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6 Ways to Pack Fragile Things

Got your great-grandmother’s antique china collection? Or, maybe you just have a whole bunch of priceless ceramic figurines. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that those things don’t break during your move. A professional moving company will take every last precaution to be very careful with boxes marked ‘fragile,’ but it never hurts to pack those things that break easily with additional care.


CC Image courtesy of Xuan Che on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of Xuan Che on Flickr

Here are six ways to pack very fragile things.


1. Line any glassware with a fistful of packing paper, and then make sure that all glasses are wrapped individually to prevent any breakage. This will take a few extra minutes (especially if you have a lot of glasses), but it will be worth it!


2. You should always pack plates vertically. If you can find some bubble wrap (big bulk stores like Costco tend to carry bubble wrap in bulk!), wrap each plate in bubble wrap individually. No bubble wrap? You can use towels or other soft and durable objects (like t-shirts) to wrap plates if you’re stuck without proper packing materials.


3. Collectible items. Collectibles are tough to pack simply because they don’t come in standard shapes and sizes. So, the first step to packing something that has a high value (and an odd shape) is to plan in advance. Consider the shape and size of the thing that you want to pack very carefully, and then plan accordingly.


4. Get the right packing materials. Things you’ll need to pack fragile items include bubble wrap, tape, extra pieces of cardboard, extra pieces of paper, and lots of sturdy boxes – plus a thick black marker that you can use to write ‘FRAGILE’ on the top and sides of every box.


5. Know when to hire professionals. Sometimes, you have to move at the last minute, and this means that you won’t have the time to really plan to pack properly. If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you hire professional packers to pack up all of your items. Movers will come with the right materials, and they know how to pack almost anything without difficulty.


6. Take your time. This tip can really be applied to any aspect of moving or packing. It can be really tempting to wait until the last minute to start packing your things, but resist this temptation. It will be a lot simpler to pack with peace if you start one little bit at a time. Realistically, it might take many weeks to pack an entire home, and a few weeks to simply pack up a few fragile items. Go slow; take your time, do things right, and try to enjoy the experience.


What Not to Do


Things like bubble wrap can be expensive to purchase and may seem like an unnecessary expenditure (especially when you are trying to save money for your move!). But, it’s a really bad idea to try and improvise. Often, people pack fragile items in socks, shoes, and in other pieces of clothing to try and save some dollars on packing materials. This is not recommended simply because you are taking a major risk using non-packing materials to pack those fragile items!


Storage Is An Option


If you do have to move at the last minute and don’t have the time to pack those fragile things properly, you can always store some items. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we have ample storage locker space in both Denver and in Fort Collins. We can also guarantee safe storage of your items. Why bother storing things? You can always come back and get your stuff at a later time, but, in the meantime, you can be sure that your things will be safe from any kind of harm.


Marking Things Properly

Whenever you do pack breakable things, don’t assume that whoever is moving your stuff will automatically know what’s fragile and what’s not. Make sure to label each box with the right room (living room, dining room…), and add the word ‘FRAGILE’ to the outside of any breakable box. This way, movers will know to be extra careful with your things.


Unpacking Fragile Items


We have one more tip for you! When it comes to unpacking fragile things, be careful! Even though you may have taken every precaution while packing up your items, some things can still break. You don’t wan tot stick your hand into a box of glass without being really careful – glass shards are a possibility. Take your time, and make sure that nothing has broken in transit.


Remember, if you are moving to Fort Collins, we’re here to help! Give us a call today to see how we can help you pack, unpack, and move all of those fragile and important things.

Moving Into An Apartment? Here’s What You Need to Know!

No lawn to mow, no landscaping to do, and no taxes to pay. Apartment living can certainly have its benefits. This is especially true if you are moving to a city that tends to have too many people and overpriced houses – better to live in an apartment and save up some cash first! Plus, you can find some great apartments if you spend some time looking (rent controlled is best)!


