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Dealing With a Job Relocation? Tips to Make It Easier

Although it isn’t really something any employee expects, sometimes the opportunity to relocate in order to staff a new branch in another state comes up. Or maybe you just need to find a new job, and you decide that the best thing for you would be to relocate with the help of a Boulder moving company. Either way, it is a daunting task that can frighten anyone.

Try to ease some stress with these tips on making it easier offered by Business Insider. The more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll be. Here are some common fears, and how to get around them.

  • Finding a place to call home. How can you choose a house or apartment when you have no clue about the city and its demographics? Turn to the internet, looking at things like crime rate, school districts, and other important stats. Since you’ve already landed the new job, give your new employer a call. They can recommend stellar neighborhoods, pointing you to various neighborhoods to look in. Contact the local chamber of commerce for advice as well, and visit the city’s website to access all there is to do. Are you more of a keep-to-yourself type of person, looking for seclusion? Avoid those listings in the heart of the city. If you’re a night-on-the-town type of person, you’ll want to get as close to the action as you can. Remember that no matter what you want, don’t compromise on those things that are important to you and your lifestyle. You’ll want to make this your last move for a while! When you’ve narrowed your list of options, you’ll want to visit them physically to make sure everything is going to work out. It’s important – things just look different when you’re looking at pictures on a computer!
  • Cost. This tops the list of concerns. It might not be moving to Fort Collins that scares you, but the cost associated with moving there. It’s important to determine a budget for your move, not forgetting to include your cost of living for the first month or two. Don’t forget: new employer means there will be a delay in receiving that first paycheck! If you rely on a Denver moving company to get you there, you’ll know that you’ll be getting a great deal on the move.
  • The hassle of packing. If there’s one thing people hate just as much as moving, it’s packing up their belongings. Not only is it back breaking work, it’s nerve wracking – what if you don’t pack it up sufficiently and it is damaged mid-move? You don’t need to stress about this. Just turn to your full service moving company. They’ll do more than just move your belongings from point A to point B. They’ll pack it all up for you, ensuring that it’s done right. If you’ll be in temporary housing at first until your place is ready for move-in, put as much as you can in storage so that you aren’t packing and unpacking everything twice.
  • Losing touch with old friends. It’s pretty easy to stay in touch with old friends, whether they are old neighbors, or colleagues. Technology like Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook make it easier than ever to share with them what you’re up to, and see what they’re doing. Send emails each month or week, making it more personal than having them just keep up with your Facebook status updates. Once you’ve settled, invite them to visit when they get the opportunity. Don’t forget how special a phone call can be!
  • You don’t know anything about your new city. We really take things for granted when we are familiar with our surroundings. We don’t realize it until we are immersed into a completely unfamiliar place. Even if you’ve visited the city in question, you have no idea about specifics – where the local pharmacy is, where the best manicure in the city can be obtained, or where to find the very best latte. Talk to your new coworkers, neighbors, anyone really. They can help, from finding a barber to which grocery store is closest to your new home.
  • Meeting new people. Some people don’t like mixing business with pleasure. If this is you, how are you supposed to meet people? It’s simple – head out there and find some activities to join. Whether it’s a knitting club, a yoga class, or just joining a gym, getting out there in the community with people who enjoy the same things you do is a surefire way to meet the perfect new friend! Another great tip: go through your friend list on Facebook and contacts on LinkedIn. You just might find a colleague or acquaintance who lives nearby, hiding within that list!

Moving Stats 2014

Ever wonder which state is the most popular moving destination? How about the state people move from the most? Even if this information doesn’t influence your moving plans at all, it can be interesting to see how your state fares in terms of moving statistics!

Luckily for you, United Van Lines compiles this data each year, looking at where customers are coming from, and where they’re moving to, since 1977. How did your state fare? Are any on this list a destination you’ve worked with a Denver moving company to bring your stuff to?

Results: Inbound

It seems Oregon is the most desirable location to those who already live there – 66 percent of moves conducted during 2014 were those moving elsewhere in the state. They held the top spot in 2013 as well, with a 5 percent increase this year. North Carolina came in at number two, while South Carolina came in third.

Washington, D.C. Was number 7, a drop from their number 4 position last year. Other states making the top ten include Oklahoma, Idaho, and Vermont. Colorado just missed the top 10 list, falling at number 11.


