How to Sell Your Home

Selling a home is tricky. In fact, the whole selling and buying process is strange! There are so many things to consider, do, and know about! Here are some things that will make this process a lot more comfortable.


Choosing An Agent


CC Image courtesy of photofarmer on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of photofarmer on Flickr

Picking the right agent is the first step to selling your home. Things to look for in an agent include:


1. Technical skills. Can this person scan MLS listings for you? Do they know about the current real estate market? Can they use apps and the Internet to stay on top of the industry? Are they accessible via cellphone regularly?


2. A half-full plate. Some agents are simply too busy. Agents that have multiple listings are less likely to pay attention to your property. Ask how many listings an agent currently has, and don’t choose one that has an extremely full plate or is really hard to get ahold of.


3. Organize. Once you’ve found the right agent, make sure that your home leaves a lot to the imagination. Buyers will want to imagine what a home will look like with different items. Empty out closets halfway, make room on shelves, buy shelf liners, and tidy up kitchen cabinets. Make sure that everything looks neat and clean before showing your home.


4. Use lighting. If your home gets a ton of sunshine, don’t add a bunch of artificial lights or turn on every light in the place. Why? You can use this as a selling point. Show people just how bright your home is without any lights at all. The opposite is also true. If your home doesn’t get a ton of light, play with some lighting options. Add soft lights and bright lights throughout the home to show just how bright it can be.


5. Think twice about modernizing a home. You might love the look of a glass sink in the bathroom, but some buyers might hate it. It’s better to leave your home as is, make small updates, and let a home buyer imagine what a place will look like with some renovations. Huge renovations are never a worthwhile investment when it comes to selling a home. Really!


6. Take a careful look at your kitchen. Do you need new curtains? Has the inside of your stove seen better days? Have you cleaned underneath all appliances? The first thing that most buyers look at is the kitchen area. If you’re going to put any money into renovations, the kitchen is the place to focus on – just don’t go overboard. Make subtle changes.


7. Most of the time, buyers will make appointments with your agent to see your home. However, some people may knock on your door. Try to keep your home as tidy as possible, just in case you get a few drop-ins (and do treat these people courteously!).

8. Add some incentive. If you can offer to cover closing costs or welcome costs, you may just sell your home faster. Take a look at what other sellers in your neighborhood are offering, and then try to do something really unique.


9. Create curb appeal. The outside of a home should look just a nice as the inside. Clean up your front lawn, so that it appeals to buyers. No matter what the season is, you can always keep the front of your home looking nice and clean.


10. Be ready to move. Can you move in 30 or 60 days? Great! Is the home you’re selling turnkey? Even better! Buyers want a home that they can move into quickly. If you can’t move for a while, you may turn off some buyers.


Once You Sell


Your home will sell quickly enough. When that happens, you’ll have to pack up your stuff and move to a new place. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we offer full-service moving solutions for all of your moving needs. This includes packing, unpacking, and the actual move. Sounds good, right? For more information, just give us a call. We’re happy to provide you with a quick estimate and any other details that you need. Whether you’re moving to Fort Collins or Denver, we’re here for you!


Keep in mind that buyers want to visit a home that’s clean, has that comfortable feeling, and shows nicely. Skip the major repairs, find an agent that you like, and concentrate on simply making your home as presentable as possible. Questions? Just ask!

How Much Can You Lower a Home Listing Price?

Shopping for a new home can be really frustrating. Some homes are listed far above what you’d consider paying, and some homes aren’t worth making an offer on at all. But if you’ve found a home that you really love with a high price tag, how much can you lower that price? If you go too low, a homeowner is likely to laugh at your offer. If you offer the same amount, you didn’t get a deal at all. So, how much should you offer?


Dollar Symbol

CC Image courtesy of bsperan on Flickr

The Lowball Offer 


Typically, most homes are priced with the expectation that any buy will try to get a better deal. Bargaining is almost expected in every real estate market. That said, it’s not a good idea to try make a “lowball offer.” What’s a lowball offer? Anything that’s 20% off of the sale price or less is often considered too low to be taken seriously. If you make that kind of offer, the seller is likely to laugh and toss your offer aside.


