Moving to a New Office Space

Moving an office, whether you’re scaling to a bigger location or moving somewhere closer to your customers, is an exciting time for the business. But it can be just as involved and stressful as a residential move, if not more so. To help minimize company downtime and to allow you to operate a lot more efficiently, here’s how to handle the move to a new office space.

Plan ahead of time

The planning process needs to start as soon as possible. Don’t improvise, start by identifying your moving date, what you need to move, and who will be available. Start delegating tasks now, figuring out who will do what and when. You can start packing smaller objects now, too, so your team isn’t hurriedly packing away pens on the morning of the move.

Find the best professional team to help

The right move brings a lot more than more pairs of hands. They bring equipment such as trolleys and floor protection that can make the process much more efficient. However, don’t just go for any moving company. Ensure that they specialize in commercial and office moving, like Exodus Moving. That way you can ensure they’re aware of your needs and the best ways to address them.

Ensure your employees do their part

Every employee should be responsible for their working space and their own desk. By boxing up and moving their own possessions, even using their own cars to help set themselves up on their first day in the new place, it can reduce how much of the movers’ time and vehicle space you have to use.

Arrange your tech needs in advance

IT is at the heart of most modern businesses, and depending on how your business uses it, you may need to carefully consider your plan for moving it. Hardware, such as computers, keyboards, and the like, is portable enough to carefully pack up, ensuring you have the right materials. For servers, networks, and phone systems, an IT support business may also be necessary. Work with your IT department to learn everything you need to move and plan that in advance, as well. Try to arrange it so that your IT arrives in the new workspace after the rest of the office equipment and furniture, so that you’re not trying to move it all at once.

Prepare for the address change

Begin by updating documents, marketing materials, websites, and online listings with the new address ahead of time. Know who you need to inform, from clients to service providers and vendors, of the change so they expect it.

Stay organized

Start boxing things early, starting with equipment and items that you no longer need. As you pack, use color-coded post-its or stickers to make it easier to quickly identify where boxes need to go and label furniture so that movers can ensure it ends up in the right place, as well. Keep a checklist or spreadsheet that helps you identify the boxes by location and number, as well as unboxed equipment and furniture, so you can rest assured you’re not missing anything

Organize early, keep your needs in mind and moving to a new office space doesn’t need to be as stressful as many business owners find it. Get in touch with a professional team like Exodus Moving today so you can get the best out of your move.

How to Find Moving Boxes

If you’re moving to Denver, Exodus Moving and Storage can help you when it comes to moving supplies like boxes, packing wrap, bubble wrap, and other necessary items to assist you with your move. But if you’d rather find these things on your own, there are some places that you can find boxes to help with your move.

It used to be that you could simply walk into a grocery store, ask for boxes, and take a bunch home with you. But this is no longer the case. Now, stores keep or recycle those boxes, and this means that you may not get any. So, where else can you find moving boxes? Here are some places to find boxes that you may not have thought of.

Bars, Liquor Store, and Pubs: These establishments often have a lot of extra boxes laying around. When shipments come into a bar or restaurant, boxes abound. Ask a local bar owner or pub owner if they have a few extra boxes that you can have for your move. Liquor stores deal almost exclusively in cardboard  boxes, some owners will keep them for just this purpose.

Ask your friends and family members: Know someone that’s just moved, or someone that may have a few extra boxes laying around? Put a notice out on Facebook, and ask the world if they have a box or two that they can lend to you.

Check sites like Craig’s List: Some community sites may include posts from people that want to give away boxes. Often, people don’t know what to do with boxes after a move, and giving them away seems like the best possible thing. If you can’t find any for free, you may be able to buy a bunch off of someone that no longer needs them.

Check with a school in your area: Textbooks and teaching supplies come in boxes, and that means lots of leftover boxes for you to use. Ask a local school if they have a box or three that you can take.

Consider Other Options

There are other ways to pack up items that don’t involve boxes. You can use cloth packaging, or you can use reusable boxes which are a much greener option. While boxes are the norm, you don’t have to use them at all. Consider other choices that may be much more environmentally friendly, and much easier to use and find. Plus, with reusable boxes, you can simply pack them away, and use them again another day.