It seems the Northeast is experiencing an exodus of sorts – New Jersey tops the list of states people are moving from, followed by New York and Connecticut. Are they all relying on national moving companies to escape the extreme winters?

The company conducted a separate survey, showing that the Northeast had the highest rate of retirees relocating to different states, most of them going west. One in three retirees headed west. The rest headed south, presumably seeking warmer climates and more predictable weather.


There were a few states that had about the same number come in from other states as relocated within the state, including New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Wyoming. There’s something to be said about a state people don’t want to leave!

Why Oregon?

If they aren’t retiring there (29 percent of survey respondents), they’re better able to find a job, according to the survey. Employment is abundant, with many new opportunities being made available for job seekers. In fact, 55 percent of people surveyed said they chose Oregon for a new job, or their company had transferred them there.

Some are doing it because the Oregon housing market is much more affordable than that of other states (the survey points to California as a popular state people are coming to Oregon from, since their cost of living is much higher.) When you can save money and easily find employment, what’s better than that?

The rest of those choosing Oregon do so for the lifestyle. It has a healthy, vibrant economy, and the state features the most green space protections and things to do outside. People are moving away from high cost-of-living states to Oregon to save a little green, and heading outside to enjoy all the green space the state has to offer!

It isn’t the state’s schools – their system was ranked 41st in the country by Education Week. It is here where Colorado shines, coming in 21st in the country. Whatever the reason, it seems that going west, to Oregon or Colorado, is a great move if you’re looking for a better quality of life. You just can’t beat the mountains, with gorgeous views and outdoor activities aplenty, fresh air, and wildlife. And remember that these statistics are based on business that moving company conducted, not a national list of all moves conducted by all moving companies.

Planning a move, whether into or out of Colorado? Even if you’re just moving a few blocks away, we can help make that move easier. Contact us today for an estimate!

How to Ensure You Keep Your Stuff Safe

Moving is stressful enough. Add onto that the process of finding the best Denver moving company, and you might feel like tearing your hair out! There is so much to think about, so much to do, and forgetting just one detail can spell disaster. How do you get through the process with your sanity intact?

It’s all about planning. Just as with any big decision in your life, you need to ensure you’ve thought through every possible scenario so that you are prepared. If you aren’t prepared, you might as well put on that straight jacket before you’ve even packed a single box.

Through it all, you just want to make sure your stuff makes it to your new home in one piece. Here are some tips to making sure your stuff makes it through the entire process safely.

Do your homework. Sure, that long distance moving company looks all professional with its fancy fleet of trucks and vans and complete menu of packing services, but looks aren’t everything. You need to see how customers feel about them. The internet works to your benefit, really – Facebook is where people are increasingly going to vent frustrations, or sing a company’s praises. Talk to your friends for their recommendations, or take it a step further and contact the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You’ll be able to see if any claims have been filed against them, and their record with the DOT.

Read the fine print. So many people blindly sign the papers shoved in front of them just to speed along the process. However, when it comes to every single possession you own, you should take a moment to read through that long distance moving company contract. If any wording makes you uneasy, talk about it with the company to see if it can be reworded or changed. Before you sign on that Denver moving company, don’t get pressured into signing a document that makes you uncomfortable!

A word on insurance. Yes, movers are required by law to provide $0.60 per pound to replace items damaged or lost in transit at no cost whatsoever to the customer. When it comes to certain items, it just makes sense to request additional insurance, often $6.00 per pound, or even your own third-party insurance. Items costing over $100 per pound in value require separate insurance. Don’t skip this for those big ticket items – you don’t want to have to pay to replace it!

Supervise. One of the best ways to ensure nothing fishy happens while your house is being packed up and then unpacked at your destination is to be there. Just being physically present in the home during the process can lower the risk of something being stolen. If you can’t be there, see if another family member or friend can be there in your place.

Take advantage of pack-for-you services. If you’ve chosen a trusted moving company, the above scenario is not a concern. When it comes to packing up the boxes that will go on the truck, you might think it’s safer if you pack them so no one is tempted to steal any of the contents. The truth is a reputable moving company is not going to have employees that steal as part of their team. Another fact: it’s safer to leave the packing to the moving company! Why? Because they have the experience to make sure the job is done right. They have the expertise to make sure each item is packed with care, ensuring that all of your belongings remain intact when moving to Loveland, CO.

