 20th

6. Harvest festivals: in wine country, September is harvest season – I’m not going to list any specific vineyards here, but you can head to pretty much any vineyard during this month to check out the harvest, and some vineyards have actual activities planned during certain peak times (check vineyard websites for details).

Where to Go

It can be really hard to choose which festival to attend when the leaves start to turn color. But, you should definitely go to at least one festival this fall. If you’re moving to Colorado, you’ll want to pick a festival that’s in line with what you want to do – most of the events are family friendly, but check to make sure that kids are welcomed at some of the adult events. Typically, though,

Colorado events are family events, and that means bringing the whole troop out to any one of these fairs for some fun memories that will last forever. We’re still a month or so away from those fall days, but it’s just around the corner! Start planning your fair outings today, and we’ll help you get here. Exodus Moving and Storage is a full service moving company specializing in helping you with every step of your move. From furniture movers to unpacking and everything in-between, we have your move covered. We also have large storage spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins, so make sure to ask us about those rates if you have items to store.

What Your Denver Moving Company Can Do

If you want a full list of fall events, make sure to visit the Colorado main state website, and click on the event calendar dropdown. There are too many events happening in Colorado to list them all here, but we’ve chosen some of our favorites. So, we want to know: what event are you looking forward to this fall? Are you planning on visiting one of the events on our list? Let us know below, or connect with us on Facebook for updates, to ask us questions about furniture movers, and more information about your favorite Denver moving company.

How to Choose a New School

If you have to move your family, you’re probably wondering how to choose the right school in a new town from where you’re currently located. Thankfully, the Internet exists, and using the Internet to help you research schools will be useful – but it’s not enough on its own. We’ve helped a lot of families move as movers in Fort Collins, and we’ve compiled some tips that you can use to successfully find a new school in your new town for your kids.

We love students who love reading sign.

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1. Use the Internet to look at sites like greatschools.com – there are other sites, too, in different towns that highlight good schools, bad schools, and provide accurate descriptions of courses, teachers, and what certain schools are like (in addition to tuition prices for private schools).

2. Reach out as much as possible to people in the area. This is a simple thing to do if you plan to get a job in your new town, and you can ask your new employer to help you out with some recommendations, but if you aren’t going to get a job in your new town, you’ll need to use the internet some more. How? Social networks!

3. Get social. Look online for various social networking groups that pertain to your new town. Groups for parents are especially useful, and you can ask opinions about different schools from various parents that reside in the town. You might get some conflicting opinions, but you’ll be able to narrow down the selection using this information.

4. Consider the order that you want to move in. This one might sound funny, but you may want to think about finding a good school before you find a home or a job. You may know that you have to move to a certain area, but you don’t have to move to a certain neighborhood until you have had the time to properly explore the options. Look for ideal schools for your kids before you choose a home or apartment. This way, you can live in the area where your children will go to school, and you can choose the best school.

5. Find out more. Most schools will happily provide you with a package of information, or you can simply pick up the phone and ask about the school you are considering. If you plan to send your kids to a private school, you can also arrange a meeting and a school tour (this may apply to public schools too). Sometimes, the best way to really get to know what a school is like is to speak to people that work at the school, or visit the school and take a complete tour.

6. Take your time. If you have a few months before you move, take the time to really research your options. You may find that the schools that are the most popular aren’t the ones that are also a great match for your kids. Take into consideration the kinds of schools that are available, and try to match the schools in the area with the interests that your kids have.

Moving It All

Getting to where you need to go without any trouble is a godsend, and we can help you where your move is concerned (we’re also furniture movers!). We can also provide you with reasonable storage space options, and we can do much more too as movers in Fort Collins. As a full-service moving company, our mission is to make sure that your move is a smooth one, and that includes being furniture movers and more.

Call us today for an estimate or to find out what we can help you with – we’re your movers in Fort Collins! Moving your kids to a new school is never easy, but you can make it all easier if you spend some time finding the right school. Got any additional tips? Leave us a note on our Facebook page!

How to Pick a New Office Space

If you’re feeling the urge to move to a new office space, it might be time to pack up and relocate. But there are some things to think about before making that move. Moving and office can be expensive and time-consuming, so taking your time to choose the perfect place will pay off. Take a look at these tips from your Fort Collins movers.

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1. Is the new location easily accessible for your clients? If you run a business where clients stop by on a regular basis, that office basement might not be such a great idea (no matter how cool the space is).