Our Boxes and Packing Options

At Exodus Moving and Storage, we are more than happy to provide you with boxes and other packing materials, so make sure to ask us about your options when it comes to what we have to offer. Since we’ve been moving people for many years now, we know a thing or two about packing, and we’re more than happy to help you out! Call us to ask about the packing items that we have for you–and to find out about our rates, and how we work.

When it comes to moving, we take pride and joy in making sure that our customers moves are stress free, fun, and easy to plan. That’s why we set you up with a personal moving consultant at the start of your move. From beginning to end, we are here for you. Just call us and ask about our moves, getting a free moving quote, and finding out what a moving estimate for your move looks like. We always stand behind our quotes!

We’d also love it if you would join us on Facebook, so come and let us know what you think about our boxing ideas. Have you found any places to get free boxes that aren’t included in this list? Let us know what your ideas are!

Office Moving Tips

There’s a lot that goes into moving a business from the actual packing to figuring out how to reconnect all of those devices once you do move. The best way to get through an office move is to hire a professional moving company to help you with the bulk of your furniture and equipment (after all, you don’t want a friend or employee dropping that thousand dollar computer!). But you’ll need to orchestrate the move with your employees and office managers too — take a look at these office moving tips to make your move a smooth one.

  • Start by talking to your office managers or pod leaders. Let them know when the move will take place, and what you expect each group to do. You can then delegate those tasks to the managers, and they can further tell other employees what has to be done to complete the move.
  • Hold an office meeting, and let your entire team know what is expected of them during the move. If possible, try to keep the tasks that employees have to do on moving day to a minimum, but do let people know if they need to set up computers and workstations on a particular day.
  • Show your employees the layout of the new office space. It can help make a transition smoother if you tell everyone that’s working in an office what they can expect. This way, nobody will be caught completely off guard by a space that they weren’t expecting.
  • Let everyone know about the move many days in advance — or longer, if possible. You should prepare for some employees leaving if the new location is too far away from the old one, or if the new location just doesn’t make sense for some people. It’s not uncommon for people to look for another job should you move to a remote area.
  • Make sure that everything you need to move is labeled clearly, and this especially applies to wires and cords that might be confusing to place once you arrive in your new location.
  • Let the moving company handle most of the move. You don’t want to tell your employees that they have to spend a weekend day moving the office. In most cases, people won’t want to spend the extra time to move, and the move will be a lot less productive. Save yourself some hassles by hiring movers in Thornton CO or other locations to help you move quickly and efficiently.
  • Make the date of the move known to everyone, and let the team know when they can expect to start working in the new space.
  • Consider getting team input into things like what should go in the common area, what equipment needs to be included in the lunch room, and whether or not a TV is a good choice for the break room. Sometimes, including people in these decisions will go a long way towards making your whole team happy with the new space.

Hiring a Moving Company

If you’re moving to Boulder or any other area in Colorado, make sure to give Exodus Moving and Storage a call. We have extensive experience moving office equipment, and with making sure that everything you need in your new office space gets there in one piece. With a professional moving team, you can expect your office items to arrive on time, and to be set up the way that you want them to be. This way, your staff doesn’t have to engage in any serious moving, and that will make most people happy.

Give us a call today for a complete office move estimate.

How to Make Friends When You Move

Moving to a new place means leaving almost everything behind. Sites like Facebook can help you stay in touch with people from your old town, but getting into a new social scene can be tough. Whether you’re moving to Boulder or any other place, there are some good ways that you can begin building new friendships – give any one of these tactics a shot, just in case you’re worried about what to do on a Friday night.

The Job Plan

If you’re moving for a new job, making friends will be somewhat easier than if you’re a freelancer or moving for another reason. Start talking with your new coworkers, don’t skip those 5-7 happy hours, and make plans with people on the weekends. Hopefully, some of those people will introduce you to other people, and you can begin expanding your network.

The Meetup Spot

Sites like are filled with groups of people with like-minded interests. Find a group that looks appealing to you (based on what you like to do), and join the group for meetups. You may just find one or two really good friends in that group of people.

The Religion Route

Getting involved in community events is simpler if you have a church or other religious meeting spot to go to. As soon as you arrive, introduce yourself to church members, and explain that you are new in town. Before you know it, you will have bake sales and other events to attend throughout the week.

The Fun Way

There were probably a few things that you loved to do in your old town, right? Find those same activities in your new town, sign up, and get involved. As soon as you make your presence known, you will find a whole new group of people that you can become friends with.

