How to Pack Up Your Dorm Room

The end of the year is fast approaching. That means that you’ll have to pack a year’s worth of stuff into the back of a car, or, worse, into a few suitcases that will be transported via airplane. How the heck can you put all of those memories into so few boxes? Have no fear! Exodus Moving and Storage is here! We’ve seen more than a few dorm room moves, so we’ve come up with a handy list that you can follow to make sure that everything gets where it needs to go.

empty dorm room

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1. Start by making a list. There’s a really good chance that you don’t need half of the things that are cluttering up your dorm room. Your list should include things that you absolutely must bring home, and those things that you can leave behind (like those pots and pans that are beyond cleaning or repair!).

2. Start donating. Do you have boxes upon boxes of macaroni and cheese? Got more Pop-Tarts than you know what to do with? Do you really want to pack up all of that food and bring it home with you? Probably not. But, you can certainly donate any packaged goods to a local food shelter or home – they’ll love to get those goods!

3. Start finding boxes. Hit up local grocery stores, liquor stores, and any other place that uses boxes regularly. Ask if you can have boxes for free, and start gathering things like tape, labels, pens, and other items. If you have the time and energy, it’s never a bad idea to start packing up early.

4. Store some things. Are you coming back to the same area next year? If so, maybe you should store that couch and chair instead of bothering to bring it home with you. A storage facility can keep those things you don’t’ need to bring home in a safe and secure storage spot for the summer months, and you can pick them up when you need them next year – problem solved!

5. Ship some things or call mom and dad to pick up some stuff. If your parents live near by (or friends or siblings), give them a call and ask them to help you move some stuff. If you can send a few boxes home prior to the end of the semester, that will be a huge help (and less stuff that you will actually have to bring with you).

6. Toss random things out. Once you’ve packed everything up, stored some items, and sent some items home ahead of time, you’ll see that a few things remain in your room. Ask yourself if you really need those things, or if you can just throw some of that stuff out. If it’s stained, ripped, ruined, or really just a mess, toss it. You can make new memories next year.

Moving to a Summer Spot

If you’re lucky enough to be spending the summer with some friends in a rented house, the same packing tips listed above apply. You don’t really need to bring tons of boxes with you, so get rid of the slack. You can also ask your buddies to help you move all of that stuff to your new place, or hire a moving company to do it for you. You’d be surprised at just how reasonable moving companies can be when it comes to pricing. Plus, hiring movers means that you won’t have to worry about getting things to your new place without breaking anything.

If you are moving to the Fort Collins or Denver area, make sure to give us a call. Our expert moving team will help you pack (wouldn’t that be nice?), move, and get settled in your new place or back to your old home. Either way, once the semester ends (or is about to end), you’ll have to find a quick way to pack everything up and move it all wherever you intend to go for the summer months. If you need some help moving out of your dorm, make sure to give us a call today. We also offer massive storage solutions for anything that you want to leave behind (we’ll take good care of those things during the summertime!). Spring has sprung and summer is almost here, so start packing up your dorm room today using the tips listed above.

9 Common Moving Myths

It seems that just about everything has a myth associated with it. Where these myths originate is tough to figure out. Word of mouth spreads it like wildfire, and in these days of social media and what I like to call over-connectedness, it can spread even more rapidly than ever before.


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The moving industry has its share of myths, and if you hear some, it might force you to change your mind about moving altogether. Do you believe some of them? Are any of them true? If you’re deciding whether or not you should hire a moving service to do the heavy lifting, here are some common myths you might have heard so that you can make a more informed decision.

They’re going to break something that is valuable. While this is a very real possibility, they are probably more careful than you would be if you were moving everything. They know that an unhappy customer could cost them their job, so they are more likely to get it to you in one piece than to destroy your stuff. You’d be surprised at the care with which your belongings are handled! Your best bet is to carefully review the insurance policies available for purchase that can help cover damages that might occur to be sure you’re getting the best coverage possible.