Movers Moving BoxesBut, there are some things that are certainly different about living in apartment. There are some unwritten rules that you’ll have to follow if you want to make nice with the neighbors and avoid angering your new landlord (or the city police!). Take a look!


1. If you are going to block the entrance to a building or a major street with your massive moving truck, make sure that you have clearance from both the building owner and the city. You don’t want to be slapped with a fine when you decide to shut Main Street down to make room for your stuff!


2. Does your new building have an elevator? If so, you’ll want to double-check that no other tenant is moving on the same day that you are. Call up your new landlord and find out if you’ll run into an elevator moving battle!


3. How big are your largest pieces of furniture? One of the biggest mistakes that people moving from a home into an apartment make is trying to fit a massive piece of furniture through a small apartment door. If your old home had big doorframes and lots of space, you might find yourself struggling to get a couch or table into your new home! Measure first and move second.


4. Make sure that everything is labeled, and that you know what room you will be using for what purpose. Example: the old tenant may have used the room with the fireplace for a living room, but you may want to turn that room into your dining room. Figure out the room situation before you try to move. This way, you can clearly label each box so that it makes sense.


5. Consider making a map. The people that you hire to move your stuff may not know what room is what, so a map might help.


Be Neighborly


Brick Apartment BuildingOther tenants may wonder who you are at first, so it doesn’t hurt to walk around after your move and introduce yourself. You never know, you may find a nice neighbor or two that you can easily be friends with. Making sure that your landlord likes you is important too, so do make nice right away! If the apartment you’re moving into is actually a condo by definition, find out if you can be a part of the committee as soon as you arrive. You may not be active right away, but taking part in major decisions is a good idea (and one that’s likely to impact your wallet!).


Prep Your Moving Company


If you have a strange piece of furniture that will only fit in a door one way, you may want to let your moving company know. You may also want to ask the moving company you’re working with if they can move every item that you have. Pianos, for example, may require transportation by crane, and this isn’t something that every moving company has at the ready.


When you do decide to book a moving company in Fort Collins, Colorado, make sure that the company you choose is a full-service moving company. Full service companies can help you pack, move, and unload professionally. What’s the difference? Some companies that aren’t full-service may not be able to help you pack. It’s up to you to decide if packing is something you need help with, but having a bunch of people help you pack can take a load off!


Enjoy Apartment Life!


There are so many freedoms that come with apartment life. Forget about maintenance, repairing appliances or broken things, buying stuff like fixtures, and all of those other little things that you had to do when you lived in a house. The trick to making an apartment feel like a house is to find one that’s spacious, sunny, and well maintained. Not sure if an apartment is for you? Speak with other tenants to find out what life is like where you are moving.


If you need more help, make sure to give Exodus Moving and Storage a call. When it comes to moving, we’re here for you!

Finding a Job In Your New Town

Relocating to a new town can be a lot of fun! You have a new home to decorate, new friends that you haven’t met yet, and a whole new life just waiting to be explored. There’s just one thing that you’ll need when moving to a new town: a job! Looking for a job in your new area doesn’t have to be a struggle! We have some amazing tips for you on how to relocate and find that perfect job.


man moving boxes with a dolly1. Narrow it down. Take a tip from popular Google searches, and try to narrow down your job search. Instead of using a major job website, try to find some local job search boards. You’ll have a much better chance of finding work in your town if you go local. You can also try using the ‘+’ key when conducting a Google search to really keep things narrowed down.


Example: Fort Collins + Name of Desired Position Here + Job Openings.


2. Start to branch out. It can be hard to network when you first move to a new town, but this becomes easier if you use social networks like LinkedIn. Try to find groups in your area that you can connect with through these networks. You’ll soon find lots of opportunites for brunches and meetups. Once there, start asking about work in your field.


3. Hand out cards. Work from home? Have your own business? If you want some local work, try haning out your business cards wherever you go. You never know if the girl at the coffee shop is in need of web designer for her new business!


4. Post to local job boards – the physical sort. You know those bulletin boards you see at grocery stores and other places? Consider posting a few business cards to those areas in your town (ask first).