What’s a reasonable offer? That question is a bit harder to answer.


A Reasonable Offer


If we’re looking at just numbers, 10% to 15% off of a list price is typical. You can expect a seller to come back with a different offer (slightly higher), so don’t go to 15% right away. Aim for something around the 10% to 12% mark. That said – and this is a really important point – this tactic might not work in every market or with every kind of seller.


The Highly Motivated Seller


People that need to move quickly will likely accept lower offers. If you can find a seller that needs to move to a new town, simply wants to get rid of a property (due to a death or other tragedy), or needs money quickly, you may be able to get a really good deal. However, the opposite is also true.


The Casual Seller


Some sellers put homes on the market simply to see what they could get. In the same way that some people shop for homes without any real intention to buy, these sellers aren’t actually expecting to sell quickly. They just want to see how much a home is worth, so that they can make any necessary improvements or renovations, and then sell the home for much more in the future. If you run across this type of seller, you won’t have much bargaining power.


The motivation behind a home sale isn’t the only thing you have to think about, though. Whether or not you can get a really good bargain also depends on the area that you are considering.


The High Demand Property


Have you ever wondered why 500 Square Feet in NYC sells for around $700,000? It’s not because the house is fantastic (in fact, it might be in shambles). It’s because of the actual property – the land that a house sits on. If the homes you are looking at are in a desirable neighborhood, you can expect to have less bargaining power and pay a bit more. The same amount of space in a less desirable neighborhood may sell for just $100,000.


All of these things have to be taken into consideration when you are shopping for a home. How can you find out how much you should actually offer a seller? Go with the 10% to 15% off of the listing price strategy. At worst, your offer will be declined, and it wasn’t meant to be anyway (right?). If you want to play it safe, though, you can always knock off a small 5% or less.


Making Your Move


When it comes time to move to your new home, you’ll need some moving and storage help. That’s where we come in. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we’re experts at moving to Fort Collins, Denver, or anywhere else in these areas. We also offer storage solutions, and we can help you every step of the way from packing to unloading.


Once you’ve found that perfect home and made the right offer, give us a call. Moving is what we do, and we’ll make sure to take care of all of your moving needs.

10 Things to Spot Before You Buy

Before you even start looking at moving companies, you have to find the perfect home. But, this isn’t quite as simple as it seems! Even without the help of a home inspector, you can spot some things that might be wrong with a property right away. To help make your life simpler, we’ve put together a list of 10 things to look out for when you’re shopping for a new home.


home for sale

CC Image courtesy of denisp12 on Flickr

1. Water damage. It’s hard to know what to do when standing inside of a kitchen or bathroom. Do you look in the cabinets? Do you pretend to be interested in the fixtures? Something else? The one thing that you should be doing is looking underneath sinks. That’s right – get down on your hands and knees and take a look at the underside of any sink. What are you looking for? Water damage. Run the tap, look for leaks, and check under all sinks for mold. Mold is a big problem (and it will give you a good bargaining chip!).


2. Windows and doors. Have you ever been inside of a home, about to open up a window, and heard a realtor say: “oh! Don’t open those!” Yeah, that’s not a good sign! All windows should open properly – test them out, even if it’s cold outside. Doors should also open and close without any kind of issue, so make sure to give the doors a good try.


3. Up on the roof! Take a look at the roof when you arrive and when you leave. Look for shingles that are curled, damaged, or not in good shape. And, make sure to ask when the roof was last repaired or replaced.


4. A mix of wires. Wires that are dangling, are mashed together, or go nowhere are not a good sign. You can usually spot these problems with a naked eye, but you do have to look.


5. Tile issues. Most of the time, sellers will refinish a kitchen before a bathroom. So, take a look at bathroom tiles to see if grout is needed, if tiles are loose, or if other issues show up.


6. Bug screens. This might not seem like a big deal, but you’ll need some summertime screens on all windows and doors. If screens are not included in the property price, you’ll have to shell out a lot of cash to purchase them.


7. Heating. If you can’t control the heating system in a condo, find out who does. Inside of a home, ask the realtor how old central heating or cooling is, and when the unit was last updated or inspected.


