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If you have made the decision to move to Loveland Colorado, we would like to congratulate you on making a great decision. This town is located in northern Colorado which is a mecca for quite a few different things. Loveland itself is a beautiful little town with a lot going on for it. There is a very large mall off by the Highway, Fort Collins is just up the road, and Loveland has some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find in northern Colorado surrounding the lake. Perhaps I should go a smidge more in-depth.


Northern Colorado is known for its delightful attitude and proximity to the mountains, however people don’t really talk a lot about the amenities that are within the towns appear. Of which, there are many which have thrust us into the age of consumerism. One of the biggest culprits of this, and I use culprit in a good sense of the word, is the mall which has recently found itself to be extraordinarily popular just to the east of Loveland. This mall has all of the amenities one could ever want with a few that you didn’t even know existed. Of course, every mall has those stores, but when a mall extends from two sides of a Highway, you know that it’s big and that there are bound to be stores which will present you with things that you didn’t even know existed. This mall goes by the name of Centerra, and is a relatively new mall within Colorado. So when you get all moved in, don’t be afraid to come visit. You will love what you have to find and how beautiful the mall actually is, especially during the summer.


Having Fort Collins Colorado up the road is a serious advantage for any town. Named one of the most beautiful towns and idyllic places to live by money magazine multiple times in a row, Fort Collins has charm coming out of every orifice. It also makes a great place to get a job. Many of the big employers have residences with in Fort Collins, and many even started here. That’s right, I’m looking at you OtterBox. There are other big companies like Intel, HP, as well as many others who deserve just as much praise though maybe not in the same industry.


The scenery in Loveland is absolutely gorgeous. I really don’t feel like there’s any other way to describe it. The area surrounding Loveland Lake is an absolutely beautiful section of town, especially during the summer when all of the trees have decided to bloom. The lake starts to become filled with people and animals alike who simply wish to cool off. It creates a slight cooling effect as well being that it is water and the area around it is a little bit cooler during those hot summer days. Overall, if you could find anywhere to move to within Loveland, right around Loveland Lake is going to be your best bet for anything beautiful. There are tennis courts on the southern side, business ‘which have found their homes in the same area, a high school to the east, and old town Loveland to the West. It’s really kind of the central point within Loveland that everyone associates with. So once you’ve made the decision to start wandering around and see what Loveland has to offer, visit the lake first. It is beautiful.


Loveland really has a lot to offer as a town. The people are lovely and always willing to help, and as mentioned above there are a lot of perks. I think one of the best things you can do once you have moved in and found yourself to be comfortable is go exploring. Take that sense of wanderlust that everybody has and see what your new town has to offer. Go into all those strange shops that are oh so mysterious, and don’t be afraid to talk to people. If you’re not from Colorado you won’t know this, but here you’ll find some of the nicest people in the United States. Being courteous is essentially what everyone does for a living here. So, wander around, do all those things that wouldn’t necessarily be what you would want to do on a daily basis. Perhaps something will strike your fancy and you’ll find something new to love.