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Hello everyone and welcome to the blog about Exodus Moving and Storage. Here, we talk about all things moving related so that you can be ready to move into your new place no matter where it takes you. We are based in Denver and Ft Collins but move people all over the world. One thing we’d like to talk about though our movers who are based in Ft Collins.


stacked boxesFt Collins is, and always has been rated as one of the highest quality cities to live in. This year alone, Forbes magazine ranked us as number seven, whereas in the past we’ve actually been ranked number one. This means we know a few things about moving because of all the students who fluctuate throughout this town. We feel that one of the biggest difference is that can be made in anybody’s moving experience is hiring a full service mover to help you with all of your different needs.


The definition of a full service mover is one that assists not only with the renting of a truck, but will help you move your furniture into the correct rooms. It’s the ability to go above and beyond simply renting out a truck. Occasionally in this blog, you will see us mention the phrase of two men and a truck, and we cannot tell you how true it is that they can make a world of difference. We know that sometimes you are the only person that you now when you move to a new town. Nobody will be there to provide you with a truck, so hire us to do it for you.


We want to provide you with the quality service that Exodus moving and storage has become known for over the years. Much of Colorado knows who we are, and ask us to help them move. We do everything from residential and business, to government establishment moves. We are very well rounded and we provide you with the best service possible. So before you go and hire anyone else, take a look at the services that we offer, and read our blog. We like to provide useful information that you can use no matter who you decide to go with.

Moving Your Government From Place To Place

The moving services that we offer are not just for those who live in a residential area. We know a great deal about moving businesses, and are particularly adept at moving places that have to do with the government. Moving a government establishment like a DMV to another building doesn’t require all that much moving, but it does require setting up. If you have chairs, tables, desks, or anything else that may be used in a business setting, we can help you get it loaded, unloaded, and setup around the general area it needs to be in.


Four Pillar BuildingGovernment establishments are generally considered to be some of the most boring businesses mostly because of the extraordinarily boring interior that usually they have. However, no matter how boring your interior spaces, it fills a its function quite well. Besides, we are not interior decorators. Our establishment focuses on the loading and unloading of materials from one place to another, not whether the fung shwe in a building is correct.


One of the more difficult portions of moving the government business , or any business for that matter, is definitely the amount of furniture that you will find in these establishments. Since they are set up to be able to hold a lot of people they are likely to have a lot of chairs, a lot of tables, and possibly desks that can’t be counted. In this case, it may take quite a few trips to be able to get all of the furniture from one place to another, however when you hire someone like us we will stick with you until the job is done.


This does not matter how long it takes, because we fulfill our contracts to the best of our ability, not to the remainder of our time. Moving a business should be like moving any other home with the exception that the service provided may take a little bit longer because of the furniture. The point behind all of this though is to prove that we do more than just residential areas. Yes, we can help you move your business and we can help you do it quickly.

The Truth About Denver Moving

Not all Denver moving companies are based in the inner city. Denver is a very large place which incorporates multiple counties underneath its name. This means that from Westminster all away down to  Santa Fe you could be considered in Denver County. Take our business for example, we are based in Ft Collins but we still service the Denver area.

Being only an hour and a half or so away, we have ample opportunities to move people around the state. Let’s say for example that you live in Ft Collins and you want to hire a Denver moving company to move you down to Littleton. Hiring us would mean that you could easily move down and be at your job whenever you need to be.

The point behind a moving company is not just to move your stuff to your home, but to help you set it up a little bit. We understand how busy people can be these days and it’s just part of the job. The point is though, it’s not required for you to be in “Denver” to hire a Denver moving company. Simply generalizing that entire area as Denver leaves of very large area to cover. Besides, we have moved people all over the world from Colorado, Denver is really a cakewalk compared to some of the places.