2. Does the location make sense for your industry? On the flip side, if you don’t actually entertain many clients (you don’t have a retail space), a loft with a lot of light or some other kitschy space might be just the thing for your business.

3. Will the location make sense for your employees? If the people that work with you have to travel hours to your new office, you may want to rethink that location. Make sure that the space works for everyone.

4. Does the new space offer something that the old space didn’t? Part of the reason why companies move is to get a better overall space. Weigh the pros and cons of the new space as compared to the old space.

5. Make sure that you know about all the costs associated with the property. This is where hiring someone that handles commercial real estate might come in handy. Are you really considering all of the extra costs?

6. What are the details of the lease? Some lease arrangements do not let you out of a lease if you want to move or if your company needs to downsize, so take a careful look at these details.

7. Is there enough parking space? If you are opening up a retail space in the new office, think about parking. There are few things more frustrating for clients than having nowhere to park!

8. Get moving quotes. If you are going to move, shop around for moving quotes.

Some Additional Considerations

If your company is on the small side, think about sharing office space with another company. There are a lot of co-working space available, too, that will provide you with the office space you need on a rental basis. Plus, you could meet other people that can help your business, network, and generate some new ideas through sharing a space with other companies. When you do find the perfect space, you’ve looked over the lease, and you know what you’re getting into, you’ll want to hire professional movers to help you move into the space.

Exodus, your Fort Collins movers, is a full service moving company, and we’ve moved many companies into new office space. We also offer storage space in both Fort Collins and Denver, in case you can’t move a few things from your current location right away. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to a new office, which is why many companies do work with commercial real estate companies to work out these deals. If you are going it alone, though, make sure to look carefully at the checklist above. Perhaps the most important point here is to make sure that you can break that lease – you don’t want to be stuck with a space you can no longer use or afford!

Call us today for a free moving quote from your Fort Collins movers, or to find out more about what we can do for you. Moving an office should be exciting, not stressful, and we’re happy to help.

How to Defrost a Refrigerator

If you have just moved into a new place, or are moving out of an old one, there’s one thing that you will have to do no matter what: defrost your refrigerator. Surprisingly, defrosting a fridge isn’t that hard, but there are a few things that you should know before you pull the plug!

Step 1: Empty the refrigerator. Put all things perishable into a cooler with ice packs, and throw away anything that’s outdated or clearly has expired.

Step 2: Turn off the freezer. Turn the dial on your free to “off,” so that you can start the defrosting process.

Step 3: Remove what you can from inside. If you can take out freezer racks and fridge shelves, do this now. You may not be able to remove some parts that are frozen, though, so don’t try to force these things to move. Instead, wait until the unit has been defrosted completely.

Step 4: Place towels around the edges of the refrigerator in order to catch any water that falls – you don’t want a massive puddle that turns into a safety hazard!

Step 5: Defrost the whole unit. You can complete the defrosting process by using a hair dryer, letting everything melt naturally (this is the easiest way), or through another means like putting a fan in front of the fridge and letting air blow inside the unit.

Step 6: Remove large chunks of ice as they break off (have a bucket nearby for this purpose).

Step 7: Clean the inside of the refrigerator with a rag, and mop up any access water.

empty fridge

CC Image courtesy of Sneed via Flickr.

You should now have a clean and defrosted fridge. Typically, it takes twenty-four hours to clean a refrigerator completely, so make sure that you leave enough time to do this. It’s best if you can defrost and clean your fridge at least three days ahead of your moving date. If you purchase enough canned goods, you can subsist on other items for the days that you do not have a fridge.

Cleaning out your fridge is easy enough, but moving it is another thing! When it comes to moving something as heavy as a refrigerator, make sure to hire experts.

Our Moving Services

At Exodus Moving and Storage, we make it our mandate to provide you with everything that you need when it comes to moving your home or office. Let the experts at Exodus Moving and Storage lift the heavy items (like your fridge!) for you, so that you can sit back and enjoy the move. Exodus Moving and Storage also offers additional moving services such as packing and unpacking. We also have large storage spaces in both Fort Collins and Denver, so that you can store anything you can’t bring to your new home.

When it come to figuring out whether to move a fridge or get a new one, let us offer you some advice: if it’s not in good shape, you may just want to get rid of it. Donate an older fridge to someone that can use the help (or a charity), and purchase a new fridge when you move. It will cost less if you choose not to move a fridge, and you can enjoy the look and shape of a brand new unit. But, if you do want to move your fridge to your new home, call your Denver moving company and let us help you. When it comes to moving large items, there’s no need to break your back!