Make a list, check it twice. Each item should be marked on a master list. Even better is marking the items contained in each specific box. Inspect the items as you unpack, checking each off the list and noting which ones arrived damaged or even missing. If you spot damage, be sure to take pictures. If something appears to be lost, don’t fret – just contact your moving company as soon as possible. The movers might be able to help you locate the missing item. If you don’t like the way your chosen moving company handles the situation, take note of it throughout your communications with them so that you can report them to the proper organization.

Your Guide to Fall Cleanup

Once your Fort Collins movers are finished delivering your things and all of the boxes are unpacked, it’s time to tackle yet another despised chore: fall cleanup of your new home. Even though you just spent all that time organizing and cleaning, you’re not done yet. (That is, unless the moving gods smiled down upon you and the tough stuff is already taken care of!)

You’ll want to be sure to do at least some of these items, if not all of them, to ensure you aren’t stuck with a bigger mess in the spring, or needing to do something that requires opening the windows. (You probably don’t want to be opening the windows during the winter anyway.) Here’s a guide to fall cleanup so that you’re ready for winter.


  • Inspect all exterior caulking and weather sealant around windows and doors so that you aren’t wasting precious heat all winter long, replacing anything that is missing or damaged. Your wallet will thank you!
  • Inspect and clean out the dryer exhaust pipe. The dryer air of the winter increases your fire risk, so it’s important you remove any clogs of lint and hair before it gets any colder. Be sure that there is some sort of door or vent cover (sold at your local hardware store) so that small animals don’t decide to make their home here over the winter! Your clothes probably won’t smell so clean afterwards.
  • Clean the leaves and debris out of all gutters and downspouts. If you don’t, you might find the melting snow that can’t escape will freeze and expand, damaging your gutters for good. Doing the work of cleaning out the gutters saves you money in the spring, when you don’t have to replace them!
  • Remove all garden hoses, turn off the water in the basement, and drain the spigot completely. Head to your local hardware store to pick up a special insulated cover to keep your pipes warm and happy.
  • Cover the outdoor furniture the Fort Collins movers left out back. Or, if you can, ask the Fort Collins movers to bring the outdoor furniture right into the basement to store it out of harms way all winter long.
  • Inspect all outdoor light fixtures, replacing bulbs that are dead and fixing any that don’t appear to work. Make sure they are clean and clear of debris.


  • If you know a thing or two about plants, go through all gardens and remove annuals and weeds and cut back your perennials to prepare for the winter. If you don’t, you should take the time to learn about gardening during the winter so that come spring, you have a planting game plan!
  • Feed the soil now for optimum growing conditions next year. You don’t even have to buy anything – just cover the areas with leaves and grass clippings!
  • Rake the leaves around the property and dispose of them in lawn and leaf bags, or start a compost pile (after using some to mulch your gardens, of course!). You might not think this is important, but when the spring comes, those piles of leaves can hinder grass growth. Not to mention it’s easier to clean it up now while the ground is dry than in the muddy spring!
  • Plant your spring bulbs now.
  • Mow your lawn one last time, making sure to cut as close to the ground as you can.


  • Be sure to call your local HVAC company for a thorough furnace cleaning. If you have forced hot air heating, get them to clean out the ducts as well. Change the air filter in your furnace – and if you remember, change it once a month throughout the winter months to keep everyone healthy.
  • Drain your water heater to ensure there is no sediment in the tank.
  • Head to your attic and look for any signs of a leaky roof so that you can fix it immediately before the spring thaw, when it is likely to damage your house.
  • Dust everything – light fixtures, chandeliers, ceiling fans, window blinds, door sills, etc.
  • Clean your oven (unless the previous owners did it for you, or if it’s new.)
  • Defrost the freezer and clean the fridge.
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to be sure they work.

If you need some help with your move, call Exodus, your Denver moving company, to give you a hand. As a full service Denver moving company, we will make sure that your things get where they need to go quickly!

Staying at a Hotel? Here are some Housekeeping Tips to Know

If you’ve already hired the Denver moving company that you plan to use, you may be well on your way to being packed and headed in your new direction. If you’ve hired a long distance moving company, though, you may have to stop over at a hotel before you actually arrive at your new home. While hotel stays can be fun and relaxing, there are some things that you should make a note of if you want to get along with the housekeeping staff.

