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Un-filtering the filtered reviews on Yelp

There is an old saying that there is no such thing as bad press. But in this digital age with social media as a communication standard and the majority of businesses networking through the use of directory listings, sometimes it can be downright complicated to sort through it all.

One of our favorite sites for customer review, social networking and local search has been a site called Yelp. A Yelp review has been an easily accessible way for our customers to create moving reviews for their experience with Exodus. It had also proved to be a great place to search through moving company reviews when shopping for the best movers. But recently, we have been experiencing a slight by omission. It’s not that we have a bad Yelp review, but thanks to the Yelp filters, we are missing some very good and extremely ecstatic feedback from some clients that we really enjoyed working with. We don’t quite understand the rationale or filtering system of this site, but in an effort to let these fine folks have their say, the following are 9 filtered reviews on Yelp that never made it to grace our page.

If you want someone you can trust and will do a good, clean and thorough job, you want Exodus. If you want cheap and dirty, go somewhere else. This company is first rate. We moved around the beginning of September 2011 and they came to the house to do the estimate (to be on site to see what there actually was). They packed us up. They loaded the truck (great job nothing broken) and unloaded the next day. They where mindful of not causing any bumps, scrapes or scratches. They did misplace a box in the house (a box of hardware to put the beds back together) but did return to the house and no extra charge to put everything back together once the box was found. They picked up boxes and packaging material at no extra charge. At the end of it all, the total bill was LESS than the estimate. How many companies do that? If you are nervous (as I was) and you just want a good, reliable company, look no further than Exodus.

Nate T.           10/31/2011     Parker, CO

I used Exodus for a move from San Jose to Denver.  Although there were issues with the original truck that was going to be used for the move, I was kept informed the whole time regarding the status and my move was not delayed.  Everyone I dealt with was professional and friendly.  My belongings arrived on time and in great condition.  I would definitely use Exodus again.

Katie P.          8/9/2011         Littleton, CO

I’ve moved six times with Exodus Moving and would use them again!  They have moved me half way across the country twice and locally four times.  They go out of their way to take as much stress out of the equation as possible.  They are so friendly and professional!

Heather C.     8/9/2011         Loveland, CO

We used them for a short local move of all of our heavy stuff.  These people are fantastic!   A crew of three guys and a truck.   They were prompt, careful, and very thorough!   They were on time, they were fast, and careful at the same time.   They came in well under their own estimate.

Had em come back a couple of weeks later and move a couple of pieces we had located in the wrong places.   The second visit was every bit as good as the first experience.

Exodus moving is the BEST!

John T.           10/27/2011     Aurora, CO

I recently moved into my first home (yay!) and went with Exodus as my mover.  I had heard of them by word of mouth and they came highly recommended.  The days up to the move were fairly stressful due to some difficult circumstances that arose, completely unrelated to the move, and I was at my wits end leading up to moving day.  Needless to say I was not looking forward to it.

When the movers showed up to load the truck, however, my mind was put at ease as I was greeted with friendly smiling faces who were very professional, and got down to business right away.  I was truly impressed by the team, especially since our moving day was freezing cold and snowing, and certainly not ideal for the movers.

I would definitely recommend Exodus as opposed to the giant corporate movers who don’t know you by anything else as a number.  The movers knew my name when they showed up and each introduced themselves to me, which was a nice change from the norm.  Thanks Exodus for the least stressful moving experience that I’ve had!

Joy H.             8/9/2011         Commerce City, CO

As a director of a nonprofit that provides support to military families, I reached out to Joel and Exodus when one of my Gold Star Families needed help.  Joel and crew were professional and compassionate.  What a wonderful company and blessing to have in our communities!!

Heather E.     4/21/2011       Parker, CO

I moved from Denver to SF and was delighted with Exodus’ performance. Nothing was damaged and the people — from the CFO to the movers — were unbelievably nice and extremely careful with my items, including a high-value piano that I own. Our move took place during a massive rainstorm and required double parking a semi in downtown SF, yet it went off without a hitch! Hiring Exodus was the best decision I could have made.

Heidi B.          3/23/2011       Denver, CO

Exodus Moving was absolutely astonishing. I was nervous about the move from Fort Collins to Denver, but Exodus made it simple and easy. Joel planned my move perfectly, everything went smoothly. When it was time for the boxes to be loaded, the workers were very possessional, well-dressed and well-groomed. Everyone was very polite, I was amazed! Everything arrived on time, and in perfect condition. I don’t plan on moving again, but if I do, I’ll choose Exodus for sure!

