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The Fine Art of Unpacking 101

You did it – the move is over. The Denver moving companies were narrowed down and the chosen residential moving company has unloaded all of your boxes. Hopefully, you properly labeled all of your boxes so they ended up in the proper place!


Window CC Photo Courtesy of Szapucki

Did you remember to take an inventory of all of your boxes and items? Did you take it one step further, numbering boxes so that you know exactly what is inside each box? Nothing is worse than wanting to cook a meal in your new home and having to go through a zillion boxes just to find the dishes to eat off of!

While the packing process can be just as undesirable as going through the list of Denver moving companies in the hopes of selecting the perfect one for your needs, the unpacking process is typically something people enjoy. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone. If you’re one of those people that detests unpacking, someone who wishes there were a magic wand you could wave and everything would magically be in the place it belongs, here’s a handy guide to making the unpacking process as painless as possible.

It All Starts Before You Pack!

As mentioned above, the key to pain-free unpacking is to better organize everything and document it prior to having the moving company in Denver load your boxes onto the moving truck. It requires a bit more during the packing process, but you’ll be glad that you did it when you are unpacking!

Start by taking an inventory of the contents of the boxes. Sure, you could mark the boxes intended for the kitchen with a “K,” but when you have a pile of twenty boxes in the kitchen of the new home, how do you know what’s inside those boxes? You can more quickly fill those cabinets when you take a systematic approach to packing.

For example, everyone has an order to their cabinets. In my home, dishware is placed in one cabinet, glassware and anything you can drink out of in another. If you inventory the boxes, you can make quick work of filling that dishware cabinet, armed with a list of what is inside each and every box. No more jumping from cabinet to cabinet as you unpack, or making piles of stuff on the counters.

This also highlights the need to pack in an organized fashion. Don’t mix your pantry goods with your dishware or anything like that. Try to keep things together that belong together in the cabinets and drawers, and the unpacking process is made much more simple!

One very important thing to remember is packing a box labeled “Essentials.” This box should contain anything and everything you might need on your first night in the new place. This is especially helpful if you happen to be arriving at night, or if you have children. In this way, you aren’t scrambling from box to box looking for pajamas, toothbrushes, and counter top cleaner, or whatever else you might need immediately.

Start With One Room And Go From There

Before you delegate assignments to the members of your family, you should be sure that all of the furniture is where you want it. You don’t want the kids to fill their bureaus just to wind up moving that bureau later on.

If you have children, send them off to start unpacking their own rooms and choose just one room to get started on. Many prefer the kitchen, while others choose the living room. Be sure you follow suit. This offers your family a place to rest, grab a snack, or meet up at the end of the day that isn’t full of unpacked boxes. It will allow everyone to de-stress, and they’ll appreciate that! Most people choose the kitchen, and this is a great place to start – the sooner the kitchen is in order, the sooner you can start preparing real meals instead of relying on take out!

The bathroom is a logical second choice, mainly because people will want to shower, wash up, and everything else one does in the bathroom. While you had your medications, toothbrushes, etc in your Essentials box, you’ll need to unpack towels, the shower curtain, and other items so that people can clean up in the shower after a long, sweaty day of unpacking.

Don’t Stress

Moving is stressful in and of itself – selecting moving companies in Denver, choosing what to part with, packing, closing on a new home – don’t make it worse by insisting all boxes must be unpacked as quickly as possible. Take your time, it is not a race! As long as the essentials are taken care of, that is all that you need.

In your Denver moving companies search, you’ll find that Exodus Moving & Storage can make the actual move simple and stress-free. Give us a call today!


Bob Marley Knows How to Move (To The Top)

Have you seen the hashtag #getupstandup lately? The tag was created by the Bob Marley family, and it’s purpose is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bob Marley’s ‘Legend’ album. Since we love anything that has to do with moving at Exodus Moving and Storage – and we dare you not to move when you listen to this song – we thought that we’d share the amazing response that the Marley family got to the creative #getupstandup hashtag.


Bob Marley CC Photo Courtesy of monosnaps

The Tag Turnout

Bob Marley fans from around the world used the hashtag to showcase pictures of peace, protest, and other moments in time. The Marley family then took all of those photos, pieced them together, and created a YouTube video featuring the lyrics to Marley’s famous song in addition to the photos that were posted. The result of this montage is a new video for the old song that sings to today’s most important causes.

The video is both a moving tribute to Bob Marley and to today’s important reasons to get up and stand up. Fans wrote out various sections of Marley’s famous lyrics, and posted those lyrics on Instagram for the family to see. If you have the time, and you want to get up and stand up, take a look at the YouTube video.

