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Clean Up the Home Before You Move In

Get out the duster–moving into a new home can be a dirty job. don’t leave the cleaning up to the previous owner or landlord, listen to the old adage that says, “if you want something done right, do it yourself”. Dirty elements like dust mites, bacteria or just plain stuffiness needs to be addressed before moving all of your things into your new place.


Pull our your sponge and organic natural homemade cleaners because you need to scrub out that lingering smell that the previous owners cooked into the walls and counters. Things like oil and smoke can stick around longer than appreciated to new owners or tenants so make sure that you really get some elbow grease and work on this area to feel your kitchen is really your fresh new place to cook.


Yuck. This is where all of the bacteria has grown from a variety of functions that are quite normal when it comes to cooking and cleaning, but how do you really know how clean something is? Bottom line is that you don’t. So to make sure, clean it.  Make sure to thrown in some cleaner down the disposal to start fresh.

This area is probably the most important and also in need of the most effort. This may take some heavier cleaners that can cut through some heavy baked on grease and other mysterious goos and gunks. Make sure to move the appliances and clean behind and under them to really get the clean start you are looking for in your new place. Appliances include the oven, refrigerator, stove and any other electrical appliance included in your new place.

Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

Cabinets can collect dust and mold from dishes and lack of use. Make sure to wipe a heavy cloth through each shelf of the cupboards to make sure you aren’t taking anything in when using your glasses cups, bowls and plates. Counters are pretty obvious, the most used surface in the house.


These can get gunky quick. As you may know heat rises and can take up some pretty goopy elements with it and once cooled gets hard and builds up a residue. Get your heavy cleaner with your cloth again and clean up those walls.


Mop it! Mop it good! Chuck the disposable mop and pull out the real deal to get up those scuff marks and stains.

Overall, moving into a clean new kitchen is the only way to go. Otherwise you are looking to move in to a dirty scummy place filled with other peoples grease and dirt.

Move On Your Own Terms: Stop Foreclosure

Moving is always a fresh start, a new beginning and overall wiping the slate clean for many. However when we are forced to moved, such as in the case with a foreclosure, life can not only be dauntingly emotional, but quite plainly pretty ugly. Avoid foreclosure with the tips provided below:

Make up those payments. If you are one of the many Americans that is behind in their payments, talk to your lending institution and asking for forbearance, or working out an affordable payment plan.

Missed payments spread out over long term Lenders may let you add a divided amount on top of the monthly payment that you already owe to pay back a behind amount. This is called a repayment plan.

Forgiving a payment If you can agree on a way that you will be current after missing payments (and don’t have the means to pay it back) your lender may give you a break and waive your obligation, or also known as debt forgiveness.


Back payments added to your loan balance. If you have good or acceptable equity and meet the lenders lending guidelines, the lender may increase your loan balance to include the back payments. This is called refinance.

Change the terms of your loan. If your mortgage is an adjustable loan, the lender might freeze the interest rate before it increases or change the interest rate to a more manageable rate for you. This is called a note modification.


Make a separate loan to you Government loans sometimes contain provisions that let borrowers who meet the criteria apply for another loan—which will pay back the missed payments. This is called a partial claim.

Home Improvement: Top 5 Ways to Help Your Home Sell

When selling a home, you really must put yourself in the mind of a buyer. Do you want to see all of their clutter, personal belongings and forgotten home improvement needs? Of course not. Now if you want to be a smart seller, you need to follow these 5 quick and easy steps to beautifying your listed home to wow potential buyers and to move on.

Storage Space – You want to assure that your potential buyers see room for all of their things. Expanding space that is already there would be installing a closet system. One of the main things that buyers look for is space to put all of their crap. Did you make enough room for theirs?

Clear the Clutter! Along with all of the expanding, your potential buyers still want to physically see the room for their stuff. So by physically clearing out the space that you are advertising is a key element. Making your house to as close to empty in your storage areas specifically will lead your buyers down a prim rose path.

Show more wood floorhomeforsaleMost people are not attracted to dirty lived on carpet if it is less than average. If your carpet is hiding those old wood floors in your home—rip it out! Wooden floors make homes look and feel more modern and functional, not to mention more beautiful.

Clear those old treatments – Bad, old, dusty, broken or unsightly are all words associated with window treatments that should be removed and/or replaced before a potential buyer comes in to look. Snazz it up quick with a set of new modern shades.

Be a good host – Most important factor in selling your home! Make sure that you greet your guests at the door, give them plenty of space but still be available for questions. Be the host with the most.

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