Exodus Team Profile #4 – Matt Robinson

Name: Matt Robinson

Title: Operations Manager / Warehouse Manager/ Local Dispatcher

Years in industry: 17 years

Years at Exodus: 3 years

Place of Birth: Sundance, Wyoming

Fun Fact: Loves the outdoors (tubing boating fishing).

Strangest item you have ever moved: An old wooden outhouse.

Favorite part about working with Exodus: Feels like a family.

Tip to share with people who are moving:  Be prepared. Every move is different.

Exodus Team Profile #3 – Jake Atchison

Name:  Jake Atchison

Title:  Vice President of Sales

Years in the industry:  12, worked up from crew as his first college job

Years at Exodus: 7

Place of Birth:  Boulder, Colorado

Fun Fact:  Outside linebacker during college (Mesa State Mavericks)

Strangest item you have ever moved:  3,000 lb. printing press

Favorite part about working with Exodus: the work environment is awesome

Tip to share with people who are moving:

Preparation is KEY – the more prepared you are the less your move will cost.

Exodus Team Profile #2 – Lisa Bernhardt

Name:  Lisa Bernhardt

Title:  Vice President of Finance

Years in the industry:  28 years in finance and accounting

Years at Exodus:  6

Place of Birth: Scotts Bluff, Nebraska

Fun Fact: Member of the University of Nebraska Flag and Dance Corps (and all attempts to find photos and videos by her fellow employees have been futile)

Strangest item you have ever moved: Nuclear laser for CSU valued at $1,000,000.00.

Favorite part about working with Exodus: finding values for bizarre items.

Tip to share with people who are moving:  If it is truly priceless, and you can move it yourself, do so.

Exodus Team Profile #1 – President Ilan Levy

Name:  Ilan Levy

Title:  President/Owner

Years in the industry: Started in 1986

Years at Exodus: Formed Exodus Moving and Storage in 1996 in upstate NY

Place of Birth:  Rachvot, Israel

Fun Fact:  Served in the Israeli Army driving tanks – a great base for running a company as you must constantly solve problems and create order out of chaos

Strangest item you have ever moved:  8 million dollar telescope

Favorite part about working with Exodus: Enjoys working with people

Tip to share with people who are moving:  People don’t realize how stressful moving can be, particularly on an elderly person.  We can take care of the physical stresses, but finding a new community, new grocery store, and new schools will take a toll on your emotions. Realizing that and planning for it will make the transition easier.

Meet the Team!

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We will be posting bios for a team member each day, starting tomorrow with the big man himself, owner and entrepreneur Ilan Levy .  Come back each day for to see a new bio and learn the craziest thing each employee has personally moved, as well as tips and tricks to a hassle free move.

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You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your most prized belongings would you? Neither would we. That’s why you have to be very careful when choosing your expert movers, especially when they are handling your most prized possessions. Not only do we want to protect your belongings but your home is equally important to us, with our expert moving team we can maneuver your belongings without damaging walls, doors, frames, or our backs. We have a team that specializes in moving your large, heavy, awkward pieces like your piano, hot tubs and gun safes. Our moving team at Exodus understands how to properly move your things while keeping the conditions of your home intact. We are sure that you have heard horror stories about moves that ended badly. Don’t let your already stressful move become a moving horror story because you choose a mover who does not specialize in moving large awkwardly shaped objects. We provide safe, efficient, reliable, trustworthy service that will not let you down. Trust us, go with Exodus. We promise to get your piano to your new destination safely if you promise to play us a song from your piano, in your new home.

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The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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