8. Floors. You can’t rip up carpets, but you can ask the homeowner how a carpet was installed. Some carpets aren’t easy to rip up, and this means that you will have to spend a lot of money on renovations.


9. Wood flooring. In order to quickly raise the price of a home, some sellers will install floating floors in just a few rooms, while hardwood runs throughout the rest of the home. In order to make the floors match, you’ll have to rip up the floating floors and put down hardwood, which can be expensive. Make sure to consider the types of materials used throughout the house on floors, so that you can lower the overall price of a home in order to compensate for those needed renovations.


10. Hire a home inspector. This is the step that you’ll want to take after you’ve looked at everything listed above. You can see some major problems without a detailed inspection, but you can’t see everything that might be wrong with a home without hiring a home inspector. Look for someone that comes highly recommended (and not by the home seller or realtor).


Time to Move In!


After looking at a number of homes, you’ll likely find one that’s just right. What’s next? Moving time! There are lots of moving companies in the Denver and Fort Collins area to consider, but Exodus Moving and Storage will get the job done right the first time. Call us for a free estimate, for information, or for any other moving or storage need.

Top Tips for a Greener Move

If you recycle plastic bottles and carefully toss trash, you’ll be happy to know that you can make your move green too. There are lots of little things you can do to ensure that your move won’t impact the environment negatively – and you may even be able to save a buck or two by incorporating some of these measures. Take a look!


CC Image courtesy of aizaZ12on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of aizaZ12on Flickr

1. Use recycled peanuts. No, not those kinds of peanuts! While shells might make great packing material, I’m talking about those small foam peanuts that you can find inside of most packages. These peanuts are made from recycled materials, and they can be easily found at most package and office stores.


2. If you are going to move some items on your own, the type of truck that you rent will make a huge difference. Try to find a diesel option, if possible, and look for a truck that’s not more than four years old. Both of these truck rental factors will mean less of a negative impact on the environment.


3. You can recycle boxes by asking local stores for unused boxes, but some of these may not be in the best shape. Another option is to rent boxes from a local moving store. Renting boxes means getting a box that won’t fall apart, and you can feel good about the fact that these boxes will be reused at some point.


4. Use blankets, shirts, and other material when you can. You can wrap solid items in blankets and in sheets – just don’t try this with a fragile item (use peanuts for items that are easily breakable).


5. Recycle what you don’t need. Moving provides the perfect opportunity to get rid of some of the things you don’t need or use. Take the time to sort your stuff well before moving day, and donate items that you don’t have any use for – getting rid of clutter feels great too!


6. Go online. If you need a box, material, or other item for your move, sites like Craig’s List are a gold mine. People that have just moved often post items for free or for sale on these sites, and you can get everything you need without buying anything new.


7. Switch out your light bulbs. Since you’ll be moving all of your light fixtures during your move, you may as well purchase a few packs of CFLs. After your move, replace any incandescent lights with CFLs – much more energy efficient!


8. Prepare your new home. Patch any leaks, seal up any air escape routes, and spend time “greening” your new house before you move. If you replace windows and other large items, you may even be able to get government funding towards your green initiative. Check out government websites for green programs.


9. Purchase Energy Star products. Do you need a new appliance? Donate your older, functional, appliance to someone in need, and purchase Energy Star appliances for your new house. You’ll save money on your energy bill and help the environment!


10. Read up on green options. Moving to a new location also means getting a new start. If you never bothered with recycling or compost before, it might be the time to give it a shot. You can find lots of interesting information online, so take the time to look.


11. Repeat. Once you are finished with your packing materials, offer those items up on a site like Crags List to someone else looking to move in a green way. It’s all a big cycle!


Why Green Matters


It may seem like small changes are insignificant, but this isn’t the case. Even the smallest change can have a huge impact – just think what might happen if everyone recycled plastic bottles! Maybe the world wouldn’t be in such a bad place, right? So, simply switching to recycled peanuts instead of using new bubble wrap could make a really big and positive impact on the planet. Plus, you can feel good about doing your part.


Moving companies are taking the time to be greener, too. Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your green move. We’d love to provide you with an estimate, help you with any moving matters, and make moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, a happy (and green!) one. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we make your move better!

