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Parker, CO

Parker Colorado

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The quaint town of Parker, located in northern Colorado, may be small, but offers much. It is only 14.6 square miles in size, containing a population of roughly 45,297. If you think that’s small, consider this: the town was incorporated in 1981, with a population of 285. That’s a lot of growth in just 30ish years! In fact, it is currently the 19th most populous municipality in all of Colorado.

The schools are wonderful – they were ranked 9th overall in the entire state. If public schools aren’t your thing, choose from two private preschool-8th grade schools and one private high school. There are even a couple of colleges! In 2013, Parker was named 12th on CNN Money’s list of best places to live. What is there to do and see in this town just 30 minutes outside of Denver? A lot!

Things To Do

Outdoor enthusiasts will love Parker’s 250 acres of parkland, as well as over 900 acres of open wild space. Some are dog friendly, so even your furry friends can get out and play outside!  Parker offers what they call “Flat 14ers,” which are easy to navigate walking trails that are just as long as Colorado’s over 50 14,000 foot peaks. In this way, children and those who aren’t ready to tackle a true 14er can still walk a trail just as long! The Flat 14ers include the Tallman Gulch Trail, Auburn Hills Park, and the Sulphur Gulch Trail. Give the Cherry Creek Trail a try, an eight-mile-long trail complete with 10-foot wide concrete bike and pedestrian path alongside a dirt equestrian trail. Plans are in the works to extend this trail even further.

Parker’s Recreation Center offers residents many fun programs and hosts a number of community events. The center includes the Parker Fieldhouse, a 100,000 square foot sports and fitness complex so that residents can stay in shape, even throughout those tough Colorado winters. Take some laps in the H2O’Brien Pool while the kids play in the water park, hit up the Fieldhouse for an inline skating rink, climbing wall, batting cages, elevated track, and fitness loft. They also provide personal trainers to give you that extra push. Let the kids get their energy out on the indoor playground as well. Don’t forget to join one of the many adult or youth sports teams!

Check out a show at the PACE Center for the Performing Arts, which features a 500-seat theater, complete with outdoor amphitheater, or take the kids to check out The Wildlife Experience. This exciting museum offers interactive exhibits to give the kids the hands-on experience they’ve been looking for. Adults and kids alike will really enjoy the movies, such as 3D Sharks and other wildlife-centric shows. If you have younger kids, don’t worry! They’ll enjoy time in the Discovery Zone. Kids under 5 can use the Cubs Corner for their own sort of fun. You could spend hours in this place!

If you need to get the kids off of the couch during those bitter winter months or a rainy summer’s day, head to Monkey Bizness. It’s an indoor playground on steroids – just bring them, have them kick off their shoes, and get to climbing and playing on their fun and exciting indoor play structures. They even do birthday parties!

The more grownup crowd will enjoy a visit to Elk Mountain Brewing, offering their own microbrews for the tasting. New to Parker is the Jay Moore Studio, an art studio that recently opened. Whatever you’re looking for, Parker has something perfect to offer.

The Rueter-Hess Reservoir is another place that will offer much to do in the future, with talk of hiking and biking trails, fishing, and even non-motorized boating. No motors will be allowed due too the fact this is a drinking water storage reservoir. Plans are underway that allow people to enjoy this area while still preserving the integrity of the drinking water.

What To Eat

The selection of restaurants in Parker will not disappoint. Try Portofino Pizza & Pasta, known for their delicious garlic knots and authentic Italian cuisine. The garlic cream sauce on penne is a local favorite, as well as the pizza. They actually make the mozzarella they use in their dishes right there, how can you beat that? The staff is extremely helpful, and can make a recommendation if you simply cannot decide.

For the best ribs in Parker, try Hickory House Ribs. They smoke all of their meats right there on-site, and offer a delectable favorite – Danish baby back ribs. This dish was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Foods! They only serve certified Angus beef for all of their burgers, steaks, and smoked briskets. This place will not disappoint!

For something a little different, give Junz a try. This restaurant blends Japanese and French cuisine in a spectacular way. Try the Niku Maki, a thinly sliced ribeye wrapped around asparagus and served with a house salad and sautéed veggies. Order the sushi – some people visit the restaurant just for this – and for dessert, try the Kahlua crème brulee, a customer favorite.