Adam S.          1/31/2011       Denver, CO

Amazing people, very professional and came in under budget!  Removed a huge amount of stress from my Los Angeles to Denver move.

Ariel K.          1/28/2011       Denver, CO

Fresh Place Friday- Spotlight on Highlands Ranch

Sometimes we visit new places in Colorado that we have never been. It’s one of the “perks” of the job really- this built in ability to explore. Every day we come in contact with new people who need answers to their moving and storage questions as well as tangible aid in moving from point A to point B. But we are always pleasantly surprised to find out that there are so many cities in our great State that provide such carefully thought out communities. This week we decided to highlight a place on our Colorado State map which is both little known and widely loved. This Fresh Place Friday is dedicated to an area called Highlands Ranch.

The History of Highlands Ranch

Originally populated by nomadic Native American tribes including the Arapaho Indians, the area that is now considered Highlands Ranch was sold to the US in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. There were no permanent settlers to the area until the issue of water supply was solved in 1870. Remaining a group of random farms and ranches strewn throughout the area just a few miles south of Littleton CO, parts of the area were bought and sold over the next 175 years but very little was actually organized or developed. But in 1978 the Mission Viejo Company purchased the area and the first homes were built in 1981.

Highlands Ranch Today

Today Highlands Ranch is a thriving metro district that includes over 95,000 residents making it the most highly populated city in the US that is still unincorporated. It exists and is developing as a “master planned community”, and is 23.5 square miles in size. This year the area is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Sometimes called a “bedroom community”, Highlands Ranch is often the living place of choice for those who work in larger cities nearby because of its proximity to them.

Community Philosophy

The community of Highlands Ranch has been created with the central idea that an active approach to both your health and your environment is a very positive thing for life. Boasting state of the art recreational facilities, 23 parks and 70 miles of trails, there is no shortage of natural wonder. And with well known opportunities to be active such as the Backcountry Wilderness Area, the Open Space Information Center and various environmental education programs available to its residents, the focus on nature is clear. And with programs such as the “Healthy Steps Program”, dedicated specifically to encouraging the community to adopt a more healthy and active lifestyle in addition to the myriad of sports offered including football, soccer, rugby, baseball and tennis, there is always something to do .

For the high quality of life enjoyed by so many of the people that are fortunate enough to live in this community, it’s no wonder Highlands Ranch continues to receive national recognition for being one of the best places to live in the United States.

Good People are the Key

People are of paramount importance to the success of our company. And at Exodus we believe that good management and happy employees are the keys to operational success. Because we treat employees well, they are happier in the office and in the field. And because we only worked with hired employees instead of outsourced “hired guns”, the accountability and communication is secure. It’s a chicken or the egg concept: do our employees take pride in what they do because we take pride in them or do we take pride in them because they take pride in what they do? Regardless of the order, the outcome is evidenced by delighted customers just like Marge and Joe:

Feb 28th, 2011

Exodus Moving

1730 E Prospect Road

Suite 102

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Re: Our recent move from Fort Collins, CO to New Bern, NC

To Whom it May Concern:

We would like to thank Frank for the highly professional service he gave us when delivering our household goods to New Bern on Feb 18th. Frank worked tirelessly and carefully supervised the work of the others until the job was done.

Frank is a very dedicated employee and should be commended for his hard work, kindness and for going above and beyond. Please share the attached copy of this letter with him.

We would also like to thank Jason, Account Manager, and Sergio moving Scheduler for their assistance as well as the team who packed dishes for us on Feb 7th and removing everything on the 8th in very inclement weather conditions.

Thank you for the wonderful dishpack boxes you provided as well. In our opinion, Exodus does an excellent job at what they do and we are very satisfied. We are recommending you to the folks that bought our home as well.

All of you helped to make a very stressful experience easier and we thank you.


Marge & Joe

Oregon Coast Spotlight

One of the best things about being a preferred mover of so many is the variety of places we get to see as a result. Because we have actual employees instead of sub-contractors, our family ties are close. And as the fine folks in the field are traveling, often they report back and let us know about where they were and what they saw.

Moving, just like life, is about more than just the destination, it’s about the journey itself. There is so much beauty in this country of ours that we are continually astounded by. Our latest pictures from our driver are no exception. This week we would like to put our spotlight on the Oregon Coast.

The Scenery

The Oregon Coast is also sometimes referred to as “the people’s coast”. Perhaps this is because of its genuinely breathtaking combination of landscape elements. With an unmistakable mountainous backdrop and the pending possibility of dessert like terrain nearby, this gorgeous stretch of the Pacific Ocean provides a simultaneously soothing and stimulating environment for sport, photography and leisure of all kinds. From Astoria to Brookings Harbor and everything in between, this particular part of the US is certainly something to see.

