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In surveys asking about the most stressful moments in one’s life, moving into a new home ranks surprisingly high. It shouldn’t be all that surprising, it’s an arduous task, especially if you have plenty of possessions to take with you, and it can delay the transition into a new home, making it harder to acclimate to the change. However, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as many people make it. Here’s how to reduce the role stress plays in your move.

Accept it

Anticipation and acceptance may not make moving any less of an effort than it is, but it can help you stay in control of your own emotions. Be prepared that things may be stressful for a while, but keep the goal in mind, and know that every little bit of work you do helps you get closer to it. You can cope with a little stress, especially if it doesn’t catch you by surprise.

Prepare in advance

Make sure you have enough time to schedule your move in advance so that you have a date to work towards. It can help you get the other responsibilities, such as selling or donating unwanted items and informing others of the change of address, so that they’re not lingering in your mind when moving day approaches. It also offers you more time to get organized, which brings us to our next point.

Structure the move

The more organized you get in advance, the less stressful the move is going to be. First of all, put together a checklist of essential items that you need with you on your first night, such as medication, valuables, and paperwork regarding the new home. Then, work at packing up the rest bit by bit as the day approaches. You can label them based on which room they’re going to (using colored post-it notes makes your labeling system much easier to see, too). You can also position heavier boxes and objects closer to the doors so that it takes less time to load them into the moving vehicles.

Ask for help

A problem shared is a problem halved, as they say. The more people you have helping, the less time it takes to move all those possessions. What’s more, a little company, be it friends or family, can be a welcome distraction from what might otherwise be an arduous and monotonous task.

Hire professional movers

Professional movers like Exodus Moving aren’t just extra pairs of hands that help you get the job done. They can also bring equipment like loading trolleys and floor protection that makes the move much more efficient and ensures that you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning up after the move is complete. If you want to streamline your move and take the stress off your shoulders, get in touch with a professional team in advance.

Making the move less stressful is possible, with a little forward planning and a little more perspective. Hopefully, the tips above show you that and you’re well aware that teams like Exodus Moving can play a big part in keeping you cool and in control.