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More Benefits of Creating A Moving Check List

One of the most important assets that you possess the ability to create is a moving check list. Moving is a difficult task in and of itself that should not be made any more difficult by adding confusion to the mix. There are already a ton of rooms to remember to clear out, a ton of objects to remember to pack away, and a ton of boxes to remember where to put them. Organization here is key.


Over the course of the move, it’s likely that at some points you will have to pick and choose which rooms that you want to pack away first. During this process it’s good if you create something like a checklist to ensure that you have all of your important personal items cleared out. Yes, you could make a checklist that has just specific rooms on it and then check off each room as you go along, but that doesn’t ensure that you got all of your important belongings. Writing them down as you pack them away and organizing how you do everything is going to be your best friend during a move. Otherwise you could end up leaving behind a few things, or packing one of your extremely important fragile belongings with a bunch of things that you don’t necessarily feel or fragile. This could end up with a broken object which is probably the last thing you want.


Not only does a checklist help you, but it could help the moving company in Denver that you hire. When they come to help you move to your new place, having your check list written out and understanding where your boxes are that possess all of your most important belongings could help them to organize the truck. The last thing you would want is all of your glassware to go on the bottom. So, marking which boxes are which and ensuring that those boxes are written down on your checklist will help you to keep everything safe and ensure a very productive move. The only downside creating a checklist is the amount of writing that it’s going to take. You must realize that it’s going to be a little bit labor us, but in the end it’s going to help you out much more than not doing it would have.

2 More Reasons To Have A Moving Check List

Over the course of this blog, I’ve talked about a few reasons to have a moving checklist, and why it can be one of the most beneficial things that you create during a move. However, there are still many more topics to discuss over why this is such a great thing to have. This time let’s discuss the implications of not having one and what you do if you forget a room.


First up is the discussion over what would happen if you don’t have a moving list. Most homes possess a lot of things inside of them, this is just something that happens over time. However, you probably don’t remember absolutely everything that you have in your home. Most of the time people are surprised when they find something that they didn’t know they had, and most of the time these surprises are pretty old. At not to say they are worthwhile, but they fell out of favor somewhere along the road. It’s these types of things that you don’t even know about that could be left behind in a room that you don’t fully remove everything out of. Having a list of which rooms you have cleared if nothing else is one of the best things that you can do to ensure that everything moves with you.


Secondly, what do you do if you forget a room. Well, most of the time people who forget to write down a room forget to write down a closet, or a pantry, or something small like that. It’s not common that you forget something like your living room because it’s a place that you probably walk through all the time. You’re going to remember that you need to clean it up. However, a room like a pantry can slip by your memory if you don’t have it written down. You could easily walk past it three or four times during the course of the move and never even check inside. So when creating your list, walk from room to room and open every door. If there’s something inside of it that needs to be moved, write down the room. It’s simple things like this that ensure that you get everything cleaned out of your home and you don’t leave any little knickknacks behind.

3 Great Things About Having a Moving Check List

There are some essential things that you should have when it comes to moving. First and foremost though should be you’re moving checklist. This is a list that you create that states which ruins have been cleared of which pieces of furniture or things you own. Not only does using something like this provide you with a meaningful way to ensure that everything is moved out, but you can keep track of which room still need to be emptied and how long you think it’s going to take.


Ensuring that you get everything out of a house when you move is one of the most difficult parts. There’s always that one thing that you leave behind hidden in that certain closet that you never look in. Having a moving checklist with every room and closet written on it ensures that you have everything put away in every room. Once you clear something out, all you do is check it off and you know that you don’t have to go back in there. It’s likely that you will, but it’s the peace of mind that it provides.


The second massive benefit that you get out of having a checklist like this is it not only can you ensure that everything’s put away, but you will know that every single room has been emptied once all the check marks are crossed out. The only way you could possibly not have emptied something out if you get every room, is by lying to yourself and crossing something off prematurely. Obviously that’s something that you’re going to try to avoid considering you want to get everything out of your home, but even still this provides you with a way to ensure that everything has been cleared out of every room.


The third and final benefit that you get out of having a checklist that says what you have and have not moved out is you can kind of estimate how long it’s going to take to empty the remaining rooms. You can do this by judging the rooms that you have moved out previously and the amount of things that have been located inside of them. Sure, it’s likely that you could get a general estimate on what is going to be required without the list, but if you write down how long it took you to get a certain room done, that allows you to ensure that you can be on time and ready for the movers to help you get yourself out of your current home.

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