  • The ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign: ah, the DND sign. This sign exists so that housekeepers won’t bother you if that’s your wish and need, but you may find that some housekeepers knock on your door anyway. Why? Because they have to in some cases. Sometimes, hotels insist that maids knock to find out if everything is okay, and that may mean being disturbed. If you don’t want someone knocking, let the front desk know that you are serious about not being bothered.
  • Need a cleaning? Here’s what to do: if you find that you need to have your room cleaned after you told the staff not to bother you (and they passed by your room), you can still have your room cleaned. How? Find the housekeeping staff on your floor, and tell them that you are in need of having your room cleaned, but do it nicely. Or, you can just call the front desk and let them know what you need.
  • Stay awhile? Leave a tip. The housekeepers in any hotel appreciate tips, and leaving a good tip means that you may get a few extra things. Some housekeepers will organize your stuff, lay out towels on sinks to put your stuff on, give you extra products, or just provide you with everything that you need (including stocking the mini bar with extra water or folding your towels into swans) if you leave a tip. How much should you tip? One to two dollars is customary.
  • Go green? Most hotels now have the option to “go green” by not asking staff to wash your towels and other linens. This might be good for the environment, but it’s also good for that hotel chain’s wallet. The less staff needed to wash linens, the less the hotel has to pay for that staff. So, your housekeepers might appreciate the day off, but they may also appreciate the work hours, so we’ll make it your call in this case.
  • Housekeeping is hard! Just think of all those heavy mattresses, messes, and things that housekeepers have to do. Wouldn’t you appreciate a tip or two?

Smooth Hotel Sailing

It can be hard to be nice and friendly when you are jet lagged or just really tired from moving, but your long distance moving company should take care of all the actual moving, and all you have to do is get where you’re going. If you do have to stay at any hotels along the way, try and be as nice as possible. In this case, being kind to housekeeping staff will get you very far!

Booking That Long Distance Moving Company

If you haven’t booked your Denver moving company yet, call Exodus Moving and Storage to find out what our rates are, and how we can help you move. As a long distance moving company, we can easily move your things from where you are to anywhere in the world, all you have to do is call us to book today.

We also offer storage solutions in both Denver and Fort Collins, so ask us about our storage facility rates, or check out our Facebook page for more details.

Why More Couples Are Living Together

If you were to move in with your significant other just twenty years ago, you’d probably get some sidelong glances from a few people around you. Living together without getting married was always considered a bit taboo, but that social stigma is slowly fading away. It’s now really common for couples to live together, and some couples even prefer this type of arrangement to marriage for a number of solid reasons.

Why Moving In Makes Sense

The Financial Stance: few college graduates leave school these days without a boatload of debt. In fact, the national student debt is higher than it’s ever been. If you add to that fact the fact that rent prices in major cities are hard for even the wealthiest to afford, you have a problem unless you find someone to split rent with. For those that are already in a relationship, living together can make good financial sense.

It’s A Good Test: maybe you’re unsure about marriage, and maybe testing the waters sounds like a safer plan to you. This isn’t a silly plan, it’s a really logical one. The truth here is that many couples find out they don’t really like each other once they start living together, though some find that they are a perfect match. Why not figure this out before you tie the knot?

You Don’t Believe in Marriage: not believing in marriage is not the same as not believing in commitment. Living with someone sends a clear message that you are committed to that person, but you just don’t like the idea of marriage.

Your Marriage May Last a Long Time: since people are living longer than ever before, you could be married to the same person for more than 50 years – don’t want want to find out if that person is really a good fit for you? Moving in together will let you explore the other person completely.

The World is a Cold and Lonely Place: no, really, it makes sense – why not have someone to cuddle and watch movies with, or take with you to that New Year’s party? Living with someone means companionship, and you really can’t put a price on companionship.

How to Know When You Are Ready

You may have been toying with the idea of living with someone for a while, but how can you tell when you are actually at the point of calling a Denver moving company? If you spend every waking minute with that person, can’t wait to see that person, and want to know more about that person, it might be time to move in with them. Some couples say, too, that moving in together after a year of dating is a good benchmark.

Making the Rules

Before you call your Denver moving company, do set some ground rules for living together. Decide who is going to pay for what, how things will be split, schedule in some you time and some friend time, and learn what the other person’s likes and dislikes are. Above all else, try and respect the person you are going to live with – once respect is gone, it’s really hard to get it back.

