Breckenridge Colorado Movers

This Fresh Place Friday takes us to the town of Breckenridge, Colorado.  Breckenridge is a historic mining town founded in 1859 during the Gold Rush.  Today Breckenridge is more than just a ski town.  Whether you visit the area in any season, you will find activities that will suit any outdoor enthusiast.  Activities include: Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding, a Casino Shuttle to Blackhawk/Central City, Dog Sledding, Fly Fishing, Ice Skating (Indoor and Outdoor), Mine Tours, Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing, Sleigh Rides, and Snowmobiling.

There are many dining options which abound for those who enjoy a diverse range of culinary flavors.  From home brewed beer on tap to French cuisine, a stop by Main Street, Ridge Street and South Park Avenue will have you hooked.  If you are looking to make Breckenridge your new home, call the Colorado movers at Exodus Moving & Storage for help with your move.

Fresh Place Friday: Pueblo Colorado Movers

This Fresh Place Friday’s blog post takes us to Pueblo, Colorado.  Pueblo is home to annual Colorado State Fair and has transformed significantly over the years.  What once began as a trading fort and then nicknamed “Steel City” for the steel mill that used to inhabit the area has turned into a culturally diverse town with a Riverwalk that lines the Arkansas River.  Chalk full of family cafes and upscale restaurants (and of course Mexican food), Pueblo is no longer just known for livestock shows and hot-rod expos.

Pueblo boasts City Park which features a zoo and carnival rides and Lake Pueblo State Park which features fishing, boating and other outdoor activities.  If you are looking to discover Pueblo’s history, check out Rosemount Museum and Steelworks Museum of Industry & Culture.

Being in Pueblo means you are close to the 4 corners, the Royal Gorge and the Grand Canyon – all amazing things that you must experience in your lifetime.

If you are looking to move to or from the Pueblo area, hire Exodus Moving & storage for your Colorado moving needs.  Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the scoop on the best places to live in Colorado brought to you by the one and only group of Exodus Colorado movers!

Fresh Place Friday: Glenwood Springs

This Fresh Place Friday brings us to Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  Glenwood Springs resides in one of the most beautiful stretches of Colorado mountain scenery – the Glenwood Canyon.  Glenwood Springs is located about 40 miles away the tourist destination town of Aspen, Colorado.  Travelers going to and from western Colorado pass through Glenwood Canyon.

Glenwood Springs is a charming Colorado mountain town community with many indoor and outdoor activities.  Glenwood Springs is probably most famous for the world’s largest natural hot springs pool, natural underground vapor caves and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  When visiting the hot springs pool, you will follow in the footsteps of some of the most famous Americans, including Doc Holiday, President Taft, Al Capone and the unsinkable Molly Brown.  The Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park takes you on the Iron Mountain Tramway in a fully enclosed gondola soaring over the Colorado Rocky Mountains with views of Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley and Mt. Sopris.

If you are moving to Glenwood Springs, Colorado permanently however, the area offers so much more.  Glenwood Springs features an outdoor amphitheater with live summer performances.  The town also features a variety of culinary experiences and its own brewery.   Glenwood Springs wouldn’t be a mountain without a ski resort.  If you are looking to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, snow ski or many other outdoor winter activities, visit Sunlight Mountain Resort.  The resort lights up at night which is viewable from Glenwood Springs.

If you are looking to move to or from the Glenwood Springs area, hire Exodus Moving & storage for your Colorado moving needs.  Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the scoop on the best places to live in Colorado brought to you by the one and only group of Exodus Colorado movers!

Fresh Place Friday: Loveland Pass, Colorado

This week brings us to Loveland Pass, Colorado.  You may remember a few weeks back we took a look at Loveland, Colorado.  Loveland Pass, Colorado is a ski resort and is oftentimes what people tend to think of when speaking about Loveland, Colorado.  Those of us from Colorado know there is a difference between the town and ski resort.  The ski resort of Loveland Pass, Colorado is ideally located near Denver, Colorado near the Continental Divide.  There are two counties near the Loveland Pass ski resort – Clear Creek County and Summit County.  Clear Creek County is home to Georgetown, a sleepy Colorado mountain town that used to be a part of the Colorado gold strike back in the day.  Summit County is the larger of the two counties and is where multiple Colorado ski resorts are located, including Keystone, Breckenridge, Copper Mountain and Vail Pass.

If you are looking to move to or from the Loveland Pass area, hire Exodus Moving & storage for your Colorado moving needs.  Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the scoop on the best places to live in Colorado brought to you by the one and only group of Exodus Colorado movers!

