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Clean Your Gutters For Winter

The Colorado moving company has come and gone, you’ve unpacked the boxes, settled in, and now it’s time to get ready for winter. You splurged on the movers, so you’re looking to cut costs in this process. You start to think, “What can I do for myself?”

One of those things is cleaning your gutters. It’s important – if you have leaves and debris clogging your gutters, how can the snow and ice properly drain from your roof? If a lot of snow falls, you don’t want the snow melt hindered by leaves and debris, so it’s important to be sure they are free and clear for the spring. You can easily clean your gutters if you’re not afraid of heights or climbing ladders. And if you are afraid of climbing that ladder, you should consider overcoming that fear! It saves money, and it’s not hard at all.


To know why you should clean your gutters, you need to understand the purpose of the lowly gutter. The gutter directs water away from your home, and is crucial during all seasons – the spring and summer, they keep you from getting soaked during a torrential downpour while you’re trying to unlock your front door, and in the winter it keeps puddles created by dripping water from gathering which eventually turn into sheets of ice overnight that cause you to slip on your way to work.

These things happen when you don’t clean your gutters. A clog plugs up the gutters, blocking the downspout that comes out in the area you wanted the water to go, making the water overflow into the areas you DON’T want water to go. In the winter, that means ice dams will form. During the summer, the water that collects and cannot drain properly becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. In the winter, the frigid temps causes expansion of the gutter system due to freezing water, which can damage gutters and make them leak.

How to Clean Your Gutters

First, you want to make sure you have everything you need (and some things you could do without, but really, you should have all of it to be truly prepared). You’ll definitely need a ladder and a bucket (optionally a wheelbarrow instead), gloves, and goggles to protect your eyes from errant sticks and debris. A dust mask is ideal, and if you’d like, you can buy a leaf scooper (but your gloved hands work just as effectively).

Begin by scooping up handfuls of debris. You can choose to collect in the bucket while on the ladder, or just drop it directly on the ground to clean up later. If you choose the bucket method, be sure to hang it from the ladder so that one hand can be free at all times to hold on to the ladder.

Once all debris is clear, use your hose or a bucket full of water to run water through the gutters. A hose is ideal, as it can be used to destroy spider webs and peel debris that the bucket of water just can’t knock loose. During this process, look to see that the water is flowing uninhibited from the downspout. If not, it’s a sign you should take the downspout off in order to remedy this problem.

After the gutters are flowing freely, you can use the hose to rinse the debris that has fallen onto your driveway, deck, or patio. If you’ve just dumped the debris directly onto the ground, grab the wheelbarrow and clean up any small piles of leaves.

If You Spot A Leak

Use a grease pencil to mark areas that are leaking while you are hosing the gutters out. Chances are you won’t be able to tell where they are when the water dries! Apply gutter sealant to these areas, scraping away the old caulking before applying the new. Don’t forget the insides of the joints!

Cleaning your gutters is an important part of enjoying your new home. The Colorado moving company helped move you in, and it’s up to you to keep things in order to truly enjoy your time spent at home sweet home. If you haven’t moved yet, call Exodus, your Colorado moving company, for a free moving quote, or ask us on Facebook about a free moving quote!

Moving to Fort Collins? Check Out the Trampoline Park!

Sometimes you just need to jump as high in the air as you possibly can. When that need arises, moving to Fort Collins will seem like a very good idea – and it is. The city has just gained a new Trampoline Park that features 14,000 square feet of trampolines, basketball courts, dodgeball courts, and other family fun areas.

The Trampoline Details

The obvious point of having 14,000 square feet of trampoline, basketball, and dodgeball goodness is to simply get out and play, but the Fly High Trampoline Park does more than that. It encourages families and corporate teams to do something completely out of the ordinary – how often have you had the chance to bounce around on a trampoline? This trampoline park also offers event scheduling, and it’s hard to think of a better way to celebrate a birthday after moving to Fort Collins.

Fly High Trampoline Park looks like a lot of fun, but it’s just one of the many reasons why moving to Fort Collins is a great idea. This part of the world is laid-back, family-oriented, and ready to accept and greet new members of its city as they come – and lots of people come to Fort Collins from all over the world! Even though Fort Collins (and Colorado in general) is an ideal place to spend a lot of time outdoors, centers like the Fly High Trampoline Park provide people that live here with the opportunity to spend some energy when it’s not possible to go outside.