Only you can decide whether or not you should move in with your partner. But, your Denver moving company is here if you do! Call Exodus Moving and Storage for a free moving estimate. Once you have your moving estimate, you can start packing and move in with your partner – or, just put your stuff in storage (we do that too!) in case things don’t work out.

Moving and the Dreaded Chore of Cleaning

Love it or hate it, it’s a necessary evil. I’m talking about cleaning, and for the majority of us, it’s something we have to do. Who wants to move into someone else’s mess? And if you’re a renter, it’s mandatory in order to get your security deposit back. Most people understand the importance of cleaning the place when you’ve moved, and wouldn’t imagine leaving the new tenants or buyers with a bad image of the kind of person you are.

You might be lucky enough to hire a cleaning company to take care of the dirty work for you, and in that case, lucky you! However, you’ve probably opted to splurge on a Denver moving company instead, leaving the task of cleaning the only one you need to worry about. If that’s the case, here’s a handy list to help you through the nitty gritty.


As your mom probably told you, it’s easiest to start with the toughest task first. You’ll thank yourself later! The kitchen is probably the dirtiest of rooms, and if not the dirtiest, the least enjoyable. Start by wiping out the cabinets, inside and out. Even if the only thing stored inside was dishes, a good wipe down will rid the surface inside of all dust and crumbs that might be inside. Start with the overhead cabinets, move to the countertops, and end with the lower cabinets. This systematic approach will ensure you aren’t getting crumbs and dust all over a surface you’ve just cleaned.

Wipe down all appliances, inside and out. A magic eraser works wonders on stubborn baked on stove stains and grease spatter that might be on the surface of your stove. Don’t forget the oven and inside the dishwasher!

The fridge is something you want to pay extra attention to. Wipe down all shelves and drawers completely, and defrost the freezer. If possible, you can remove the shelves and drawers and wash them in the sink to get in all the nooks and crannies. Don’t leave any food behind, even if you don’t plan on taking it with you.


This is another room that just about everyone despises cleaning, but it has to be done. Clean out the sink, scrub the toilet, and make the shower sparkling clean. Just like with your stove, a magic eraser can make quick work of getting rid of soap scum that doesn’t budge for cleaning solutions! Be sure you clean the area behind your toilet, which can be neglected.

If you are repainting this room, be sure you choose paint made for bathrooms. The humidity and wetness of the room calls for it.

The Rest

  • Be sure all closets are cleaned out completely, and this includes coat hangers.
  • Clean the carpets, especially if they are dingy and stained. You can choose to hire a carpet cleaning company once you’ve cleaned the rest of the house, or you can rent a carpet cleaner yourself from your local hardware store.
  • Wash the floors, hardwood or tile. Do this once everything’s moved so that they stay clean. If you are looking for an easy, chemical free way to get the job done, invest in a steam mop. This will make things sparkling clean, and all you need is water. Bonus: you can use it in your new house, and all pads are reusable and machine washable.
  • Don’t forget to wash the windows, both inside and out. If cleaning the outside of the windows just isn’t possible, don’t forget the insides.
  • Keep that magic eraser handy and remove all scuffs that might appear on your walls from moving furniture, crayon marks from the kids, and stubborn stains in general. Once the tough spots have been dealt with, wash down the entire surface of the wall with a damp cloth.
  • Are the blinds remaining? Be sure you dust the slats. Also be sure to dust any ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Cleaning a place you don’t live anymore isn’t fun. However, it’s something that must be done after the Denver moving company moves your stuff. Follow these guidelines, and the process will be a little easier to manage.

How To Get To Know The Neighborhood

Moving is a stressful time for everyone involved, young and old. The adults are stressed about the moving details, and probably aren’t really thinking about the new neighborhood. The kids, on the other hand, are only worried about the new neighborhood and the school – if they’ll fit in, if any kids live nearby, and what there is to do nearby. To make sure the kids aren’t stressed, parents would be wise to get to know the neighborhood prior to the day the Denver moving company packs up their belongings.

And it isn’t just for the kid’s peace of mind – the adults can benefit from knowing the neighborhood in advance as well! Where’s the closest hardware store just in case there is something you need on that first day in your new home? Where’s the grocery store or convenience store in case you run out of bread? Where’s the nearest pizza joint so you don’t need to rush unpacking the kitchen that first night in your new house?