They’re all the same. This is very far from the truth. Upon researching the moving company to best meet your needs, you’ll see that each one offers different services. Some will move big items like pianos, while others stay far away from such expensive items. Some will box things up for you, while others rely on you to do all of the packing so that they simply need to lug boxes. Determine your needs to choose the best possible company. You don’t want to pay more for services you aren’t going to need! Once you’ve narrowed your list down, you can start reading through reviews online. That is often an effective way to determine if they are reputable, or you can contact your Better Business Bureau.

I have to ride on the moving truck. This is the opposite of the truth! Liabilities dictate you may not ride along in the truck unless the moving company you are using employs you. So don’t worry, you won’t need to ride along with movers.

I can pack up any old boxes I come across. Even though your friends and relatives have been bringing you boxes to pack your belongings into, you’ll want to think twice before you place items inside. There are boxes designed just for moving, offering a durability those liquor store boxes just don’t have. If you happen to overload one of those boxes, it will break, but moving boxes will get the job done while remaining intact.

I don’t need to label my boxes. No, it isn’t necessary, but you’ll be glad you did when you get to the new place and everything is where it needs to be when it comes time to unload them! If your moving company is packing boxes for you, they’ll label the boxes for you. But if you are packing boxes yourself, you’ll want to take the time to complete this seemingly unimportant step. In this way, the movers will know exactly where the boxes need to go when they are bringing them inside. A bonus: you’ll know which box contains your plates when the pizza you ordered arrives and you realize you have nothing to eat it off of!

Every move is a nightmare. While this can be true, the people that feel this way at the end of their moving experience probably didn’t plan well enough. Just as planning your day at work each morning so that you can tackle the maximum number of tasks makes your day easier, so does planning each aspect of your move. That way, as long as you stick with the plan, everything will be a breeze.

I have to pack up everything on my own. Not true! While some companies just move the boxes you’ve packed, others offer packing as part of a total package. They’ll send someone into your home to review what exactly needs to be packed, noting everything on a sheet of paper. Then they’ll come on packing day to get it all into nicely labeled boxes. The best part: they are experts, so your breakables will be extra safe when you allow them to do the job. They’re trained in proper packing procedures, and know exactly how to pack it all to protect it during the move.

I’m not paying the moving company until they have gotten it all to the new location. False! You must pay in full before they will unload everything off of the truck.

I’m going to have to buy them lunch. While I am sure they’ll appreciate it, it’s not necessary. Most of the time, the movers will eat when they finish unloading your stuff, whether it’s going out with the rest of the crew to a restaurant or eating a lunch they’ve brought along with them. They are there on the clock, so don’t feel like you have to give them a special treat. As long as you’ve selected a reputable company, they’re professionals who will do a great job regardless of any perks you might offer them!

We hope we’ve dispelled some of your fears regarding moving. After you review what Exodus Moving and Storage has to offer, we hope you’ll choose us to take care of everything for you, making your move as painless as possible.

Best CoWorking Spaces in Denver, CO

CoWorking spaces are really popular now for good reason. Renting out office space on your own can be costly. That’s why coworking spaces have been set up in major cities (and in some rural areas) across the globe. A coworking space includes a few office set ups, rental fees based on necessity, and everything you’d want an office to be. Denver, Colorado has some great coworking spaces that you may want to check out if you’re about to move to Denver. Take a look!

Coworking Space

CC Image courtesy of mdanys on Flickr

1. Uncubed: this coworking space is a bit different from all the rest. Uncubed was developed for freelancers, contractors, and entrepreneurs – those that don’t have a set office space, or are just tired of the café scene will like what Uncubed has to offer. This open office environment offers coworkers different space rates starting at just $150 per month (membership basis). If you work from home and want to move to an office setting, Uncubed located in the LoDo District is the place to go.

2. The Hive: the Hive offers freelancers and contractors a café-type atmosphere at one level, and a number of rooms available for rent throughout the building. You’ll find conference rooms, classrooms, and various other spaces are ready for you to rent. The Hive asks all members to pay a fee of $250 per month, and this gives members access to the entire building and all spaces. That’s not a bad deal at all!