Make sure to check out our social networking pages too, so that you can get more tips and updates on our latest blog posts from your Denver moving company.


5 Ways to Quickly Devalue Your Home

If you are thinking about selling your home, there are some things that you shouldn’t do. In most of these cases, you’d never think that the following mistakes were big deals at all, but they can cost you a lot of money when it comes to a successful home sale. If you’re getting ready to move and sell your home, here’s what you need to make a careful note of what not to do – from your movers in Fort Collins!

1. Making your home too nice for the area. Putting a lot of money into a home that’s not in a highly valued area won’t provide a good return. Sure, you might have spent a lot of cash on those new additions, but you won’t see a higher home sale price in return if the neighborhood simply isn’t up to par.

modern kitchen

CC Image courtesy of Polygon Realty Limited via Flicrk

2. Placing all of your eggs in one basket. Sure, a nicely done kitchen is one thing that most home buyers look for, but you can’t simply update the kitchen or bathroom and leave the rest of the home in shambles. Try to spread your money evenly, so that every part of your home is up to date.

3. Going nuts with popular materials and items. There’s nothing more off-putting to someone that loves the classic look than a modern glass bathroom sink or a kitchen with a back splash that is simply too modern. Try and keep remodels casual and neutral because most home buyers probably don’t share your enthusiasm for tiger stripes.

4. Leaving that candy apple green on the walls. Home buyers want to see a space that’s clean and free from any really bright colors. Take the time to return all of your walls to a neutral color before you put it on the market.

5. Trying to cover up imperfections. You know where your home’s flaws are, but trying to cover those things up with paint, caulking, or something else just doesn’t work. It’s also not a good idea to simply ignore these things.

Some Advice

The best thing that you can do to help sell your current home is to fix the major problems. Ask a home inspector to point out a home’s biggest flaws, so that you can repair those things. If a buyer has to sink a ton of money into something major, the selling price will drop (and you’ll lose money). So, it’s better to fix the things that need the most work – like asbestos in the attic or an electric system that’s seen better days, or you risk losing some cash.

It’s really not the smaller things (like paint color) that most people look at when buying a home. Anyone buying a home will bring in an inspector, too, so you can’t hide those big flaws. Your home might not be perfect, but fixing the things that really need to be repaired is important – more important than, say, a new marble and glass bathroom sink!

Our Services

Once you do sell your home and move to Colorado, Exodus Moving and Storage will help you get here and unpack once you do arrive. We offer every kind of moving service imaginable, and we are more than happy to provide you with a free quote too. In addition, we have large storage facilities in both Fort Collins and in Denver, so you can store anything that you can’t move right away. Call us for a moving quote or for pricing – you can count on your movers in Fort Collins to give you a good idea of what to expect from the start.

When it comes to selling your home, try and keep things in perspective. Put yourself into the shoes of a buyer, take a look at other homes in your area, and try to imagine the positive things about your home that a buyer will love. In the meantime, let us, your movers in Fort Collins, know if you have any moving questions, or if you need a moving quote.

Apartment Hunting? Read This First!

In some parts of the world, living in an apartment just makes sense. Denver is one of those places for most people, and there are plenty of apartment rentals in Denver to go around. But, before you rent out any space (and some of these rules apply to commercial spaces too), make sure to read through this list (and then call your favorite Denver moving company!) – otherwise, you could wind up with a lot more than you bargained for!

apartment rental sign

CC Image courtesy of meddygarnet via Flickr

1. Read your lease carefully! Some landlords include really specific things in a lease, and many tenants have no idea that those things exist until it’s too late. Is your landlord responsible for appliances and appliance repairs? Are you allowed to have a roommate? Can you sublease your apartment without concern? Are you permitted to hang things on the wall? Note the finer details, and make sure to keep a copy of your lease at all times.

2. Inspect the place before you rent it. Use your phone’s camera to document every nick, scratch, crack, and other imperfection before you sign that lease. Once you have made a list of things that are wrong with your rental, add those imperfections to the lease in a detailed manner. This way, your landlord can’t blame you for any of those repairs.

3. Make sure that you can see the actual apartment. This might sound odd, but some landlords or rental agencies will only show you a model apartment. You’ll want to look at the place you will really be living in, and not just a perfect model of what the place should look like. If you don’t see the real thing, you never know what you could be getting.

