Now Hiring: Drivers & Moving Team

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Name:  Ilan Levy

Title:  President/Owner

Years in the industry: Started in 1986

Years at Exodus: Formed Exodus Moving and Storage in 1996 in upstate NY

Place of Birth:  Rachvot, Israel

Fun Fact:  Served in the Israeli Army driving tanks – a great base for running a company as you must constantly solve problems and create order out of chaos

Strangest item you have ever moved:  8 million dollar telescope

Favorite part about working with Exodus: Enjoys working with people

Tip to share with people who are moving:  People don’t realize how stressful moving can be, particularly on an elderly person.  We can take care of the physical stresses, but finding a new community, new grocery store, and new schools will take a toll on your emotions. Realizing that and planning for it will make the transition easier.