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Lakewood Moving Company

Lakewood Moving Company

Exodus Moving and Storage is your go-to company for all your moving and storage needs. We are expert local and long-distance movers, specializing in office and residential relocations and versatile storage solutions. 

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Lakewood Moving Services

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    Residential and commercial moving
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    Professional packing, unpacking & supplies
    Warehouse storage
    Secure transportation with tracking
    Custom crating for high-value items
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    Lakewood Moving Company

    Your move begins with receiving an estimate from an in-depth survey of your items.

    You will then be assigned a moving specialist who will walk you through the moving process. If you decide to opt-in for optional packing services, the team will arrive a few days before the actual move to securely pack your belongings.

    On the moving day, you’ll be provided with an Order of Service detailing the agreed-upon services, and as items are unloaded at your new destination, they will be cross-checked against a Bill of Lading to ensure every item is accounted for.

    Once the move is nearing its conclusion, you’ll undertake a survey of all your items in collaboration with the team leader, confirming that everything has been transported safely and to your satisfaction.

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    Lakewood Moving FAQs

    What is the Cost of Moving Companies in Lakewood, CO?

    Moving costs can fluctuate based on various factors. For local relocations, spanning within city limits or to adjacent locales, the expense generally falls between $300 to $2,000. Such variation considers your move’s size, the quantity of items, and the range of services chosen. Interstate moves, on the other hand, stretch the budget more, given the complexities of distance and logistics. These can average between $3,000 to $10,000 or sometimes even more, depending on specifics.

    For those considering Exodus Moving & Storage, our pricing is built on transparency and competitiveness. Since our inception in 1996, our family-operated model assures clients of exceptional value without compromising service quality. We ensure that you pay the price you get in your estimate by providing accurate quotes with no costs.

    A typical moving company’s options include a basic suite of services, such as systematic loading, secure transportation, and meticulous unloading. Additionally, for those seeking a comprehensive solution, added services such as packing, specialized item handling, and warehousing are available at additional costs.

    Our extensive service catalog includes local and long-distance moving, packing and unpacking, and niche segments such as antiques, fine art, and piano relocations. We also have a number of storage options, including warehouse storage, storage containers, and self-storage units.

    Most moving companies will offer both local and long-distance moves. However, many moving companies tend to be best equipped for one over the other. You will find that locally-owned moving companies are more skilled in local moving, while national chains are more used to long-distance moves.

    At Exodus Moving & Storage, we match the best of both worlds as a locally-owned and operated business, with skills in local moving around Colorado, and also as an interstate agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving, which gives us the capabilities to handle long-distance moving.

    Partnering with a moving company is about trust. It’s important to determine the company’s legitimacy by checking its licenses. They will need a CO PUC for moves within Colorado and a USDOT for moves outside of the state. To cross-reference their license, look up their USDOT number in the Federal Mover’s Database.

    At Exodus Moving & Storage, our credentials are a testament to our professional standing. Fully licensed and insured, our USDOT license (70719) and CO PUC license (HHG-00071) vouch for our adherence to industry benchmarks. Our insurance includes General Liability and Worker’s Comp. With us, clients enjoy the peace of mind, knowing they’re working with a top-tier mover.

    To guarantee a hassle-free move, especially during high-demand periods like summer, it’s wise to contact movers between 4-8 weeks in advance. Such foresight ensures flexibility in scheduling and smoother logistics, and is key to securing the moving date that is best for you.

    Given Exodus Moving & Storage’s reputation for stellar customer service, our slots get reserved briskly. It’s our recommendation to potential customersto approach us well in advance. This proactive step ensures an organized, timely, and stress-free moving experience under our expert guidance. However, we also offer last-minute moving services for those who need moving help quickly.

    While loading, unloading, and transportation are the base services that movers provide, many movers will also have the option to professionally pack and unpack your items. Such services offer clients a holistic moving solution, free from the hassles of boxing and unboxing items. Be sure to let your mover know that you are interested in this service as soon as possible so that you can have an accurate estimation in terms of the price and timing of your move.

    At Exodus, we consider packing and unpacking integral to our service spectrum. Our trained crew is adept at ensuring that each item, from bulky furniture to fragile heirlooms, is packed with precision for safe transport and later unpacked with care in the new premises. We can pack all or just some of your items to fit your needs.

    Moving isn’t just about boxes. It also includes large and heavy or fragile and delicate items that need to be carefully handled. A competent moving company should be equipped both in skill and equipment to handle such unique requirements. Be sure to ask about this directly when considering your movers.

    Exodus Moving & Storage shines in specialty moving. Be it grand pianos, priceless antiques, exquisite art pieces, or hefty gun safes, our team is specially trained and equipped to ensure these treasures are relocated with no damage. Our track record speaks of countless success stories, with items reaching their destinations unscathed.

    In the digital age, customer feedback is the compass guiding potential customers. Platforms like Google Customer Reviews offer insights from those who have worked with these movers in the past. Look for the total count of reviews, how recent those reviews are, what the overall score is, and just how responsive the company is to reviews, especially any negative ones.

    At Exodus Moving & Storage, we cherish our digital footprint. Our repository of hundreds of positive reviews reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. With accolades such as the 2020 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics, our proactive engagement with customers assures potential clients of our dedication to trust and transparency. We urge you to view our Google Customer Reviews for yourself here.