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Need Ideas? Just Move!

A recent study published in the ‘Journal of Experimental Psychology’ states that creativity and the physical act of walking are closely linked. As it turns out, the brain and the body must both be in harmony in order for a person’s creative juices to flow. Researchers recommend that anyone seeking to boost creativity go for a walk, jog, or perform some other kind of exercise. So, maybe taking a longer lunch break in order to get some fresh air isn’t such a bad thing after all.

In fact, you don’t have to feel guilty about not sitting at a desk for an entire day. There is such a thing as working while you are exercising – and that can mean anything from walking to going to the gym. Since most people don’t have the luxury of taking two hours to hit the gym every afternoon, there are still some activities that you can do mid-day to help boost creativity. Take a look at these quick activity tips.

1. Yoga: You don’t have to sign up for an expensive yoga membership to enjoy this activity. Just check out some videos on YouTube, grab a mat or piece of the floor, and start stretching.

2. Go For a Walk: Even if it’s cold outside, the fresh air that comes with going for a walk may be just what your brain needs. Step outside, bring your thoughts with you, and take in some air. By the time you get back, you will have a whole new perspective on your current work problem.

3. Hit the Gym: If you do have a gym in your building or nearby, spend 30 minutes lifting weights or running on the treadmill.

4. Throw a Frisbee Around: Gran a colleague or two and toss a Frisbee around outdoors. You can talk about work ideas as you toss the Frisbee back and forth.

5. Find a Ball and a Net: Simply running back and forth around a soccer field kicking field goals into an unmanned net is fun. Plus, you’ll be getting all of that great oxygen while thinking about whatever work problem you’re facing.

6. Hit Some Balls: Is there a batting cage near you? Why not spend your lunch hour hitting some balls? This is a great way to take out some aggression, and you can also work on your swing.

7. Watch a Little League Game: If you happen to see a game in progress while you are on your walk, sit in the sunshine and let your mind wander a bit.

Your Brain Is Not Full-Time

Move for CreativityIt’s not possible to put your brain to the test around the clock. You can’t expect to come up with mind-blowing ideas for new projects when your brain is simply exhausted, and nothing exhausts a brain faster than sitting at a desk staring at a computer all day long. Explain the benefits of taking an outdoor break to your boss, and try to leave your desk whenever you feel like you need some outside time to think. Since when did thinking and creative brainstorming time become unpaid time? Work goes hand-in-hand with being creative, and that can only happen if you give both your mind and body a break.

If you happen to work as a freelancer, you might want to consider moving from place to place throughout the day. You’ll get a completely different perspective on work when you’re in a library as compared to your own home desk. The trick is to mix it up, grab that fresh air when you can, and stop feeling guilty about not being chained to your phone or desk. Take it from the researchers mentioned above, it’s important to move!

Should you happen to need help moving physical items, well, that’s our territory! Call Exodus Moving and Storage today for moving services and for help getting your stuff where it needs to go. We will make sure to move your items with care, while you take care of moving your body!

Nature Courtesy: The Right Way to Hike

Are you moving to Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder, or any other part of Colorado? If a move to this great state is in your future, you’ll love all of the nature trails that we have to offer. But, before you head out on a hike, run, walk, or bike ride, there are a few nature rules that you should know about.


CC Image courtesy of Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho on Flickr

1. Avoid littering. Every year, tons of trash is found on trails, in parks, and across the state in outdoor areas. The courtesy here is to throw your trash into a recycling bin (you’ll find that these are located throughout most trails and parks), or put your garbage into your backpack until you can find a recycling bin. Whatever you do, don’t throw your trash on the ground.

2. Be careful. Nature is powerful. Trying to push your limits by scaling a massive rock formation when you’ve never climbed before is not a good thing. Know what your personal limits are, and make sure to stay within those limits in order to remain safe.

3. Have respect for nature. The animals and plants that live in the forest and on the trails were there before you were, so make sure to respect those things by not pulling plants, and not taunting animals.

4. Stay on the path. Not only should you stay on the path for your own safety, but keeping to an already made trail means keeping trails intact. Sometimes, hikers forge different paths to avoid mud and other obstacles, but this creates a muddled path. Stick to the trail, and you’ll enjoy getting past those difficult parts.

5. Mind the rules. At the start of each trail, you will see a set of rules. For example, some trails allow dogs and some do not. Some trails allow bicycles, and some do not. There are reasons why these rules have been created, so do your best to abide by them.

