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When you first get to Fort Collins, we can promise you one thing will happen for certain: you won’t want to stay indoors! Well, not if you are moving to Fort Collins during the summertime, that is (and even the winter months are mild and sunny – take it from your Fort Collins movers). This area is surrounded by so many amazing outdoor spots that renting a bicycle will be the first thing on your mind when you arrive.

If you don’t have a bicycle, though, don’t worry. There are plenty of places to rent bicycles in Fort Collins! Here’s the top list brought to you by your friends at Exodus Moving and Storage, your Fort Collins movers.

1. Café Bicyclette: this is a café and bike rental place, so you can grab some delicious lunch or a great drink, rent a bike, and get on with your day. Prices are reasonable, and the bikes are always great.

2. Lees Cyclery: Lees is another famous spot to rent a bike in Fort Collins. Lees also sells bikes and repairs bikes, just in case you need to buy one or have your fixed.

3. Recycled Cycles: the idea behind this bike shop and rental place is a great one – if you want a bike, why not buy or rent a used one? Do you need a new bike? If not, Recycled Cycles is where you want to go for a recycled bicycle that is in great shape.

4. New World Sports: this is pretty much your average sports shop, but it comes with great prices, excellent and helpful employees, and bike rentals of all kinds. Head to New World if you’re looking to rent a mountain bike or speed bike.

Where to Ride

Okay, we really can’t list the places where you can ride in Fort Collins. Why? Because there are so many options! This town is literally surrounded by paths, mountains, and trails for you to get out and explore, so it would be kind of silly for us to try and list every one of those paths and trails here. Let’s just put it like this: if you see a bike trail that you want to check out, don’t be shy! Get out there and see what nature has to offer, and you won’t be sorry.

For most of the places listed above, it might be a good idea to call ahead to see if bikes are available. On really nice days, rentals go quickly, and you may be able to reserve if you call early enough (some places don’t allow reservations though). If you can’t reserve, get up early and snag a bike – you’ll be happy that you seized the amazing day ahead of you.

Getting to Fort Collins

If you do have a bike to move, let us know! At Exodus Moving and Storage, our mission is to help you move everything that you have – and we mean everything. No matter where you’re located or where you’ve moving to, we can help. Just give us a call today, we’re your Fort Collins movers, and we’ll set you up with a free moving estimate. We also offer plenty of storage space in both Fort Collins and Denver for you to use if you need to store a few items during your move. Just ask us about storage options, and we’ll find a spot that’s perfect for the things that you need to store.

If you love the outdoors and you love to bike, you’ll enjoy what Fort Collins has to offer – we promise. In fact, the entire state of Colorado has a really laid-back vibe that’s all about the outdoors, and we know that you are going to love living here. From hiking to biking and everything else that you can do outside, if you’re moving to Fort Collins during the summertime – get out and play, and make sure to give us a call for a free moving estimate.