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The key to a successful long-distance move lies in meticulous planning. A detailed inventory ensures a seamless journey to your new destination without any surprises along the way.

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    Long-Distance Movers

    To start your move, you will be assigned a moving specialist who will be your primary contact throughout the journey. This specialist arranges a survey of your belongings to provide an accurate estimate of the costs and determine the necessary resources for your move.

    Once you agree to the estimate, you will receive an Order of Service, which details the moving services you’ve selected, the associated costs, and the expected dates of the move. If you opt-in for packing services, a team will come on an agreed-upon date before the move to pack your items securely. On moving day, a crew will arrive to load your items into the moving vehicle, transport them to your new destination, and then unload them into your new home. Along with this, you’ll receive a Bill of Lading, which is a crucial document outlining the goods being transported, the terms of the carriage, and other related information. This will be checked off as each item is unloaded from the truck.

    Finally, you’ll complete the move with a final walkthrough, ensuring that everything has arrived safely and is in place, followed by confirmation with the team leader that the process is complete.

    Long distance moving & storage services
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    Long Distance Movers

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    Long distance moving FAQ

    What Cost Should I Expect When Hiring Full-Service State-to-State Movers?

    Full-service state-to-state moving can vary widely in cost depending on a number of factors such as the distance of the move, the weight of the items, and the additional services required. Generally, for interstate moves, one might expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more. Additional services like packing and unpacking, or special handling for fragile items, can affect the total cost. It is recommended to get at least three moving estimates to be sure that you are getting a fair price.

    Exodus Moving & Storage, serving across Colorado, including Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver, provides a transparent and competitive pricing structure for long-distance moves. Our estimate process ensures that customers understand the costs involved in their particular move. As the 2020 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics winner, you can feel confident with Exodus Moving & Storage.

    Most interstate moving companies offer a variety of services, including loading, transporting, and unloading belongings. Some services, such as packing and unpacking, the handling of bulky or special items, such as pianos or antiques, and temporary storage, may come at an additional cost.

    Exodus Moving & Storage’s long-distance moving services are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. While our core services include the loading and unloading of items into and out of our professional moving truck, we also offer additional services like packing and unpacking at an extra charge. Special care items like antique moving and fine art shipping are handled with expertise, reflecting our commitment to customer service. If you need your items stored, we offer a range of storage options to best suit your needs.

    Movers often take extra care in packing belongings, using specialized packing supplies such as bubble wrap, padded blankets, and specialized boxes to ensure items are well-protected during the move. They should also use a padded truck and dollies, as well as an expertly trained crew. This focus on protective packing helps minimize the risk of damage during transit.

    For Exodus Moving & Storage, the safety of belongings is paramount. As a part of our long-distance moving service, we employ quality packing supplies to protect items, and our warehouse storage service comes with temperature control, pest control, and 24/7 surveillance. With an A+ rating by the BBB and hundreds of positive online reviews, we have a proven track record of safeguarding customer possessions.

    By government regulation, movers are required to offer Limited Liability Coverage, which provides 60 cents per pound per item. For those who want more protection, many moving companies offer Full Value Protection at an additional cost, which covers the replacement or repair cost of damaged or lost items.

    Exodus Moving & Storage adheres to all government regulations and provides Limited Liability Coverage as standard. In line with our dedication to customer service, we also offer additional Full Value Protection for customers who want extra peace of mind, which offers full replacement, repair, or reimbursement of damaged items. If you have high-value items, ask your assigned moving specialist about declaring Items of Extraordinary Value.

    This can vary depending on factors such as weather conditions, load size, and the specific logistics of the move. You can expect your move to take 3-14 days. For particularly long moves, such as those over 1700 miles, it can take up to three weeks.

    With Exodus Moving & Storage, customers can expect a well-planned schedule that takes into account the unique aspects of their move. Serving as an interstate agent of Wheaton World Wide Moving and having access to hundreds of agents across the coast, we have the resources to provide accurate timelines, even for moves across the entire state of Colorado.

    Professional movers usually undergo extensive training to handle fragile and heavy items properly, ensuring they are transported safely. This training often includes techniques for packing, loading, and handling such items.

    Exodus Moving & Storage takes this training to the next level. Our movers are trained through the guidelines of the American Trucking Association: Moving & Storage Conference, ensuring that they have the skills and knowledge to handle delicate and weighty items. This includes specialized services like piano moving, gun-safe moving, and senior moving.

    Filing a claim for lost or damaged items typically involves contacting the moving company, filling out a claim form, and providing evidence of the damage or loss. The process can vary between companies, and it is generally advised to file the claim as soon as possible.For customers of Exodus Moving & Storage, the process is made simple and straightforward. Our dedication to customer service means we provide support throughout the claim process. As a company that has been trusted since 1996, we prioritize customer satisfaction and respond promptly to any issues or concerns.Learn more about how to contact for a long-distance moving claim from Wheaton World Wide Moving.

    Interstate moves may be subject to various regulations, such as restrictions on certain items like hazardous materials, plants, cosmetics,or perishable goods. In terms of licensing, it is required that all movers moving across state lines have a USDOT license. Depending on the state that you are moving to, your moving company may be required to have an MC license. Compliance with state and federal regulations is essential to ensure a smooth moving process.

    Exodus Moving & Storage, fully compliant with all regulations and holding a CO PUC license number HHG-00071, guides customers through these complexities. Our expertise as the 2022 Wheaton Spire Quality Award Winner and the Preferred Movers of the Colorado Association of Realtors ensures that we are well-equipped to handle all regulatory requirements, making the moving experience as hassle-free as possible for our customers.