Winter Garage Organization 101

While the season of grand outdoor projects and home renovations in Fort Collins is over, there is still much to be done around the house. Shoveling snow, de-icing, car maintenance, and winter activities all require a little bit of garage storage space. But thanks to the cold and moisture, most of us don’t want to be spending a lot of time in the garage, and we tend to let things get messy and cluttered over the winter months.

However, if you take time for a little bit of preparation and invest in some smart storage solutions, you can have a clean and tidy garage all winter long. So, check out our list of ideas, and bring on the snow!

1. Invest in insulation

Too many garages in Colorado have poor insulation, leading to trapped moisture and bone-chilling drafts. If it’s in your budget this year, have a professional install new insulation with a higher R-value, replace any damaged drywall, and seal all the cracks. Not only will this boost the value of your home, but it will keep your garage items in better shape and make it more comfortable for you and your family.

2. Get storage off the floor

Most of us probably have floor cabinets or things piled on the floor of the garage, but this is actually a bad idea in any area that gets precipitation. Garage wall space is often overlooked, but it can be utilized with a few simple shelves, cabinets, and rows of hooks. Moving your items up off the floor can protect them from damage due to moisture, rodents, and parking mistakes.

3. Look up

If you have a large family or a large collection of winter sports equipment, you may be running out of wall space. Luckily, most Fort Collins garages have vertical space that you can take advantage of. Look above your garage door for extra space, which is great to use for rarely-used items like holiday decorations. If you don’t have something built in, look for ceiling-mounted storage racks and bins.

4. Get on track

Nowadays, the storage options are endless and innovative, and one of the best for garage spaces is a large metal track system. These sturdy sheets attached to your walls and work with a variety of fittings to offer multiple options for storing your tools and gear. You can buy extensions and different fasteners depending on what you want to store, and you can move them around at your leisure.

5. Boost your lighting

Most houses come with very basic and dim lighting options, making our garages bleak and letting too many things get lost in the shadows. Consider upgrading your garage lighting to something bright, manually controllable, and energy efficient. There are many all-in-one products as well that can give you light, air movement, and even heat. And when you want to use your garage for both summer and winter projects, it’s probably worth the investment.

How To Relocate With A Busy Family

Every year, thousands of Denver families pack up and make a big move to another area, and encounter the many challenges that come with multi-person household transitions. Neither local moving or out of state moving needs to be a nightmare, no matter how many people are in your family, but you’ll need to take a few extra steps of preparation to keep things running smoothly. With the right amount of planning and strategy, you and your entire family can be on the road with a minimal amount of meltdowns.

For many modern families with working parents and busy kids, finding the time to coordinate a household move can be a challenge. Juggling schedules, work obligations, and school breaks may sound like a daunting task, but if you tackle them ahead of time, there’s no need to stress. Here are a few tips to make your family relocation as hassle-free as possible!

1. Give the heads up early

If both you and your spouse work and have school-aged children, make a list of all the important people that you need to notify of your upcoming move. Teachers, coaches, bosses, clients, doctors…your particular list may be even longer, but it’s worth spreading the word as early as you know your moving dates. This gives time for obligations to be fulfilled, going away parties to be planned, and checkups to be scheduled.

2. Stay positive

This is especially important if you have little children, as they look to you for emotional cues in times of change. If you are able to stay upbeat and positive (at least in front of them), this will help them think of the move as something good and can help minimize fears and tantrums. Plus, choosing to focus on the benefits of your new house/job/city can also help you to stay motivated and dampen any sadness you may be feeling about leaving your life in Denver.

3. Stick to a schedule

In the chaos of out of state moving, many people let their routines and schedules go by the wayside. This is not only stressful to little kids, but it can become very hard to keep track of everyone’s whereabouts and obligations. Take time to make either a written or electronic calendar for every member of your family, especially in the weeks leading up to the move. Also try to maintain a normal daily routine for you and your family, as our predictable patterns can help alleviate stress.

4. Get everyone involved

Even with little kids, you can divide and conquer your moving to-do list. Enlist their help in packing their toys and books, and even in making decorations for your new house. Sit down with your spouse and divvy up chores and tasks, making sure to give yourselves plenty of time to get them done before moving day. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and neighbors, even for something as simple as childcare, lawn maintenance, or dog walking during the busy countdown days.

Make Your Business Go Green With Backhauling

As more and more consumers are starting to shift their buying habits, it’s important for companies to shift their offerings in suit. Businesses that employ ethical production and eco-friendly shipping standards are seeing more support and profits than ever before, so it’s worth looking into if you are a new business or wanting to expand into new markets. Especially in Colorado and other green-minded states, even average citizens admit that they buy things based on the manufacturer’s environmental commitments.