The Activities

People who enjoy the outdoors are in an overwhelming state of opportunity in Oregon at large but specifically on the coast, the variety only seems to increase. There is opportunity for everything from animal watching to art galleries, camping to crabbing. It’s a remarkable place to hike and horseback ride or paddleboat and picnic. For seafood lovers, it is an amazing place to eat. And for those who appreciate historic museums and lighthouses, there is never a dull moment. This place is a true haven for both recreation and relaxation.

Here are the pictures we received from our driver, on the way to making this lovely place someone’s new home.


Moving Tip #35

RF250522There are a lot of administrative items to take care of when you move. Remember to cancel your utilities, change your address with the post office, and contact your friends, family, work, creditors, insurance providers, along with any subscriptions about your change of location. We suggest setting these changes up at least 3 weeks before your move date in order to insure that no important notifications are misplaced and no additional fees are charged.

So You Want to Move to….SEATTLE!

If you are considering relocating to the Pacific Northwest, look no further than the wonderful city of Seattle. Floating bridges, revolving restaurants and an underground city separate Seattle from most other cities in the country. In addition, Seattle is home to the longest continuously running farmer’s market in the country, the Pike Place Market. Whether you are watching the infamous “fish throwing” in Pike Place Market, driving over the world’s longest floating bridge or exploring the Seattle waterfront, you will find that Seattle’s rain does not put a damper on its beauty.


Transportation in Seattle is great. Whether you are looking to take a ferry, a ferry taxi, a bus and more, you can expect that you can live in Seattle without a car easily.Not to mention that with the public transportation you can enjoy the beautiful scenes and sites of the city. If you have a car like any city this is a great one being that they have streets and highways like everywhere else :).


If you like rain, you are going to like Seattle. If you like lots of rain, you are really going to like Seattle. If you love tons of rain, Seattle is the place for you! With some sunshine in the summer time, this city has mostly water as its climate.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Seattle is 19% above the national average. You are paying a bit more for all of the coolness of the city, the amazing sites and the fantastic location of your new home.
Cool Spots

If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you are most likely a fan of Seattle. So go and check out the Space needle just to get it out of the way. If you want to stick to the waterfront, check out the Seattle Waterfall Garden or Pike Place Market to do some seriously amazing shopping. If you’re feeling up to a little nature exhibit check out the Seattle Aquarium as well, it is truly a breathtaking sight for your eyes.

Reasons to Move

  • No State Income Tax That’s right people, you heard it first here.
  • Jobs The Industry is booming and lots of opportunities are sprouting everyday.
  • Music Scene Seattle is the birthplace of many amazing bands and acts and still hold a place in the music world.
  • Nature With some of the most beautiful sites in thee country, Seattle has a little bit for everyone to

Random fact about Seattle
Seattle was the first US city to play a Beatles song on the radio

Deducting Moving Expenses from Your Federal Taxes

Hooray! There is a serious positive side to moving! If you are moving for business, (change your job location, or starting a new job or business, or an entrepreneur relocating) you are applicable for deductions for your moving expenses.

Expenses that can be included (according to the IRS):

  • Packing and transporting of your goods and effects
  • Cost of storage and insurance
  • Connecting and disconnecting utilities
  • Personal goods
  • Cost of lodging and transportation for the move itself
  • Mileage: 16.5 cents per mile, plus parking, fees and tolls

Expenses that are not considered deductions:

  • Meals
  • Pre-move house-hunting expenses
  • Entering or breaking a lease
  • Any moving expenses that were reimbursed by employer

If you fit the criteria, your new location must be at least 50 miles farther than your old location of which you worked. If your home was your office, the same applies from home to home.  Also, you must work 39 full time weeks during the first 12 months upon arriving in your new location. Self employment applicants must work full time for at least 39 weeks during the first 12 months. These criterion do not apply if you are a member of the military.

To get your deductions organized and ready for the IRS, fill out on Form 3903 (PDF) and also use form Form 1040 (PDF) For more information, check out the IRS website by visiting this link

Relocation Astrology? Say What?!

Astrology is used as a form of entertainment; however, checking your daily horoscope for entertainment is one thing, making a huge life change based on astrology- is another thing.

The major life change we are talking about is moving. For those who believe in the power of astrology to predict the future or determine personality traits, you might find relocation astrology as an important process if you’re thinking about moving to another city for a specific reason.