Here’s an even better tip: think about where your target client may like to shop, and post your business card on a bulletin board in that store. Example: if you are targeting health-minded people, look for a bulletin board at your local vegan restaurant or healthfood store.


attention graphic5. Try Craigs List. This job site has gotten a bad reputation recently, and there are some scams to watch out for, but Craigs List can also be a goldmine of great job postings. It’s worth a shot, right?


Upkeep Is Important!


Looking for new work can be tiresome, but the best lesson I can give you is this: search for new work every single day. It never hurts to spend some time looking at job boards and sending out resumes. Even if you are tired at the end of the day, shoot off an email or two – it can’t hurt!


Keep Your Resume Current


If you’ve spent the last five years at the same job, I’m guessing your resume still looks like it did when you last searched for a job. Don’t send out an incomplete resume. Instead, update it the best that you can, or look for a professional resume writer to help you out.


Search In Advance


If your move is still a few weeks away, start looking for a new job now. It can take a few weeks to get any kind of a response from some people, so it’s a wise idea to start as early as possible.


Get Your Moving Day Ready First!


Here’s a bad situation: you have to search for jobs because you are moving in three days, but you haven’t booked your Fort Collins moving company yet. Yikes! Is there anything more stressful than packing, booking a moving company, not knowing when you are actually going to move (day and time), and having to looking for a job? Make your life a lot simpler by calling us for your move today. Even if you are under a time-crunch, we can help you pack, move, unpack, and make those reassuring arrangements. We want to make sure that your move goes smoothly, so you can save time for other things like sending out job applications, sipping some local java, or connecting with that new friend you haven’t met yet (but you will!).


Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving – and storage – company with locations in both Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado. So, if you want to store things, need help moving simply, or just want some quotes, give us a call! We’re here to help.

The Timing Behind Hiring A Colorado Moving Company

It is officially the first cold day in Colorado, which is not necessarily the best weather to be moving in. However, since Colorado’s weather is so unpredictable you can’t exactly decide on which day is going to be good and which days going to be bad until it is the day of, or within an hour of what you want. However, you can get a general idea on what the weather is going to be like by tightening your move to coincide with seasons that are generally considered nicer.


Snowy Pine TreeOkay, so you can always pick and choose when you need to move. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that force you to move from one place to another with very little notice or decision upon when you want to move. However, if you have the ability to do so then you should definitely plan to move either late spring, anytime during the summer, or early fall. As you can clearly see, once you find yourself in fall, some days just turned to crap.


For example, take a place like Fort Collins. Moving to Fort Collins is one of the easier places to move to an Colorado because of its convenient location next to I 25 and its relative ease of access when it comes to the layout of the roads. However, being a northern city in Colorado means that they suffer a little bit more from inclement weather. In this case, you’ll want to definitely try to make a move before early fall. Once October rolls around the city can be covered in snow at any point because of its close proximity to the type of whether you would see in Wyoming. Fort Collins is only about 50 miles south of the Wyoming border which is a hop skip and a jump for most clouds. It’s up to you to blend these types of endeavors to coincide with the move that you want to do. If you don’t have the option, then it’s totally understandable that you would need to make a move in the middle of winter. It’s not the best time and the weather can cause some serious problems if there is any snow on the ground, but even still you should be able to make it work. If you can choose however, make the right choice and get it done during the summer. You will thank yourself for doing so.

2 More Reasons To Have A Moving Check List

Over the course of this blog, I’ve talked about a few reasons to have a moving checklist, and why it can be one of the most beneficial things that you create during a move. However, there are still many more topics to discuss over why this is such a great thing to have. This time let’s discuss the implications of not having one and what you do if you forget a room.


First up is the discussion over what would happen if you don’t have a moving list. Most homes possess a lot of things inside of them, this is just something that happens over time. However, you probably don’t remember absolutely everything that you have in your home. Most of the time people are surprised when they find something that they didn’t know they had, and most of the time these surprises are pretty old. At not to say they are worthwhile, but they fell out of favor somewhere along the road. It’s these types of things that you don’t even know about that could be left behind in a room that you don’t fully remove everything out of. Having a list of which rooms you have cleared if nothing else is one of the best things that you can do to ensure that everything moves with you.