Going green with your shipping will not only save you money and bring in new customers, but it will create a more sustainable way of doing business for our shared global network. One of the easiest ways you can minimize your transportation carbon footprint is to use backhauling when shipping products or components.

Essentially, backhauling means that you never run your trucks empty, and that each leg of their journey they are filled with cargo. This saves on fuel costs, fleet maintenance, trucker salary, and many more overhead costs, while cutting down on the time needed to move your goods across the state or country.

Just think about what it costs your company to ship a load of product, and calculate the costs for the return trip, when the truck is empty. Chances are good that you are throwing money away on that return leg, because you are not generating any revenue from it. But what you are generating is a hefty carbon footprint!

More and more trucking services are offering backhauling services, in Colorado and beyond, in order to keep up with the growing demand. Businesses want to shift to more sustainable and eco-friendly practices, and consumers are supporting those that do. When you make a commitment to stop running your trucks while empty, you are taking a huge step forward into this modern and popular business model.

Backhauling also offers the opportunity to network with other like-minded companies across the state and country, if your company is not large enough to fill return trips with your own product. Many eco-friendly companies are beginning to partner up and share costs of transportation. For example, if you have a truck shipment going to Dallas, you can find a Dallas company that needs to ship a load to the Denver area. That way, your truck is never empty, and you can split the costs for the trip!

If you are looking for a way to generate more revenue while boosting your sustainability image, consider backhauling for your transport and shipping needs. Too many trucks run empty or barely full on our roads today, but you can make a difference by changing up your shipping practices and recommending that your colleagues do the same. It’s time to manage our time and resources in the best way that we can!

The 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Moving

Most of us will move between 5-7 times during our lives, whether that’s for school, work, or retirement, and that adds up to a lot of time and effort! While each residential moving adventure will be slightly different depending on distance, timeline, and budget, every move deserves to be planned out and taken seriously. If you fail to prepare, you might be stuck with inconveniences that range from physical injury to traffic delays, and everything in between.

If you are planning on moving out of your Aurora home this year, or you’re moving into the area, keep these four things in mind. Don’t make these mistakes, and you’ll have an easier time while saving money and reducing headaches. Here are four moving blunders that we see people make more often than we’d like to!

1. Trying to move everything themselves

It’s tempting to look around your house and talk yourself into doing the backbreaking work all by yourself. But the truth is, the average person cannot handle an entire move on their own, from the repetitive packing, lifting, and stacking of boxes, to the packing and transporting of large furniture and appliances. Thousands of Americans end up in the ER with strains and sprains from residential moving attempts- don’t let it be you! Hire professional movers, at least to handle the big items, and save your back and knees.

2. Forgetting about their pet’s needs

For some people, throwing Fido in the truck at the last minute and driving away is as far as they’ve planned ahead. But for animals, it’s a good idea to get them ready well ahead of time. This means taking them into the vet for a checkup, vaccinations, and paperwork (which you will need to keep with you during transit, especially crossing state lines). If flying, make sure you have the proper kennel and records, and always do research on your destination to see if there are any dog breed restrictions in place (Aurora has a lot!), and know your local licensing procedures.

3. Not paring down ahead of time

It’s estimated that Americans move millions of pounds worth of junk, trash, and other unwanted items each year. This is because many people don’t take the time to declutter before they move, and they end up spending more money, time, and energy packing and transporting things they will later throw out or let sit in storage. Set aside plenty of time to go through your belongings with a fine-tooth comb- toss, donate, or recycle things you don’t want. Then you’ll have more room in the residential moving van, and less to unpack when you get there. Take the opportunity to start fresh in your new place!

4. Failing to pack a survival kit

You don’t want to be scrambling to find and open boxes when you have an emergency or experience any kind of delay. The trick to avoiding this kind of headache is to pack a suitcase for your immediate needs- keep a few days worth of clothes, medications, toiletries, and first aid items accessible at all times. You can also include things like extra cash, pet food, important moving documents, and even an extra coffee stash to get you through the first few days of your big life transition!

Relocating For Your Job Next Year? Here Are A Few Tips

One of the most common reasons why people move is for work- they’re either starting a brand new job outside Colorado, moving up the corporate ladder, or being transferred within their company. While this time can be quite exciting, it also comes with a lot of stress and pressure. A job relocation requires that you find new housing, familiarize yourself with a new area, master a new job position, and network with new professionals…all at the same time! There are a few extra steps involved in large moving or out of state moving projects like this, but if you can take them, you can save yourself many headaches down the road.