Relocation astrology is a fairly new method using ancient astrology techniques to determine the best locations for living and traveling. More and more people are contacting relocation astrologers because they are itching to get out of dodge and start over in a new city. It could be a family looking for a better place to live, someone looking for the ideal place to retire, someone moving just to make more money or perhaps an entrepreneur seeking an active city to start a business. Whatever the reason may be, a relocation astrologer will help you find the best city to fit your needs.

A relocation astrologer will begin by using your natal chart. Where you were born and the exact time you were born is important information needed to begin. According to most professionals, each person has 12 houses in their birth chart that help determine their personalities and needs, as well as their sun sign, moon sign and ascendant sign. Each house rules a certain realm of life, such as love, personal fulfillment, and career satisfaction. At the same time, the planets have certain energies and powers credited to them. It’s a long, complicating process but the astrologer will list the top five most favorable locations based on their findings to tell you what celestial experiences you will meet at each specific location. The findings usually cover emotional and physical influences as well as challenges and strengths that you may be faced with. So depending on what you’re looking for, you can use their findings to make your decisions on where to go next.

Even though the name is focused on people looking to relocate permanently, the relocation astrologer’s chart can also include cities the reader is temporarily seeking to conduct short term business, or locations they simply just want to visit. So if you’re planning to relocate, travel for business, or even just a weekend getaway, the relocation astrologer will let you in on astrological influences that will affect you in your new location.

*As always, an important rule of thumb is to seek a trustworthy professional before you trust someone with your personal information.

5 Things You Must Know Before Renting a House

Searching for a new residence can be stressful and time consuming. Creating a “must have” list not only eliminates houses efficiently, but will set you up for success for the duration of your stay.

  1. Know Your Lease: As a renter, in most cases you are not protected by the leasing laws of the local government, but rather by your signed lease. Because of this reality, it is incredibly important that you take time to read over your lease, ask for clarity where needed, and ask for changes (using your tenancy as leverage) where you believe things may be unfair or not make sense within the lease itself. Do not settle a change in the lease in the form of a verbal agreement. If you do this there is no way of proving this agreement in the event that you need it. Don’t be afraid to protect yourself and get any changes and agreements in writing.
  2. Know What Needs to be in Writing: Certain items that are often left unclear and left out of the lease should be addressed and added into the agreement. Particularly, things like lawn care. Who is going to maintain the grass and landscape? Is there a lawnmower provided? Are you paying for lawn services? Sometimes there are laws against leaving your lawn unkempt so clarifying this will prevent any surprises. Also, clarifying who is to fix and pay for large appliances in the house that are already provided. Payment and method to dealing with these in the event they break is essential. Lastly, privacy rights. Many people assume that the landlord must give at least 24 hours, written notice in order to enter the premises. This again, is not always true—only if it is included in the lease agreement.
  3. Know Your Rights: According to the Fair Housing Act it is Illegal to discriminate against applicants because of race, sex, religion, ethnicity, mental or physical disability or family status. However, if you are denied due to your financial, job, references, or income status this is completely legal.
  4. Know the Terms of Your Security Deposit: Protect your money! Renters most of the time are walking into a previously lived in home so keeping track with a written report of your findings in the house should definitely be your first move. Next you should walk through the area and take pictures of the entirety of the apartment so that any previous damage is noted in the photos. Make sure that you are not using a digital camera but rather a 35mm. This is generally the only type that will hold up in court because of the date inscription (digital cameras can be changed)
  5. Know About Renters Insurance: Important! Worth it! Renters insurance protects you against unexpected tragedies such as fire, flood, robbery, etc. Being able to have your things protected will not only save you money but let you sleep a little easier at night.

Smooth the Move For Your Children

Moving across Fort Collins, within Colorado, or across the country? This is a huge event for the entire family! Residential moves are many times associated with a job change, marriage or divorce, a family death, a new home purchase, or a new addition to the family. Along with the event that may be the initial reasoning for the move, the family is also dealing with the numerous life changes a relocation brings, all at once.

For children, the effects of a move can be even more strenuous. While some children may see the change as an exciting new opportunity, others may not. A new bedroom, new neighborhood, new school, new friends, new bus ride, new schedule, new teachers, new coaches… everything is new at once. All this “new” means transition and the unknown for children that are accustomed to their current routine. As parents, there are ways to make this less scary and an smoother process for everyone involved.

An article on wwmoving with discusses strategies for reducing stress, anxiety, and making a family move an easier experience. Here is a list of 6 steps for easing the transition for children during a move:

Involve children in the move as early and as much as possible.

Try to maintain daily routines.

Be patient with children and empathize with their feelings.

Help children make new friends and get them involved in their new communities.

Visit new schools to see if orientation programs are available for newcomers.

Look for warning signs of children not adjusting well.

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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