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Do you live in Colorado? Are you moving to Colorado? We’re betting that you don’t know some of the following facts about this amazing state. If you think you have your Colorado trivia down, test out your knowledge by answering the following questions (no cheating!).

Q: Has Colorado ever turned down the chance to host the Olympics?

A: Yes! The state of Colorado gave up its chance to host the Olympics in in 1976. 62% of voters thought that the event would bring too much noise, pollution, and environmental damage to the state, so the Olympics were held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, instead.

Q: Is Colorado’s obesity rate high?

A: Not a chance! Colorado is the only state where the obesity rate is lower than 20% – you really can’t live here and resist checking out the amazing nature that surrounds this state, and that means getting outside a lot!

Q: Is Colorado completely covered in snow during the wintertime?

A: Not really. Much of the state is actually comprised of farmland and not mountains! The popular ski areas in Colorado are located near mountains that do get a lot of snowfall, but the rest of the state is relatively dry during the wintertime.

Q: Why was the city of Denver built?

A: Unlike other cities in North America, Denver wasn’t built for strategic transportation reasons. Denver was settled because of one very lucrative reason: gold.

Q: What is the Humpty-Dumpty drive-in restaurant famous for?

A: The first cheeseburger! This Denver staple served up the first “cheeseburger” in 1935. That burger might not have been the first burger to have cheese on it, but the owner of the restaurant was the first one to trademark the name “cheeseburger.”

Q: How many mountains over 300 feet does Colorado have?

A: 53! These mountains are called “fourteeners” in hiker-speak, and that means that they reach well over 14k – Colorado has the most fourteeners in North America. Who can hike all of them?

Q: Which part of Colorado has the most pawnshops?

A: Colorado Springs is home to more pawnshops than any other state in the U.S.

Ready to Move?

As you can see, there are quite a few things that are truly unique about Colorado. There’s just a different vibe out here, and it doesn’t compare to way of life anywhere else in the world. Some parts of the state have mountains, some parts are flat farmlands, and every nook and cranny has a story to tell. Are you ready to be part of that story? If you are, Exodus Moving and Storage would like to help you get here – and we’ll even give you a free moving estimate!

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We also want to know: are there any fun facts about Colorado that you don’t see here? Let us know (and how many did you get right?).