Things to do in Greeley, Colorado

Named after Horace Greeley (editor of the New York Tribune during the early 1800s), Greeley is steeped in history at every turn. If you love history and the way life used to be, you’re in for a real treat when you move to Greeley. This town has lots of historical attractions, and, being Colorado, plenty of outdoor activities and excitement.


CC Image courtesy of emmajanehw on Flickr

Ready to explore Greeley? Here’s what you’ll find!


1. Greeley Freight Station Museum: if you are a railroad or train buff, this is absolutely the place for you. Explore the 5,000 square foot mock rail system inside of this museum, learn about trains and tracks, and spend your day seeing how the USA used to get around!


2. Centennial Village Museum: this museum brings history to life – quite literally! As a period museum, you will see Centennial Village actors dressed up in period costumes, performing everyday tasks that were popular during yesteryear, and doing things that would have made life exciting back in the old days. Centennial Museum makes the perfect place for a date or to bring your kids for an educational walk through time.


3. Antique Washing Bin Museum: how many antique washing bins can there possibly be? You might be surprised – this museum is filled with the many ways that people used to wash clothes (far before energy efficient machines filled homes and packed department stores!).


4. Pawnee National Grasslands: if you want to explore the outdoors for a day or two, check out the Pawnee National Grasslands. This massive expanse of grasslands is open for visitors of all kinds. Whether you’re on a bicycle, by car, by foot, or with a tent or two, this is where you want to go in Greeley to view the stars and take in the open air.


5. Kress Cinema and Lounge: are you into independent theater productions? The Kress Cinema provides an amazing opportunity to check out what’s happening with local theater. Kids are welcome, it’s a great place for a first date, and you can really submerse yourself in what’s local and theatrical at Kress – give it a shot!


6. Local Life: sometimes, it’s nice just to sit back and relax. Or, maybe take a stroll down the main strip and see what kinds of shops and wares locals have for sale. You can also check out the Greeley Mall for all kinds of brand names and favorites.


7. Yoga time! It’s really good to stretch your muscles when you can, and Greeley offers many different opportunities to spend time on yourself in the form of yoga. Greeley has a Bikram Yoga center, and some smaller yoga centers that are perfect for meeting people in town and learning to relax and breathe. Never tried yoga? Greeley is the perfect spot for your first time!


8. Nature Trails: if there’s one thing that Colorado isn’t lacking, it’s nature trails. Greeley has so many beautiful nature trails that it’s tough to pick just one. Grab your hiking boots, get outside, and see what outdoor life is all about.


9. Poudre River: are you into rafting? Do you want to try rafting? Either way, the Poudre River is where people of all ages go to experience the rapids. In fact, Greeley is a popular destination for river seekers from miles away, and moving to Greeley means that you’ll have the river at your backdoor – what could be better?


10. Learn to live like a local: how is this a thing to do in Greeley? If you’re coming to Colorado from any other part of the world, you’ll quickly learn that things are different here. Greeley residents enjoy sunshine, nature, and plenty of things to do all year long. Plus, life in Colorado moves at a much slower pace. Learn to sit back, relax, and live life one step at a time.


Moving to Greeley


Ready to move to Greeley? Great! We’ve got all of your moving needs covered. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we offer large storage spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins (not far from Greeley at all!), and we are a full service moving company. That means that we can help with every aspect of your move from packing to driving to unloading (we’re your number one Colorado moving company!). We can even help you out with all of those large and awkward pieces that you aren’t sure how to move!


Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!

Moving Heavy Items to the Top Floor

Here’s a situation that you might be able to appreciate: you have a piano (or other massive item) that you now need to move to a fourth floor walkup. What can you do? Exodus Moving and Storage is here to help you! Take a look at the following tips (and then give us a call if you’re moving to the Denver of Fort Collins area!).


Moving Boxes

CC Image courtesy of james.thompson on Flickr

1. Crane it. Did you know that you can hire a crane company to actually lift your item from the ground to the top floor of your home? You can; but it won’t be cheap. Try to find a company with a crane in your area, ask for rates and prices, and get it in writing before moving day. Also, make sure that the crane company can guarantee a move that’s damage-free.