When duty calls, it’s time to buckle down and get organized. Landing a new job and moving to a new city can be thrilling and open up your world to new experiences and opportunities, so there’s no reason to make it more stressful than it needs to be. Check out our list of tips, and start getting ready for a new adventure!

1. Stay as organized as possible

This really is the key to any move, but especially a job-related one. Make several file folders for moving documents, new job paperwork, insurance and bills, and moving-related expenses. Bonus points for using a file-sharing network so you can access your important papers from any device and any location.

2. Check out your company’s resources

If you are going to be working for a large company, chances are good that they have moving and relocation resources that you can take advantage of. Some may offer relocation stipends or financial assistance, and others may have a list of great realtors, neighborhoods, and housing options in the area. Most will at least give you tips to settle into your new town, or give recommendations to help you and your family make an easier transition.

3. Explore before committing

Most people don’t want to make any huge decisions (like out of state moving) without proper research first, and for good reason. If you can afford it, take several trips to the area you are applying for jobs in, and get a good feel for it. Walk the neighborhoods, dine in the restaurants, view housing options, and bring your family if you can. No matter what your new job is, you want to feel comfortable and excited to be living in this new place.

4. Build support ahead of time

It can be very lonely and exhausting being in a new place without your social network of Colorado friends and family. But thanks to modern technology, you can start meeting people before you even move! Mingle with people while you’re visiting, but also reach out to locals online and build a group of people you can go out with, people who can help show you around, and hook up with local groups that share your interests.

Tips For Keeping Your Refrigerator Clean And Organized

We all know the smell of a refrigerator that needs to be cleaned out. Perhaps you’ve got weeks-old Chinese takeout or a crisper drawer full of decomposing vegetables that have been calling your name. Maybe you open the door to see a mess of crammed containers, cartons, jars, and packages, and just can’t stand it anymore. It’s time to take control and find solid storage options to keep things tidy and organized for your whole family.

But before you rush off to your nearest Denver home improvement store, take a minute to plan how you want your refrigerator to look and function. Think about your most common food items, the eating habits of everyone who uses the fridge, and come to a realistic and low-maintenance idea for keeping it clean and keeping you sane.

1. Consider bins or baskets

Just about any storage container can be used in a refrigerator, but it’s great to use plastic ones that are easy to clean. You can divide your food into bins or baskets based on type of food, expiration date, each person (great for roommate situations), or whatever else makes sense to you. These make your fridge look pleasant, and can prevent the leftovers from getting lost in the back!

2. Schedule regular cleanouts

Make a calendar or set a reminder for a monthly overhaul of your refrigerator, and recruit your family or roommates to help. Remove everything from the fridge, clean the interior thoroughly, and take inventory of your food before putting it back. You can use a spreadsheet, a manual list, or an electronic app to keep track of what foods you have, how much, and when they expire.

3. Use proper storage options

Most fridge messes happen when something isn’t packaged properly and things spill or leak. This is not only unpleasant, but can lead to bacterial contamination and other health risks. Start using safe and sealable storage containers like mason jars or Tupperware bins, and teach your house-mates to wrap up their leftovers to prevent smells and spills!

4. Consider repurposing

Do you have an old turntable or lazy susan that you don’t use anymore? Pop it in the fridge and never forget about your condiments again. Magazine racks, color-coded stickers, and large binder clips can all be used to keep your foods and drinks tidy. Look around the house for things that you can repurpose, and then you won’t spend as much at your organization store in Denver.

5. Banish those odors

Even a relatively clean fridge can have odors sometimes, depending on the kinds of foods that are in it. It’s worth investing in a box of baking soda or a can of activated charcoal to keep inside all the time. These natural substances absorb odors and won’t release any weird or toxic chemicals into your food storage area.

Your Local Moving To-Do List

Did you know that most residential moves occur within the same county and even a large percentage of those are within 20 miles? Many people make housing changes but don’t end up going very far, especially in the Fort Collins area, with our large housing turnover and transitory population. Some residents think that just because they’re only going down the street or across town, they don’t need to do much preparation. And while this is definitely true for some things (like not having to find a new healthcare provider), there are still quite a few things that deserve a spot on your local moving to-do list.

If you or someone you know is planning a short-distance move this year, resist the urge to simply throw everything in the car and go. No matter how close your new house is, there are several key things that need to be done to make your move smooth and hassle-free. Check out our tips and make some notes to keep your residential transition on track!

1. Start a file for moving information

Several weeks or months in advance, set aside a folder or file for moving-related information. This will help you keep everything organized and in one accessible area. Include things like new housing lease agreements, home purchase papers, realtor and listing info, and insurance documents.