Some Amazing Facts

Even though Bob Marley’s album ‘Legend’ was created back in 1984, the songs from that particular album have been popular around the world since the album was created. This week, that album rose to the top of the Billboard charts for the first time in thirty-eight years. The rise was in part due to a push by Google Play. Google was selling the album for ninety-nine cents this week in order to commemorate the anniversary.

It’s pretty hard to find someone that hasn’t heard at least one Bob Marley song, and chances are that the song they have heard came from the Legend album. There aren’t a lot of musicians that can boast the same kind of worldwide fame – especially considering how long Bob Marley has been dead. So, why is this singer so popular?

The Marley Magic

Bob Marley’s son, Ziggy, is partly responsible for the constant popularity of Bob’s music. Ziggy has been working to promote his father’s legend since the death of Bob Marley in 1981. But, Ziggy isn’t solely responsible for Marley’s popularity. Bob Marley songs give people a reason to, well, get up and stand up. It’s hard not to tap your feet to a Marley tune, and those that hear the reggae beats for the first time have a hard time not wanting more, in most cases.

As evidenced by the new YouTube video, people are still willing to stand behind Bob Marley, and to fight for what they believe in. Even if you didn’t take part in the #getupstandup hashtag campaign, you can still enjoy Bob Marley’s tunes – in fact, Marley often makes the top “best music to move to” lists. So, we recommend popping in some Bob Marley while you cruise to your new home or pack up those boxes. If you need some inspiration, just take a look at the YouTube video mentioned above – you’ll be up and packing fragile things in no time!

Getting Ready to Move

When it comes to choosing Denver moving companies to move your things from your current location to a new one, make sure to choose those Denver moving companies that you can trust. Take a look around our website for information about what we offer, and for help with moving and packing. As one of the top Denver moving companies, we are also happy to offer storage spaces for rent in both Denver and Fort Collins – just in case you can’t take everything with you to your new location.

Exodus Moving and Storage is also a long distance moving company, so make sure to ask us about our rates when it comes to moving a long way. Whether you are in search of a long distance moving company, or a short distance moving company, our goal is to help you move to your new home with as little stress as possible. Feel free to call us for a free quote, or ask us any question that you have on Facebook.

In the meantime, let us know: what Bob Marley song gets you up and moving?

Colorado is Content!

A recent Gallup Study has ranked every state within the United States according to a well-being and contentment survey. While ever state has something to offer, there are only a few states that are home to truly happy people. The list includes some states that are popular vacation destinations (like Hawaii), and other states that you may not know much about.


CC Image courtesy of agahran on Flickr

If you’re moving to Denver, Colorado, though, you’ll be moving to number seven on the list! As it turns out, people that live in Colorado are content. Here’s why!


Why Denver Makes People Happy  


It’s the sun, the land, and the open skies that make people in this state superbly content. With a life expectancy of 80-years old, and one of the lowest obesity rates in the country, Colorado is a healthy and happy place. Why are people in Colorado so active? It all has to do with the overall lifestyle that is enjoyed by all that live there. It’s safe to say that you can get outside and do almost any activity anywhere in Colorado, but Denver is where most people go to enjoy a mixture of city life and that laid back culture that puts Colorado at the top of the contentment chain.


Did you know that Denver gets more sunshine than most other cities in the U.S.? With over 300 days of sunshine per year, you’ll never get the winter blues. In fact, you’ll probably get a nice winter tan just from walking outside or picking up a pair of skis! So, it’s simple to see why Denver gets a nice high ranking from the latest Gallup Study. If you’re wondering what other states are on the list, here’s a quick look.


Other Happy States


  • Iowa
  • Washington
  • Hawaii
  • Vermont
  • Montana
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota


All of these states now have some serious bragging rights. High life expectancies, high salaries, high quality of life – what more could you ask for? What about states that didn’t make the list? Well, there are some states ranked by USA Today that didn’t quite make the happy lineup.


On the Flip Side


CC Image courtesy of PLeia2 on Flickr

The states that were ranked the ‘Most Miserable’ by participants across the United States in a recent issue of USA Today are as follows:


  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Missouri
  • Tennessee
  • Arkansas
  • Ohio
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Kentucky
  • West Virginia


If you are moving to Denver from any state (not just the ones listed above), you’ll love it here. We have sunshine, happiness, and plenty of things to make you sit up and notice life.  Plus, Denver happens to be one of the best places in the United States to open up a new business.