4. Check out the neighborhood on your own. Some leasing agents aren’t legally allowed to tell you whether or not a neighborhood is safe. If you’re new to town, make sure to drive around the town on your own before you rent – at night. Some areas can look amazing when the sun is
shining, but those same areas can be very scary late at night!

5. Compare the number of washer and driers in the laundry room with the number of tenants in your building. If the building has one hundred tenants and two washers, well, those aren’t good numbers. You can figure this out by looking at the available apartment sizes for rent.

6. Find out how big the bedrooms and other rooms are. You can’t really go by square footage because some entryways and hallways could be really large. What you need to know is how big each room is, so that you have a clear understanding of what you can expect from actual living space.

7. Tell your landlord (once you sign a lease) about your moving plans after you speak with a Denver moving company. You’ll want clearance for things like blocking the elevator and parking in front of the main entrance.

Getting There

Exodus Moving and Storage can help you get to Denver or any other city in Colorado. We know that finding the perfect apartment can take time, too, and that’s why we also offer storage spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins (just in case you have to store some things while you are looking for the right space). Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company that prides itself on helping people just like you get where you need to go.

If you haven’t rented an apartment before, take some tips from us and read the above first. After that, take some time finding a place that you really love – after all, you are going to be living there! Call Exodus Moving and Storage today for a free quote or other details, and we’ll help you move into the ideal place!

How to Flip a House

Flipping houses can be a lucrative business if you know the tricks of the trade. If you’re looking to flip a house in order to move to Colorado, we have some great house flipping tips for you from your Fort Collins Movers, Exodus Moving and Storage. Flipping isn’t always easy, but it can be a good way to make money. Take a look!

house flipping

CC Image courtesy of Emily May via Flickr

House Flipping Tips

1. Be ready to buy quickly. Sellers that are looking to sell quickly out of desperation are looking for buyers that are ready to buy as soon as possible – and having cash is an even better way to buy a home quickly.

2. Look for a discount. You can’t expect to make a ton of money flipping a house if you buy the house at a high rate. Look for homes that are in need of repair, or sellers that want to sell quickly, or even at a loss. You can get this information by asking real estate agents about their clients.

3. Keep renovations to a minimum. It hardly ever pays to do major renovation work. This kind of work is really expensive, and that means that you won’t save any money by taking on a major renovation project. Look for homes that require a small amount of renovations, but if you have a hire crews and rent a bulldozer, that house is probably not worth your time.

4. Remember that the real estate market fluctuates, and that means that house flipping isn’t always a lucrative business – you may have to wait it out for a few months. Be ready to spend a few nights in your new place, or find somewhere else to live while you wait for the home to sell.

5. Make sure you have enough cash flow. A lot of homes are purchased and slightly renovated before a buyer runs out of money. Make certain that you have enough cash flow to keep the whole operation going.

6. Keep track of your expenses. Make a note of every dollar you spend, and write down how much of that money you get back when you actually sell a home. Using this method, you can clearly see how much it costs you to flip a home, and how much you actually have to spend.

7. Use government breaks whenever possible. If you can get a discount, credit, or some other government break for installing eco-friendly or other elements, do it – you can use all the breaks you can get. For government breaks in your area, look at your state’s main website.

The Flipping Reality

It can be fun to flip a house, but it’s not always easy to do. You may have to wait a few months or years to sell a home for the price that you want. The best advice is to make sure that you can afford the home while it’s being repaired or sitting on the market. Also, keep in mind that most people do not like modern décor, so skip the glass sink!

If you are moving to Fort Collins to flip a home or because you want to flip a home, we can help you get here. At Exodus Moving and Storage, your Fort Collins movers, we offer full-service moving solutions that include helping you pack and move. We also offer storage options in both Fort Collins and Denver, so that you can store anything you can’t move or fit into your new home. If you need an estimate, we can do that too.

Call your Fort Collins movers today for additional details about your upcoming move, and feel free to leave us a note here if you have any questions.

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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Fort Collins

120 NE. Frontage Rd Ste. D
Fort Collins, CO 80524
M-F 8:00am-5:00pm
Sat 8:00am-12:00pm


6229 S. Santa Fe Dr
Littleton, CO 80120
M-F 8:00am-5:00pm
Sat 8:00am-12:00pm