Are you in the mood for Thai? Look no further than Dancing Noodle Thai Cuisine. The ingredients are fresh and natural, and their food is MSG-free. There are many gluten-free offerings on the menu for those with a gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Whether you are enjoying Pad Thai, Pad See Yew, ginger chicken, or massaman curry, you’ll eat every last bite. You can tailor the spiciness to your liking as well.

If you’re craving Mexican cuisine, head to Casa Mariachi. Enjoy chips with salsa, bean dip, or queso before your meal arrives. The enchiladas, tacos, and tostadas are delicious, and the margaritas are known as the best in Parker.

For an authentic Indian experience, there is India’s Kitchen. There is ample room for you to sit and enjoy your meal, and many wine and beer selections to complement your meal. Try their chicken curry, Tikka Masala, or the Bhindi and mushroom curry. They will not disappoint!

Parker is a small town with a big presence. Whether you’re there for the food or for the outdoor experience, it will not let you down.

Two Advantages Given To Moving Companies Around Denver

The range that moving companies in Denver cover is essentially bound to the entire state of Colorado. Denver so centrally located that it has the advantages of having a short distance relative to where you need to go in the entire state and having a highway system that can go North, South, East, and West for good long ways. Colorado is not generally known for its highway system but in this case it can get you from Denver to a lot of places pretty quickly.


If you look at the state of Colorado and Denver’s placement relative to Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Vail and the other ski resorts, and even places like Strasburg, it is in an exceptionally good place. I’m sure that when Denver was founded, it was not only for the reason of its placement, but to this day it remains a central hub. This makes it easy for any moving company to really get people from one side of the state to the other without having to extend themselves beyond their reach. In reality, the city of Denver’s one of the best placed cities in the United States relative to where the rest of its towns are. So moving to and from here to the rest of Colorado or from the rest of Colorado is essentially a cakewalk.


Partially due to its placement, the highway system of Colorado allows you to get to the four corners of the state, or five sides should I say, with relative ease. Let’s be honest here, ask anyone in Colorado and they will tell you that the Highway system here is absolutely atrocious when it comes to traffic and relative ease of access. However, the placement of the highways in Colorado are exceptionally good. They lead through every major town and at least close to the majority of smaller ones. Sure, there’s quite a few that can be off the beaten path, but the highway system for moving companies allows them easy access and quick access to all of the town’s in Colorado. Sure, the highway system here could use a lot of improvements, but as far as its placement goes you’ll find that it’s very handy.

Should You Ask People About Their Experiences With Moving Long Distance?

It’s not only businesses that have to do long distance moving like we discussed last time. Individual people can do this type of moving as well, though it does make it a little bit easier to be an individual. Moving long distance can be a scary thing that not many people get to take part in. Therefore, it’s not common to run into someone who has the experience that you may want to glean.


People are always looking for others to rest their burdens on, especially if it’s something that scares them. Moving is a good example of a burden that people like to gain experience from others about. How many times have you heard of someone who has moved across the country and has asked other people about their experiences in doing it. If you’ve ever heard someone moving across the country at all, I would bet dollars to donuts that they had a lot of questions and asked a lot of people these questions. That’s not a bad thing though. Asking questions is one of the best ways to learn the hazards of any difficult situation without having to experience them yourself.


On the topic of asking questions though, one must realize that it’s not only your friends that have the knowledge and the understanding of long distance moves. Moving companies who move long distance, like us, have a great wealth of knowledge that we would love to share with you, even if you’re trying to do it independently. We would rather you be safe than sorry regarding any hazard along the way.


Yes, the easiest and most efficient way to move long distances to hire someone like us, but if you have that go get ‘em attitude and you really feel like you can do it alone, please just ask us questions. We are more than willing to help because we just want people to be safe. We know, it may not sound like we’re real company because we actually care about people, but we do. So before you make that long move if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask.