The Denver Business Scene


If you’re considering moving to the happiest place on earth (in our estimation, at least!), you’ll be happy to know that Denver can make your dreams come true (kind of!). Denver’s business scene is a booming one with lots of different opportunities to start and build a new business of almost any kind. Commercial rental spaces abound, are affordable, and the Denver crowd is really into local businesses.


If you have a great idea for a business, make Denver your new home. With everything that’s so great about this city, it’s hard to find a reason not to move here and start something new, right? Then again, if you’re already reading this article, you’re probably looking into moving to Denver already, so let us help you make that move happen!


Getting Ready to Move to Denver


You don’t have to worry about moving on a gloomy day when you move to Denver. Since we have one of the sunniest cities in the United States, you can pretty much expect the sun to be shining when it’s time for your move, but you’ll still want to be prepared. To make sure that you have everything in place and ready to move to the happy state, give us a call. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we strive to make your move stress-less and free from any unexpected event – doesn’t that sound nice?


Give us a call today to see how we can help you move to Denver. We also have a massive storage facility should you need to store any of your items before, during, or after your move. When it comes to Denver moving companies, you’ve come to the right spot.


We also want to know: what do you love about Denver?

Getting Knowledge From Denver Moving Companies

If you live, or are going to live, in residential Denver, moving companies could be a great asset to you when it comes to finding your way around. The inner city of Denver is a relatively confusing place because everything really centralizes around the river that’s in the center of the city. Confluence, as the river and general area around it are known as, represents a central point as far as where a lot of places of importance are located. Just as well though, when you get away from this central location the city streets turn into a very mazelike grid pattern. You could definitely use some help navigating them.


Denver is located in the center of Colorado. This also means that Denver is built around a subset of rivers which initially represented a source of life in the middle of the plains. These days we don’t really need to worry about how close or far we are from a source of water, hence Las Vegas’ existence, but Denver just happens to be placed right alongside a major one. If you branch off the major river into what is known as confluence, you’ll notice that a lot of very large apartment buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, and even malls are located right on this very small offshoot of the river. Moving companies are required to know the area that they are moving people to, mostly out of principle, but also because giving directions and being able to follow directions is very important when trying to get to someone’s home. With this distinct knowledge, they can offer you some suggestions as to where you could go to pick up your necessities once you move into your new home. All you have to do is ask.


Once you get away from the river though, the city turns into a standard grid pattern that can become somewhat of a maze. The same principle here can be applied. A distinct knowledge of the area and the surroundings which could be encountered are important for moving companies to understand. Ergo, there could be some hidden gem within the maze of back-and-forth streets, but you would never know it unless you asked. Don’t be afraid to ask questions I think is the main point of this.  You’ll never know where it will end up putting you.

How To Choose Between All The Denver Moving Companies

Yes, so it’s about time we came to this topic. If you’re someone who has moved in the past and you have wanted to find a moving company, it’s likely that you went to the Internet to find the closest moving company with the best prices. However, it’s also likely that you found a lot of companies that are very similar with very similar pricing. So how do you decide between all of these companies? Well there are a couple of ways.


magnifying glassThe first way you can go about deciding which company is going to be the best for you is pricing. Yes, on the front page they may say that their pricing is the exact same as every other company in the area, but call them up and talk to them. Talking to someone in person has a great deal more influence than simply looking at their webpage and accepting the price for what it is. Many times, if a company realizes that you are looking between a few, they will offer you some sort of discount if you are willing to work with them. Competition breeds innovation, which also breeds better prices for the consumer. So, your first method of attack when finding your company should be to find the one that gives you the best deal and is willing to work with you. If they do, it’s a good sign because that means that the company cares more about the consumer than they do about their profit margin.


Let’s say for some reason though that pricing was not a good option. That no one was willing to drop their prices because they were already essentially rock-bottom. This can, but you have another method of attack. Use reviews online to find out which company has been rated the best. Now I don’t mean going and looking at a static number, no. I mean you need to read a little bit of the reviews and find out how people have said their service is. What made them good if they said they were good, what made them bad if they said they were bad. If you’re willing to do the research, you can weed out some pretty bad companies to come to the conclusion of which one’s going to be the best. You may be reading this on a blog for a moving company, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want you to have the best prices possible.

Sorting the Liars from the Truth When Looking for a Perfect Moving Company in Denver

The guy you feel is best moving company in Denver? This is a highly subjective question that has a lot of implications behind it. Everyone feels like the moving company that they used consistently is going to be the best one. However, this may not be the case. Without a little bit of research to back up these claims, you could be getting ripped off and not even know it. To us, that’s the scariest part. That lack of knowledge, yet still having the rug pulled out from under you is an awful feeling. And, if you don’t even know it’s happening you’re not likely to catch it. So, in order for you to avoid us, there are a few suggestions that we would like to give you.