3. Smartspace: Smartspace offers workers a great deal. You can rent out a desk for as low as $17 (half day), or pay more for more usage. When you need a private room, those are available too (private spaces are offered to all members at various times). This coworking space is really affordable and flexible.

4. Green Spaces: this is one of the most popular coworking spaces in all of Denver. If your startup has anything to do with being green, you’ll want to tap into this space. Green Spaces also offers new entrepreneurs a chance to speak with mentors, get feedback on projects, and attend monthly or weekly workshops – a really great place to get ideas and information. Prices start at $100 per month.

5. Law Bank Denver: if you’re a lawyer and you don’t want to pay for office space, Law Bank is the place to go. This coworking space was set up just for lawyers to use on those days when an office is required. Private offices, meeting rooms, and plenty of space to work are all part of the deal at Law Bank – need to meet with clients? This is the place to go.

6. The Desk: rent out a desk, speak with like-minded entrepreneurs, and work with the energy that surrounds you at The Desk. Memberships at this coworking space start at $50 per month – now that’s a great deal.

Leaving Your Old Life Behind

Why are coworking spaces so popular in Denver? Not only are these spaces affordable and great for generating new ideas, coworking spaces are popular in Denver because of Denver’s outdoor life. Who wants to be stuck in an office all day when you can simply rent out a desk or conference room when you need to? The rest of the time, work from home when necessary, and get outside and play when you don’t have to be at a desk. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

When you prepare to move to Denver, think about leaving your formal office behind. While Denver does have plenty of room for new businesses, you may find that a coworking space suits your needs just fine. If you currently have a home office, you can sell your desk and other items or simply store those items with Exodus Moving and Storage – we offer plenty of storage space at great rates right in Denver.

We’d love to help you move to Denver. Give us a call today to see how we can make your move simpler with our moving service, and think about renting out a coworking space for all of your office needs. Denver is home to tons of entrepreneurs just like you working together, bouncing ideas off of each other, and getting things moving. Be a part of that community by checking out Denver coworking spaces today, and call us for moving details and estimates.

Sick of the City? Move Next to a Park!

Nature lovers know that open skies and green grass create feelings of pure bliss. It’s hard to generate this feeling when you live smack in the middle of an urban jungle, though. A recent study finds that people living in an urban setting tend to have more mental health problems than people that live in suburban or rural settings. The solution is simple, though. Just move next to a park. All of that open green space will seep into your pores and help make you happy (well, not literally, but that’s the general idea!).


CC Image courtesy of Tiz_herself AKA cruisingat60 on Flickr

Here’s the scoop.


City Living Is Rough


Did you know that more than half (according to the aforementioned article) of the world’s population live in cities? That’s why city streets are so crowded and city life is so hard. There’s barely any green space for all of those people. Since humans weren’t meant to be surrounded by concrete, moving next to a park is the easiest solution. Or, you could just move to a city in Colorado (known for fresh air and plenty of space – even in city settings!).


If you find a home that has big windows and faces a park, great! If not, look for a location that’s near a park. This way, you can walk through the park whenever the city is getting you down. Even if you live in an area that is covered with snow and ice most of the year, that simple stroll through the park is enough to lift spirits – something that’s really important to keep in mind during those long winter months. Urban planners spend a lot of time trying to recreate nature in the form of a park. All you have to do is enjoy what those planners have created.


Parks in Denver, Colorado


Denver is brimming with parks. Some of the most sought after areas are next to parks and include the City Park and Washington Park areas. This is where you want to look if you spend a lot of time at home (or just want to live near a green space). Luckily, though, finding an expanse of green isn’t hard in Denver. All you have to do is step outside, find a nice path, and enjoy what nature has to offer (kick off your shoes and walk around a bit!).


Colorado is one of the most popular states to move to right now because it offers so many things that other states just can’t. You’ll find that Denver combines urban life (and nightlife) with all the charm of a rural setting (even wide roads and plenty of bike paths!). You can try and snag a piece of park real estate in a city like New York, but it’s not quite as hard in Denver to find the tranquility of nature. Denver offers a different way of life, and a better way of life for anyone seeking a city and country setting meshed into one.