For Adults Too

It’s clear why any kid would love Fly High, but this center is for adults too. The park includes adult-only hours and rates, so make sure to check that out if you love the idea of bouncing high on a trampoline while letting the day’s worries melt away. The other really great thing about the concept of jumping on trampolines is that it happens to be an excellent way to exercise. Did you know that you can burn approximately 400 calories when you jump on a trampoline for one hour? Even though one hour on a treadmill might seem like a horrible idea, one hour on a trampoline passes really quickly!

Fort Collins is an ideal place to live simply because it’s an area that’s clean, surrounded by amazing landscapes, and is home to great things like the Fly High Trampoline Park. Exodus Moving and Storage has no legal association with this park, but we certainly love the idea of a trampoline center! We also love the concept of new businesses opening up in Fort Collins. Not only is this a great place to live, but it’s also one of the best places to open a business.

Getting to Fort Collins

The first thing that you’ll have to do if you want to move to Fort Collins is figure out where you want to live (we have a ton of information about the various parts of this town on our blog, so make sure to take a look!). The second thing to think about is how to find the best Colorado moving company for your trip – or, you could just call Exodus! As a top Colorado moving company, we have many years of experience helping people and businesses of all kinds (and from all places) move to Colorado.

Whether you are heading in this direction because you want to bounce on trampolines regularly or because you are seeking a positive change, Exodus Moving and Storage can make it all happen on time and at the right price. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you when it comes to moving, and let us know if there’s anything that you want to know more about from your Colorado moving company.

Cleaning Up a Gross Bathroom

Buying an old fixer-upper can really pay off if you find a home with great old bones that just needs a bit of love. But one of the most common trouble spots in an old home is an old bathroom. Some old bathrooms really need a lot of work when it comes to tiling and other trouble spots, and some just need a lot of elbow grease. If you’ve gone through all of the national moving companies, found Exodus, and have just moved into your new home, here are some of the ways that you can clean up that cruddy bathroom space.

The Shower

Okay, let’s be honest, a shower that’s cruddy and dirty looking is the last place that you want to step into to clean yourself, right? So, start with the shower and bath area when you begin to clean your older bathroom. A good trick is to put some vinegar in a plastic bag with a bit of water, tie the bag to the top nozzle of your shower head, leave it overnight, and run the shower in the morning – vinegar is pretty powerful stuff if you let it do its thing.

If you mix vinegar with baking soda, you can use this paste (do not wet it until you are ready to rinse it) on the inside of any shower doors, tubs, or other surfaces. Grab some green scrubbing pads, and get to work covering the inside of your shower with the paste. After scrubbing, your shower should look much better. To prevent future build up, clean any surfaces that are covered by water after a shower, and always leave a window open to let the room air out.

The Floors

Depending on the types of floors in your bathroom, you can either mop the floors with something like vinegar or a strong cleaning agent, or you can simply vacuum the floors. If you find that the caulking around the bathtub and toilet area needs to be redone, strip it and redo it – caulking can collect an amazing amount of dirt, grime, and dust, so it’s best to rip it up and redo it if you don’t like the way it looks (this is an easy project).

The Toilet

Whether or not you should replace the toilet completely is up to you, but a good rule is to consider the stains at the bottom of the bowl. Can those stains be cleaned, or do you have to really remove the entire thing in order to get rid of the stains? Some older toilets will simply be stained beyond scrubbing, and you may want to just replace those. You can use the same vinegar and baking powder paste mixture to clean your toilet space too. Just make sure to get underneath the rims and cover to clean it thoroughly.

The Walls

Older homes tend to have tile walls, and these require tile cleaner to thoroughly clean. Scrub away! You can really transform an older bathroom, too, by getting rid of older fixtures and putting in new options. Some older bathrooms add a lot of style to a home as well, so don’t simply get rid of everything at once. Try and work with what you have by cleaning it the best that you can, and then get rid of those things that you can work with.

National Moving Companies

Exodus is a Colorado moving company, but we can move you anywhere you want to go. We’re also happy to provide you with information about our Colorado moving company before you move, so feel free to call us if you have any questions about our Colorado moving company.

How to Store a Boat

As the warmer weather draws to a close, you might be wondering what to do with your boat – or how to store your boat if you’re moving to a new place during the fall season. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we offer storage space in both Denver and Fort Collins, and our larger spaces can accommodate a boat, so make sure to ask.

Yamaha Watercraft Group

Boat CC Photo Courtesy of Yamaha Watercraft Group

But we want to be certain that you store your boat properly, too. This way, you can forget all about your boat during the winter months, and simply enjoy all of the snow-filled fun that Colorado has to offer.

