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In the world today the term “success” gets thrown around often. And in general, the only thing consistent among each situation is that everyone has a different definition of what the word means. Some people measure success by financial standards. The amount of money in their bank, the value of all that they own, the diversity of their investment portfolio. And while at Exodus we absolutely support the presence of monetary success when it is earned through good, honest hard work, unlike many other companies, we feel it is merely an inevitable result of our true focus: excellent customer care.

At Exodus, we define success through people; the ones we employ and the ones that we serve. It’s a simple equation: Happy People = Success. This is evidenced through our high employee retention and amazing customer reviews. After so many years in the moving and storage industry, we have seen a lot of businesses come and go. As a Colorado mover we have watched the rise and fall of several companies with similar competencies. But the thing that seems to always make a difference in the long run is their orientation (or sometimes lack thereof) to maintaining quality experiences for all those involved in the business process. And because we understand that satisfied customers mean everything to our success, we are always truly excited to receive positive feedback to let us know that we are defining and achieving the “success” we work so hard for.

“Moving crew was great to deal with & very friendly & professional! Great bunch of guys! See you again in 1 year!”

~Jim Scheeler

“Our crew was fantastic. We are moving again in 6 months and I plan to specifically request the same crew if at all possible.”

~ Mr. Cloudman

The following is an excerpt from one of our latest “How Did We Do” Surveys:

Date of Move: April 16th 2011

Moving Crew: Jason

Client Name: Michelle

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the following?

Estimator 10

Office Staff 10

Overall Cost/Value 10

Moving Crew:

Friendly/Pleasant 10

Work Ethic Efficient 10

Overall Impression 10

Please Write any Comments or Suggestions:

The Colorado crew should get an 11 as a rating. Thank you ALL!!

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