Secondly, what do you do if you forget a room. Well, most of the time people who forget to write down a room forget to write down a closet, or a pantry, or something small like that. It’s not common that you forget something like your living room because it’s a place that you probably walk through all the time. You’re going to remember that you need to clean it up. However, a room like a pantry can slip by your memory if you don’t have it written down. You could easily walk past it three or four times during the course of the move and never even check inside. So when creating your list, walk from room to room and open every door. If there’s something inside of it that needs to be moved, write down the room. It’s simple things like this that ensure that you get everything cleaned out of your home and you don’t leave any little knickknacks behind.

3 Things You Should Know About A Moving Checklist

There are couple of things you should realize about having a moving checklist if you decide to move homes. Everyone is organized differently and not everyone realizes exactly everything that they have in every room. This is why I have come up with these three things to know about a checklist


First and foremost is that your checklist should be organized in a manner which makes sense to you. People will tell you that you should have a specific number of things on each list and that the list should in itself contain almost everything you own. I believe however that this is not true. Organize your latest in whatever manner suits you best. If you are someone who does a lot better with lists that are not all inclusive, just go room to room. You can only cross something off the list in this case if the room is completely empty. An easy way to organize no?


Secondly, your checklist should be written as to be able to be glanced at. A moving checklist is not a novel to be read over and over. It’s likely that you’ll want to just look down at it, realize that something is not done, and then move on. So the best thing for you to do to make a “glanceable”  is make the writing large enough to be able to see from about 2 ½ feet away. This will allow you to look down into your hand and see clearly what you have done and what is still missing.


Finally, your checklist should be written in a manner that is reversible. Once you’ve moved all the things out of your home, into the truck, and then are required to move them back into your new place having your latest available and ready to check off again can be of great benefit. You will realize what still on the truck, what’s missing from the truck, and if you didn’t find it on that rockets likely that you accidentally left it back of your old home. Now, here’s hoping you don’t leave anything behind in that you accidentally crossed something off that wasn’t picked up, but this is one way that you can see if something is missing.


Overall, checklists allow you to be is organized as possible while still retaining the freedom of moving. There is a certain feeling that comes with moving as though you are moving on with your life. This may seem obvious to you, but the feeling is not something you’ve likely felt before. Its somber sometimes to leave things behind to which you become so accustomed. Having a list just makes it so that you can move on that much easier.

Worried About Moving Your Piano? Three Quick Tips for a Safe Move

For most people their piano is so much more than a musical instrument–it’s a precious family keepsake that deserves to be treated with care.

When the time comes to move your piano, whether local or long distance, using a professional moving service to do the job makes sense.  Residential moving companies know your piano is important to you, thus they take special care to move it safely.

Use these three tips to calm your nerves about moving your precious and valuable piano:


  •  Prepare Your Piano for the Move

A piano is a sensitive instrument and you must take care to prepare your piano for a move.  Carefully wrap your piano with a furniture blanket.  Make sure the blanket you choose isn’t abrasive and won’t damage the piano’s finish.  Some moving companies may provide a blanket for you, so be sure to check with them before buying one.



If you need to buy your own blanket, home improvement stores and many online retailers carry them.  They can be picked up for less than $20–a minimal investment for the value they bring in protecting your piano.


  •  Prepare Your Home for the Move Out

Take a look at your piano, it’s huge!  Take some time to rearrange some of your furniture in order to clear a path for the piano.  The moving service will take great care to make sure your piano is carefully moved, but give them a hand by clearing a wide path.

Also consider purchasing corner guards to temporarily attach to walls that form a sharp corner in the path of the piano.  These can be purchased cheaply at many online retailers and provide a means to protect your house and piano.


  • Research and Contact a Residential Moving Company

Residential moving companies aren’t created equal.  Choosing one is the next task on your list–and the most important one.  Make sure the company you choose is insured and reputable.