2. Hire movers. We aren’t just saying this because you’re currently viewing a moving company website. You really don’t want to throw out your back, risk injuries of other kinds, or break anything while moving up and down stairs, right? That’s why a professional moving company is ideal in this situation!


3. Slide when you can. You don’t want to damage the underside of any item, but sliding something that’s bulky and heavy is a much better idea than trying to lift it. If you have a flat surface that allows for sliding (even between floors), make sure to slide.


4. Empty it out. You’d be surprised at how many times people try to move heavy items that are full of heavy things! Before you try to move anything, make sure to empty it out. Even if you are just moving something across the floor, emptying that thing will make your life a lot easier (and it’s a great opportunity to clean underneath all of those things!).


After Your Move


After you have successfully moved that heavy item, place felt pads underneath the item. Why? Because the next time that you want to slide your piano across the floor, you’ll have a much easier time if the legs of that piano are on felt sliders! In fact, adding these small pads to the bottom of all items of furniture as soon as you move into your new place is a great way to prepare for any kind of move large or small.


There’s just one more thing that we want to point out about moving a massive item: don’t ask your friends to do it! Why? Not only could you damage the item you are trying so hard to move, but your friends may wind up with some serious injuries. Stairs and heavy items and amateur movers just don’t mix. Your friends can help you with the smaller boxes and packing, if you like, but it’s just not wise to ask your buddies to help you move those major items.


Another Option


Hands forming a home symbolSometimes, it’s just not possible to move those really heavy things when moving everything else in your home. When you’re in this kind of predicament, there is another option. You can store those big items safely and securely in a storage facility. If you are moving to the Denver or Fort Collins area, we can help you with storage options. We offer a large storage facility in both locations for all items large and small. Ask us about storing your heavy items.


How We Can Help


We’d like to help you move those heavy things. We’d also like to prevent you from any kind of backache, friend anger, or other issues that can happen when trying to move something heavy up a flight of stairs! We operate a full service moving company, so we can help at every stage of your move. You’ll also love the fact that we only hire professional movers, so your stuff will arrive at your new location unscathed, in one piece, and without any problems.


Call us today for a free estimate, or to find out how we can help you figure out the best way to move your heavy stuff. We want your move to be a happy one that’s not full of any stress (on your back or otherwise!). Call us today, we’re ready and willing to help you when you’re moving to Fort Collins (or anywhere else in Colorado!).

Top Things to Do in Loveland, Colorado

Are you moving to Loveland, Colorado? You’re in luck! This city is lots of fun with plenty of really interesting and unique activities to keep you busy all year long. Plus, Loveland offers residents some great winter events that are happening right now. First, let’s take a look at what you’d find if you wandered into Loveland today. Next, we’ll list all of the top things to do in Loveland all year ‘round.


Ready to start your Loveland adventure?


Loveland’s February Lineup


1. ‘My Big Date Night.’ This Loveland event is all about couples, and it’s the perfect way to immerse yourself into the Loveland culture. Enjoy dining, beer tasting, and an overnight stay at one of Loveland’s best hotels starting at $200 per couple. If you haven’t moved to Loveland yet but want to see what the city is like, this package deal might be for you!


2. ‘Cartoon Skate.’ If you have kids, you’ll love this event! Every Saturday morning at ‘The Promenade Shops At Centerra’ outdoor skating rink, you and your kids can skate with popular cartoon characters! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Admission prices for kids under 12-years old are just $6.


3. ‘PechaKucha.’ How would you like to see 20 original artist images shown to you in less than 20 seconds? That’s what this Loveland Museum/Gallery exhibit is all about! Join the artistic crowd for a gathering of art-minded folk for free on February 27th at 7pm. Sounds like fun, right?


All of these February events can be found on the Loveland city main website ( But, that’s not all. This city sets up events every month (and nearly every weekend), so you can check out what’s happening next month too. Just pick the month that you are set to move in, and find an activity that will get you right into the swing of how things work in Loveland!


Plus, there are tons of activities and landmarks worth checking out at any time. Here are a few of our favorite Loveland spots.


