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How to Find Office Space Deals

Setting up an office space isn’t cheap. One of the biggest expenses is renting out the space that will become the future home of your business. Thankfully, there are some excellent commercial real estate tips that you can use to get a better deal on that dream office space. Here’s what we’ve compiled for you.


Office Sign

CC Image courtesy of justinbaeder on Flickr

1. Considering sharing office space: if you have your sights set on a massive office space that you really want to rent (but can’t afford the whole rent), here’s what you do:


Make sure that you have enough cash to cover one year of rent.

Put out a ‘shared office space available’ ad.

Find another business to share your office space with.


Sharing an office space isn’t unheard of, and it’s a great way to get the space you’ve always wanted without paying full price. But, do make sure that you have enough funds to cover one year of rent – just in case you can’t find someone to share your space right away.


2. Look for sublets: in our last post about moving your office, we talked about understanding your lease. Those that didn’t take the time to read through a lease completely may now be subletting office space. Ask your real estate agent if there are any sublet spaces for rent in your area.


3. Downsize: sure, a massive office with ceiling-high windows looks great, but do you really need that much space? A lot of businesses start off with much less space and make it big. Think about how much you really need – maybe that 600 square foot space isn’t so bad after all.


4. Consider outsourcing: maybe you can outsource a job or two. A ton of competent people work from home offices, and that means less space that you’ll have to create. Another idea is to allow some of your employees to work from home on certain days, so that you can share desk or floor space.


5. Look for towns seeking companies: a lot of town and cities want businesses to set up shop. Sometimes, you can get great discounts just for moving to a town or city that needs new business.


6. Don’t overlook odd spaces: okay, so that cheap rental space was once a car wash. Can you make it work? If you can get the space at a really good rate, think about what a great decorator and some paint can do. Many startups (like Apple) were built on much less.


7. Think about part-time space: some companies don’t need to rent out an office space full-time. Is there a company that you can work out a schedule with? Think along the lines of a timeshare here.


Creativity Helps


Some business owners take a designer along to look at office spaces. Why? It takes a lot of imagination to think about a space in creative terms. If you aren’t the imaginative type, that’s okay. Hire someone to look at spaces with you, give an opinion on the space (can it be transformed?), and offer up some helpful design tips. Maybe you can turn a really ugly space into something amazing – and cheap.


While all businesses would love to have an office out of Mad Men, the likelihood of that happening isn’t so huge at the start of a new business. As profits grow, you can weigh the pros and cons of spending more on office space, but you can really turn any small space into a great office space with just a bit of creativity. Keep your eye on the price of a space before negating a space due to the way that it looks. That’s the key to finding an office space on the cheap.


Getting Ready to Move


When you do find the best space for your business, you’ll need some help setting it all up. That’s where Exodus Moving and Storage comes in. We offer full service moving solutions for all of your office moving needs. We also have ample storage space in both Fort Collins and in Denver, so you can store anything that you can’t move. If you need help packing, we can do that too.


As soon as you see the right office space, you’ll know it – it’s kind of like walking into a home that you just know you are going to love! Keep the above tips in mind, and give us a call for a free moving estimates or storage rental space prices.

10 Green and Natural Ways to Spring Clean Your Home

Whether you’re moving into a new home or moving out of one, spring means cleaning. There are windows, floors, cabinets, closets, cupboards, and lots of other spaces to consider when that sunny weather rolls around. But you don’t have to use harsh chemicals to make your new place sparkle or stage your old home for eager buyers. There are lots of eco-friendly (and healthier) ways to make sure that your house shines this spring.

Closeup of Pool

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1. Vinegar: did you know that vinegar is a great window cleaner? Grab some newspaper, and mix a capful of vinegar into a few cups of cold water. If you have a spray bottle, even better! Just fill the bottle and spray the cleaner on your windows. Before you know it, you’ll have sparkling windows. Vinegar also works on any stainless material.

