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The decision to move can be a tough one. Whether your upcoming move was caused by a new job or the need to find different scenery, chances are that you’ll have to say goodbye to some people on your way out of town. Letting go of solid friendships can be really tough to do, but you can keep in touch with those people that mean a lot to you.

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Before You Move

Make sure to schedule a few days and nights with those that matter the most. Spend some time going over your moving plans, where you’ll be moving to, and where your old friends fit into your new life. Try to schedule everyone into your pre-moving days, so that you can spend as much time as possible with those you care about.

Set up Skype Times

If there’s one person (or a few people) that you can’t imagine living without, go over each other’s schedules to see if you can arrange a few future Skype (or phone) calls. Put your friends on your messenger lists, connect through social networks, and plan times to chat. You can even send each other snail mail for a bit of old-fashioned fun (plus, postcards are just better when they are sent through the post!).

Get Busy

If your schedule is packed with events, it’s hard to think about how much you miss your friends or how much free time you have. Sign up for clases when you arrive in your new hometown, volunteer, and make new friends. You don’t have to forget the friends that you had, but you can cram your schedule with enough activities that you won’t feel lonely. Plus, getting right into things in your new hometown means that you’ll soon make more friends, and that means that you won’t have as much time to miss your old friends.

If you can find a cardio or other fitness activity, even better – you’ll be too tired to miss anyone! If you are moving to Fort Collins, check out these fitness spots:

  • Beyond Kickboxing
  • Infinity Pilates
  • Miramont Lifestyle Fitness (many different options)

Popular Denver fitness classes include:

  • Denver dance
  • No Boundaries Fitness
  • Oxford club and spa

Call any one of these spots before you move, book your classes, and try out a new fitness class or sport. Not only will you fill your schedule, but you’ll also get a super fit body in the process – what could be better?

Preparing Before You Move

Sometimes, classes are hard to get into. So, you may want to call ahead of time to book a spot in a popular class or two. If you plan to volunteer, start looking now for places that need some help. The more you can prepare in advance, the better off you will be when you arrive. If you hire a professional moving company to help you get to your new destination, you can jump right into a class the day after your move – or even on the night of your move, if you are feeling pent up!

The best way to become integrated into a new town or culture is to find things to do right away. The longer you wait to become invovled in a sport, fitness class, educational class, or other activity, the harder it will be to find things to fill your time. You’ll find that becoming involved in courses or other activities right away will help you to get over leaving some important people behind – and it will make speaking to those people or meeting with them more special!

Full Service Moving Help

Exodus Moving and Storage is here to make your move simpler. By offering all of our clients full service moving options, we can promise you a smooth move that goes off without a hitch. We can also provide you with a complete moving estimate before you book with us, so that you know exactly what you’re agreeing to – we keep everythign on the table. Moving doesn’t have to be a difficutl process, and, in fact, moving to a new place can be a lot of fun. The trick is to make time for those you are leaving behind while also packing your schedule full of great activities that you can enjoy when you arrive.

If you’re preparing to leave some friends behind when you move, don’t despair. Take the time you need right now to spend with those friends, and get ready to meet some great new ones.