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American economy may be at an all time low, and times are surely hard for most of us in America; perhaps it is time to start investing in yourself and what makes you happy. Maybe today, more than ever, is a day to consider a dare-to-be-great situation and start exploring new possibilities! Every great story begins with somebody doing something that seems uncomfortable, scary, and even potentially costly, but if you never step outside of your comfort zone you may never know what you’re worth.

How does 7,546 feet (that’s 1. 439 miles) above the ocean sound? Maybe glorious panoramic views of the glorious visual splendor that Colorado has to offer tickles your fancy. You can take advantage of Colorado’s own Rocky Mountain National Park, which was the 6th most visited National Park in 2009. Hiking, backpacking, fishing, camping, birdwatching, and so much more are waiting for anybody who is daring and caring enough to venture to Estes Park, CO.

For those of us already living in Colorado, why don’t we start using what CO have to offer? Take a risk, live the gamble, and dare to move closer to God’s majesty incarnate. Estes Park, CO has all the luxuries and wonder of any small town and so very much more. Estes Park has over 140 stores and shops that offer local goods as well as national products, and offers more than 120 restaurants. Estes even offers a great single scene, with 40% of it’s local population finding themselves without a life partner and nearly 20% of the population between 18 and 34.

Now is the time, and Estes Park is the place if you are considering relocating your life to a place where you can be a true Coloradoan. Why not move to a place where the most challenging day-to-day choices can be what you love most about the place you live?