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If you’ve just found the perfect home, you may be wondering whether or not the alarm system that currently exists inside of that home is safe. After all, the prior owners know where the house is armed, how it’s armed, and what the existing codes are. But, you shouldn’t scratch a home off of your list just because of an existing alarm. Follow these tips instead.

1. Call the alarm company, and explain that you are the new owner of the home. This way, the company can change codes, tell you what else you need to change, and go through a complete walkthrough of your home with you.

2. Ask the previous owners about any prior break-ins. If there are some holes in the existing security plan, you’ll want to be sure to patch those as soon as possible.

3. Consider the age of the alarm system. If the system is old, you may want to replace it entirely. If it’s new, an upgrade might still be a good idea.

4. Change the codes right away – you should change the home keys too, just to be safe. You never know who might have the current keys or codes (friends, neighbors, relatives), so change everything to be sure that nobody will walk in when you’re home alone!

Questions to Ask

Aside from finding out whether or not the home has been burglarized before, you’ll want to find out where all the alarm systems are located throughout the house, if any doors have been reinforced, and other details. If the alarm is particularly complex, ask the previous owner how to use the alarm, what quirks might happen, and whether or not things like dogs or cats set off the alarm.

Houses are sold with alarm systems every day, and new homeowners never have any problems – but it never hurts to be safe. So, make sure to go through the tips listed above, and find out all you can about a system that already exists. Also, don’t feel as though you have to stick with the alarm system or the company that was pre-chosen. You can always mix things up by buying a different alarm, or working with a new company. The idea is to make sure that you feel safe in your new surroundings, and that can only happen if you know how your home is protected inside and out.

Getting to Know Your New Town

There’s nothing like exploring a new town, but before you move check out the statistics. Find out if the neighborhood you’re looking at is safe, what the percentages are, and how many homes in your area have been broken into. A lot of these details are available online, through real estate agent offices, and elsewhere, and you never can be too safe.

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