Overseas shipping is not something that we are strangers to, though we will admit that’s a rather expensive endeavor. At any rate though, the point behind this post is to state that the generalization of a Denver moving company is not necessarily a true one. It is simply branding that states we are part of a greater deal of home moving companies in the general area. Now, deciding between a moving company is a little bit more of a challenge, but that’s what the Internet is for and if you’re reading this blog it’s likely that you’ve already made up your mind.

Exodus Moving & Storage Supports Non-Profit Organization Respite Care, Inc.

Exodus Moving & Storage recently attended a beautiful Luncheon at Embassy Suites in Loveland, CO for a fundraiser in support of Respite Care, Inc. (Respite Care).  Respite Care is a non-profit organization in Larimer County that provides short-term care for children with developmental disabilities, giving respite to parents and enhancing the quality of life for the entire family. Respite Care believes that a child with a disability is a child first and his or her challenges are secondary. Respite Care strives to create an interactive and safe environment that meets the physical and emotional needs of each individual child.

Exodus Moving & Storage felt honored to be invited to such a wonderful event. Respite Care had a lovely dance team in which 10 of their kids performed a dance to “I Can Only Imagine”.  As the luncheon progressed there were two different parents who gave very touching stories about their children, their experiences and how Respite Care became a saving grace for them and their families.

Embassy Suites of Loveland, CO donated their room and food, a $9,000 value, towards the event. Exodus Moving & Storage has always been a huge supporter of Respite Care, along with many other non-profits. It was such a pleasure being involved with this beautiful event and we are looking forward to many more Respite Care events and volunteer opportunities.

Colorado Movers Team with Realities for Children

As Colorado movers, we take great pride in our community and believe that the youth of Colorado are also the future of this nation. This month we are taking the time to spotlight Realities for Children, a charity that offers emergency funding for abused, neglected and at-risk youth in Larimer Country. What makes this charity unique is its affiliation with Realities for Children’s alliance of 150 local business members who underwrite the administration of all programs and services. What this means is that 100% of every dollar that is donated can go directly to benefits the youth who have been abused and neglected locally. In essence, Realities for Children is a hybrid of two entities working together to provide the most efficient and direct service possible to better the needs of abused and at-risk children. This team of alliances creates a safety net of services for these important members of our community through their Core Services.

The Four Core Services are as follows:

Emergency Fund– These are funds that are granted directly to the service providers and act as the safety net for children who would otherwise go without necessary services.

Youth Agency Collaboration & Support– Prior to Realities for Children, most youth centered agencies were in competition with one another for donor dollar and support, now all of the agencies work together so that no child will ever be left underserved.

Community Awareness– Realities for Children presents, sponsors and participates in over 130 events annually. These fundraisers raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the agencies that are critical in supporting our youth. These events, in turn, raise community awareness about the issues being seen with community youth and encourage people to get involved by helping the public understand to what extent these children are experiencing abuse and neglect.

Special Youth Opportunities– Realities for Children works to provide monthly youth activities for the children they serve. One of the goals of this is to remind children what it’s like to be a child. These opportunities provide children with the ability to have fun, exercise and even begin the cathartic healing process. By learning to laugh and play during such hard times, children will learn to trust, communicate and work together.

The Colorado movers at Exodus are truly inspired by all the work that Realities for Children does for the community. We hope their efforts continue to expand. Make sure you check out their website and donate!

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Colorado Movers’ Charity Highlight: The Larimer Humane Society