2. Notify the postal service of your upcoming move

You can set an effective move date well in advance, so don’t wait until the last minute to officially declare your change of address. And for an eco-friendly tip: if you don’t want the barrage of mail that comes with a new residence, file for a “temporary” change of address, instead of a “permanent” one.

3. Stash away VIP items first

Take an hour or so and gather up all of your most important possessions and pack them where they are safe and clearly labeled. Things like birth certificates, legal documents, living wills, cherished photos, and priceless jewelry can be put in a safe or other fireproof container and be ready to move before most other things.

4. Take the time to pare down

Even if you’re only moving from one end of Fort Collins to the other, it pays to pare back on the volume you’ll be moving. Don’t take the time, energy, and money transporting extra or unwanted junk that’s just going to go into storage at your new house. Go through closets, drawers, and boxes and toss or donate things that you don’t use or want anymore.

5. Still hire a pro

Some items need to be packed and handled by professional movers, even in a local moving scenario, so don’t give in and try to do it all yourself. Large furniture, heirloom pieces, pianos, and heavy appliances can be quickly and safely transported by the pros, so make a list of the items you will let them handle. This will free up more of your time and energy to focus on the rest of your house and all the little things! Plus, this will make your move much faster, and we can all agree there’s no reason to drag out a short-distance move!

How To Deal With Moving During The Holidays

The holiday season itself can be a huge source of stress, as can any moving experience. So what happens when they both happen to coincide with each other? While the thought of it might be enough to make a grown adult cry, there are a few things you can do to keep the headaches to a minimum. If you are stuck making a move during the holiday season, whether that’s for work or other time-sensitive reasons, you don’t need to panic. With the right amount of preparation, you can pull off a seamless transition without missing out on the festivities.

For locals in Greeley and all over Colorado, the holiday season is a time for family, playing in the snow, and reveling in the beautiful lights and decorations. You don’t want to miss out on this special time of year, and yet you know you have a lot to get done to move house. Here are a few handy tips to help you survive a holiday move:

1. Take time out

This is the first on the list, and for good reason. Whether you are overwhelmed with packing or with the visiting in-laws, it’s important that you take regular breaks. Don’t let your responsibilities or seasonal obligations ruin your inner peace. Take time out for yourself to recharge- take a bubble bath, go to the movies, take a yoga class, or have craft time with the kids. Whatever you love that brings you peace and joy is worth setting aside your to-do list for a while.

2. Book everything in advance

Talk to your local moving company in Greeley and get on the schedule as soon as you can. Often during the holidays, movers are short on staff and may book up quickly. Make arrangements for your movers and any other professionals like home inspectors and appraisers well in advance. Also, notify your utilities and the postal service ahead of time, and make appointments for your new services to be ready at your new home earlier than you think you need to.

3. Stay festive

Even if you spend your free time decluttering your attic and packing away your kitchen, there’s no reason not to infuse some holiday cheer. Put on festive music, watch holiday movies, light a special candle, or don a seasonal sweater- the more you can stay in the holiday mood, the better! Especially if you have little ones, don’t let your moving responsibilities overshadow the special magic of this time of year.

4. Stay connected

It’s hard to juggle your own work and family, no matter what time of year it is, but it’s especially important to stay in touch with your support system during a holiday move. Take time to call your far-off relatives, meet friends for coffee or cocktails, and visit your local family if possible. Sending out simple holiday cards is also a great way to stay connected while informing everyone of your upcoming move and new contact information. Plus, if you are moving to a new area, it’s extra important to feel surrounded with love and support!

4 Reasons to Consider Long Term Storage For Your Holiday Stash

The holiday season can be so much fun, with all the lights and decorations and neat things to buy. But it can also be stressful finding a place to store all of those things for the rest of the year. Chances are your house in Aurora doesn’t have a ton of extra space, nor do you want to fill up every square inch you have left with ornaments, wreaths, and plastic pumpkins. And for the holiday aficionados out there, it can be downright impossible to find a convenient and cost-effective solution for keeping everything neat and tidy.

There are many reasons why people choose to seek out long-term storage options, but most people don’t think about adding their holiday goods to the list. The thing is, décor and special equipment can take up a lot of room, and generally has no other purpose outside of its seasonal duties, so why keep stuffing it into the attic or piling it up in the garage? Storage solutions are right here in your neighborhood, so maybe it’s time to find that inflatable Santa and moving lit reindeer a better place to hang out. Here are a few reasons why:

1. More space in your house

The obvious choice for moving your décor into a storage unit is the amount of space it will free up. If you’ve been feeling cramped, or really wishing you could find room for that new couch you’ve been eyeing, it’s worth looking at what items you can stash away for long periods of time without worry. Most of your things you probably use regularly, but your holiday decorations can easily be put out of sight for the majority of the year. If you long to see the garage floor, or be able to navigate the crawlspace without a stubbed toe, look into long-term storage in Aurora.