Here are some tips from your Colorado moving company on how to properly store a boat.

1. If you have a smaller boat, the best way to store it is up on some kind of lift (like cinder blocks), and upside down. That’s right, flip your boat upside down for really good storage. But, obviously, you can’t do this with a much larger boat.

2. Boats that are bigger than 20 feet long can be stored inside of a storage unit, or by attaching the boat to a trailer, and parking the entire thing inside of a storage unit. If you don’t’ have a garage, the storage units from your Colorado moving company will work just as well – and your boat will be protected from the elements (although we do recommend covering the boat if possible).

3. For very large boats, you may find that your boat won’t fit into a storage unit. In this case, it is better to contact a marina, and make sure that your boat is covered, sealed, and stored properly.

What to Ask At the Marina

You probably paid a lot for your boat, right? That means that you’ll want to take every precaution to protect your investment. Before you choose a marina, ask the following key questions.

1. How will my boat be stored?

2. What kind of wrapping will be used to seal the boat?

3. What happens if my boat is stored outside, and weather damage occurs?

4. Do you have enough space to store my boat inside?

If possible, storing a boat indoors is always best, but that’s not always a possibility when it comes to a marina full of yachts. However, you can check around to make sure that you choose the best and most responsible boatyard. Otherwise, you may end up with boat storage that doesn’t cover the basic elements, and that could mean a disaster for you.

Keep in mind, too, that your insurance might not cover damages if your boat hasn’t been stored properly, so look into those details before deciding how to store your boat.

Moving Your Boat

As your Colorado moving company, we can help you move any boat of any size from your current location to your new one. If you do want to rent out a storage space in order to keep your boat safe during the winter months, we can help you with that too. Ask us about our storage spaces, rental sizes, and prices. In addition to properly storing your boat, we also recommend that you thoroughly clean your boat before storage – this way, your boat will be ready to roll by the time next summer rolls around.

How do you store your boat? Let us know by leaving a note on this blog, or by leaving a comment on our Facebook page. Either way, we will get back to you quickly with a response, and we’d love to hear how you go about storing your boat for the winter. In the meantime, if you need a long distance moving company, contact Exodus today – we are both a long distance moving company and a short distance company.

How to Beat Moving Fatigue

Even if you do decide to work with a Colorado moving company while relocating, there’s no doubt that moving can really tire you out! The process from start to finish means a lot of hours, possibly very little sleep, and a general feeling of limbo – all of which are perfectly normal. If you have just landed in your new spot, we have some great ways for you to feel better quickly – take a look!

1. Go the raw route. Try eating a raw food diet for a few days post-move, and throw some smoothies with extra vegetables and some additions like acai berry into the mix. Simply filling your body with nutrients will help you get back that energy that you lost.

2. Try to detox by hitting a yoga class or a meditation session. Even if these things aren’t part of your normal routine, taking a few moments to unwind and relax during your move can really make a difference.

3. Go for a steam. Is there anything like a sauna or spa to make you feel refreshed and better all around? We didn’t think so! Plus, Colorado is bursting with amazing spa spots that you will absolutely love – you can even take a look at some of our famous hot springs.

4. Take some downtime to spend exploring your new surroundings. There’s so much to see and do in this state that you’ll want to take a day away from unpacking to see what surrounds you – trust us, you’ll be in awe.

5. Start enjoying nature. If there’s one thing that Colorado is good at, it’s nature. From the Rocky Mountains to some of the best hiking trails you’ve ever seen, this state is all about the outdoors.

6. Get your hair, nails, or feet done. Spend some extra dollars on yourself by going to one of our amazing salons for a haircut, or for something as simple as a pedicure. You’ll feel so much better when you return!

7. Make or create something. Even if it means clearing a few boxes out of your kitchen, creating something that’s delicious is a great way to feel better – plus, you get to lick the spoon.

8. Meet up with new friends. If you know people in your new town, why not make a night out of getting to know the town? You can visit a local restaurant, check out a fun bar, or hit up a movie – anything to get your mind off of those boxes waiting at home!

Booking a Colorado Moving Company

Exodus Moving and Storage is here for you when it comes to your move. From helping you pack to helping you unpack (we can do that too!), our goal is to help make your move simpler. Give us a call for a free moving quote, or to ask us about anything else. As a Colorado moving company, we’ve seen it all!

In the meantime, make sure that you spend the time to relax and unwind post-move. It can feel like a rush getting everything where it needs to go in your new place, but there’s really no need to hurry up and move stuff. Simply relax, take it one box at a time, and take some of our unwinding tips to heart.

