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RV Storage Services

RV Storage

Discover secure RV storage solutions offering flexible terms to fit your needs. Our facilities ensure your vehicle is well-protected from the elements. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your RV is in safe hands, with easy access whenever you need it. Tailored options available for short or long-term storage, all within our accessible, state-of-the-art facilities designed for RVs of any size.

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RV Storage Services

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    Secure RV storage solutions

    RV Storage

    When you decide to store your RV, the process begins with obtaining a estimate from one or more storage companies. This initial step involves providing details about your RV, such as its size and any specific requirements it might have, to ensure the estimate is accurate and tailored to your needs.

    Once you’ve received and accepted the estimate, you’ll schedule a drop-off time that’s convenient for you. On the day of the drop-off, your RV will be thoroughly inspected. This inspection is crucial as it ensures your RV is stored in the same condition as when it arrived. The storage company will then securely park your RV in their facility, where it will be monitored and maintained as per the agreed terms.

    When you’re ready to hit the road again, simply notify the storage company in advance. They will prepare your RV for pickup, ensuring it’s ready for your next adventure.

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    RV Storage FAQ

    What Are the Benefits of Temperature-Controlled RV Storage in Colorado?

    Temperature-controlled RV storage in Colorado is crucial due to the state’s diverse climate, which can swing from scorching summers to frigid winters. This type of storage ensures that your RV is shielded from extreme temperatures, which can cause significant damage to both its interior and exterior. Consistent temperature control helps in preserving the RV’s mechanical components, upholstery, and overall structure. It also prevents issues like tire degradation, battery wear, and cracking in seals or plumbing.

    Understanding the challenges of Colorado’s climate, Exodus provides temperature-controlled storage facilities to protect your RV. By maintaining optimal conditions, we ensure your RV is shielded from the state’s weather extremes. This approach not only extends the life of your RV but also keeps it ready for your next adventure, offering peace of mind and convenience.

    24/7 surveillance is a critical feature for enhancing the security of RV storage facilities. Continuous monitoring through cameras and security personnel helps in deterring potential thefts and vandalism. It also provides valuable evidence in case of any security incidents. This level of surveillance ensures that any suspicious activity is quickly noticed and addressed, offering an additional layer of protection for your valuable asset.

    To ensure the utmost security for your RV, Exodus employs round-the-clock surveillance at our storage facilities. Our advanced systems, featuring the latest tech, are designed to keep a vigilant eye on your vehicle at all times. This level of security offers you confidence, knowing your RV is safe with us.

    Selecting the right RV storage facility involves evaluating several factors, such as security features, location, accessibility, and the range of services offered. It’s important to choose a facility that not only provides protection from theft and environmental elements but also caters to the specific needs of your RV. Consider facilities that offer flexible storage options, such as short-term and long-term options. Visiting the facility in person and checking customer reviews can also provide valuable insights.

    Choosing the best storage solution is made easy with Exodus. Our facilities cater to a wide range of RV sizes and offer various services to meet your specific needs, such as short-term and long-term storage options. We prioritize customer satisfaction, providing not just storage space but also regular maintenance and convenient access to your RV.

    Effective pest control in RV storage is vital to prevent infestations that can lead to costly damages. Rodents and insects can chew through wiring, insulation, and interior surfaces, leading to expensive repairs. Regular pest control measures are necessary to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the storage environment. A good storage facility will implement proactive pest control strategies to ensure that these nuisances are kept at bay.

    To safeguard your RV from pests, Exodus implements stringent pest control measures in our storage facilities. Regular inspections and treatments are part of our commitment to keeping your vehicle in top condition. With us, you can rest assured that your RV is protected from pest-related damages.

    The costs of RV warehouse storage in Colorado can vary based on several factors, including the type of storage, location, amount of storage space needed, and additional services provided. Generally, indoor storage options, especially those with climate control, tend to be more expensive but offer better protection. Outdoor storage options are usually more affordable but provide less protection from the elements. It’s important to balance cost with the level of protection and services you need for your RV. For indoor, temperature-controlled storage, expect to pay between $405 and $700 per month.

    Offering value and quality, Exodus provides a variety of RV storage options to fit different budgets. Our competitive pricing ensures that you receive the best care for your RV, whether you choose our basic or premium storage solutions. We focus on delivering quality service without compromising on security or accessibility.

    Preparing your RV for winter storage is crucial to protect it from the harsh Colorado winters. This preparation includes draining all water tanks to prevent freezing, checking and sealing any openings to keep pests out, disconnecting and storing batteries, and covering the RV to protect it from snow and ice. It’s also important to clean the interior and exterior thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew growth. These steps help ensure that your RV remains in good condition throughout the winter.

    Preparing your RV for winter is crucial, and at Exodus, we’re here to help with indoor storage for ultimate protection. Our team offers expert guidance to ensure your RV withstands Colorado’s winter conditions, along with services to ensure your RV is properly stored through the winter months. Trust us to keep your vehicle safe, ensuring it’s ready for use as soon as spring arrives.

    Many RV owners find it convenient to store additional items, such as camping gear or outdoor equipment, along with their RV. This convenience allows for easier organization and access when planning trips. It’s important to check with the storage facility about their policies regarding additional items, as some may have restrictions or additional fees for storing extra belongings. To be sure that you can store additional items in the same facility as your RV, we suggest looking for a moving company that offers warehouse storage. While not all of them offer RV storage, the ones that do will also have the experience and the space to handle your other items.

    Exodus recognizes the convenience of storing additional items with your RV. Our flexible storage solutions allow you to keep camping gear and other essentials alongside your vehicle, like 4-wheelers and ATVs. This service simplifies your travel preparations, ensuring you have everything you need in one accessible location.