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Moving is a stressful time, no matter what stage of life you are in. But what if you are moving with kids? Relocating children and adolescence can be much more complex than moving adults taking its toll on their personal development and negatively affecting the dynamic of the family.

At Exodus, we work together like a professional family and togetherness and ease are very important to us. We work work hard to make certain that no detail is left to chance during a move so that our customers can have peace of mind during their transition. The following are some family moving tips to help you and your kids to make the most of your moving experience.

Set Up the Adventure

Explaining to children and teenagers why a move is necessary can be an important way to get them to understand the pending transition. Get them familiar with the new place, either through visits if this is geographically realistic or through pictures, online articles and or maps. Making your child or teenager feel like this move can be seen as an adventure instead of a disruption in life can be a very important start to the moving process.

Create a Fun Goal

Keeping in mind positive aspects of the new place you are moving to, it could be a good idea to set up a family outing or event for after the move is complete. It may be as simple as a picnic in a nearby park or as complex as a day at a new local theme park. By making the new place exciting and special, you will be able to create positive momentum in your family surrounding the move.

Get Involved and Stay In Touch

Moving can be stressful on already established friendship for kids and teenagers alike. By encouraging them to keep in touch with their old classmates through letters, phone calls or emails, you can make sure that they are able to feel connected in the midst of transition. It is also a good idea to allow your kids to get involved in their new home by participating local sports or music programs, YMCA event, or even  in designing/decorating their new bedroom. These things may seem small but will make a big impact on softening the transition during your move.