Find Exodus, your Denver moving company, on Facebook too – just look for our page, and make sure to check out the tips on this blog from your Denver moving company – trust us with your move!

7 Signs You’re Ready to Live Together

Valdemar Fishmen

Flower CC Photo Courtesy of Valdemar Fishmen

As a Colorado moving company, we like to help out our clients with all aspects of moving from figuring out how to pack to finding fun stuff to do in town. This includes helping you with a bit of life help too, like when to know it’s time to move in with someone. Since moving all of your stuff from your comfortable home to another place can be a huge change, we thought we’d put together some useful tips on the topic – just so you can figure out when it’s time to move, and when to stay put!

Signs It’s Time to Move In

1. You both want the same things, and you have the same goals: this is a really important thing to think about because it’s hard to live with someone (in a romantic way) without having the same future goals. If you haven’t discussed this yet, maybe it’s not time to move.

2. You can stand spending every waking hour with someone: everyone fights, and every relationship can be really hard at times – but, loving someone unconditionally means that you can easily get past those hard times. Further, wanting to spend every moment with someone means that you are ready to share a living space.

3. You know what it’s like to wake up next to that person: living with someone is a lot different than simply going on dates and going home. If you haven’t actually spent the night with your partner, make sure to do that first (things can look a lot different in the morning!).

4. You understand each other’s financial situations: the biggest romance killer is money, or money issues. Make sure you know what kinds of financial stresses your partner has, so that there’s no big shock when a bill is due and your partner starts to panic.

5. You’ve had a few fights: fighting with someone that you love can be really hard, but the relationships that last are those that get past the first few fights. What does it feel like after a fight? Do you make up quickly, work things out, learn to negotiate? All of these things make for a really solid relationship.

6. You know what the other person likes to do – and you can easily give that person their freedom without a fight: if you go out with different groups of friends now, that probably isn’t going to change once you live together. Remember who the person you’re moving in with is, and be okay with how that person works.

7. You’ve traveled together: you never really know someone until you’ve taken the time to travel with that person. If you haven’t been on vacation together, try a mini-trip before you move.

Getting Ready to Move

Moving might actually be the hard part in this situation. Why? Because moving in together could mean getting rid of a bunch of things that you have – but don’t sell things quite yet. Exodus offers storage space for your stuff, so you can rent out a space, keep some of your things, and see if you can sneak them into your new home eventually (or know that you still have your stuff if you need to move out).

As a full service Colorado moving company, we can help you when it comes to any aspect of moving from packing to lifting the fridge up a flight of stairs – but we can’t pick your partner for you! If you need help moving from a reliable Colorado moving company, call Exodus today – or find us on Facebook. We’ll be happy to give you a moving quote quickly, so you can get on with your life!

Call today for a moving quote.


Do You Need a Realtor?

When it’s time to move, you may need to sell your home. If this is the case, you might be wondering whether or not you really need to use the services of a realtor. In some cases, working with a realtor makes a lot of sense. In others, you may not need one at all. Take some tips from your Colorado moving company to help you decide what to do.

Reasons to Use a Realtor

Realtors do serve a direct purpose, and that purpose is mainly to make your life easier when it comes to selling your home effectively. Here are some situations when a realtor is the best idea for selling your house.

Realtor Action Center

Realtor CC Photo Courtesy of Realtor Action Center

1. You have to sell quickly. Realtors can list houses for sale in places where regular people can’t. If you have to sell quickly, a realtor can make sure that your listing goes out quickly in a lot of different places for maximum reach.

2. You don’t have the time to market your home on your own. With moving and buying a new place, who has the time to really sell? If this sounds like the situation that you’re in, a realtor will make things a lot simpler.

3. You can’t handle the paper work and equations. There’s a ton of paperwork that goes along with selling a home! If you don’t want to do it all by yourself, hire a realtor.

4. You need someone to bargain for you. There are times when only a realtor can find the property that you want, and help you get it for the right price. If your bargaining skills are not so great, it might be time to hire a professional.

5. You just don’t have the time to find a new place. A realtor can look for a listing for you using your criteria, and all you have to do is sit back and wait for those property listings to roll into your inbox.

So, when should you avoid using a realtor? Or, when is a realtor not necessary?

Instances When You May Not Need a Realtor

Sometimes, you can handle things on your own, and lots of people both buy and sell homes without realtors regularly. Here are some times when hiring a realtor might not be necessary.

