The Best Part of Moving

The best part of moving is getting a fresh start.  Whether the move was expected or unexpected, change is always good if we can accept and be comfortable with it.  In order to help make the actual act of moving less stressful so you can focus on all of the other aspects of moving, consider hiring a professional moving company to help pack and ship your belongings to your next destination.  The money you spend will be worth alleviating stress and the added pressure of time constraints that can come with a move.  Another great part about moving is you get a chance to re-decorate.  This does not mean you need to spend more money and break the bank – just a new way to use the same stuff.

 If you find yourself moving to or from Colorado, think positive about getting a fresh new start and call Exodus Moving & Storage.

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Fresh Place Friday: Silverton, Colorado

The appeal of Silverton, Colorado is easy to see. This town offers its residents a simpler way of life. As Colorado movers we always enjoy a trip to Silverton, CO because there seems to be more time for family and community. The community is clean and safe where residents freely walk and bike around and jobs in the tourism industry are plentiful.

What our Colorado movers notice most about this area is the strong sense of community found in Silverton, CO. The streets are filled with parades, carnivals and festivals- anything that can bring the town together. Silverton, CO doesn’t just focus on community but relies on it to maintain the small-town, rural lifestyle all residents are accustom to. They work together to preserve the land they live on and value the clean air they have been given.

What makes Silverton, CO such an ideal place to live is found not only in the attachment to the place, respect for neighbors and nature and the commitment to sustainability but also its location in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. The endless amount of recreational activities may be what makes the citizens of Silverton, CO so proud of their home. Whether you are looking to sled, ice skate, fish, hunt, horseback ride, ski or anything in between, Silverton, CO has it right at your fingertips.

The Colorado movers at Exodus are seriously impressed with this small Colorado town and we hope that if you are planning a Colorado move, you consider the picture-perfect, Silverton, Colorado.

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Fresh Place Friday: Denver, Colorado

The Mile-High City- there’s nothing like it. Perhaps that’s because it’s the second Exodus Moving & Storage location. Yes, we’re talking about Denver, Colorado. This week, our Colorado movers are going to spotlight the capitol of this magnificent state. This city truly offers something for everyone as it combines both history and entertainment with urban and rural living.

Check out some of the many things to do in Denver, Colorado:
• Denver Art Museum- The building itself is a work of art and the pieces inside are just as outstanding. Two buildings house the world’s greatest collection of Native American art along with 68,000 other art objects from renowned masters.
• Colorado State Capitol- You can’t visit (or live) in the capitol of CO without visiting the building that sits 5,280 feet above sea level and offers the perfect panorama of the snow-covered peaks. Climb to the top of the dome to view truly breath-taking sites.
• Larimer Square- This block is filled with the trendiest Victorian buildings that house dance clubs, shopping, comedy clubs, quaint outdoor cafés and a multitude of restaurants to try.
• 16th Street Mall- This is a mile-long promenade that boasts natural scenery (50,000 flowers!!), outdoor cafés and a walkway that was designed to mimic the pattern on a diamondback rattlesnake. It’s a must-see. Even locals love it!
• Confluence Park- There is seriously too much at this location to even begin describing. Confluence Park is home to an 850-mile bike trail network, the Platte River Trolley, the Downtown Aquarium, restaurants and Elitch Gardens- a downtown theme park right in Denver, CO.
• LoDo Historic District- Don’t let the name fool you, the historic district is filled with brewpubs, restaurants, rooftop cafés and iconic stores that invented some of the West’s greatest fashion.
• Cherry Creek- Just two miles from downtown Denver (and accessible by bike) waits the Denver Botanic Gardens and Cherry Creek Shopping District- check out one of the most beautiful displays of nature then catch up on your retail therapy.
• City Park- This area is known for the Denver Zoo and Museum of Nature & Science. City Park is also the largest park in the area with beautiful views of the mountains, lakes, gardens and paths for hiking and jogging.

This list doesn’t even begin to exhaust the options you have when moving to or visiting Denver, Colorado. Take our word for it; Denver, CO is the perfect mix of big city life with all the great options for careers, nightlife and entertainment along with the great outdoors that we know and love Colorado for. If you are looking to move to Colorado, Denver is a must.