CC Image courtesy of jessicareeder on Flickr

1. Devil’s Backbone Nature Trail: who can resist a trail called the ‘Devil’s Backbone?’ Expect nice and long paths, lots of nature scenes, and plenty of irresistible fresh air. You don’t really need to plan this one out – just grab your hiking shoes and go!


2. Rialto Theater: step back in time and head to the Rialto Theater for a show or two. This restored 1920s theater is a really great way to forget all about the connected world and head straight into the past (the acoustics aren’t half-bad either!).


3. Studio Vino: if your Italian is any good, you probably already recognized the word ‘vino,’ but where does the studio part come into play? Well, have you ever thought about combining wine and painting? Studio Vino supplies the wine, the paint, the brushes, and the instructor. Just pick the painting you want to create, and the studio will set up the rest. Check out Studio Vino’s website for additional details and to register your painting session.


4. Olde Course at Loveland: if you like to golf, this course is a must-try. The ‘Olde Course’ is a good old-fashioned golf course with lots of great scenery and plenty of tight greens.


5. Fly fishing. Love to fish? Why not try fly-fishing? There are lots of spots in Loveland, and you can even snag a coupon or two online for a fly-fishing lesson.


6. Shop and relax. Colorado has a completely different vibe to it. If you’re new to the state, you have to experience this vibe in order to believe it. The idea here is to relax, unwind, and take life at an easier pace – live to work! Trust us, you’ll love it here!


Help With Moving to Loveland


We’d love to be your gateway to Loveland by making your move as smooth as possible. We offer full-service moving solutions, and we also have a large warehouse storage space for any item that you can’t fit into your new place (or aren’t sure about keeping – like your grandmother’s tattered couch!). We can also set you up with information about moving specialty items, and we can help you when it comes to arranging anything else that pertains to your move.


At Exodus Moving and Storage, we love Loveland – and we know that you will too! Call us today for additional details or for a price quote.

10 Reasons to Live in Fort Collins, Colorado

Are you moving to Fort Collins, Colorado? You’re in luck! This town is bursting with lots of amazing things to do and see. Trust us, you’ll never get bored here! Take a look at our top ten things to do when you move to Fort Collins.


snowy mountains1. Nature galore! Colorado is a nature lover’s paradise. No matter where you turn, you’ll see all kinds of things that make you stop and really wonder at the beauty of nature. For serious cyclists, there are path for miles that wind around mountains and by streams. Hikers will love all of the rock formations that we have here, and rafters can sign up for a tour of the ‘The Poudre River,’ which is right near Fort Collins. Whatever your passionate about when it comes to nature, we have it here!


2. CSU! Even if you aren’t moving to Fort Collins in order to attend university, Colorado State University’s campus is amazing to walk around. If you have some time to spare, visit the campus and take stroll. You’ll see lots of great things (and get to enjoy a slice of college life!).


3. Anheuser-Busch Brewery tour. Why wouldn’t you want to see this brewery? Take the tour, sip some brew, and get a taste of what laid-back Colorado life is like.


4. Check out Fort Collins’ ‘Old Town.’ This historic part of town is decked out from top to bottom in cobblestone streets, homes from years past, and plenty of shops and cafes to stop and have a bite to eat – Old Town was even the inspiration behind Walt Disney’s ‘Main Street!’ The older part of town is the ideal place to meet up with friends, too.


5. New Belgium Brewery tour. Wait; there are two major breweries in one town? You bet! We’re major supporters of local business here, so this town is perfect if you want to open up your own shop. The New Belgium Brewery is sustainable and makes a really great brew – anyone up for a tasting?


6. Frisbee Golf. What the heck is Frisbee golf? It’s a sport that originated on the CSU campus. Now, the sport has spread out to Eudora Park, and that’s where you’ll want to go if you’re interested in learning more about what happens when Frisbee and golf collide…


3 spiral notebooks graphic7. College Avenue. What’s so important about an avenue? Well, this one happens to be really big – four lanes big. You can even park your car in the middle of this avenue (or on either side). Plus, College Avenue is lined with great little shops and spots. Make a day of it and spend some time strolling along the avenue to get a feel for what life is really like in Fort Collins.