To prepare your family, you should check out the new neighborhood before you move. Hit the road and travel about the streets to see what your neighborhood has to offer. Where’s the local post office? How far away is the school? Is there a playground nearby? How about the library? Think about all of the places you frequent in your current neighborhood and learn where they’re located in your new neighborhood before you even load up one box on the residential moving company truck.

If you’re moving to another state, it can be tough to explore the neighborhood. Instead, you should check it out virtually with the help of the Internet. Head to the website for the city you’ll be moving to and note where important buildings are located. Then you can head to Google Maps online and starting from the location of your new house, find all of the places you need to find as if you were driving on the streets yourself. Take your kids on a tour of the city via the website, showing them all of the fun stuff there is for them to do. They can even visit the website for their new school, checking out the activities and clubs available to them.

Get Outside

Once the Denver moving company has left and you’ve unpacked all of your boxes, a great way to get to know your neighborhood is to get outside. Whether you spend evenings unwinding with a beer on your front porch or your mornings weeding and watering the garden, your neighbors will have a better chance of introducing themselves to you when you make yourself available. Would you be more apt to approach someone who is outside nearly every day, or a person who never leaves their house?

Taking walks around the block and further into the city are another great way to get to know the neighborhood. Not only will you be able to take in more of your surroundings (you notice much more on a walk than you do in your car), you’ll have the added bonus of meeting neighbors! Make a goal to introduce yourself to a new person each week. The more people you know in your neighborhood, the safer and more at-home you feel.

Get Active

Once you’re settled, it’s time to get involved in your community. Think about the volunteer work you did in your old community, and try to find something similar. If you’ve never volunteered, now is a good time to start! Head to the PTA meetings at your children’s new school, join a gym, or find a rec league sport to join. All of these things get you immersed into the community and allow you to meet new people.

Once you’ve gotten to know the community, you’ll begin to know the things that go on that are unique to your town, like any special events or festivals. And the more neighbors you get to know, the more you learn to keep everyone happy.

Don’t forget to get out of your neighborhood from time to time to explore the city all the way to the limits. You never know the fun places you’ll come across! The more you and your family learn about your community before you move, the more at-home you’ll feel when you are moved in!

7 Tips To Divide Your Stuff After A Split

If you’re going through a breakup, you probably have a lot on your mind. If you were married, numerous questions arise when it comes time to divvy up your belongings – even if you had a prenuptial agreement, there are likely to be things not mentioned in that agreement.

What if you weren’t married? Some stuff was likely yours before you got together, but what about all of those mutual purchases you made? While you might not want to look at that couch ever again, it might be something that you spent money on, so you should have some kind of claim to it. Before you tell the Denver moving company to burn the couch, here are some tips on splitting it all up fairly.

  1. What’s yours is yours, and vice versa. There should be no question that anything that belonged to you prior to moving in together belongs to you exclusively, and vice versa. Determine what items belong to you and you alone, and remove them from the picture entirely.
  2. Inventory. Once you’ve removed items that belong to each of you, you should take an inventory of what remains. If the two of you are still on speaking terms, see if you can split up the property fairly. If not, bring in an appraiser to value the items and help you split it all up fairly. You should get your ex to sign a document that states they accept the values set by the appraiser, and that decisions are final once they’re made. In this way, you aren’t surprised by demands for stuff after the fact.
  3. Sell it. If neither of you want the items, put them up for sale on Craigslist or have a yard sale to get rid of it all. Split the profits, and donate what remains to charity. You can use the proceeds to fund new stuff for your new apartment.
  4. Resist the urge to destroy anything. If you’re just not handling the breakup well, do whatever you can to resist the urge to start smashing furniture and belongings, whether they belong to the other person or to the both of you. You want to avoid legal trouble at all costs, or worse – retaliation smashing. While it might feel good to smash that Xbox, it won’t feel so good when he responds by destroying your expensive dishes and wine glasses!
  5. Make a deal. Do you really want that dining room set for your new place, but you both invested in it? See if you can strike a deal with your ex. You might find they let you have it outright just to get rid of it, or they might say “no way.” If this is the case, try offering to pay them for their half. Sometimes, money is the key to getting what you want.
  6. Keep your distance. So you hired a Denver moving company to get your boxes out of there, but in an effort to save money, you decided to pack up by yourself. To keep things peaceful and calm, avoid packing rooms your ex is in. If they’re in the bedroom, get packing up in the kitchen. This will limit arguments and any feelings of discomfort you might experience if you had to spend time in the same room for a long period of time. Or look for moving companies in Fort Collins that will do the packing for you at a low price.
  7. Be fair. While it might be tempting to sabotage his fish tank or snag that cozy concert tee he owns that you loved to wear to bed, resist the temptation, and skip the bad karma.