The Challenges and Wonders Faced by Moving Companies in Colorado

One of the best things about being moving company in Colorado is the scenery. Being in Ft Collins, one of the top rated city still live in by Forbes magazine, people here really take pride in everything that they own. Sure, it’s just like any other college town with college students living in homes that look less than stellar, but looks are not everything. People here are genuinely nice which just adds to the surroundings of living here. Moving people who are nice is definitely a bonus and is something that we really appreciate.


We know it can be fresh trading and very stressful to be moving, but if you can keep your spirits high and your attitude positive, it makes the moving process that much easier on you and on us. We get to drive around all day moving people in this beautiful state for living. We want you to have the best experience possible. We know that extenuating circumstances can cause you to have a little bit of an issue as far as temperament goes. It’s understandable, everybody has those kinds of days. But, if you let us do what we do best we will help improve your mood a great deal. We may not be comedians, but we can certainly help make your move is seamless as possible.


One of the most important aspects of living here though, apart from the scenery, is for moving companies in Colorado that to be able to drive in the snow. Not everybody moves in the summer, that’s just the nature of the beast. Hiring a company who is used to the Colorado weather, particularly the amount of snow that we can get in march, is essential for moving around that time. The roads get slippery like an ice rink, and the only way to really get around is to understand your vehicle. All of our drivers are trained to be able to handle this sort of situation. They understand the Colorado can be a little bit unforgiving as far as whether goes, especially in the spring. So make sure to ask if they are good at driving in the snow if you’re going to be moving around march. Overall though, for Collins is a great place to move to and from. Just be safe with how you handle it and let us do what we do best.

Welcoming Everyone To The Exodus Moving And Storage Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog about Exodus Moving and Storage. Here, we talk about all things moving related so that you can be ready to move into your new place no matter where it takes you. We are based in Denver and Ft Collins but move people all over the world. One thing we’d like to talk about though our movers who are based in Ft Collins.


stacked boxesFt Collins is, and always has been rated as one of the highest quality cities to live in. This year alone, Forbes magazine ranked us as number seven, whereas in the past we’ve actually been ranked number one. This means we know a few things about moving because of all the students who fluctuate throughout this town. We feel that one of the biggest difference is that can be made in anybody’s moving experience is hiring a full service mover to help you with all of your different needs.


The definition of a full service mover is one that assists not only with the renting of a truck, but will help you move your furniture into the correct rooms. It’s the ability to go above and beyond simply renting out a truck. Occasionally in this blog, you will see us mention the phrase of two men and a truck, and we cannot tell you how true it is that they can make a world of difference. We know that sometimes you are the only person that you now when you move to a new town. Nobody will be there to provide you with a truck, so hire us to do it for you.


We want to provide you with the quality service that Exodus moving and storage has become known for over the years. Much of Colorado knows who we are, and ask us to help them move. We do everything from residential and business, to government establishment moves. We are very well rounded and we provide you with the best service possible. So before you go and hire anyone else, take a look at the services that we offer, and read our blog. We like to provide useful information that you can use no matter who you decide to go with.

The Technical Issues That Can Arise From Movers in Greeley

If there’s one place that could benefit from you hiring movers, it’s Greeley. Greeley as a town is much more agricultural than it is technical. A lot of people who live here are based around the agriculture that is produced particularly in the cattle industry. There are a few moving companies here in there who are willing to help you get your stuff in your new place, but their likely going to be more focused on moving heavy machinery than they are moving your stuff into your new place.


Now hold on a second, I don’t mean to set up a stereotype stating that all people who live in Greeley are cow farmers. No, all I’m willing the state is that the moving companies who reside in this general area are very accustomed to people who have heavy machinery needs. If you happen to be a student who is moving into a new apartment from out of state, that would be the best time to call us.


We offer a full moving service and we can be exceptionally helpful, especially if you’re someone who’s from out of state and you don’t know anyone in here who has a truck. It’s an easy assumption to make that an out of state student wouldn’t have many people who they know here. UNC is a fairly big school and gets a lot of notoriety these days. It may not be quite as large as CSU, or CU, but it’s growing rapidly. This is also true of the town of Greeley itself.