The first suggestion is do your homework. We know that it’s not exactly the most exciting thing in the world to sit at a computer and to do nothing but research. To be honest, it’s extremely frustrating because you never know what you are getting the best deal or not. However, you can believe that you are getting a very general idea of what it is going to cost you. Businesses tend not to vary the prices that wildly from the competition because they don’t want to lose out on the possible max profit. However, there are still a few things to watch out for, like scams. So, tread wisely when you decide to open up that browser. It could present its own set of problems.


The second suggestion we have is to call up the companies that you have in mind once you begin to narrow your search. These companies will respond to any inquiry you may have, and your job is to sort out the liars from the truth tellers. The most efficient way to do this is to have a good background knowledge of what other people have said about them, and then ask them questions that pertain to the issue at hand. Depending on how they respond, you could end up finding out they will say just about anything for your business. That’s a great way to spot a liar.


These may only be 2 suggestions for finding that Denver moving company that fits you best, and there are many other ways to go about it.  These two however are effective and don’t take up too much of your time.

The Reasons Behind Using a Denver Moving Company

Denver is a very big city with lots of side streets alongside all of its main streets. Each side street then has its own alleyways which lead here and there twisting between the housing developments which encompass the outer portions of Denver. These can get a little bit confusing if you’re moving to a place that you’re still not sure where exactly it is.


Using a moving company in Denver is a good idea because they know the area. If there’s one thing that moving companies need to have its knowledge of the area of the move people to. Now, if the company is worldwide than that doesn’t mean that they necessarily know the place exactly. But with advent’s in technology, we now have the capability of not having to know the place where we need to be but having a way to get there anyway.


GPS is a wonderful invention. However, you don’t have to use a company who is specifically based in downtown Denver just because removing there. Take us for example. Though we may be based in Ft Collins and the Denver area, either one of our locations can get you to your destination and has intense knowledge of downtown Denver. Downtown is only about 1hour 20 minutes away from Ft Collins. Taking the main highway down means this is just a hop, skip, and a jump.


Higher in the anyone who does not know this city is going to present a problem for you. Yes the GPS is a cool advance in technology which has created a lot of solutions to previously large problems. However it’s not 100% accurate and it only tell you the most efficient way, not necessarily the best way. Efficiency does not always equal proficiency, therefore having the knowledge of another human being there to guide you through the steps of getting to your new home is a great way to learn all the side streets that are near your place.


As much as technology has improved our lives, there’s still nothing quite like the face to face interaction that you get with another person. That knowledge is always useful, so never be afraid of hiring a moving company. It can help you with learning your area as well as moving into your new home which is their main purpose. Denver moving companies are pretty cool that way.

The Two Best Things to Know When Hiring a Denver Moving Company

When hiring a Denver moving company there are a couple of things that you should know that are very important to moving into this city. The first one is knowing locations. You want removing company to know where you’re moving to and the fastest way to get there as to not incur additional costs. This one simply comes of experience. The second one is more important and is the fact that you want a moving company who comes from Colorado. So let’s look into why these two are very important.


Empty One Lane RoadKnowing locations in Colorado is an extraordinarily important factor because Colorado, and Denver specifically, is set on a grid pattern which means that a lot of subdivisions look very similar. This is easily solved with a little bit of experience in the state and with the advent of GPS. Most moving companies these days come equipped with a GPS tracker in order to find their locations easily. This is especially true of full service moving companies which help you move your stuff in. Without a GPS, it’s likely that it would take them a little bit longer to find your home, but eventually they would find. Another easy way around this is just to have the moving company follow you but that’s provided that you are moving everything with them.


The second, and more important factor, is being from Colorado. This isn’t because they’ll get lost as stated above. No, this is because of the altitude. If you’re a moving company who comes from out of state and you plan on doing a great deal of hard work here I am mile above sea level, you had better be used to the lack of oxygen. This can cause lightheadedness and it can cause clumsiness. Why do you think athletes spend about a week here before they play? It’s so they can become accustomed to the altitude. Without becoming accustomed to it, not only could you injure yourself, but the materials that are being moved could be broken. It’s a little thing that not many people think about but has a very large influence on anyone who’s doing manual work. So if you’re going to move here hire a company who is based in Colorado at least. Denver preferably so they know the area, though it is true that many of us who live here end up in Denver 90% of the time so most of us know our way around the city.

Valuing Feedback

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