8. Snowshoe. Winter does come in Colorado, but we also get sunshine almost all the time during the winter months. That means that you can get outside and enjoy any winter sport while also getting a healthy winter tan. If you haven’t tried snowshoeing, give it a whirl. Snowshoeing is one of the most popular ways to get around Fort Collins (or maybe just a park or two) during the winter months.


9. Hop on a tour bus, or drive to Rocky Mountain National Park. Do you ever wish that you could close your laptop cover, stuff your phone in a drawer, and head somewhere that makes it possible to completely disappear into nature? Experience mountains that seem to touch the sky, the stunning colors of nature, and the breathlessness of fresh mountain air by checking out Rocky Mountain National Park (about a one hour drive from Fort Collins).


10. Slow down and enjoy life. One of the best things about Fort Collins is the pace at which life moves here. If you’re coming to this town from a fast-paced city, you’ll see right away that we take life at a different speed. Fort Collins is where you want to live if you want to really get the most out of life. Slow down, take it easy, and enjoy the beauty of Colorado!


Fort Collins Moving Companies


Can you tell that we love this town? We want you to love it too! At Exodus Moving and Storage, we will take all of the stress out of moving here, so that you can enjoy everything listed above. We offer full-service storage and moving solutions for moves of any size (corporate or individual). Just give us a call, and we’ll schedule your move today.

13 Reasons You Should Move to Denver

Aside from the fact that it’s gorgeous, there are tons of great reasons why you should consider Denver if you’re thinking about moving. Take a look!


Mountain Scenery1. An outdoor paradise. Denver is the epitome of outdoor life. Really! No matter what you like to do outside, you can do it in Denver. Mountain biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, plenty of water sports – you name it, it’s here! Even if you weren’t active before moving to Denver, you will be once you get here!


2. Green chili. That’s right, Denver natives like their chili green. Why? The chilies around Denver come from New Mexico, and those chilies happen to be green in color – you won’t find any red chili around here!


3. Rodeos, cowboys, bulls, and move. If you happen to arrive during the month of January, you’ll have to hop in your car and drive a bit north to the National Western Stock Show. This show consists of a full-blown rodeo, cattle for sale, and a really great way to become immersed in Denver culture.


4. So many craft beers! Denver is well known for brewing up some of the nation’s top craft beers. If you love a good local beer, Denver is sure to have something that you’ve never tried before. In fact, it’s kind of hard to try them all (but that can be one of your new goals!).


5. Sunshine! Here’s a fact that’s not widespread: Denver has more sunshine than any other major city in the U.S. That’s right! Denver might be cold during the winter months, but it’s absolutely brimming with sunshine. If you love the light, Denver is just right!


6. Rocky Mountain National Park. This park is just amazing. There’s really no other word for it other than ‘amazing!’ Rocky Mountain Natural Park is where you want to go to ride your bike, disconnect, hike, and leave any type of electronic device far behind. Just breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful surroundings!


DIA Horse Statue

CC Image courtesy of agahran on Flickr

7. The evil blue horse. If you are flying into Denver, the first thing that you’re likely to see is what some natives call the ‘evil blue horse.’ This bucking horse statue stands reared up on its hind legs, has glowing red eyes, and looks like it’s ready to pounce. But, that’s just Denver’s way of saying ‘hello!’


8. Breakfast burritos. If you plan to work in a downtown office, you can bet that you’ll run into a breakfast burrito salesman at some point. Why? Because these sales guys hit up all of the major office downtown every morning selling breakfast burritos. If you love burritos, there’s really no better place to be.


9. Public parks galore. Did I mention just how much of Denver happens outside? This city is brimming with parks of all kinds – from dog to skate, there’s a park that’s tailor made just for you.


10. A music scene all its own. Denver’s indie music scene is bursting with local color. Plus, this city is home to some really great festivals that happen mostly during the summer months. All you have to do is walk outside to hear something totally unique.


11. Arts galore. Just like the music scene, the Denver independent art scene is alive and well. Whether you want to sell your stuff or just check out what local artists are doing, Denver is the perfect city for art of any kind.


12. Nightlife. The thing about most cities that’s entirely frustrating is that downtown businesses tend to close around 6pm. This isn’t the case in Denver where businesses flourish well into the nighttime hours. If you’re a night owl, you’ll love this town.