Taking First Steps

There are other people out there just like you waiting for new friends to come along too. Connect with those people by asking them to hang out on a weekend, or find out what they like to do in their spare time. Sometimes, meeting new people requires making the first move, so you may have to be the one that does all the inviting. Don’t be shy, and reach out to others in order to make friends. As soon as you start to join groups and meet people, you will have more friends than you can handle!

Hiring National Moving Companies

You can work with national moving companies, or you can find a moving company in Colorado to work with. No matter where you are moving, Exodus Moving and Storage is here to make that transition simpler. In addition to offering full service moving options, we also have storage spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins for you to select from. If you can’t move some of your old things into your new place, just rent a storage space!

Moving to a new town might feel a bit lonely at first, but you can beat those blues by meeting some new and interesting people. Get out there, join some groups, make some new friends, and get into the mix of things. Colorado towns are open and welcoming, and you and your skills are needed and wanted in a number of different places! Since your experiences can help others, we also want to know: how did you make new friends when you moved?

Share your ideas with others on our Facebook page, or let us know what we can do to help you with your move. You can also call us for a free estimate!

Thanksgiving In Your New Home: You Can Do It!

The Fort Collins moving company has come and gone, leaving a sea of boxes in its wake. As you survey the scene, you become more and more discouraged – how are you going to make good on your offer to host Thanksgiving with so much to do?

It can seem daunting at first, but since you picked the right residential moving company to do all the heavy lifting (and we thank you!), you are still energized and ready to tackle the task at hand – prepping for the first Thanksgiving in your new home without losing your sanity. Here are some tips to impress your loved ones this year, tricking them into thinking you have it all together, even when you feel like a hot mess.

Comprise A Game Plan

I’m not talking about recipes and grocery lists (although you will want a plan regarding these aspects). You need to figure out what’s most important – having a kitchen to cook in, a place for guests to hang while they wait, and the table everyone can gather around to eat off of.

Because you looked for the best company out of all the Fort Collins moving companies, and followed our tips for marking all of your boxes, you know that everything that belongs in the kitchen is in the kitchen. They made sure your dining room table ended up exactly where you wanted it, along with your living room or family room furnishings. This is a plus – it saves so much time when you don’t have to move the big stuff yourself!

The most important thing is to make sure the boxes are clear from the kitchen. Start here and don’t stop until all boxes are unpacked, broken down, and removed from the area. Once you’ve taken care of this, you can move on to the other rooms. Is it important to you to have your décor perfectly in place? While you might feel the urge to pull out every knick-knack, picture, and candle, will your guests really care?

Let’s be honest – everyone has moved, so they’ll all understand if things aren’t perfectly in place. Of course, if it’s going to stress you out to no end that these items were left packed away, go ahead and unpack them. Just know that your relatives aren’t going to care. They’re just there for the food and pie!


If you have a family, that significantly decreases the amount of time you are stuck unpacking and arranging everything. Put everyone to work, splitting up tasks between everyone based on what they can handle. You don’t want everyone all in the kitchen at the same time (you know the old saying about too many cooks in the kitchen, right? Don’t spoil the soup!). If you have young children, you can have them work on their arranging their bedrooms to keep them out of your way.

You should also consider delegating menu items. Just because you’re hosting the feast doesn’t mean you can’t ask people to bring a dish! Have your Aunt Ida bring her famous, can’t-live-without-it apple pie, and Uncle Raymond can bring the pork stuffing everyone craves at Thanksgiving. This takes less off of your plate, leaving you more time to make sure your house is in order.

Don’t Panic

So the big day is here, and all of a sudden, you’ve realized you’ve ruined a side dish. Your dog ate the stuffed celery. You forgot to buy the cranberries to make the cranberry sauce. Whatever you do, don’t have a meltdown! Everyone knows you’ve just moved.

They aren’t going to stress too much if you forgot one little side dish or appetizer! Let it go, and remember what Thanksgiving is all about – gathering together with friends and family to celebrate what you’re thankful for. If something stressful occurs and you find yourself turning towards the dark side, laugh it off. You’ll be surprised how much your mood improves!