This month’s Colorado Movers’ Charity Highlight goes to the Larimer Humane Society- “leading the way towards an aware and engaged community dedicated to compassionate and humane care of animals by promoting successful placement and responsible pet ownership.”
As movers in Colorado, we love to give back to the communities we serve and the Larimer Humane Society is the perfect way to do that. The Humane Society is the only open-door animal care facility in Northern Colorado and they offer amazing events for the entire community that promotes the health, treatment and well-being of ALL animals. Take for example the event that was held just a few days ago on President’s Day. The “President’s Day Pooch Party” is a celebration held for children ages 7-12 to come learn about caring for animals while on their day off from school. It’s fun, educational and raises awareness for their cause and is just one of the many educational camps offered to school-age children. Speaking of raising awareness, one of the goals of the Larimer Humane Society is to successfully place all treatable cats and dogs by the year 2020. This is a huge feat but if the community helps out and gives back to this amazing cause, we’re sure it can be achieved.
Annually, the Larimer Humane Society places more than 3,500 pets into new homes and reunites over 2,100 strays with their owners. This non-profit also provides animals with rehabilitation services to heal approximately 2,000 injured, ill and orphaned Colorado wild animals through their WildKind program.
As Colorado movers, we are proud to support such a great charity that works to reach everybody in the Colorado community and spread their mission of humane treatment for animals of all types. Check them out today at http://www.larimerhumane.org/home.
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Fresh Place Friday: Colorado Springs, CO

In this week’s Fresh Place Friday, we want to spotlight the amazing community of Colorado Springs, CO. The true appeal of Colorado Spring, CO lies in its climate and culture. Us Colorado movers really love Colorado Springs, CO for its scenic views (Pikes Peak is what inspired the song, “America the Beautiful”) as well as its attractions. In fact, Colorado Springs, CO was first nicknamed “Little London” for its wide array of attractions including hotels, restaurants and opera houses that were not found in other parts of the state.

These days, one of the nation’s three U.S. Olympic Training Centers can be found in the city of Colorado Springs, CO where locals and tourists can come watch world-class athletes perform. Also located in our Fresh Place Friday highlight is the U.S. Air Force Academy, a one-of-a-kind, elite training academy. And if you’re looking for something to really take your breath away, one of the most famous parks in the nation, The Garden of the Gods, is found in the foothills of Pikes Peak. The Garden of the Gods is a red rock formation that has captured the attention of camera carrying citizens from all over to see these vibrant colors juxtaposed against the snow topped mountain peaks.

What has really caught the eye of our team of Colorado movers is the “Tank Full of Summer Savings” program launched by the Colorado Springs DVB. This program combines fuel-themed discounts with its member lodging properties, restaurants and attractions in order to help visitors and locals save. This is especially great for those long road hauls during our awesome Colorado moves.

So if you’re looking for a vibrant city with unique attractions, maybe you should make your Colorado move to Colorado Springs, CO!

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January’s Colorado Charity Highlight: The SEAKR Foundation

As a premier Colorado and Denver moving company that likes to give back to the community we serve, we would like to take the time to highlight different charities in the area. This month, Exodus is recognizing the SEAKR Foundation. The SEAKR Foundation is special because it aims to help the families of soldiers who have fallen or been disabled in the line of duty in either Iraq of Afghanistan. The way SEAKR works is to provide a scholarship program that guides the family to a sense of happiness and peace after such tragedy. To date, 99% of all the funds the foundation has received have gone directly to the families it is working to assist. Recipients are chosen through research from local press, military family assistance organizations and Veteran Affairs. Once a family is chosen, the SEAKR Foundation reaches out and gives custom assistance based on the needs and circumstances the family faces. The SEAKR Foundation does not have a tailor made plan for each charitable recipient and that’s what makes them so special.

Recently, the SEAKR Foundation has teamed with Project Sanctuary to give families the opportunity to take a project sanctuary retreat in the heart of the Rocky Mountains where family reconnection and counseling are offered in a supportive environment.

We are fortunate to be the Colorado and Denver moving company we are today, and find this charity to be very near to our hearts. In 2010, Exodus decided that one of its company-wide goals was to hire veterans in order to help support the men and women who sacrificed so much for our Country. After setting this goal, Exodus was made aware of the SEAKR Foundation through a family member of one of our employees. As soon as we learned about all of the amazing things that the SEAKR Foundation has done for the families of fallen Colorado soldiers, we knew that we wanted to be involved.  Exodus has been a title sponsor, along with SEAKR Engineering, of the Annual Fundraising Gala for the past two years and Joel Coen has performed MC duties for the event’s program.  We look forward to continuing our support of the SEAKR Foundation. To learn more about the SEAKR Foundation or what you can do to give back, visit http://www.seakr.com/about/foundation.html

Check out other charities Exodus likes to get involved with at http://www.exodusmoving.com/exodus-in-the-community.