Traditionally people have thought of it is simply a former style and but over the years it has grown substantially. As stated above, it’s still really receives a lot of its income and people based around its agricultural lifestyle, but the town is modernizing quite a bit as is the school. So when it comes to hiring movers, Greeley Colorado may have quite a few options, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be limited to the people who are in town. After all, some of the best competition can be found very close. All you have to do is look and compare prices.

Fresh Place Friday- Spotlight on Castle Rock

The purpose of our Fresh Place Friday blog is to highlight interesting cities throughout our great state. Colorado is a truly one of a kind location, somehow finding a way to masterfully blend the cosmopolitan and the cowboy. It’s a state known for its natural beauty and ecologically minded communities. It’s a place known as a hot spot for the gold rush in the 1850’s, the Centennial State and the home of the Broncos. And while we happily serve as both national and international long distance movers, Colorado is the place we call home. Today’s Fresh Place Friday is dedicated to a city called Castle Rock.

The History of Castle Rock

The city of Castle Rock was originally settled on a budget: $3,400 in total to be exact. Founded in 1874 as the county seat of Douglas County, “The Rock” was originally home to several Native American tribes including the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians. As a result of both its excellent location on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, this mild climate haven boasted wild livestock for hunting and abundant plant life for foraging.

10 years before the city was founded, the combination of the Homestead Act and the possibility of finding gold brought people to the area in droves. Jeremiah Gould is perhaps the most well known original homesteader and owner of this land before it became a city. Donating much of the land immediately south of the area to what is now considered Castle Rock, the plots where auctioned off for the previously mentioned meager revenue of $3,400 .

Castle Rock Today

Originally known for rhyolite and cheese, Castle Rock has come a long way since its inception 125 years ago. The 17th largest city in Colorado it is now home to over 46,000 residents. Renowned throughout various national publications for being a great place to live and work, this small town combines big city access with a hometown feeling. Gorgeous natural recreational opportunities abound in combination with various family oriented community events such as chili cook offs, live theater and pottery painting events.  And while many of the areas residents work in the Denver Tech Center because of its easy access location, the designer boutiques, public art exhibitions and fair grounds keep its residents from a moment of boredom. When history meets urban culture with such ease and compliment, its no wonder Castle Rock is such a great place to move to in Colorado.

Fresh Place Friday- Spotlight on Highlands Ranch

Sometimes we visit new places in Colorado that we have never been. It’s one of the “perks” of the job really- this built in ability to explore. Every day we come in contact with new people who need answers to their moving and storage questions as well as tangible aid in moving from point A to point B. But we are always pleasantly surprised to find out that there are so many cities in our great State that provide such carefully thought out communities. This week we decided to highlight a place on our Colorado State map which is both little known and widely loved. This Fresh Place Friday is dedicated to an area called Highlands Ranch.

The History of Highlands Ranch

Originally populated by nomadic Native American tribes including the Arapaho Indians, the area that is now considered Highlands Ranch was sold to the US in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. There were no permanent settlers to the area until the issue of water supply was solved in 1870. Remaining a group of random farms and ranches strewn throughout the area just a few miles south of Littleton CO, parts of the area were bought and sold over the next 175 years but very little was actually organized or developed. But in 1978 the Mission Viejo Company purchased the area and the first homes were built in 1981.

Highlands Ranch Today

Today Highlands Ranch is a thriving metro district that includes over 95,000 residents making it the most highly populated city in the US that is still unincorporated. It exists and is developing as a “master planned community”, and is 23.5 square miles in size. This year the area is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Sometimes called a “bedroom community”, Highlands Ranch is often the living place of choice for those who work in larger cities nearby because of its proximity to them.

Community Philosophy

The community of Highlands Ranch has been created with the central idea that an active approach to both your health and your environment is a very positive thing for life. Boasting state of the art recreational facilities, 23 parks and 70 miles of trails, there is no shortage of natural wonder. And with well known opportunities to be active such as the Backcountry Wilderness Area, the Open Space Information Center and various environmental education programs available to its residents, the focus on nature is clear. And with programs such as the “Healthy Steps Program”, dedicated specifically to encouraging the community to adopt a more healthy and active lifestyle in addition to the myriad of sports offered including football, soccer, rugby, baseball and tennis, there is always something to do .