You can move into your new home and host Thanksgiving dinner in the same month, as long as you are prepared and ask for the help that you need. Of course, moving companies in Fort Collins help a lot! Connect with Exodus, one of the best moving companies in Fort Collins on Facebook, or leave us a note here.

Tips for Making Your Smaller Space Work


Moving from a large home to a smaller place takes some skill. But, there are plenty of smaller homes out there that come with lots of coziness, room for everything, and no trace of clutter. How do people that live in small spaces make it work? Here are some of our best tips.

1. Think up! Instead of buying cabinets and bureaus that sit on the floor, buy shelves and tables that can be attached to the wall. You can purchase large or small shelves that can hold a lot of things well above the ground floor, and this will leave plenty of floor space for items that you need to store – without taking up space inside of a room.

2. Don’t bring everything with you. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they move into a smaller space is that they try and bring everything with them. You can’t fit everything from a large home into a much smaller home, so start decluttering as soon as possible (preferably before you start packing!).

3. Get organized. Making sure everything has its place certainly has its merits. Buy storage containers for everything that needs a place, label jars and boxes, and use shelf space wisely.

4. Select a few appliances. This tip really works when it comes to the kitchen area. If you are moving from a full kitchen to a galley kitchen (for example), you might not be able to take every kitchen appliance with you. Be selective about the appliances you do need and will use, and try to store other items out of the way (you can always dig those things out when you need them at a later time).

5. Hang lots of things. Again, this is a good kitchen tip. Adding a hanging rack to your kitchen means that you can hang utensils, pots, pans, and other items. A knife rack that includes a magnetic strip can hold your knives, so that you aren’t taking up valuable drawer space.

6. Find multi-tasking tools. If you see an item that can double as something else (a bathroom hook that’s also a clothes hanger for wet clothes, for example), buy it. If one tool can turn into two or three tools, that’s a lot of extra space that you’ll soon have!

7. Rent out a storage space. Sometimes, you just can’t fit all of that furniture into a new home. If you don’t want to part with an item or two, consider renting out a storage space where you can keep a few things until you will need them again (or have room for those items once again). We offer storage spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins if you are looking for something close to your new home.

8. Downsize. Is your office desk huge? Get a smaller desk. Do you have night tables that take up too much room in your new bedroom? Buy tables or shelves that attach to the wall. Is your bed too big for your new bedroom? Get a smaller bed. You can sell the old things that you will no longer need, and buy new things that make more sense in a smaller space. Once you get used to the new size, you’ll see that it’s much easier to live in a space that’s not crowded.

9. Color coordinate. This one is more of a design tip, but it’s one that works very well in smaller spaces. Choose a color that you love (like turquoise), and buy small items in that color for every room in your home. For example, you may have a turquoise appliance in yoru kitchen, and a small turquoise pillow on your couch. Color can make a home seem more uniform, and that will make the space seem bigger.

10. Choose the right furniture. Even if you love that oversized sectional, it might not fit your new living room. Find furniture that really fits the shape and size of your new home, and you’ll find a lot more space.



CC Image of Courtesy of Emdot

If you need help moving into your new place, give us a call. We offer a full moving service as a moving company that has been working in the Fort Collins and Denver area for many years. We also have affordable storage spaces in different sizes for all of your needs. Call us for free moving estimates today. And, remember, moving into a smaller home can be really refreshing – you just have to make it all work!


What to Put On Your Moving Check List

The point behind a moving check list is to give yourself a good reminder of what needs to be finished. The majority of the time, people don’t actually create any sort of a checklist when they start moving and things get left behind. Overall, this is the main point behind even creating one is so that when you are moving you do not leave precious belongings behind for the next owners. Granted, they would probably accept the gift depending on what it is, however it’s likely that you don’t want to give it up in the first place. So what exactly do you put on that checklist to ensure that you get everything out of your home. Well there are a couple of ways you can do it.

Room by Room

The first way that you can create a checklist is by doing it room to room. Now, I don’t mean generalized rooms like bedroom or kitchen, though kitchen can work depending on how many rooms or in your home. I mean separating individual rooms into different compartments so that you ensure that every room is searched from top to bottom. For example, in your bedroom the best thing to put is bedroom, then closet, and if the master bedroom you will want to add bathroom and bathroom closet. You may be thinking that this might be too specific, but just stating a room in general will not help you win remembering to open up that closet. So, if you’re going to do it this way make sure that you get every single room down to the closet written down and checked off.