2. Donate: if you’re moving to Fort Collins or anywhere else, you’ll have to go through the piles of clothes that you have. If you haven’t worn an item in the past year, consider donating that item to a local charity – why throw clothes away when you can donate to someone in need? The same goes for any linen or other items that are in good shape but you no longer need.

3. Food pantry donations work too. If you have a lot of canned or boxed goods that are a month from expiring, and you don’t plan to use them, donate those items to a local food pantry. Someone out there will happily take your soups and other goods!

4. Bleach: you can use bleach to wipe down anything in your kitchen from refrigerator shelves to pantry shelves to your kitchen counters. Bleach is non-toxic, so it’s safe in the kitchen area, and it makes for a really clean space.

5. Offer to trade. If you have a friend that’s great at something you can’t do very well (like painting), offer to trade. Maybe you’re great at cleaning bathrooms or arranging cabinets. You can swap jobs to get every job done on time.

6. Minimize: if you have duplicate items or things you never really use, toss them. Why hang onto stuff that just doesn’t work for you anymore? Get rid of all those things you don’t need or use. You’ll have a cleaner home in no time.

7. Dust with a damp cloth: some warm water is all it really takes to get rid of dust. Just rub a damp cloth over surfaces to remove dust. Yep, it’s that simple!

8. Baking soda: scrub tiles and bathtubs with a bit of baking soda and water – it’s natural, chemical-free, and it works!

9. Olive oil: this stuff is great. You can use olive oil on your skin, on furniture, and anywhere else that needs some deep hydration.

10. Label and store: this tips is especially useful if you are moving. Purchase some large clear containers, label the containers, and store things in your new home in a clean and uncluttered way.

Need Help Moving? 

If you love these tips but still need help moving, give us a call. Exodus Moving and Storage is a full service moving company. We also have storage facilities in both Fort Collins and Denver, so you can store anything you can’t move into your new home (great way to declutter too!). We have moved a lot of people over the years. We also move any industrial or office space, and that includes packing and unpacking. If you need help moving, make sure to call us.

We also want to know about your natural and green spring-cleaning tips. There are a lot of substances that you probably already have in your home that can clean your house top to bottom. The trick is to move through your house slowly, take your time, and really enjoy making everything sparkle. Spring-cleaning doesn’t have to mean rushing through cleaning and using harsh chemicals. Check out the tips listed above; see what you already have, what you can donate, and what ways you can save both your wallet and the environment when you clean this spring. And, remember, we’re here to help you move all of the things that you do decide to keep! Call us today for a free estimate, storage space details, and with any questions that you may have.

Top Denver Eats

When you think of Denver food, what do you think of? Denver is something of a mixed bag when it comes to food, but there’s definitely a food style that’s this city’s own. Restaurateurs in Denver are starting to do the local food thing and the microbrew thing has been around for many years now, but there’s an underbelly of Denver’s food scene that you may find more than tempting.


"Taco Bell Nachos Tacos 4-8-092" by Steven Depolo

“Taco Bell Nachos Tacos 4-8-092” by Steven Depolo

Denver Fast Foods


Every city has a few fast food joints. It’s hard to find a street corner without a Starbucks or McDonalds. Denver has an interesting take of fast food, though. Sure, you’ll find some of the usual chains, but you’ll also find a few fast food firsts – like Chipotle Grill. Another popular fast food spot that’s all Denver is Noodles and Company. If you like noodles, Noodles and Company is a great way to get some great pasta fast. But, Denver isn’t all about fast food (though don’t knock the original Chipotle until you try it!). This town’s got some other delectable eats too.


Roasted Green Chiles – It’s a Thing Here


Everywhere you go in Denver, you will see green chiles. That green hue might not be huge anywhere else, but it’s all the rage (and has been for a long time) in Denver. The city’s top spot for green chiles is at Jack-n-Grill. Why? Because this restaurant roasts chiles on the spot – yeah, that’s tough to beat! You can also find green chiles just about anywhere you go. Denver locals like to toss a few onto burgers and hot dogs and (of course) in chili. Give green chiles a try, you’ll be glad that you did!