1. You have the time to do the paperwork, find the property, and negotiate. Time is the biggest factor here. If you have hours and hours to do all of these things, go for it.

2. You’re not in a rush. If you can take your time finding a home, selling a home, or doing anything else that involves a purchase or sale, you might not need the help of a realtor.

3. You don’t get the price you want through a real estate company. This is the number one reason people sell without the help of a realtor. If your home is valued way below what you think it should be sold at, you may be able to get a higher price if you sell it on your own.

Making it All Move

As a Colorado moving company, we’ve seen a lot of different home sales and purchases. We can honestly say that sometimes a realtor is necessary, and sometimes you can go it alone. In the end, you have to do what makes the most sense for you and your family.

When it is time to move, you can call us to help you bring everything you own to your new home, or you can store items in either one of our storage facility locations in either Denver or Fort Collins. Call your Fort Collins Colorado movers for pricing, details, and other information. Or, follow us on Facebook today.

Why Hiring an Interior Decorator Makes Sense

Sometimes, hiring an interior decorator makes good sense. If you’re toying with the idea of working with an expert, here are some reasons why hiring an interior decorator makes sense.

Associated Fabrication

Interior Design CC Photo Courtesy of Associated Fabrication

1. Increase home appeal: buyers that walk into a professionally decorated home will be awed by all the style. Even if the home won’t stay the way that you make it once it’s sold, the eye always buys.

2. A professional will see all the holes and cracks that you don’t see. Sometimes, simply patching up the small things means making a home look much better all around.

3. Someone to oversee construction. Even though designers aren’t project managers, having a design on staff and helping you create the overall look of your home while another crew is working on an addition or other part of your home is a good idea. Plus, designers with good contractor relationships can help bridge the communication gaps.

4. Avoid making costly mistakes. You might think that carpet in the bathroom makes sense, but a designer will help you avoid those expensive mistakes. How can mistakes be expensive? It will cost you a good amount to remodel a design gone wrong, or to rip up that carpet, but you can save on those costs by doing it right the first time.

5. Designers have great contacts. An interior designer that’s been working in the industry for a while will have good contacts with furniture retailers, contractors, plumbers, and pretty much everyone else that’s involved in the design or redesign of a home – and contacts means discounts on those great things you want for your house.

6. Possibility of increasing the cost of your home. If you are trying to sell your home, a designer could help you raise that selling price. How? Simple things that add a lot of curb or inside home appeal will help. If you don’t have the decorating gene, it’s probably best to hire a designer to put it all together the right way.

7. Experience. Working with someone that’s been decorating and designing for a few years means getting all of that experience, and using those honed skills to make your places as stunning as it should be.

When to Hire a Designer

When should you hire that designer? If you are trying to sell a home, want to decorate a new home, or need to change the look of the home that you are currently living in, it’s time to hire an interior designer. The cost of a designer can range from hundreds to thousands depending on where you live, how much expertise the designer has, and what you want to do, but any designer should be willing to work with your budget. Some designers will even let you work with them room-by-room or piece-by-piece. Remember, there’s no real rush unless you are moving long distance, or need to finish a certain part of your home.

When you do sell your home, Exodus, your Colorado moving company, can help you move into your new home. As your Colorado moving company, we can also help you pack, or store things at our Denver or Fort Collins storage facilities whether you’re moving locally or moving long distance. Call us today, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate. Aside from calling your Colorado moving company to help you get where you need to go, consider hiring a professional interior decorator to help you sell your home. We’d like to hear about your experiences with decorators, so leave us a note here (or check us out on Facebook).

Moving Away From Elderly Parents

Watching your parents age isn’t an easy thing, but it’s easier to keep tabs on them as they age when you live in the same town. But what happens when you have to move for work or for another reason, and your parents don’t have any other relatives around? This isn’t an ideal situation, but it absolutely happens to some people – and as your Colorado moving company, we’d like to give you some tips.

Jenny Downing

Serenity CC Photo Courtesy of Jenny Downing

1. Make sure that your parents have some kind of tech. Now, if your parents have never used a cellphone before and don’t know how to turn on a computer, you owe it to them to sign them  up for some classes. They should have a really good grasp of this technology before you move, so that they can speak with you via Skype, or call you from their cellphone when you are needed.

2. Offer to pay for their cellphone plan. Once again, you are moving away, so it’s up to you to shoulder this responsibility. You can get a basic plan that lets them call you. 3. Build a social circle. If your parents live in the same area that they’ve always lived in, they probably have a few friends to call on. If they don’t have any friends, try and find some activities for them to join, so that they have a few people to hang out with.