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Fresh Place Friday: Telluride, CO

There’s no place like home and this week our Colorado movers bring you the perfect home in Telluride, Colorado! If you are looking to relocate to one of the most fun-filled cities in the state of Colorado, then Telluride, CO is your go-to spot! For years, Telluride, CO has been known as the capitol of signature events for the state, boasting many fun festivals and events throughout the year. Today, we are going to highlight just a few.
While Telluride, CO is still known for its world-class skiing opportunities, no other small town offers this much to do throughout the year. There truly is an event that can fulfill all hobbies and members of the family- whether you’re an art buff, a music guru or just here to have a good time. Some of the annual events include the Mountainfilm Festival, Bluegrass Festival, the Jazz Celebration and the Telluride Film Festival. These events pay homage to some of the greatest genres around as people from all over the country come to honor the big names of film and music. A local favorite for events is the Blues & Brews festival that happens on the third weekend of September. Locals love this event because it signifies the start of fall and the changing of the leaves on trees. Not to mention, it means that ski season is fast approaching and fresh powder is on the way.
If you’re looking for a festival in Telluride, CO that boasts a bit more of an eclectic feel, check out the Imogene Pass Run or the Mushroom Festival. The Imogene Pass Run is a series of running events that takes place from Ouray, CO to Telluride, CO via the Imogene Pass. In pure Colorado fashion, this run becomes an awesome event to attend from around the world. The Mushroom Festival is exactly what it sounds like- a foray of fungal species where locals and visitors are invited to try all types of mushrooms until their heart’s content.
The festivals of Telluride, CO are just another way to set this town apart from the rest of the amazing options found across the state of Colorado. We as Colorado movers just love all the exciting events that take place in this town and are always excited to move on through.
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Fresh Place Friday: Estes Park, Colorado

This week our Colorado movers have chosen to highlight beautiful Estes Park, Colorado for our Fresh Place Friday. Estes Park, Colorado is located in Larimer County and is home to the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Estes Park, CO is not just a favorite of those who live there but of people from all over. In fact, Estes Park, CO was named the Travelers’ Choice award as the 14th best destination in the United States (the only city in Colorado to receive this recognition). Other awards include “Best Day Trip Destination,” “Top Ten Most Family Friendly Destinations in the Nation” and “#2 Outdoor and Adventure Destination in the WORLD.”
But what makes Estes Park, CO such a great stop for locals and tourists alike? Perhaps it’s the perfect combination of excitement combined with relaxation. Estes Park, CO is known for its elk watching in the Fall, the Autumn Color & Sound Show, hiking, fishing, craft shows, birding, trail rides and so much more. The best part is that Estes Park, CO is one of the top tourist destinations in the state so there are plenty of opportunities to take a tour by bike or foot, learn to ski or snowshoe or even take the half-day loop scenic drive.

What we as Colorado movers love about tourist destinations like these as the perfect choice for you relocation is that there are plenty of opportunities to learn about the history, the landscape and all that the town has to offer. Plus, economies will boom (especially in Colorado as there is hardly an “off season”) so pricing is almost always competitive.

Yet another practical option for your Colorado move, make sure you check it out!

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Planning for a Move: A Few Helpful Hints from Your Colorado Movers

This week’s poll question on Facebook asked our followers if given the choice to move ANYWHERE, where would you go? While the obvious answer for any Colorado mover would be, “Hmm…some place in Colorado!” we want you to be prepared, no matter where you’re going! We have gathered a few helpful hints for preparing for your move, no matter where it may be. Just keep in mind that if you’re moving to or from Colorado, our helpful staff at Exodus Moving & Storage would love to help!

Find a reputable mover: While we’re partial to the EXCELLENT services provided by Exodus, talk to friends and family who have ever completed a move. First-hand experience is the best way to get a solid review on a company.

Start to de-clutter: If you need any help with this, check out our blog on home organization.

Think about health: Research and locate reputable health care professionals in your new location for any medical needs.

Finish your food: Start to polish off any food that you don’t want to take during the move.

Parking: Consider parking spots and loading zones for the day of your move so no violations are made when packing the cars and your moving truck.

Activate Utilities: It’s a good idea to do this about a week out so when you get to your new home you’ll have heating, A/C and working water.

Clean Up: Deep clean kitchens and bathrooms before you move out.