It’s also very important to verify the moving service has experience in handling pianos.  Pianos are highly sensitive instruments and they require a high level of skill and care to move.  The moving company you select should have previous experience in piano moving.


That’s it!  Utilize these three tips and you’ll be well on your way to getting your beautiful baby grand to its new home.

If you’re in Colorado, consider Exodus Moving and Storage to facilitate your piano move.  Exodus is the go-to piano moving company in Colorado and their staff is specially trained to handle your valuable piano.  Call Exodus today at 1-800-549-1488.

Moving Coverage Guide

When deciding to make a move, whether it is a residential move to a new neighborhood or an office move to a new market, there are many important decisions to make. But once you have selected your location, your dates and you moving company, it is important to make sure that in the event of loss or damage your belongings will be covered. Although at Exodus we have one of the lowest damage ratios in the country, this week’s moving tip is an easy to understand breakdown of your moving coverage options.

What Are Your Rights During a Move?

After your move, you have 9 months to officially unpack all of your boxes and to make a legal claim of damage from the date of the delivery of your shipment. Get a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. This publication created by the US Department of Transportation gives a comprehensive legal breakdown of what you need to know to protect your move.

What is Valuation Coverage?

Long story short, under Federal law, interstate movers are legally obligated to offer something called Valuation Coverage. This is a liability option offered that is designed to represent the agreed upon dollar value of the items you are moving from point A to point B. This should be automatically included in any legitimate estimate from any reputable moving company.

What Types of Moving Coverage Exist?

There are basically two types of Valuation Coverage offered by most moving companies: Full Value Protection and Released Value. Released Value is generally offered at no additional charge to the client and covers up to 60 cents per pound per article. Full Value Protection is a more comprehensive and generally more expensive moving coverage option that obligates a moving company to do one of three things in the event of loss or damage: replace the item, repair the item or pay for the item based on current market value. If opting for this coverage, remember to ask about High Value Items and to read the fine print as each moving company’s costs and coverage may vary.

What is the difference between Valuation Coverage and Moving Insurance?

The concept of Valuation is often confused with moving insurance but they are, in fact, totally separate things. Valuation is an option for basic (released value) or extended (Full value) damage coverage offered by your moving company. This coverage is based on US Department of Transportation Law and is a given when working with any reputable moving company. Moving Insurance on the other hand is a policy of coverage created between the person moving and an insurance company (not the mover) designed to cover a maximum dollar amount for loss in exchange for an insurance premium. In many cases, it is good to have both kinds of moving coverage.

What are the top tips for moving coverage?

Before signing any contract with any moving company we highly recommend doing the 5 following things to make sure your belonging will be covered in the event of loss or damage.

  • Make your own list of what you have and what it’s worth.
  • Ask your moving company what their valuation options are and select what’s right for you.
  • Look over the contract and make sure that their item values match up with your own.
  • Remember that your potential shipment settlement is subject to government regulations, taxes and fees. Pay close attention to whether or not it is enough and if not, explore your alternate insurance options.
  • Find out about the moving companies claim process and ask if they have any currently pending claims.

How to Ship a Car Cross Country

Just the other day, Larry Brown asked us an interesting question. A colleague in the community and owner of one of the few honest auto mechanics in Denver, he wanted to know if Exodus Moving and Storage moves cars across the country. We were happy to answer, yes.

As a truly full service moving company, at Exodus, we are ready and able to help you relocate anything and everything that you own with the care and precision of our professional moving experience. Vehicle shipping is no exception. We understand that an important part of relocation is not only moving your home items safely and securely, but also making sure that all vehicles arrive on time and intact as well, when shipping your car long distance.

There are several things you want to make sure you check and consider when taking a car across country. Some of these things are more important than others. But when you are moving either to or from Colorado, it is vital to remember that not only is your body adjusting to the increase or decrease in altitude, so is your car. The following is a list created by Exodus and Davis Auto to help you with shipping your car.