Your Denver Move


When you move to Denver, make sure to bring your outdoor gear with you! Who knows, you may find that you love rock climbing, rafting, cycling, or any other sport that Denver has to offer. When you’re surrounded by so much awesome nature, it’s really hard not to want to go outside and play every chance you get!


We’d love to help you move to Denver. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we’re a Denver moving company offering you the best moving rates around. We also offer complete full-service moving options from packing to unpacking. Can’t move it all with you? That’s okay! With the amount of time that you’ll be spending outside, you don’t have to take all of that extra stuff with you anyway! Plus, we’re more than happy to store the stuff you can’t take with you in our storage facility. Give us a call today to ask about our rates, get an estimate, or find out how we can help you with your move.


Urban settings can be tough on the soul. Life is just simpler when you move to Colorado – or near a beautiful city park. Check out the article linked above, and let us know what it is about Denver that has drawn you to our beautiful city – we’re betting it’s the better way of life!

Denver Is For Cyclists

Denver has a lot to offer nature lovers. Hiking trails for miles and miles, rivers, lakes, and plenty of fresh mountain air are just some of the reasons why Denver attracts so many nature enthusiasts. Another reason to love Denver comes in the form of bicycle lanes. Not just any bicycle lanes, though. The lanes in some parts of Denver have been painted bright colors to keep motorists at bay while keeping cyclists safer.


CC Image courtesy of dagpeak on Flickr

The Bright Bike Lanes of Denver


One bike lane along Denver 15th street has been painted bright green and red. It’s all part of a movment called the ‘15th Street Bikeway Plan.’ The concept is to remind motorists to move over to the left, so that cyclists can safely ride in the path dedicated to bicycles.


The city of Denver is conscious about bicycle paths and how those paths work with motorist lanes. Sometimes, it’s not easy to see bicycle paths. This is the problem that the city is hoping to fix. Other cities across the world have colored bicycle paths too, but Denver is a frontrunner when it comes to making plenty of (colorful) room for cyclists in the downtown area. It’s just another way that Denver welcomes those with a love for exercise and the outdoors!


Other Outdoor Activities


There’s plenty to do in Denver all year long. Even during the winter months, this city gets so much sun it’s hard to remember that it’s cold outside! Denver is home to lots of great ski and snowboard trails, plenty of bicycle paths that are outside of the city center, and tons of great places to explore. Nature is part of the reason why so many people are moving to Denver, and one of the reasons why Denver is a top destination for many seeking a slice of nature.


Getting Settled in Denver


As soon as you arrive in Denver, you’ll notice that something is different. It’s not so much the blue skies and green grass as it is the general attitude of people that live in Denver. Colorado just moves at a slower pace, and that means more time to enjoy life. If you’ve coming to Denver from a city that’s much faster paced, you’ll really appreciate what this city has to offer.


Bicycle lanes that are brightly colored is just the tip of the iceberg. Denver – all around – makes room for everyone. No matter what your favorite outdoor activity might be, Denver is the one place where you can enjoy it thoroughly. We love Denver, can you tell? We’d also love to help you store your items in Denver.


Denver Storage Options


It happens to everyone! Sometimes you just can’t move all of those things into your new home. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to sell your stuff either. You can store items large or small at our Denver storage facility. Our facility is protected around the clock, safe from any kind of weather or other disasters, and will keep your items secure while you find a place to put them. Give us a call today if you need some suggestions on how to store items, aren’t sure about what size storage locker to rent, or need some estimates. We can also help when it comes to move to Denver.


Help With Your Move


At Exodus Moving and Storage, we store and move! We can help you pack up boxes in your home or in a loved one’s home, move items large and small to your new location, and unpack with care. In addition to helping individuals move to the Denver area, we can also help with any business move of any size. Denver is a great place to start a new business – let us help you set up shop!