2. Unified organization

Like many people, you probably have little spots of storage all over your house and garage, and you fill those areas as you need them. Therefore, you probably have your holiday goods strewn about across several locations, instead of all in one unified spot. One of the greatest things about storage spaces is that they’re big enough to fit all your stuff, but small enough to keep things organized. If you primarily use your storage unit for décor and seasonal supplies, then you know exactly where they all are and can access them easily. Instead of wandering the house looking for the bin of icicle lights, you’ll know they’re right there with the rest of your decorations!

3. Heightened security

Many holiday items are very special to us, whether they are family heirlooms or sentimental gifts from years past. Additionally, the average American household owns thousands of dollars worth of holiday or seasonal items, so your stash is definitely worth protecting. Those breakable ornaments, priceless table settings, and handmade knick-knacks deserve a better place than stuffed in a cardboard box in your garage. Long-term storage centers can offer both climate control and security for your precious holiday items, so why not take advantage of this and keep your investments safe? You can rest easy knowing your grandmother’s china and your kid’s festive outfits are under lock and key.

4. Room to play with

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to expand your holiday decoration collection, or you’ve moved into a larger house with more opportunities to decorate. The great thing is, long-term storage spaces in Aurora come in many different sizes, so you can make room for the new goods you’ll snag during this year’s sales or the new presents you’ll receive. You won’t have to worry about finding a place to store everything in your attic, but you can shop away knowing you have room in your storage space. Don’t miss out on another huge sale, and finally say yes to that new pre-lit tree you’ve been wanting for years.

3 Tips For Moving Out Of State This Winter

There are a lot of advantages to moving during the spring and summer, but sometimes things don’t always work out that way. Many people in Denver and surrounding areas are forced to make a major relocation during the cold and snowy months, which can be an extra challenge. Packing up and moving an entire household is a lot of work, but doing it in the dreary time of year can place undue stress on everyone involved. There isn’t a lot of information out there specifically for off-season out-of-state moving, so we put together this list of tips and tricks for anyone facing a move this winter.

In addition to the usual advice about packing, hiring movers, and making address changes, there are a couple season-specific things to keep in mind. If you are preparing for buying or selling a house, switching apartments, or starting a new job in a faraway city, don’t ignore the weather completely. It will serve you well to be prepared and aware of the special demands that winter moving may come with. Here are a few ideas to keep you safe, warm, and keep things running smoothly for your winter move:

1. Don’t neglect your emotional health

It is estimated that over half a million Americans deal with some form of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which can cause irritability, apathy, and lack of energy in the colder, darker months of the year. If you are someone who feels your fatigue increase and your moods turn blue this time of year, pay special attention to your needs throughout the moving process. Talk to your doctor ahead of time, to come up with a game plan to deal with not only the seasonal change, but also the stress of your upcoming move. And while the winter climate in Denver can be pleasant at times, be prepared to deal with lower energy and higher frustration levels, and plan out your to-do lists in accordance. Be sure to go slowly, take breaks, and take extra good care of yourself with healthy food, plenty of water, and regular sleep. Also, don’t get cooped up in the house and neglect your friends and family- make social plans that give you an excuse to get out and do something fun, as well as take your mind off your out-of-state moving stresses.

2. Prepare your vehicles

Just like your house, your car needs to be winterized too, especially if you are going to be relying on it to move you from one state to another. For any vehicle that’s making the trip, it’s wise to take it into a mechanic plenty of time before moving day, so any nagging issues can be diagnosed and fixed. The last thing you want is to be having car trouble in the middle of a highway in the snow, with all your stuff packed in the back! Also, make sure you have an emergency kit stashed within reach that contains things like food, water, flashlights, tire chains, and warm clothing. And if the weather looks particularly hairy driving out of Denver on the big day, check with your moving company about their safety rules and policies.

3. Pack by season

When you are faced with an entire household to pack up for a big move, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. So try this trick- you can safely pack away things that are from another season without having to worry. This winter, you can easily pack up your summer gear first and cross that off the list. You won’t be needing it for quite a while, and it can feel good to get that accomplished, giving you some much-needed encouragement and momentum to conquer the rest of your house. Even for extended out-of-state moving adventures, you can get a head start on packing when you approach your items on a seasonal basis!

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