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An ending lease means you now have the option to move to a different location, and that can be a good thing if you want more foot traffic or are looking for a bigger or smaller spot. Moving your business can be really beneficial depending on your goals, but you should make sure that all things are lined up before you move. That includes some practical items in addition to calling moving companies in Fort Collins to get the best possible prices.

Take a look at these things that you shouldn’t forget to do when moving your company.

  • Change your address on all your marketing materials and websites. Once you’ve secured a new lease, this is the first thing that you should do. Otherwise you may find that some customers are still sending items to your old address, you may also get a flood of emails asking you for your new address. You’ll probably get those anyway, but this way you will have something to point to!
  • Inform your SEO team. If you have someone running your SEO for your company website or someone managing ad campaigns, make sure that these people know about your move. That was any ads can be updated and necessary address details can be changed quickly.
  • Let the government know that you have moved. Simply letting the government know your new location will make it simpler to do things like pay your taxes or get any bills that Uncle Sam is sending your way.
  • Let your mailman and the new tenants know your new address. This way any mail can be sent to your new location, and the people taking over your space can bring any packages that need to be delivered directly to your new office.
  • Make sure to inform you customers of the move well before the actual moving date. You can do this by sending out email letters, updating social network pages, and by simply pasting a large banner on both your physical store location and on your website.

To Move or Not?

The moving companies in Fort Collins can get you to your new location, but should you move shop? This is one of the hardest questions any company has to answer when a lease has expired. On the one hand, moving means new horizons and that’s never a bad thing, right? On the other hand, moving can mean a lot of confused customers. The general rule of thumb is to make a vertical move monetarily unless your company needs a much bigger space and has the budget to go with it.

As far as your clients go, make sure to inform them of your move before the big day, and try to keep the same phone number, if possible. When it comes to moving companies in Fort Collins, though, Exodus Moving and Storage is ready to help you make that move when it’s time. Whether you are moving to Longmont or any other area, we can help. Call us today if you are moving to Longmont, or anywhere else, and we’ll make sure that you and all of your office equipment arrives at the new location unscathed.