Call us today for a moving estimate or to get rates on a storage rental space. Moving can be fun, and we’d love to show you how. We know you’re going to love Denver, too! Make sure to book your moving date with us today. And let us know – what’s the reason you’re moving to Denver? Is it because of Denver’s new bike paths?

5 Things to Do Before You Move In

There’s nothing quite like the excitement that surrounds moving into a new home. Before you move in, though, there are a few things that you should do. Take a look at this list of things to prepare before you move that first box!


Modern Penny-Farthing Bike

CC Image courtesy of Brett Levin Photography on Flickr

1. Change all the exterior locks. The probability of the old homeowner coming in and trying to rob you is slim to none. But, you never know who had a key at one point. Take the time to change all of the exterior locks on your new home, so that you can move in without worrying about whether or not there’s a key to your house somewhere!


2. Paint large surfaces. Areas like walls and ceilings should be painted before you move in. Painting a home can take a lot of time, so it’s best to get it done before you make the move. If you want to save time, hire professionals to paint the space for you.


3. Hire a cleaning crew. Sure, the previous homeowner cleaned up your new home. But, a good scrub down is the best way to ensure that all of the bits and pieces that previous owner might have missed are cleaned and put away. Plus, moving into a home that smells clean and new is just part of the overall experience!


4. Have your heating and cooling systems cleaned. This is another job for professionals, but it will be worth it. You may as well have these systems cleaned when the house is empty – it will be a lot harder to clean any space in your home once you have moved in!


5. Put up some shades. A home that doesn’t have any shades or curtains is a home that anyone can look into. You don’t want to show the neighborhood that the home is empty for safety reasons, and it’s nice to have some privacy when you move in, right? Put something up on your windows when you move in, or see if the home you are purchasing includes these items (most of the time, previous owners will add curtains and fixtures to the overall price of the home).


Moving Into Your New Place

After you get all of those big things out of the way, the only thing you have to do is move your stuff. Moving companies that offer full service solutions are the way to go when it is time to move. These companies can help you pack, move, and get set up in your new home. Once you have moved, you’ll probably see a lot more thing inside of that new space that need some work.


Don’t worry, though, you have plenty of time to make sure that the rest of your home is in top shape. The important thing is to paint large spaces, conduct a thorough cleaning, and make sure that you have a bit of privacy when you move in. Not only will this make moving day nice for you, but it’s also the ideal way to make sure that you’re somewhat setup when your neighbors stop by!


Moving To Fort Collins

We’d love to help you move to Fort Collins, Denver, or any of the surrounding areas. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we offer full service moving solutions. Whether you are moving a massive home or just a few boxes, we can help. We also have large storage facilities in both areas that can safely accommodate anything you don’t want to bring with you.


Call us today to ask about our services, get a free estimate, or find out what we can do for you. You’ll find that Colorado is full of excellent painting and cleaning companies too, so make sure to take advantage of what your new town has to offer. Moving day is an exciting day full of a new home and new possibilities – what could be better? With just a bit of prep work, your home will be completely ready to move into.


What did you do when you moved into your new home? Do you have any tips or advice for other people that are about to move? Let us know what your thoughts are below, and make sure to call us today for all of your moving needs!

How to Sell Your Home

Selling a home is tricky. In fact, the whole selling and buying process is strange! There are so many things to consider, do, and know about! Here are some things that will make this process a lot more comfortable.


Choosing An Agent


CC Image courtesy of photofarmer on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of photofarmer on Flickr

Picking the right agent is the first step to selling your home. Things to look for in an agent include:


1. Technical skills. Can this person scan MLS listings for you? Do they know about the current real estate market? Can they use apps and the Internet to stay on top of the industry? Are they accessible via cellphone regularly?


2. A half-full plate. Some agents are simply too busy. Agents that have multiple listings are less likely to pay attention to your property. Ask how many listings an agent currently has, and don’t choose one that has an extremely full plate or is really hard to get ahold of.


