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Is there anyone more famous in the storage industry than Barry Weiss? He’s the eccentric millionaire with a taste for odd items and crazy cars. He’s also a fan favorite on the A&E show ‘Storage Wars.’ Want to know more about Barry? Here’s a peek into his charmed life!


Barry’s Real Profession


You had to know that Barry got all of his cash from somewhere, right? After all, most average people can’t afford to rent a tank for a few hours or to show up in a customized car every day! Barry did, indeed, make his money elsewhere. He was in the produce business for many years with his brother and partner. This business flourished, and gave Weiss the nearly $10 million that he is worth today.


It’s his taste for really amazing antiques that gave Barry his current fame, though. As an avid antique collector, Weiss simply knows his way around antiques. He spends hours collecting valuable items, reads all about the things that he loves, and is known in the antique world for his extensive knowledge. Most of the time, it’s Barry that other antique collectors turn to in order to find out about an object’s history!


A New Show? 


There are rumors floating around the Weiss will have his own spin-off of the ‘Storage Wars’ show called ‘What Are You Worth?’ The show will feature Barry as a sort of financial advisor. His main goal on the show will be to help families that need money find and make more money. The idea of the show is a great one if it ever comes to fruition. As far as Storage Wars goes, there’s some talk that the show is in its last season, so make sure to tune into Barry’s latest antics when the new show arrives on the scene.


So, how much of Storage Wars is real? That’s debatable, but some of the things that you see on the show are very real. For example, storage locker items are often auctioned off or discarded once a contract has run out. That’s why it’s important for you to make sure to read that contract inside and out. You should always know what will happen to your items if you stop payment or can’t remember when to pay.


Need Some Storage Help? 


As much fun as it is to watch Storage Wars and Barry Weiss, it’s a lot harder to find storage for your items. We know that you want to store the things that matter the most to you in the best possible place. That’s why Exodus Moving and Storage provides two massive storage centers to accommodate storage needs of any size. If you want to store items in the Denver or Fort Collins area, make sure to contact us today to find out what you need.


Back to Barry for a minute, though. Is it true that he’s married? Why is he such a ladies man? What makes Barry so unique? All of these questions often float around in the minds of Storage Wars fans, and the answer is somewhat mysterious. You see, Barry likes to keep things low-key, and there’s not much that can be found out about him.


However, it’s clear that he likes his toys, his antiques, and his cars. It’s also clear that the Barry Weiss you see on TV isn’t the same as the record producer, so make sure not to get those two mixed up! He’s also not Barry White – or any other Barry. He’s just Barry from ‘Storage Wars,’ and this Barry makes the show!


Other Interesting Bits


Aside from Barry, ‘Storage Wars’ is filled with fun characters that make the show. In this writer’s opinion, the best Storage Wars series is the first one – all the other ones just don’t compare, since those episodes don’t come with a helping of Barry! But, everyone has a favorite. If you watch Storage Wars and love Barry Weiss, let us know why, what other stars you enjoy watching, and anything else that you want to talk about. Of course, if you want to work with one of the best moving companies out there, give us a shout too! From storage to moving and all things in-between (even Barry Weiss discussions!), Exodus has what you need.