Get your electronics in order: Back up and disassemble computers and other electronics. Make sure any appliances that are connected to water or gas have been disconnected and all oil and gas is drained from your lawnmower, weed wacker, etc.

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Fresh Place Friday: Vail, Colorado

What we as Colorado movers find most interesting about the town of Vail, Colorado is that it first started as a ski resort and the established town came next…really speaks to what us Coloradoans find most important, huh?

In 1966, Vail, Colorado became an inhabited town, 4 years after the creation of the Vail Ski Resort. The Vail Ski Resort is home to some of the most invigorating and challenging snow-covered mountains Colorado has to offer, second only to Whistler Blackcomb. Vail, Colorado offers a variety of activities including tubing, skiing and Nordic tours along with a great nightlife scene like piano bars and pubs. Enjoy a trip to the spa after a long day spent on the slops or visit downtown Vail and see what the shops and local dining establishments have to offer.

If you’re looking to move to a smaller city but with an exciting everyday life, then Vail, Colorado is the perfect spot for your Colorado move. With an actual population of under 5,000, the city itself is quaint but is filled with year-round tourists coming to experience all that this world class area has to offer!

This year the Vail Ski Resort will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary! They’ve chosen to celebrate by replacing the Vista Bahn (a slower, more outdated system of mountain transportation) with a brand new gondola serving those looking to travel from Mid Vail into Vail Village. Look out for a series of concerts, festivals and events to honor this amazing Colorado city’s birthday!

Our Colorado moving team couldn’t be happier to see another great city celebrate such a milestone. We LOVE Colorado and all it has to offer. See what Exodus has to offer by “Liking” our Colorado moving Facebook page and following us on Twitter!

Fresh Place Friday- Sterling, Colorado

Sterling, Colorado owes its start to the Union Pacific Railroad. In 1881 when the railroad was announced to stretch from Julesburg, Colorado to La Salle, Colorado, it was only a matter of time before infrastructure was formed, a hotel was built and a county mayor was elected. Today, while we appreciate the railway, this Colorado moving company goes the old fashion way and take to the road.

One of the best reasons to travel to Sterling, Colorado (aside from its rich history) is for recreation. On top of the options to camp, fish, golf and hunt, Sterling, Colorado is also the proud home of North Sterling State Park. This state park sits on a man-made lake that is fed by waters flowing from the South Platte River. The park has over 150 modern camping areas, picnicking sites and three boat ramps for those looking to take to the water. If you’re choosing to travel Sterling, Colorado and the North Sterling State Park by water, know that it is particularly famous for its outstanding boating, waterskiing, swimming and fishing.

Another recreational activity you need to check out while in Sterling, Colorado is The Overland Trail Museum that can be found off I-76. This facility is filled with an array of eclectic historical items in its main building and a restored, one-room schoolhouse along with other historic buildings outback. The main building is unique because it’s been made to resemble a fort and is very fun for families with children.  Admission is only $3, plus there are picnic grounds, so you can pack a snack and make a day of it!

If you’re looking for free activities, check out the adjacent Overland Trail Recreation Area that offers visitors a 5-acre fishing pond, biking trails, fishing, grills, walking paths and a fishing pier- Mother Nature’s free gift to resident Coloradoans.

Finally, make sure that if you’re stopping by Sterling, Colorado (or moving into the area) that you check out the annual Logan County Fair hosted by the city. This autumn fair has an old-timey feel with its baking competitions, musical performances, carnival rides, demolition derby (oh yea!), a rodeo, 4-H animal shows and, of course, the annual Sugar Beet Days Harvest Festival. You just can’t beat it.

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Giving Thanks

Exodus Moving and Storage has been serving the moving needs of Colorado and beyond for several years now. The dream of one individual became the cause of many, starting with one small moving truck and becoming a full service relocation company. Today, we are the best Colorado moving company and we our proud not only of our humble beginnings but of the teamwork it has taken to excel in such a large and saturated market such as the moving and storage industry. As the time of thanks draws near, we have so many things to be thankful for. Here are just a few at the top of our list.

Our Team

At Exodus, we hand pick our employees. We don’t believe in the concept of day- labor or temporary hires. Instead we interview, do reference checks and drug tests and we hire only those fine folks that we feel would properly represent us in the field with our customers, every day. We take moving people very seriously, so we make sure that our staff receives ongoing training and fair wages, making our employee turnover rate one of the lowest in the country. We are also Choose People Certified because we are committed to being “happy place to work.” The people of Exodus are what make our company like no other.

