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Since it’s always fun to take a stroll back through time, we thought we’d wrangle up some of Colorado’s famous (and infamous) outlaws. Colorado was part of the Wild West, and it’s easy to draft back in time when standing in some of this states wide-open spaces! If you’re moving to Fort Collins or anywhere else in Colorado, you’ll be stepping into territory that was once ruled by some pretty interesting outlaws! Take a look.


Mountain Charley: while not as famous as Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie an Clyde), Mountain Charley was a woman on a mission back in her day. Born as Elsa Jane Forest, Mountain Charley was a gunslinger and out to seek vengeance for the death of her husband. She never did kill the man that murdered her husband, but she did wound him well enough to keep him at bay (he eventually died of Yellow Fever).


Butch Cassidy: born Robert Leroy Parker, Butch and his gang operated their outfit in Colorado, and that’s where Cassidy had his first run-in with the law (in Telluride).


Wyatt Earp: after his many brushes with the law, Earp spent most of his later years roaming through gold camps in Colorado.


Doc Holliday: Doc loved to spend his time in Colorado, and it was often his home away from home. In 1881, he moved to Denver and spent most of his time at the Babbitt’s House.


Soapy Smith: not surprisingly, Soapy was a slippery man. His trick was to roam the land with a traveling circus milking unsuspecting attendees of every dime. One of Soapy’s more permanent shows was set up in Denver where he tricked plenty of travelers out of dollars at Union Station.


The Scene Today


While you won’t see Doc Holliday roaming the streets or face Soapy Smith as you step off of a train, Colorado is full of history. This state is also full of museums that celebrate history. If outlaws and the Wild West is your thing, this is absolutely the state for you. Colorado also has some great cowboy boot shops where you can get fitted for a pair of boots like the ones those famous outlaws would have worn.


You can even attend one of the biggest rodeos in Colorado (The Western Stock Show in Denver) to check out some modern cowboys. But, truth be told, Colorado these days is filled with friendly folks. Danger has long gone from this state, and nothing but some really great legends (made even better told around a campfire!) remain. Speaking of campfires, did you know that Colorado has some amazing beaches where you can set up a campfire during the summer month?


Great Colorado Swimming Spots


When you think of Colorado beaches, don’t think of Oceanside retreats crammed with sun chairs and umbrellas. Instead, think of cool lakeside beaches that overlook crystal clear mountain springs. You’ll experience views of the Rockies, plenty of water sports, and lots of other fun in the sun activities that will show you why this town is really into the outdoors!


If you arrive during the warmer months, make sure to check out the following spots:


  • Blue Mesa Reservoir
  • Boulder Reservoir
  • Grand Lake
  • Medano Creek


Each one of these spots is a natural wonder filled with mountain views, sand dunes, and plenty of other amazing and breathtaking scenes. We’ve said it before on this blog, but we’ll say it again (because it’s so true!): you can do any outdoor activity at any time in Colorado! It’s a nature lover’s (and outlaw’s!) paradise.


Making Your Move


Thankfully, you won’t have to put all of your thinking in a stagecoach in order to move to Colorado! We can help you with any of your moving and storage needs at Exodus Moving and Storage. We have large storage spaces in both Fort Collins and Denver, and we’re happy to give you an estimate over the phone if you give us a call. We love this state, and we know that you will love it too.


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