One Big Room

Another way you can do it is by ordering it associated with sections of the house. This is usually part of people with larger houses which are not necessarily separated out by individual doors. For example, my house has no doors or any separation between the kitchen, the dining room, living room, the Fourier, or even the basement. All of it is open space and the only separation we have is by what we have mentally created. In this case you can do sections of the house because it’s very easy to see when something is missing. Is that piece of furniture still in the living room? Well all you have to do is take a look and see if it’s there. No doors to open or anything. So, if your house is more open, this may be a good way to organize things.


One of the more complex ways that I can think of to order a moving check list is to order it by object type. In order for this one to work you will need to walk around your home and start listing off electronics, big-ticket items, large furniture items, and anything else that might come to mind as a category more than an individual object. Then, the way you that you can say you have completed something is by walking around your home and looking for anything that might fall underneath that category. Once you come up empty-handed you can easily walk out of the house knowing that you have everything that you should need. This is one of the least reliable of the checklists because you can miss things on your first go around. This can unfortunately lead to a couple things being left behind so as someone who has short-term memory loss it seems sometimes, I wouldn’t recommend this one unless you are sure you know exactly what you own.

As you can see there are quite a few ways to create a checklist. These help your moving companies in Denver and every other state and city to ensure that they have all of the proper belongings out of your home. So in reality a checklist is not just something for you, but something that can benefit the moving company you hire to help you. So when you’re considering moving, take something like this into consideration. It might save you a lot of time and a lot of headache.

3 Great Things About Having a Moving Check List

There are some essential things that you should have when it comes to moving. First and foremost though should be you’re moving checklist. This is a list that you create that states which ruins have been cleared of which pieces of furniture or things you own. Not only does using something like this provide you with a meaningful way to ensure that everything is moved out, but you can keep track of which room still need to be emptied and how long you think it’s going to take.


Ensuring that you get everything out of a house when you move is one of the most difficult parts. There’s always that one thing that you leave behind hidden in that certain closet that you never look in. Having a moving checklist with every room and closet written on it ensures that you have everything put away in every room. Once you clear something out, all you do is check it off and you know that you don’t have to go back in there. It’s likely that you will, but it’s the peace of mind that it provides.


The second massive benefit that you get out of having a checklist like this is it not only can you ensure that everything’s put away, but you will know that every single room has been emptied once all the check marks are crossed out. The only way you could possibly not have emptied something out if you get every room, is by lying to yourself and crossing something off prematurely. Obviously that’s something that you’re going to try to avoid considering you want to get everything out of your home, but even still this provides you with a way to ensure that everything has been cleared out of every room.


The third and final benefit that you get out of having a checklist that says what you have and have not moved out is you can kind of estimate how long it’s going to take to empty the remaining rooms. You can do this by judging the rooms that you have moved out previously and the amount of things that have been located inside of them. Sure, it’s likely that you could get a general estimate on what is going to be required without the list, but if you write down how long it took you to get a certain room done, that allows you to ensure that you can be on time and ready for the movers to help you get yourself out of your current home.

Organization- The Key to a Colorado Movers’ Success

This Wednesday’s blog post is all about organization. While our Colorado movers have previously taken to the Exodus blog to discuss great Colorado moving organization tips, (check it out if you haven’t already: we wanted to take a second out of your busy Wednesday to talk about one great strategy to organize your home. That way, if you ever decide to relocate (perhaps to Colorado) you’ll be just one step closer to getting ready for your move.

Let’s start with the cardinal rule of getting organized in the home: Do not go and buy more stuff!

This is every man (and woman’s) primary mistake. We inherently believe that because we’ve decided to get organized, it is necessary to go purchase boxes, bins, label makers, tape, string and an assortment of other random tools you’ve shoved into your cart at your local home improvement store. This is not the case. Organization is a process and not necessarily a product. We found a nifty little mantra from Cynthia Ewer, Editor at “Organized Home,” that really sheds light on the organization process:

Organize   –>   Measure   –>   Buy

So let’s start from the beginning. This process is going to take motivation and determination on your part. Begin with one room and go through the entirety of its contents. Yes, this will get messy but in the end, it’ll be worth it. Divide items into 3 piles: Sell/Donate, Keep and Store. Be realistic during this step. Perhaps you come across your sweet “Hammer Pants” from the 80’s and you put them in the “Keep” pile. The chances of you needing to bust those pants out in a quick second are slim so consider moving them to the “Storage” pile…or even the “Donate” pile- harsh but true.