6. Find the right trails before you leave. If you want to bring your bicycle or dog, look online to find a trail that you can explore that allows for both or either one. This way, you can avoid getting a fine for brining your bicycle or dog on a trail that doesn’t allow either option.

7. Enjoy! There’s really no freedom quite like the freedom of getting outside in the sunshine and enjoying nature. Relish in the fresh air, the amazing trails, and the natural landscape that this state has to offer, and spend every moment enjoying nature and leaving the connected world behind.

Getting Ready for Your Move

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to moving to a new state. Start by going through the stuff that you have (don’t forget the hiking gear!), and then moving to the stuff that you want to get rid of. Once you’ve sorted through all of your things, you can start packing some boxes and making arrangements with a moving company. If you need some helping moving, you can call us too. We offer full-service moving services ranging from packing to storage (we have storage facilities to offer too).

The advantage of hiring a moving company to help you move to a new place is that you can start enjoying things like hiking trails right away, since you won’t have to finalize all of those moving details on you own. We want to help you move, but we also want to provide you with enough moving tips and advice, so that you can move comfortable and securely without a lot of hassle. That’s why we’ve loaded up our blog with all kinds of help that you may find useful. You can also feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. When it comes to moving, Exodus has your back – and will save your back from all that heavy lifting! When you do arrive in Colorado, make sure to respect nature’s rules, and you’ll enjoy everything that this amazing state has to offer. And, remember, the more you take care of the nature trails that you find, the better those trails will be for years to come.

Are You Prepared for National Panic Day?

March 9th is ‘National Panic Day.’ That means that a lot of people all over the nation are going to be in a lot of panic! But, you don’t have to be one of them! If you are planning an early March move, there’s no need to send yourself into a tailspin on the biggest panic holiday of them all. There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself for your move well in advance (and many of them are listed on this blog). But since most people gearing up for a move never make moves fun, we’re here to help you with that piece of the puzzle.


CC Image courtesy of Jim Linwood on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of Jim Linwood on Flickr

10 Ways to Make Moving Fun


1. Turn packing into a game. This tactic is especially enjoyable if you have small children. Set up a small reward for a total number of boxes packed correctly. Example: if a kid packs 4 boxes correctly, that child gets $1. Your home will be packed in no time!


2. Make creative meals. If you’re down to the last week of packing, you probably can’t cook too many meals in your kitchen. But, you can choose a new restaurant to try every night – or, just order from that place you’ll miss the most as often as possible.


3. Improvise. Is there anything more romantic than setting up a makeshift tent with two sleeping bags in the middle of your living room? Grab your significant other and pretend that your home is a massive forest (underneath a sea of stars, of course!) by camping out for a few nights.


4. Involve dessert. After a long day of packing up, nothing will hit the spot quite like a decadent dessert. Find the best bakery in town and go nuts!


5. Snuggle up with a book. Leave a great book and a comfy blanket out while you pack up the rest of your stuff. At night, grab a few candles, your book, that blanket, and find a nice corner to snuggle up in. Nothing makes the time pass faster than a good read!


6. Play car games. If you’re moving long distance by car, playing a game or two on the way to your new location will help the time pass quickly. Check out some popular car games online, print out the details, and involve everyone in your vehicle in the game.


7. Don’t unpack right away. This might sound counterintuitive, but taking the time to unpack can be really therapeutic. Enjoy the process, explore your new surroundings, and don’t rush into unpacking – those things that are packed away can wait a day.


8. Get right into the mix of it. Every town is unique, and this is especially true if you’re moving to Fort Collins or somewhere else in Colorado. Plan to meet up with friends or find an activity to do before you arrive at your new location. This way, you’ll have something set up right away when you do get there.


9. Book a spa day. Is this indulgent? Absolutely! Do you deserve it? You bet! After packing up your home and moving, few things will set your body at ease faster than a spa day.


10. Unpack with a smile. As you unpack each item you own, take a minute and remember where that item came from. Chances are that more than a few things will bring a smile to your face! Consider unpacking as the moving version of ‘stopping to smell the roses!’


Help With Your Colorado Move


You will find lots of helpful moving articles on this website, and we invite you to let us know if there’s anything else that you would like to know more about. As far as moving companies in the Colorado area go, we’re more than happy to make your move a simple one by offering you full moving services. By calling and providing us with your moving details, we can give you an estimate and help you plan your big moving day. We’re also happy to offer you advice on moving, and we have two massive storage facilities (in Denver and in Fort Collins) that you may want to take advantage of if you have more than a few items that you can’t move at this time.