While you might not be thinking of it at the moment, you’ll want to be sure all bills acquired when you were together are split down the middle and paid up. You can put the Internet to use here, getting a statement on the day your ex moves out and printing out two copies. The bills should be paid to the person in whose name the utility was set up. Be sure to get a receipt for your payment, just in case they try to pull the “I am sorry, I didn’t receive payment” move on you.

It’s not going to be fun, but it doesn’t have to drag on forever and ever. Deal with splitting up your stuff early on in the breakup, and whatever you can’t agree upon can go into storage until you have clearer, less spiteful heads. You can split the cost of the storage unit, and decide the fate of the stuff contained within when you are both ready. If you’re looking for moving companies in Fort Collins, contact Exodus Moving and Storage.

The No-Stress Move

A move without an ounce of stress may sound like a mythical creature. It might be hard to believe, but a stress-free move is possible!

One way to ease the moving-associated stress is to hire a Denver moving company. What else can you do to make your move a pleasant experience?

Plan ahead.

Don’t wait until the last minute to call a residential moving company. This is especially true for those people planning a move in the middle of the summer or early fall. Many plan their moves for the summer, and not just because the weather is more favorable for moving. Families like to move when their kids aren’t in school so as not to disrupt their schedules, or to avoid transferring schools mid-school year.

If you wait until late August-early September, you are competing with college students. If you have no choice but to move during this busy time, calling ahead may be the only way you get the Denver moving company of your choice. It is recommended you secure a company six weeks in advance of the date you’re moving.

Move in the off-season.

If you can wait until late fall or mid-winter, this is ideal. Not only will you have your pick of moving companies in Denver, you’ll find the companies offer lower rates. The period from October to April is the off-season for moving companies.

Move mid-month.

If you must move during the busy summer season, schedule your move mid-month, if at all possible. Just about everyone is moving on the first of the month. Since this is when most rents are due, it’s when leases start and end. If you are able, find a way to move on the 10th or the 20th instead of the first. Your chances of hiring the residential moving company you want are higher.

Make sure you have enough boxes.

It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. When you are gathering boxes, don’t refuse anyone’s offer to provide you with boxes. Raid the liquor and grocery store frequently. You can always recycle what you don’t use. There’s nothing worse than realizing you need more boxes at the last minute, but you’re not able to find them anywhere.

Label your boxes properly.

Some skip this step, but it’s important to making the move as easy as possible. When you clearly label the boxes, there’s no question as to where it belongs when it arrives at its destination. So you either label boxes and they get stacked in their appropriate room immediately, or you have to go through each individual box before you can unpack just to figure out which room the box belongs in.

It’s a no-brainer! You can take this a step further (and you really should take the extra time) and inventory each box. In this way, you not only label the boxes with the room they belong in, but with a number as well. You can refer to the list for the kitchen, for example, and know that box 12 is full of pantry items while box 9 contains dishes. The more systematic you can make your move, the less stress for you!

Make a “packing station.”

What’s worse than packing a box and realizing you can’t find the packing tape and permanent marker to label the box? Set up a specific area, like the dining room table or the kitchen counter, where you bring boxes to be taped and labeled. In this way, you don’t misplace your packing tape.

Pack a cleaning box.

You’ll need to clean your old residence prior to turning the keys, so be sure you pack up a cleaning supply box. Just don’t allow the Denver moving company to take it! An easy way to do this is to leave it unsealed and in a place away from the rest of the boxes. Then you can start cleaning when everything’s been moved, and when you’re done, pack it all up in the box again to transport it to the new house.

Pack as early as possible.

Even if it’s two months in advance, begin the act of packing. The sooner you start, the less you need to get done each day. There is plenty that you can pack ahead of time, and it also allows you start the process of getting rid of things you no longer need or want. If you won’t be using it, pack it!

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful time. With a moving company in Denver helping you get your belongings where they need to go, you’re spared some of the stress of moving. Take matters into your own hands – with preparation well in advance, you’ll get through the experience just fine!

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