Once this step is completed in each room (we didn’t say this process was for the faint of heart),pack “Store” items into boxes that are LABELED appropriately in legible handwriting and take those over to your Colorado moving and storage experts at Exodus and we’ll keep your belongings safe in a temperature controlled environment. As for the sell or donate items, get those out in the front lawn and have a yard sale or take them to your local Salvation Army and donate these items to those who truly need them- we promise you’ll feel great giving back to your community!

Your next step is to measure. Go back, room by room and take detailed notes about the items that are left. Maybe you started in a play room and during the organization process you tossed several dried up paint bottles. Had we not taken the time to go through these items, you’d probably be out at the store right now impulsively buying some expensive and ill-fitting Lazy Susan device in a fun color that matches the walls of the child’s play room perfectly…only to find that the paints don’t fit or can’t be salvaged causing you to lose hope in the whole process, quit before anything is actually accomplished and throw that Lazy Susan in a closet, never to be found again.

Now we can accurately decide if there is something we may need in order to get this room in order and purchase (the last step) with thought and purpose. The best part is, once you get rid of all that excess stuff you’ve been storing, everything usually ends up fitting without crazy contraptions anyway. If you do actually find there’s something you need, check out yard sales to save yourself money, or get creative. Do a quick internet search on DIY (Do It Yourself) shelves, book cases, etc. and start a fun new project!

So with your new arsenal of organizational knowledge, find that motivation within you to get organized- all of the Colorado movers at Exodus believe in you!

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Planning Your New Year’s Move: Moving and Storage Tips to Get You on Your Way to an Organized 2012

Exodus Moving & Storage is proud to have rolled out a brand new social media effort that will be aiding all of our faithful followers with moving tips, ways to give back in the community and spotlights of different areas in beautiful Colorado.

In honor of this week’s first “Smooth Your Move- Moving Tips Tuesday,” we want to take the opportunity to help prepare you for your New Year moves. Let 2012 be the year you resolve to organize yourself and get you and your belongings moved safely and smoothly from point A to point B.

Here are a few great tips we tell our customers all the time to help them get ready for their move:

  • Think Weight
    • Pack all of your boxes full to the top and tape them shut. But in the case of heavier items such as books, we recommend using smaller boxes that can still be manageably lifted.
  • Be Careful
    • Make sure to carefully wrap glass containers. China and glassware should be in boxes clearly marked “FRAGILE.”
  • Create a Moving Box System
    • Mark what is in each box and in which room you want each box to go. This will help your movers to be more efficient while unloading and save you time and hassle.
  • Use Your Trash Cans
    • Cleaning out trash cans and filling them with miscellaneous garden tools can minimize your packing efforts.
  • Don’t Use Post-Its
    • Post-It® Notes fall off. Remind yourself and your movers where things should go by using labels instead.
  • Be Vertical
    • When packing, pack your items vertically.

Even if you aren’t planning to relocate any time in the near future, here are a few ways to get your 2012 as organized as possible with some storage tips:

  • Make Decisions
    • Many personal garages, warehouses and various local storage facilities are filled with things being saved for a “rainy day”. It is easy to fill a storage space with useless items. But the key to an organized space, and life, is to let go of the things you simply don’t need any more. If it’s not a keepsake for family memory, an important set of documents or some other important thing that will be used within the next year, it may be time to let it go.
  • Sell or Donate
    • Before you store, have a yard sale, put some things on eBay or find some charities to support with your donations such as Goodwill or the American Red Cross.
  • Create a Solid System
    • We recommend numbering as well as color coding your boxes before you store them. Assign a color to each room of your home or each office functionality (example: kitchen or accounting). The number allows you to use the box again without crossed-out markings all over the box.  Keep an indexed list of what is in each numbered box along with the color allocations.  The more detailed the indexed list, the more you will appreciate it when you need to find that extra fax machine 2 months from now.
  • Pack Light
    • Make sure to only fill your boxes to a maximum weight that you can comfortably move by yourself. This will help you to avoid having to recruit friends or colleagues to help out in the future when you need to get something out of storage.

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