For the high quality of life enjoyed by so many of the people that are fortunate enough to live in this community, it’s no wonder Highlands Ranch continues to receive national recognition for being one of the best places to live in the United States.

Fresh Place Fridays- Spotlight on Colorado Springs

Getting to know the great state in which we live and work is important to us. As Colorado’s premier moving and storage company and one of the most trusted locally owned companies in the industry, we take pride in our surroundings. We enjoy getting to know the locals as well as moving our customers from areas we know and love into areas that we are interested in knowing more about.

Currently, Exodus has offices and storage facilities in both Fort Collins and Denver. For the most part, this holds up what is considered the Northern Colorado portion of the state map. But in an effort to educate others and to highlight other fascinating places, this week we would like to showcase another wonderful city within our state lines. This Fresh Place Friday is dedicated to the city of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs History and Location

Colorado Springs is located in what is considered to be the South Central part of Central Colorado just over 60 miles south of Denver. The township was originally established in 1871 and was designed to be the first stop on a new Denver & Rio Grande Railroad route from Denver to Mexico City. Its founder, William Jackson Palmer, created Colorado Springs to be a mini resort town, a tourist destination of sorts. And by the end of the 19th century, he had accomplished just that.

Today Colorado Springs is one of the largest cities in El Paso County. Situated near Pikes Peak, this township is more than a mile high at an altitude of 6,035 feet and is the second most populous city in all of Colorado. Boasting a mild climate as a result of its close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, the city is a fantastic location for both vacationing and living.

The People and Culture

Brimming with life and art and opportunity, there are many reasons why Colorado Springs is such a popular place to live in Colorado. Fashion fairs, health events and cultural exhibitions abound including award winning Conservatory Theater and countless community based drives, dinners and donation opportunities in addition to fascinating museum offerings. Whether you are seeking family events, excellent dining or live performances, original calendar events are in constant development in “The Springs”. With its large military community as home to the prestigious United States Air force Academy , Colorado Springs boasts a historical Native American population, several Olympic sport teams and a thriving high-tech industry. With this type of diversity of opportunity and population, it’s no wonder this city is such a popular destination.

At Exodus we are proud to move people to and from Colorado Springs for both residential and commercial moves.

For more information about this vibrant city check out:

Fresh Place Fridays- Moving to Commerce City

MP900438871At Exodus Moving and Storage we have been committed to serving our customers for several years now from our base in Fort Collins. We are excited to have just opened our new office in the Denver area. It’s great to be a part of one of the most vibrant metros in the fine state of Colorado. Our new Commerce City address comes complete with a new area full of new people and a new community we have the opportunity to get to know. Gaining knowledge about this place in an effort to better serve the people within it, we thought we might take this Fresh Place Friday opportunity to share a little bit about the new spot we call home.

The History

The beginning of Commerce City was actually the result of a historical ride through town. Carried on horseback, a kid by the name of Herbert Hast Jr. gathered those inhabiting the land to create an important meeting. Voting for their incorporation in 1952, Commerce Town was established. It wasn’t until a decade later when the town decided to become a city.


Today Commerce City is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and was ranked 16th in this regard by Forbes magazine. Located in Adams County Colorado, this thriving areas population has been growing consistently in leaps and bounds since the year 2000. A suburban neighborhood just to the northeast of Denver, it boasts a cohesive combination of residential and industrial community. Hosting over 42,000 people, Commerce City covers 41 square miles and yet prides itself on maintaining a small town feel in spite of the fact that it is the 19th largest city in Colorado.

The Scene

With nearby entertainment including shopping and dining, Commerce City is a short hours drive to the middle of the Rocky Mountains. With a large community focus on making sure that its citizens live a healthy lifestyle, there are several sports leagues, fitness classes, parks and trails available. In addition to recreational camps, swim classes and golf tournaments, the people of the city have several annual community events and capital improvement projects at work in order to promote continuous solidarity and cultural improvement.

For more information about Commerce City, check out the official site complete with links to the City government and community resources.

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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