Tire Pressure

It’s important to make sure this is checked when entering your new city to avoid blow outs or other damage.

Gas Tank

Make sure you are at ¼ tank or LESS for auto transport to ensure that there is enough to drive it a short distance but not too much to create a potential hazard.


Don’t forget to give all keys to the doors & ignition to your movers. Also make certain to have a spare set in case of emergency.

Your Belongings

Make certain to remove all personal items from vehicle.

Check Inside

Before and after the transport of your car its important to check your battery to make sure that it is fully charged. It is also good to check for fluid leaks.

Once your vehicle has been shipped by Exodus and has arrived safely at its new destination, the best way to make sure your car is as happy as you are with your new home is to take it into a local reliable dealer .

We suggest getting an oil change and mentioning to the mechanic just how far from its original destination your car is. Ask them to spend a little extra time to make sure your car is transitioning as well into its new environment as you are.

Mark Kruse & Exodus Partner Spotlight (Part 1)

Partnering in our community is a high priority of focus for Exodus Moving and Storage. Honesty, hard work and service excellence are the pillars of our business. We take the time to foster a positive work environment in our offices and we make the effort to personally get to know those working in the organizations around us that share our core beliefs. We believe that when good people come together, good things are bound to happen.

Mark Kruse, a local professional realtor and all around expert on moving, is a great example of what we look for in a partnership. Mark takes great pride in being one of the most knowledgeable people in his field. Holding several advanced certifications including graduation from the Real Estate Institute, Mark blends a cool combination of educational aptitude with the practical hands on experience and enthusiasm of a Colorado native. He specializes in comprehensive care for the experiences of his buyers and sellers and thrives on going the “extra mile” for his customers.

The following is an interview we recently did with Mark about his partnership with Exodus Moving and Storage.

What do people get most stressed about when buying/selling a home?

People’s biggest stress is always about money. I find that with buyers, their biggest anxiety is in regards to overpaying. Because of the market fluctuations, buyer tax credit effect etc, many people feel uncertain about when and what to buy. They ask for my predictions and I explain the characteristics of the market in general that indicate it is currently stabilizing. Sellers are usually most concerned about pricing their property incorrectly. People who are selling their homes want to price it right the first time so that it spends as little time on the market as possible. I go through their property in detail and provide them with a list of what to fix. I find out everything there is to know about the home, especially older ones. I also often recommend pre-inspections to avoid unexpected expenses.

What are the questions most frequently asked of you?

On the buyer side, I am most often asked:

1)      Is this a good time to buy?

2)     Would you buy this property?

3)     Who would you recommend for x, y and z…

That last question is the result of the fact that as a native Coloradan and active member of the community, I know a lot of good people. And what’s more, I know the ones to avoid. My huge network of quality referrals is one of the things that sets me apart as a realtor. If someone needs window work, I have someone I trust whom I can recommend.

On the seller side, the most popular question is,” what can we do to sell this property quickly and for the most money.” Over many years of experience, to best answer this question I have created a punch list- to speed up the process of home listing and to help drive up value of the homes I am listing for my clients.

Do you recommend Storage for people about to show their home?

The answer to this question depends on the home. Because of my experience, I can usually walk through a home and easily and help people to “stage” the place, in other words, help them to make it look its very best for showing purposes. Sometimes I have to tell them to get rid of things- if there is too much clutter, they may need to make things clean and organized to make the space more attractive to potential buyers. I don’t recommend storage unless it’s totally necessary. Often people can utilize their garage space if they don’t want things to be too full in their home.

That being said, if you have a 3 car garage that currently doesn’t fit any cars, storage might be in order. The thing I love most about Exodus is that they are not the average storage place because of the full set of moving services they offer. I love the fact that they will store it and THEN move it later.  So in some ways it’s almost like “pre-moving”. Your old house gets cleared and your belongings are already in place and with people that can bring them to wherever you are moving to. Storage with Exodus can be a big space, time and hassle saver.

For more information about the fantastic work Mark does please visit his website at:

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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