Fresh Place Friday: Windsor, Colorado

This Fresh Place Friday we are heading to Windsor, Colorado.  Windsor is tucked away from the more known nearby towns of Ft. Collins and Loveland.  Windsor is a little off the beaten path, but has amazing views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and what locally we call the Front Range in some areas.  As you start heading into the city of Windsor, you will find a quaint town that still has the charming roots of its past mixed with new stores and shopping complexes which have been added in recent years.

A favorite area to visit in Windsor, Colorado is Pelican Lakes.  This facility is absolutely amazing.  From a clubhouse reminiscent of a Colorado mountain lodge, golf course with incredible views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, a restaurant overlooking a golf course, hair salon and mixed residential community.  The grounds also feature a man-made lake with an island in the center which can only be visited by boat or on foot by crossing over a bridge.  Many people have been married on this island that features palm trees, a running waterfall/babbling brook and sandy beach.

A few other favorite places to visit if you are a golf enthusiast are Ptarmigan Golf Club and Highland Meadows Golf Club.  Both golf courses offer views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

If you are looking to move to or from Windsor, hire Exodus Moving & storage for your Colorado moving needs.  Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the scoop on the best places to live in Colorado brought to you by the one and only group of Exodus Colorado movers!

Fresh Place Friday: Keystone, Colorado

This week’s Fresh Place Friday takes us to Keystone in Summit County, Colorado. While the actual population of Keystone, Colorado is under 1,000 as it is primarily a ski resort that occupies three separate mountains, the area of Summit County is much larger.

Keystone, Colorado is nestled in a valley and has an authentic “alpine” feel that many are looking for from a mountain town. We know we say this a lot but Keystone, Colorado can accommodate to the likes of everyone in the family through all four seasons. Whether you are looking for picturesque views of Dercum Mountain to the small town feel of River Run Village, Keystone is perfect for anyone looking to escape the norm.

Keystone, Colorado is divided into 5 main areas including East Keystone, River Run Village, The Lakeside Village, Mountain House Base Area and Keystone Ranch. Each area is different and has its own personality.

East Keystone: A quieter area that is great for an escape. Nestled in the trees with amazing views, it’s easy to get here by shuttle and will cut down on all the hustle and bustle of a vacation.

River Run Village: The heart of Keystone and is surrounded by lodging, shopping, restaurants and an easy walk to the slopes. This is the hub for all Keystone activity!

The Lakeside Village: This is a favorite place to stay year-round as it is home to the Taste of Keystone Food Festival, 4th of July festivities and much more. Situated right on Keystone lake, it’s a great opportunity to kayak, canoe and get some sun.

Mountain House: The original base of Keystone- offers all the amenities and excitement as River Run Village but at a discounted price.

Keystone Ranch: Home to 2 world class 18-hole golf courses and filled primarily with private homes overlooking amazing wilderness area.

As we said earlier, Keystone, CO has something to offer in every season. Summer brings the awesome Keystone Festivals and whitewater rafting, winter has ice skating and sleigh rides, spring with fly fishing and mountain bike rides and autumn with the changing of the leaves. Make sure you get to this amazing town and check out all that it has to offer!

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Fresh Place Friday: Cortez, Colorado

This week our Colorado movers are taking the Fresh Place Friday blog to Cortez, Colorado. We find Cortez, Colorado to be so special because of its level of diversity and the affinity people have for it upon visiting. Most people pass through Cortez, Colorado just to see the sights, the nature and to catch some action in the Mesa Verde Mountains but many will end up calling Cortez, Colorado their home.

Cortez, Colorado is located in southwest Colorado and is the county seat of Montezuma County. What is so cool about the natural setting is that Cortez is said to be the archeological center of America and is incredibly close to the amazing sights of Mesa Verde National Park.

If you’re wondering more about the community (perhaps you’re looking to make a family move), the faculty and staff of the school district in Cortez, Colorado work to create a safe, supportive and comfortable environment for all peers. This is a great recipe for educational success.

Because of the thriving school district, Cortez, CO offer activities for youth as well as those who consider themselves young at heart. The city offers archeological adventures, nature hikes, trail rides on ATVs and bikes as well as an unlimited amount of breathtaking scenery.

Cortez, Colorado is a great place for a family, so if you’re looking to make that Colorado move, look no further than Cortez, CO.