13. A much slower pace. Denver life moves at a slower pace. If you’re coming from a city in the East and are used to stress and more stress, Denver will prove to be a little slice of slow heaven for you. Denver natives work to enjoy life, and it rarely happens the other way around. Slow down, take a load off, and get used to life at a calmer rate!


Ready to move to Denver? We thought so! For a Denver moving company that’s here to help, make sure to contact Exodus Moving and Storage. We can help make your move to Denver a smooth one, so that you can sit back and enjoy the sunshine, or the evil horse, or downtown nightlife, or a burrito, or – well, you get the point! Give us a call today, and we’ll book your move to America’s best city!

6 Ways to Pack Fragile Things

Got your great-grandmother’s antique china collection? Or, maybe you just have a whole bunch of priceless ceramic figurines. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that those things don’t break during your move. A professional moving company will take every last precaution to be very careful with boxes marked ‘fragile,’ but it never hurts to pack those things that break easily with additional care.


CC Image courtesy of Xuan Che on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of Xuan Che on Flickr

Here are six ways to pack very fragile things.


1. Line any glassware with a fistful of packing paper, and then make sure that all glasses are wrapped individually to prevent any breakage. This will take a few extra minutes (especially if you have a lot of glasses), but it will be worth it!


2. You should always pack plates vertically. If you can find some bubble wrap (big bulk stores like Costco tend to carry bubble wrap in bulk!), wrap each plate in bubble wrap individually. No bubble wrap? You can use towels or other soft and durable objects (like t-shirts) to wrap plates if you’re stuck without proper packing materials.


3. Collectible items. Collectibles are tough to pack simply because they don’t come in standard shapes and sizes. So, the first step to packing something that has a high value (and an odd shape) is to plan in advance. Consider the shape and size of the thing that you want to pack very carefully, and then plan accordingly.


4. Get the right packing materials. Things you’ll need to pack fragile items include bubble wrap, tape, extra pieces of cardboard, extra pieces of paper, and lots of sturdy boxes – plus a thick black marker that you can use to write ‘FRAGILE’ on the top and sides of every box.


5. Know when to hire professionals. Sometimes, you have to move at the last minute, and this means that you won’t have the time to really plan to pack properly. If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you hire professional packers to pack up all of your items. Movers will come with the right materials, and they know how to pack almost anything without difficulty.


6. Take your time. This tip can really be applied to any aspect of moving or packing. It can be really tempting to wait until the last minute to start packing your things, but resist this temptation. It will be a lot simpler to pack with peace if you start one little bit at a time. Realistically, it might take many weeks to pack an entire home, and a few weeks to simply pack up a few fragile items. Go slow; take your time, do things right, and try to enjoy the experience.


What Not to Do


Things like bubble wrap can be expensive to purchase and may seem like an unnecessary expenditure (especially when you are trying to save money for your move!). But, it’s a really bad idea to try and improvise. Often, people pack fragile items in socks, shoes, and in other pieces of clothing to try and save some dollars on packing materials. This is not recommended simply because you are taking a major risk using non-packing materials to pack those fragile items!


Storage Is An Option


If you do have to move at the last minute and don’t have the time to pack those fragile things properly, you can always store some items. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we have ample storage locker space in both Denver and in Fort Collins. We can also guarantee safe storage of your items. Why bother storing things? You can always come back and get your stuff at a later time, but, in the meantime, you can be sure that your things will be safe from any kind of harm.


Marking Things Properly

Whenever you do pack breakable things, don’t assume that whoever is moving your stuff will automatically know what’s fragile and what’s not. Make sure to label each box with the right room (living room, dining room…), and add the word ‘FRAGILE’ to the outside of any breakable box. This way, movers will know to be extra careful with your things.


Unpacking Fragile Items


We have one more tip for you! When it comes to unpacking fragile things, be careful! Even though you may have taken every precaution while packing up your items, some things can still break. You don’t wan tot stick your hand into a box of glass without being really careful – glass shards are a possibility. Take your time, and make sure that nothing has broken in transit.


Remember, if you are moving to Fort Collins, we’re here to help! Give us a call today to see how we can help you pack, unpack, and move all of those fragile and important things.

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