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If you’re moving to Fort Collins, you probably have a long trip ahead of you. You could listen to music or watch movies along the way, but why not add a road trip game or two into the mix?

Road trip games are fun, kids love them – and even if you don’t have kids, these games are fun for adults to play too. Take a look!

1. I Spy: here’s a classic car game – simply pick something that you “spy,” and let others guess what that things is. Example: “I spy something yellow…”

2. License plate games: how many license plates can people in your car spot? Make a list, and see who gets the most plates.

3. Ghost story tales: let everyone in the car make up a story or two on your drive. You may find that some are so good; you’ll forget that they are made up!

4. Words on plates: all license plates have letters, but not all plates spell something out – until you play this game, at least! Have everyone make up the things that a plate “says.” Example: RRH could mean “really, rather, happy.” See how much fun that could be?

5. The forbidden word: tell everyone at the start of a trip that one word cannot be spoken during the trip. If you have kids, pick a word that your kids say all the time like “oh my god!” If you don’t have kids, pick a word that’s hard not to use like “the.”

6. Play the rather game: this one is popular at parties too, but the “rather” game is rather fun! It goes like this: ask someone, “would you rather…” and then pick something. Example: “would you rather ride a camel or eat the world’s hottest pepper?”

7. Let people play DJ: it can be fun to make a song list, but letting other people in the car pick songs is fun too. Why not let someone else be the DJ, or take turns playing lists of really fun songs?

8. Choose a color: pick a color, and let everyone find something that color along the way. You can also let everyone pick a color, and determine who has to find an object that color. If you choose really odd colors like teal, you’ll have a lot of fun with this game.

9. Choose your adventure: this one is best played with adults, and it makes a really fun road trip game for two people. Let the person you’re traveling with choose something crazy and fun that’s outside of the car. Example: we’re going on a swimming adventure when we pass the next lake or river – and then proceed to jump in.

10. Spelling bee: find a list of words that are hard to spell, and go through those words when you are traveling, asking everyone to try and spell the word (just don’t drive and read the list at the same time).

Moving to Fort Collins

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It’s easy to let people listen to music or tune into movies on a road trip, but those trips can be a lot of fun if you play a few games along the way. Test out some of the games listed above, and let us know if you have any other games that you like to play – post here or on Facebook.