There’s no need to panic on National Panic Day this year! Exodus Moving and Storage has all of your moving needs covered. Give us a call today to arrange your move!

Acquiring Moving Services The Government Will Approve Of

Sometimes when you work for the government you are required to move to a new location in order to fit your job. This is kind of the nature of the beast when you work for such a big organization. Granted, it might be closed at the moment and you won’t be doing any moving for a while until these people get their act together, but once they do and job start to move around the country again, you should consider which companies are going to be the best for you to pick up.


A good way to tell a good moving company is to go in and talk to the employees. If you talk to the owner of the business he will likely give you his side of the story, which is fine. However, he’s not the one who is going to be moving you. Understanding the psyche and the personality behind the employees who work there is one of the best ways to tell if your belongings are going to be moved with care. If they seem careful and genuinely nice, then they’re probably a good company to go with. However, if they feel distant, or like they don’t care if you choose the company or not, then look elsewhere. The government can be rather fickle with who they decided good or not and who they feel you should hire. Picking only the best will really suffice.


Another great way to tell if the moving services that you have acquired are going to be on par with what you need is to look at their previous history. Many people will post up blogs, or reviews of services that they have had in the past. Many people like to have their voice heard, which is one of the great things about the Internet. So if you have any doubt that something is wrong in a company, go online and see if you can find anyone to validate your concerns. Not only will you thank yourself if you find something wrong, but if you don’t and you will likely feel much better about your decision of who you went with. Besides, knowledge is a great thing to have, and it may give you a little bit of a conversation starter if you decide to move with them.

Moving Services That Involve The Government and How They Must Be Treated Differently

As far as moving services go, we offer one of the most superb in Fort Collins, as well as probably the Denver area. We help a lot of people move varying from residential, to business, and even government facilities. That last one is a particularly challenging one because of not only the amount of things that they generally have to move, but because it is a government facility which means that we are governed by a few regulations when handling their materials. This is especially true if the facility that is being moved happens to be a DMV.


4 pillars of a buildingThough it is not common to see a department of motor vehicles change locations, it can be something that happens, and when it does occur it generally involves moving a lot of paperwork. Granted, with the Internet and computers these days it’s not common that mass amounts of paperwork need to be moved, but in a place like the DMV, paperwork is still a very common thing. One of our goals is to make sure that during this government move we respect the privacy of everyone who happens to have their name, Social Security number, or whatever on these pieces of paper by handling them with care and ensuring that no box goes astray. Just like we do with every move that involves anything delicate, our top priority is to ensure that your belongings reach their final destination safe and secure. Otherwise, it’s not likely that we would be a moving company people would recommend. Just that simple.


We do a lot of other places as well besides DMV’s that involve government moving, however is much less common that building that belongs to the government needs to be shifted around. So usually we end up doing residential stuff, which we love, and businesses, which we also love. The only real difference that we run into when moving something like a government facility is ensuring that all sensitive information reaches the final destination intact and undisturbed. That last part is extremely important because a lot of people would like to get their hands on some of the sensitive material that government facilities provide. To them we say, no no no, not on our watch.

Having the Right Moving Service For a Government Job is Essential

If you are government employee, it’s likely that at some point you are going to have to move for your job. This is especially true if you make a career out of being part of the government, especially the military. Now, by military I don’t necessarily mean a frontline fighter. Yes this could be something that requires you to move a great deal from base to base, but the likelihood of you being in the country is extraordinarily low.


However, if you’re someone who has already done their time overseas and is working for the government in the military sector, then yes you are going to be doing a lot of moving. Moving services like the ones we offer our cheap, and get the job done correctly. Being that Colorado is such a hot spot for military activity, this also means that you’ll be able to hire a company who already exists within the state. You don’t want a higher and out of state company to move you, that just gets extremely pricey.


But say for example that you’re moving from Colorado Springs up to For Collins for a job. One of the most beneficial things that you can do is hire company based in Ft Collins. Hiring a company who is based in the location you’re moving to means they can provide you with the necessary information needed for you to get to any location you desire. Whereas hiring a company who is based in the city you’re moving from won’t have that information. Now, sometimes it’s good to hire someone who’s close to your current location because that means that they’ll have to do a massive drive in order to move you from one place to another. However, that’s only initially. After the first drive, it’s essentially the same.


Overall, we feel that the big point that should be focused on around moving services for government jobs is where you are moving to, and if there is any company that can help you learn the area. It just makes your life that much easier as well as increases your understanding of the location you have moved to.