Our Work

We are proud to boast a damage ratio that is ¼ of the industry average. This is a result of the combination of quality workers and comprehensive training. When we were just starting out, every client and every referral meant everything to our business. We knew that our biggest competition was riddled with moving horror stories because of their lack of attention to detail and lack of accountability with regard to their staff. We are expert movers, proud of the work we do. And no matter how big we become, we still work under the philosophy that one unsatisfied customer is one too many.

Our Community

We are passionately involved in our communities. At Exodus, we put our time, talents and money into the places that we live and work. We support green energy practices within our offices and have incorporated many green friendly procedures into our work. This includes our tree planting program for every move we complete. For this program we partner with Trees Water & People.  We are also thankful for the freedoms we have and maintain in this great country of ours and regardless of political affiliation, we support causes that support our troupes and their families. Project Sanctuary and Colorado Hire Patriots are a few of the military support groups that we are committed to.

As we celebrate thanksgiving this year, we are setting our table with gratitude. We are thankful for the work we do, the communities we serve and the people who make it all possible. What are you thankful for?

Fresh Place Friday: Moving from Texas to Colorado

At Exodus Moving and Storage, we are happy to move you just about anywhere. Whether it’s a move down the street or a trek across the planet, we are proud to get you there. But there is one move we have noticed we have been helping out with often lately. It seems that many fine folks are relocating to Colorado for Texas, trading Austin for Boulder and so on. So in an effort to inform and inspire all those considering such a move, this Fresh Place Friday is dedicated to a move that may inspire you to trade in that 10 gallon hat.

Colorado Climate and Culture

If you are thinking of making the move north and moving from Texas to Colorado, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover a similar Western sensibility, a similar future in energy, and a similar emphasis on outdoor sports and recreation.  Add in the grand mountain vistas, the cooler summers and the interstate connections, and you might discover that Colorado, like Texas, is a “whole ‘nother country” worth celebrating.

Western Heritage

Colorado had its cowboy beginnings when the state was put on the map in the wake of the mid-nineteenth century gold rush.  There is a proud frontier history that is expressed in cities and towns from the southern deserts to the high plains to the northern Rockies.   Colorado is full of byways and railways that will let you view scenery nearly unchanged from when the state was a territory and “America the Beautiful” was being inspired by Pike’s Peak.  You will hardly find any corridor more overflowing with the history of the Wild West than the legendary Santa Fe Trail which runs right through the heart of Southern Colorado.  Numerous events like the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, the Greeley Stampede, or Kingdom Days remind us of this heritage, and they represent a small fraction of the proud commemorations that take place all over the state year round.  Like Texans, Coloradoans are proud of their western heritage.

Colorado & Texas Resources

Colorado is also one of the leading energy producers in the country.  Like Texas, Colorado is rich in shale, natural gas, and the recent Front Range oil bonanza is projected to add over 4 billion dollars of revenue to the state economy per year.  In addition, many pioneers in the renewable energy sector are based in Colorado.  Some of the most cutting edge research in biofuels, solar conversion, and wind power is conducted as a result of Colorado government, industry, and university partnerships.  Colorado’s diverse and growing energy sector ensures that it will remain in the economic forefront into the future.  That means job opportunities for people from Texas with energy experience.

The Outdoor Connection

Like Texas, Colorado is a place where people appreciate being outdoors.  Colorado has a proud football and hockey legacy, but the mountains host the true passions of Coloradoans.  You will find the slopes among the best you will ever sled, ski, or snowboard; you will also find some of the most skilled winter sports athletes the country has to offer.  If you don’t want to climb the mountains right away, you would be hard pressed to find better places for fish and game.  If biking, hiking, or camping is more your pace, there are numerous national and state parks that will suit your tastes.  If you really like your adrenalin rushing, there are plenty of mountains to hurl yourself off of and planes to jump out of.  The bottom line is that Colorado has something for every outdoor enthusiast.  And the best part is you won’t need to travel far from urban centers like Denver or Colorado Springs to do it.

These are just a few explanations about why Colorado just might be the perfect fit for a Texan on the move. And if you are thinking of relocating from Texas to Colorado, we certainly hope you will let Exodus take you there.

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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