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Giving Thanks

Exodus Moving and Storage has been serving the moving needs of Colorado and beyond for several years now. The dream of one individual became the cause of many, starting with one small moving truck and becoming a full service relocation company. Today, we are the best Colorado moving company and we our proud not only of our humble beginnings but of the teamwork it has taken to excel in such a large and saturated market such as the moving and storage industry. As the time of thanks draws near, we have so many things to be thankful for. Here are just a few at the top of our list.

Our Team

At Exodus, we hand pick our employees. We don’t believe in the concept of day- labor or temporary hires. Instead we interview, do reference checks and drug tests and we hire only those fine folks that we feel would properly represent us in the field with our customers, every day. We take moving people very seriously, so we make sure that our staff receives ongoing training and fair wages, making our employee turnover rate one of the lowest in the country. We are also Choose People Certified because we are committed to being “happy place to work.” The people of Exodus are what make our company like no other.

Our Work

We are proud to boast a damage ratio that is ¼ of the industry average. This is a result of the combination of quality workers and comprehensive training. When we were just starting out, every client and every referral meant everything to our business. We knew that our biggest competition was riddled with moving horror stories because of their lack of attention to detail and lack of accountability with regard to their staff. We are expert movers, proud of the work we do. And no matter how big we become, we still work under the philosophy that one unsatisfied customer is one too many.

Our Community

We are passionately involved in our communities. At Exodus, we put our time, talents and money into the places that we live and work. We support green energy practices within our offices and have incorporated many green friendly procedures into our work. This includes our tree planting program for every move we complete. For this program we partner with Trees Water & People.  We are also thankful for the freedoms we have and maintain in this great country of ours and regardless of political affiliation, we support causes that support our troupes and their families. Project Sanctuary and Colorado Hire Patriots are a few of the military support groups that we are committed to.

As we celebrate thanksgiving this year, we are setting our table with gratitude. We are thankful for the work we do, the communities we serve and the people who make it all possible. What are you thankful for?

Award Winning Welcome from Commerce City

Our own Joel Coen wins Entrepreneurial Spirit Award in a Testament to Teamwork

In 2010 we expanded into Commerce City and only a year later we have already been recognized for making a difference.  In September Commerce City awarded our Chief Operating Officer, Joel Coen with its Entrepreneurial Spirit Award:

The award acknowledges the risks and perseverance required for entrepreneurs to be successful in today’s business environment. In a down economy, Mr. Coen did what few others did – developing a plan to expand his business into new markets and recreating customer experience. Exodus Moving & Storage secured lucrative government contracts and took advantage of the Colorado Hire Patriots program to expand workforce by hiring veterans. Social responsibility is also a key element in the company’s business operations and they support a number of non-profit organizations such as Alternative to Violence, Habitat for Humanity, Realities for Children and SEAKR.

But, as always, Joel remains humble and focused on what it really takes to succeed: “The focus of this award should be on the teamwork it takes to make this happen.”

It may seem like he is being modest, but that is just the plain truth. This isn’t an individual award.  This is recognition for everything we have been doing since we arrived in Commerce City – which is a continuation of what we have been doing in Colorado for the past fifteen years.  We are humbled and grateful that Commerce City has chosen to give a nod to our teamwork – which is just one of our most precious core values.

In March, Joel sat down for an interview with Commerce City’s director of Economic Development, Brittany Morris Saunders, and he spelled out what makes us stand above the rest:

“Exodus success in the moving industry is based upon a devotion to providing the best moving services that exceed customers’ expectations. We achieve this through hiring the right people…We move everything ourselves, and we do not sub-contract out the job.”

Read the full interview here to get a glimpse of why Commerce City chose to recognize Joel Coen and our team as among the best of the Colorado business community.

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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