4. Offer to take them with you. If you are moving to another place for work, think about finding a home that’s big enough to accommodate your parents, or find a retirement home in the area where they can live comfortably – this might be a big fight, so be prepared, and call your Colorado moving company if they do decide to go along with the plan without a fight.

5. Consider hiring a nurse or a housekeeper. Make things easier for your parents in your absence. You can hire someone to cook meals, to clean the house, or to take care of any aren’t that has special medical needs.

6. Look into community programs. Some communities offer various senior programs that are free or relatively inexpensive. Find out if any of these things are available in your area.

7. Be kind and patient. Your parents aren’t going to like the fact that you’re moving, but you can’t put your life on hold either. This is a tough decision to make, and you can expect some anger coming from their side. In some cases, family counseling might be appropriate as well, so don’t rule out the power that a levelheaded mediator can have.

8. Get the moving wheels in motion. You don’t need to worry about moving details while you’re trying to iron out things with your parents. By hiring a reliable Colorado moving company, you can worry about those other details – and not about what box goes where.

9. Make visiting plans. Buy some open-ended plane tickets, and give these to your parents, so that they can visit you whenever they want to. Or, send tickets to your parents regularly, so that they can simply visit you when they are missing your company.

It’s really hard to move away from your elderly parents, and the distance will be tough. But if moving is the right thing for you to do in order to benefit your life and your future, no parent would want you to stay stuck in the present or past. Taking the time to make sure that everything is in place for your parents before you move is the best course of action. This way, the actual move won’t be so hard to do.

Call Exodus Moving and Storage if you need a long distance moving company, or if you have any other long distance moving questions. We’re happy to help!


Top Small Towns in Colorado

If you’re tired of big city life, Colorado is the place that you want to move to. This state boasts lots of great small towns that force you to pause, breathe in fresh air, and remember what life at a slower pace is like. Here are some of the top small towns in Colorado to consider moving to.

corn field

CC Image courtesy of rottnapples via Flickr

1. Fairplay: this town has around 700 residents, and it’s filled with open fields, views of mountaintops, and simple country life. Plus, Fairplay isn’t too far from Breckenridge (about 30 minutes) or Denver (about 90 minutes).

2. Monument: this town is approximately 20 minutes from Colorado Springs, and it’s home to around 5,000 residents.

3. Steamboat Springs: you’ll find around 12,000 people call Steamboat Springs home, and it’s a really popular place to live if you love to ski – but don’t want to face the high prices of Aspen.

4. Windsor: this town has slightly more people (around 19,000), but it still has that small town feel to it. Windsor is approximately thirty minutes away from Fort Collins, and roughly a hour away from Denver. Windsor also boasts some great ski and boarding trails.

5. Fort Collins: this town is slightly larger than Windsor, and some many consider it a suburban type area, but Fort Collins has a lot to offer – really, it’s a mix of both city and country life. Around 100,000 people live in Fort Collins – including the Exodus Moving and Storage team, your Colorado moving company!

Picking Your Small Town

It’s a good idea to visit the town you are considering during many different seasons. Small farm towns can seem really charming during the summer months when the flowers are in bud and things seems to be very much alive, but find out what that town is like during the winter months. Likewise, cities can be fun to visit during the wintertime with lights and sleigh rides, but some really popular areas may feel crowded and hot during the summertime.

You really can’t go too wrong when you move to Colorado, though, as long as you pick the right residential moving companies! Most of the small towns here are simply charming, and you will feel nicely removed from the stress and pressures of big city life when you live in a small town. You may also want to consider renting a place in a city like Denver, and buying a house in a smaller town like Windsor – the possibilities are endless, but you will have to get to that small town first.

Our Services

We are proud to offer a number of different moving services to anyone interested in moving to Colorado or seeking information about residential moving companies. Our full service moving solutions include packing, unpacking, and even moving all of those large and heavy items. We also give free estimates, and we’re happy to come out to your home (if you live nearby) to give you a clear idea of costs. You can also call us to ask about any of our residential moving company services or costs, and we’ll give you exact details.

We know that sometimes you can’t move all of your items to a new place, even though you may want to. In that case, we offer storage solutions and small storage spaces that can be rented out monthly. Call our Colorado moving company to learn more about our storage offerings, and see what kinds of spaces we recommend for the things that you want to store. Our storage facilities are located in both Denver and Fort Collins.

If you’re moving to Colorado, what towns are you considering? Are you move interested in small towns or large cities? We’d love to hear more!

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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