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Astrology is used as a form of entertainment; however, checking your daily horoscope for entertainment is one thing, making a huge life change based on astrology- is another thing.

The major life change we are talking about is moving. For those who believe in the power of astrology to predict the future or determine personality traits, you might find relocation astrology as an important process if you’re thinking about moving to another city for a specific reason.

Relocation astrology is a fairly new method using ancient astrology techniques to determine the best locations for living and traveling. More and more people are contacting relocation astrologers because they are itching to get out of dodge and start over in a new city. It could be a family looking for a better place to live, someone looking for the ideal place to retire, someone moving just to make more money or perhaps an entrepreneur seeking an active city to start a business. Whatever the reason may be, a relocation astrologer will help you find the best city to fit your needs.

A relocation astrologer will begin by using your natal chart. Where you were born and the exact time you were born is important information needed to begin. According to most professionals, each person has 12 houses in their birth chart that help determine their personalities and needs, as well as their sun sign, moon sign and ascendant sign. Each house rules a certain realm of life, such as love, personal fulfillment, and career satisfaction. At the same time, the planets have certain energies and powers credited to them. It’s a long, complicating process but the astrologer will list the top five most favorable locations based on their findings to tell you what celestial experiences you will meet at each specific location. The findings usually cover emotional and physical influences as well as challenges and strengths that you may be faced with. So depending on what you’re looking for, you can use their findings to make your decisions on where to go next.

Even though the name is focused on people looking to relocate permanently, the relocation astrologer’s chart can also include cities the reader is temporarily seeking to conduct short term business, or locations they simply just want to visit. So if you’re planning to relocate, travel for business, or even just a weekend getaway, the relocation astrologer will let you in on astrological influences that will affect you in your new location.

*As always, an important rule of thumb is to seek a trustworthy professional before you trust someone with your personal information.