Moving Your Government From Place To Place

The moving services that we offer are not just for those who live in a residential area. We know a great deal about moving businesses, and are particularly adept at moving places that have to do with the government. Moving a government establishment like a DMV to another building doesn’t require all that much moving, but it does require setting up. If you have chairs, tables, desks, or anything else that may be used in a business setting, we can help you get it loaded, unloaded, and setup around the general area it needs to be in.


Four Pillar BuildingGovernment establishments are generally considered to be some of the most boring businesses mostly because of the extraordinarily boring interior that usually they have. However, no matter how boring your interior spaces, it fills a its function quite well. Besides, we are not interior decorators. Our establishment focuses on the loading and unloading of materials from one place to another, not whether the fung shwe in a building is correct.


One of the more difficult portions of moving the government business , or any business for that matter, is definitely the amount of furniture that you will find in these establishments. Since they are set up to be able to hold a lot of people they are likely to have a lot of chairs, a lot of tables, and possibly desks that can’t be counted. In this case, it may take quite a few trips to be able to get all of the furniture from one place to another, however when you hire someone like us we will stick with you until the job is done.


This does not matter how long it takes, because we fulfill our contracts to the best of our ability, not to the remainder of our time. Moving a business should be like moving any other home with the exception that the service provided may take a little bit longer because of the furniture. The point behind all of this though is to prove that we do more than just residential areas. Yes, we can help you move your business and we can help you do it quickly.

Making Sure Your Moving Estimates Come Out Correct

It’s important to be well informed when it comes to trusting any company on a moving estimate. It’s not likely that they’re going to try to pull the wool over your eyes, but just in case it’s better to be safe than sorry. Not every company is as reputable as us. Some moving companies have been known to charge people appalling amounts of money for something that shouldn’t have cost very much. This should not put a dark frame on the industry though. Many people in this industry, like us, are just trying to make a living by helping you move places.


calculatorIt’s important for you however to realize that being it a savvy consumer is the best kind of consumer. Having the knowledge underneath you and the street smarts to realize that a moving companies quote maybe a little bit high is an extremely handy skill to have. Really it all comes down to basic mathematics. If you have the ability to add and subtract, you can figure out a quote. Plus, all you have to do is do a little bit of research into other companies in the area and find out what they are charging. If their estimates are considerably lower than what you have, then you may want to talk to the company you have hired.


There is one way to avoid this whole thing though. Hire someone who is as reputable as us. Better yet, hire us. We will give you an extremely fair quote that you are more than welcome to talk with us about. We like to know that the people we are working for our very intelligent. We like to discuss the sort of things with you and ensure that you are as happy as we are. Granted, everybody would be happy if everything was free, but there would be no such thing as business. So, don’t expect a free move when you get a quote from anyone, but at least make sure it’s reasonable. Otherwise you could end up paying a lot more money by just not being careful enough to make sure that your quote is acceptable.

Moving, Shipping and Contracts

Accessorial (Additional) Services – services such as packing, unpacking, or shuttle service that you request to be performed (or are necessary because of landlord requirements or other special circumstances).

Advanced Charges – charges for services not performed by the mover but instead by a professional, craftsman or other third party at your request. The charges for these services are paid for by the mover and added to your bill of lading charges.

Bill of Lading – the receipt for your goods and the contract for their transportation. It is your responsibility to understand the bill of lading before you sign it.

Binding/Non-Binding Estimate – a binding estimate is an agreement made in advance with the mover that guarantees the total cost of the move based on the quantities and services shown on the estimate. A non-binding estimate is the carrier’s approximation of the cost based on the estimated weight of the shipment and the accessorial services requested.

High Value Article – items included in a shipment that are valued at more than $100 per pound. These items should be disclosed to the mover to ensure that they are protected accordingly.

Inventory – the detailed descriptive list of your household goods showing the number and condition of each item.

Transportation Charges – charges for the vehicle transportation portion of your move. These charges apply in addition to the additional service charges.

Order for Service – the document authorizing the mover to transport your household goods.

Pickup and Delivery Charges – separate transportation charges applicable for transporting your shipment between the warehouse and your residence.

Shuttle Service – use of a smaller vehicle to provide service to residences that are not accessible to the mover’s normal line haul equipment (large moving vans).

Storage-In-Transit (SIT) – temporary warehouse storage of your shipment pending further transportation; for example, if your new home isn’t quite ready to occupy. Added charges for SIT service and final delivery charges from the warehouse will apply.

Valuation – the degree of “worth” of the shipment. The valuation charge that you are assessed compensates the mover for assuming a greater degree of liability than that provided for in the base transportation charges.

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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