3. Organize. Once you’ve found the right agent, make sure that your home leaves a lot to the imagination. Buyers will want to imagine what a home will look like with different items. Empty out closets halfway, make room on shelves, buy shelf liners, and tidy up kitchen cabinets. Make sure that everything looks neat and clean before showing your home.


4. Use lighting. If your home gets a ton of sunshine, don’t add a bunch of artificial lights or turn on every light in the place. Why? You can use this as a selling point. Show people just how bright your home is without any lights at all. The opposite is also true. If your home doesn’t get a ton of light, play with some lighting options. Add soft lights and bright lights throughout the home to show just how bright it can be.


5. Think twice about modernizing a home. You might love the look of a glass sink in the bathroom, but some buyers might hate it. It’s better to leave your home as is, make small updates, and let a home buyer imagine what a place will look like with some renovations. Huge renovations are never a worthwhile investment when it comes to selling a home. Really!


6. Take a careful look at your kitchen. Do you need new curtains? Has the inside of your stove seen better days? Have you cleaned underneath all appliances? The first thing that most buyers look at is the kitchen area. If you’re going to put any money into renovations, the kitchen is the place to focus on – just don’t go overboard. Make subtle changes.


7. Most of the time, buyers will make appointments with your agent to see your home. However, some people may knock on your door. Try to keep your home as tidy as possible, just in case you get a few drop-ins (and do treat these people courteously!).

8. Add some incentive. If you can offer to cover closing costs or welcome costs, you may just sell your home faster. Take a look at what other sellers in your neighborhood are offering, and then try to do something really unique.


9. Create curb appeal. The outside of a home should look just a nice as the inside. Clean up your front lawn, so that it appeals to buyers. No matter what the season is, you can always keep the front of your home looking nice and clean.


10. Be ready to move. Can you move in 30 or 60 days? Great! Is the home you’re selling turnkey? Even better! Buyers want a home that they can move into quickly. If you can’t move for a while, you may turn off some buyers.


Once You Sell


Your home will sell quickly enough. When that happens, you’ll have to pack up your stuff and move to a new place. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we offer full-service moving solutions for all of your moving needs. This includes packing, unpacking, and the actual move. Sounds good, right? For more information, just give us a call. We’re happy to provide you with a quick estimate and any other details that you need. Whether you’re moving to Fort Collins or Denver, we’re here for you!


Keep in mind that buyers want to visit a home that’s clean, has that comfortable feeling, and shows nicely. Skip the major repairs, find an agent that you like, and concentrate on simply making your home as presentable as possible. Questions? Just ask!

Best Denver Neighborhoods

Denver is bursting with top-notch neighborhoods. The real estate market in this city has really picked up over the past few years. Now, the average time that a house remains for sale is just 33 days. That means that buying a property in Denver is a true investment.  If you’re moving to Denver, take a look around these hot neighborhoods – but hurry!


CC Image courtesy of xJason.Rogersx on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of xJason.Rogersx on Flickr

1. Cherry Creek. Doesn’t the name of this neighborhood just sound perfect? That’s because it is! Cherry Creek is one of the best spots in Denver. The houses that line the wide streets in this zip code range from new lofts to old Victorian houses. Plus, the popular Cherry Creek mall isn’t far away, and tons of new shops are in walking distance.


2. Seeking a more urban setting? Check out LoDo (lower downtown). In recent years, this part of downtown has become quite popular. LoDo is where you’ll find the perfect home in the ideal urban setting. If stepping out of your front door to shop or stop at a café is what you’re after, LoDo is where you want to go.


3. Lowry. The Lowry area is really unique. Why? This neighborhood is built on an old air base. Once used by the military, Lowry is now teeming with life. Shops, new developments, and a safe neighborhood all around is what Lowry is all about.


4. If you love the outdoors, the Washington Park area is for you. Bordering the park, the homes on both the East and West are steps away from jogging paths, bike paths, paddleboats, and all kinds of great park entertainment.


5. Are you willing to step outside of the urban jungle a bit? If so, Boulder is really heaven on earth. Surrounded by open air, tons of green space, and plenty of breath-taking mountains, Boulder homes are gorgeous all around – even if it’s just for the scenery that encompasses this area on all sides. Consider moving towards the suburbs towards Boulder if you can’t find what you love directly in Denver.


