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It’s important that you shop around for, at least, three moving estimates before you choose a moving company. Knowing specific estimate terms will help you understand each estimate, so you can make a more informed decision. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common terms related to estimates that you’ll likely come across.


Types of Moves


An Intrastate Move: local moves are referred to as ‘intrastate moves’ in this industry. Typically, these moves are priced on a per-hour basis that includes the number of movers and the number of vehicles needed to move your items.


An Interstate Move: it sounds like ‘intrastate,’ but an ‘interstate’ move is quite different. These moves happen when your moving between states, and, thus, these moves are more expensive. Interstate moves are priced according to weight, and how far certain items have to be shipped.


An International Move: if you’re moving to another country, rates tend to be estimated based on your current country of residence, the amount of ocean transportation needed, and any customs or handling charges determined by each country. As such, international moves are far more expensive than inter or intra state moves.


Moving Estimate Terms


A Not-to-exceed Estimate: this is the type of estimate that you’ll want to get, if possible. Another way of phrasing this is a “guaranteed estimate.” When you get this kind of estimate, you will pay the lower of two prices: the real cost or the estimate. You’ll have to get this kind of estimate in writing before the move.


A Binding Estimate: when an estimate is binding, it means that you will have to pay the price listed. You won’t pay more for a binding estimate unless you make specific changes to the move.


A Non-Binding Estimate: this is an estimate in the true form of the term. A non-binding estimate means that the estimate in question is pure estimation, and cannot be considered binding in any way. Final costs are often written once a mover has had the change to weigh items to be moved.


An Important Note


Even if you have a really binding estimate, you love your mover, and you are ready to roll, make sure to look over the paperwork. Sometimes, movers simply miss smaller details (it happens!). So, double-check to be sure that everything you’ve discussed about your move is included in the estimate you receive. If you see something that’s missing, just call up your mover and ask about the missing portion. More often than not, a mover will simply adjust the contract per your original specifications. If you want to add anything to your moving contract, simply ask your mover to amend the contract. When you work with a trustworthy moving company, making changes to contracts isn’t a big deal at all.


Working With Your Moving Company


In the same way that having dinner with a new friend can be awkward, sometimes it’s unclear how to act when working with a moving company. People will arrive with trucks and gear on moving day, and it can be confusing trying to figure out what to do! A well-organized moving company will have planned everything out with you in advance, so all you have to do is go along with the agreed upon schedule.


If you book with us, you’ll find that we go to extra lengths to make sure that your moving day runs smoothly and without any problems. We work to ensure that everyone in your family is happy with the moving schedule. If you’re working with another company, just give the person in charge a call before the big day to ask about details, arrival times, and anything else you’re worried about.


Booking In Advance


We know that moving is a big deal! That’s why we go out of our way to make sure that you have everything you need from contract details to specific arrival times. If you’d like to book with Exodus Moving and Storage, give us a call. When it comes to the best moving companies, we are proud to be at the top of the list. Not sure what you can move or have additional questions?


Don’t hesitate to ask us! We are here to help you out with every single part of your move from start to finish. Whenever you need us, we are ready to answer your questions. We take all of the hassle and headache out of moving, so that you only have to sit back and relax. Are you ready to move? Need some more help? Let us know! Confused about some terms? Just ask! Let’s move together!