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Fresh Place Friday: Silverton, Colorado

The appeal of Silverton, Colorado is easy to see. This town offers its residents a simpler way of life. As Colorado movers we always enjoy a trip to Silverton, CO because there seems to be more time for family and community. The community is clean and safe where residents freely walk and bike around and jobs in the tourism industry are plentiful.

What our Colorado movers notice most about this area is the strong sense of community found in Silverton, CO. The streets are filled with parades, carnivals and festivals- anything that can bring the town together. Silverton, CO doesn’t just focus on community but relies on it to maintain the small-town, rural lifestyle all residents are accustom to. They work together to preserve the land they live on and value the clean air they have been given.

What makes Silverton, CO such an ideal place to live is found not only in the attachment to the place, respect for neighbors and nature and the commitment to sustainability but also its location in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. The endless amount of recreational activities may be what makes the citizens of Silverton, CO so proud of their home. Whether you are looking to sled, ice skate, fish, hunt, horseback ride, ski or anything in between, Silverton, CO has it right at your fingertips.

The Colorado movers at Exodus are seriously impressed with this small Colorado town and we hope that if you are planning a Colorado move, you consider the picture-perfect, Silverton, Colorado.

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Fresh Place Friday: Mosca, CO

We are taking a unique approach to our Fresh Place Friday this week by highlighting a city that isn’t as much known for being a great place to live but instead being an awesome place to visit. Mosca, Colorado is named for the nearby Mosca Pass that was founded by Spanish explorer, Luis de Moscoso de Alvarado. It sits with some of Colorado’s oldest towns in the center of the ancient San Luis Valley.

What attract visitors year after year are the massive sand dunes that have been swept by the wind up against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. These dunes get as high as 750 feet but that’s not the only natural phenomenon. Winding rivers run atop the sand that have drawn so much attention that the Nature Conservancy leads daily tours or this natural wonder along with four- wheeling tours of the dunes.

While you’re there, check out some of the amazing wildlife that roams the wetlands preserve along with the ranchlands. Take a bike ride along the 9-mile bike path, camp out or find lodging and a few great restaurants at the crossroads in Mosca, Colorado.

As Colorado movers, we are always looking forward to bringing in new residents to the state but if you are looking for a flat out awesome place to visit, Mosca, Colorado is it!
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Fresh Place Friday: Denver, Colorado

The Mile-High City- there’s nothing like it. Perhaps that’s because it’s the second Exodus Moving & Storage location. Yes, we’re talking about Denver, Colorado. This week, our Colorado movers are going to spotlight the capitol of this magnificent state. This city truly offers something for everyone as it combines both history and entertainment with urban and rural living.

Check out some of the many things to do in Denver, Colorado:
• Denver Art Museum- The building itself is a work of art and the pieces inside are just as outstanding. Two buildings house the world’s greatest collection of Native American art along with 68,000 other art objects from renowned masters.
• Colorado State Capitol- You can’t visit (or live) in the capitol of CO without visiting the building that sits 5,280 feet above sea level and offers the perfect panorama of the snow-covered peaks. Climb to the top of the dome to view truly breath-taking sites.
• Larimer Square- This block is filled with the trendiest Victorian buildings that house dance clubs, shopping, comedy clubs, quaint outdoor cafés and a multitude of restaurants to try.
• 16th Street Mall- This is a mile-long promenade that boasts natural scenery (50,000 flowers!!), outdoor cafés and a walkway that was designed to mimic the pattern on a diamondback rattlesnake. It’s a must-see. Even locals love it!
• Confluence Park- There is seriously too much at this location to even begin describing. Confluence Park is home to an 850-mile bike trail network, the Platte River Trolley, the Downtown Aquarium, restaurants and Elitch Gardens- a downtown theme park right in Denver, CO.
• LoDo Historic District- Don’t let the name fool you, the historic district is filled with brewpubs, restaurants, rooftop cafés and iconic stores that invented some of the West’s greatest fashion.
• Cherry Creek- Just two miles from downtown Denver (and accessible by bike) waits the Denver Botanic Gardens and Cherry Creek Shopping District- check out one of the most beautiful displays of nature then catch up on your retail therapy.
• City Park- This area is known for the Denver Zoo and Museum of Nature & Science. City Park is also the largest park in the area with beautiful views of the mountains, lakes, gardens and paths for hiking and jogging.

This list doesn’t even begin to exhaust the options you have when moving to or visiting Denver, Colorado. Take our word for it; Denver, CO is the perfect mix of big city life with all the great options for careers, nightlife and entertainment along with the great outdoors that we know and love Colorado for. If you are looking to move to Colorado, Denver is a must.

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