6. Greenwood Village is another suburban area that used to be dotted with farms. Now, those farms sit between lovely homes, plenty of green space, and a slower kind of life. Just outside of Denver, Greenwood Village is still close enough to let you enjoy what Denver has to offer, but far enough away to escape to a quiet home at the end of the day.


7. For the truly posh, the Blackstone Country Club Estates area offers the kind of gated community that’s both safe and desirable. You’ll find homes nestled inside of this quaint little area range in both size and price.


Highly Sought After


Denver (and most of its parts) is highly sought after where real estate is concerned. That means that you’ll want to make an offer on your dream home quickly. Otherwise, you might be outbid. Once you do find the perfect spot, though, you’ll love what Denver has to offer. In fact, Colorado (as a whole) might be one of the few states left in the U.S. that is still sprawling with plenty of fresh air and green space in addition to all the urban life that you could want.


Any home that you buy in Colorado will be worth the money. That home will easily sell for more money once you’re ready to move again. Then again, why would you want to move? Most people that come to Denver never leave – this area has it all! If you were already planning on moving to Denver, we’d love to help you make this great city your home.


Moving Your Things


No matter where you are coming from, we can help you move into your new Denver home with ease. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we know all about Denver, and we know how to get you packed up, moved out, and unpacked with ease. We even offer large storage facilities that are perfectly safe, guarded, and large enough for all of your storage needs. You’ll find out storage options located in Denver and Fort Collins.


The areas listed above are the most popular spots in Denver, but you’re bound to love any neighborhood in this great city. Call us today to see how we can help you with your move. Or, just give us a call to get a free estimate. If you’re moving to Fort Collins or Denver, we’ll make your move easier!

Best Things to Do in Denver During the spring

Springtime is almost here. In Denver, that means the start of a new season filled with tons of great things to do. Plus, most of those things are completely free. If you’re moving to Denver (or moving to Fort Collins, which isn’t too far away!) this spring, here’s what you can look forward to!


CC Image courtesy of mirandaceleste on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of mirandaceleste on Flickr

1. Downtown Denver Art Festival: join hundreds of local Denver artists as they display their work all over downtown. You’ll see all kinds of art from photography to sculptures as you spend your day browsing what Denver’s best artists have to offer. Love something that you see? Take it home with you! There’s no better way to commemorate your move to Denver!


2. Denver Story Trek: Denver is brimming with history, and this trek makes it all come to life. Join guides as they bring groups through the most historic points in Denver. You’ll quickly discover that Denver has its roots deep in history.


3. Visit South Park: are you a fan of the South Park TV show? Why not take one of the best spring days to explore this town? Spring is the optimal season for checking out what South Park has to offer from great local shops to plenty of South Park themed spots, this is the place to go for any animation fan.


4. 16th Street Mall: springtime means spending as much time outside as possible, and that only gets better when some great shopping is involved! Join the rest of the city as you stroll through the popular 16th Street Mall area checking out some of the best shopping spots.


5. Ski and Snowboard: there are far too many great slopes to just mention one here, but springtime is the absolute best time to get outside and ski or snowboard. With the sun on your face and a lot less layers, spring is the season for some of the best trail runs.


6. Hike: just like skiing or boarding, there are just too many trails in Denver to mention here, but all you really have to do is find one. Most trails are completely free to use, open to the public, and only require a good pair of hiking shoes. When the temperatures warm up, why not head outdoors and enjoy the spring immersed in Mother Nature?


7. Brew tours: if you’re really looking to relax, Denver has some of the best breweries around. Plus, lots of breweries offer food and drink pairings, so that you can really learn about Denver’s best beers. This is the best way to pass any lazy spring day!


8. Frisbee! You’ll see people playing Frisbee all over Denver on any green space that’s available. Roll up your pants, take off your shoes, grab a Frisbee, and get into the game!


9. Rockies games! If you’ve never been to a ballgame outdoors, you’re really missing out! Grab some tickets to see the Rockies during the first games of the season, and you’ll see why baseball is one of the most popular sports in America.


10. The Santa Fe Art District: during the spring months, this artsy side of town goes all-out with outdoors shows, new exhibits, and plenty to see and do.


Planning Your Move to Denver


Moving companies that you can trust are hard to find, and that’s why we’d like to help make your move to Denver simple and stress-free. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we’ve been helping folks just like you move to our lovely city for years. We know how to help you pack, move, and unpack. We can even help you out when it comes to other details – just ask.


If you aren’t sure what to do with some of your items, we can offer you great storage solutions too. We have storage rental space in both Denver and Fort Collins. Need an estimate? Want more details? Give us a call. We’d be happy to provide you with a completely free estimate for your move. If you’ve decided to move to Denver, you’ve made the right city choice – now you just have to make the right mover choice! Give us a call today, we’re looking forward to speaking with you.

What to Bring With You To a Retirement Home

Moving to a retirement home means downsizing. It also means figuring out what’s really needed, and what things will simply add to the clutter of a tight space. Prior to being admitted to a retirement home, it’s a good idea to ask any friends of family members for help with organizing, packing, and downsizing, so that you really have only those necessary items to bring. Of course, if you need help packing, Exodus Moving and Storage is here for you.


CC Image courtesy of Tax Credits on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of Tax Credits on Flickr

Here are some of the things that you will need to bring when moving to a retirement home.


1. Entertainment. You’ll need something to do at night, and if your retirement home apartment doesn’t come with a television, you may want to bring one with you. It’s also wise to bring a large stack of books, so that you don’t get bored when you’re sick of watching TV.


2. Lock box. Here’s something that a lot of elderly people do not think about bringing to a retirement home, but there’s good reason to do so. Often, things are misplaced or stolen in these homes, and it’s rare that a retirement facility will pay for damaged or lost items. Why not just stash your valuables in a small lock box?


3. Snacks. If you have a kitchen area (or just a small cabinet of some sort), pack it full of snacks that you like. Sure, you can go to the grocery store later, but it’s nice to have a few things to munch on when you arrive (or when you are in the middle of unpacking).


4. Utensils. Most of the time, retirement homes offer some kind of dining area where you will likely eat most of your meals. But, you may not always feel like going to the dining room. Or, you may feel like ordering a pizza one night! Bring some plates and a few utensils (a whole set isn’t necessary, mind you) with you, just in case.


5. Blankets and comfortable items. You may not be able to have candles in your apartment (check the retirement home guidelines), but you can certainly bring a duvet, some quilts, lots of fluffy pillows, and any other items that will make you feel more at home.


6. Writing tools. Maybe you’ll feel like jotting down some thoughts. A nice pad of paper (or notebook), and a pen or two can go a long way.


7. Minimal clothing. You don’t have to bring your entire closet full of clothing. Try to pack some simple things, a few dressier items, and clothes for all of the seasons. It’s best to rummage through what you already own, and sell or donate items that you no longer need.


8. Tupperware. Maybe you’ll want to bring some leftovers back to your room one night! Having a few Tupperwares that you can use whenever you feel like it is nice.


9. A few backup items. It never hurts to have an extra tube of toothpaste or some other things just in case you run out and can’t get to the store. You should also ask about brining any cold or flu medications, just in case you need them.


10. Lots of photos. There’s nothing quite like some happy memories to start the day off right or end the day on a positive note. Surround yourself with those memories in the form of photographs. You’ll love looking at all of those positive pictures all day long.


11. A mini fridge. If you don’t have a full kitchen, consider purchasing a mini fridge for your room. You can put things inside of your fridge like water, juice, and other small edible items.


Moving Into a Retirement Home


Even though a retirement home may be just down the street, you still need a team of reliable movers to help you get your stuff where it needs to go. Call us today to see how we can help you with moving to Fort Collins or to Denver. We’d love to make your move more comfortable, and we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

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The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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