Did Someone Say Burritos? 


Denver has a love affair with burritos. You’ll find burritos of all types in almost every corner, but the most popular type of burrito is definitely the breakfast type. Breakfast burritos are so popular that the city is dotted with breakfast burrito carts. These carts will even come to your office in the morning to sell you a burrito or two! There’s nothing like a heavy burrito to start your day off right!


Japanese and Thai


There are two chains that have to be mentioned in this list. The first is Tokyo Joe’s. The second is Thai Basil. Both chains are notorious for solid food (Japanese or Thai) that is served quickly – if you get a taste for either, head to one of these chains. We promise that you won’t be sorry!


Slow Food


With all the fresh produce and meat that Colorado has to offer, it’s no wonder that many restaurants in the Denver area are now selling local food. The slow food movement has definitely hit Denver, and walking into any one of these places means that you’re in for a really fresh treat. If you haven’t tried any local food yet, make sure to stop at one of these spots.


Excellent Coffee


The coffee houses in Denver are almost worthy of a separate article (shout if you’d like to see one!). A few that do come to mind right away, though, are Aviano Coffee; Crema Coffee House; Logan’s Espresso Café; Happy Coffee; and Metropolis Coffee. Of course, you’ll also find your favorite chain coffee shops in Denver (Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts included), but the smaller coffee shops are the ones doing java right in this town! Ready to move to Denver yet? Good!


Preparing to Move to Denver


Now that you know what kinds of foods await you, let us help you get there! Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company offering storage spaces in Denver and Fort Collins as well as moving services. We can help you move your office from one side of Denver to the other, or we can help you move to Denver (or surrounding area) from anywhere in the world. We’re happy to provide you with some additional information about moving or our company.


If you need an estimate, we can do that too. Take a minute to browse around our site, or call us with any questions that you have. As soon as you decide to move to Denver, you’ll find out why this town is so popular! What’s your favorite Denver food spot?

What to Know Before Moving to Colorado

Colorado is a popular relocation destination for a reason. This state has it all! If you are moving to Fort Collins, Denver, or anywhere else in Colorado, you’ll love all that Colorado has to offer. Since Colorado isn’t like any other state, we thought we’d put together some of the things that you should know before you move here – just so that you’re ready to seize all Colorado has to offer!


CC Image courtesy of Derek Keats on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of Derek Keats on Flickr

1. Winter doesn’t meant downtime! Winter is filled with sunshine and plenty of amazing outdoor activities. Everyone in this state (it seems) takes to the slopes during the winter months for some boarding or skiing. With sunshine streaming down most days of the year, a dark and gloomy winter isn’t what you’ll experience in Colorado! Grab your winter gear of choice, and let’s hit the slopes!


2. Art matters here. In almost every town in Colorado, you will see local art of all kinds. From street art that’s celebrated to museums boasting what local artists have created, art really rules in this state.


3. A dream climate. The summer months aren’t the hot and humid sort in Colorado. In fact, most of our summer days are sunny and dry. The Eastern Plains have the best spring views, and winters are relatively mild. If you love looking at leaves, the fall months are vibrant with colors. Yeah, it’s hard to think of a season in Colorado that’s not breath taking!


4. Hiking and biking are favorite pastimes. If you’re not enjoying what winter has to offer on the slopes, you’ll have a hard time passing up a mountain walk or a widespread bicycle path. No matter what the season is, Colorado has a sport that matches the weather perfectly.


5. Two of the biggest industries in Colorado are IT and programming. If you are in either one of these fields, you’re bound to find a job that’s perfect for you easily. But, Colorado loves local business too.


6. Moving to Colorado to open up a new shop? You’ll find the residents in this state are welcoming and will give your business a try. The people that live in Colorado enjoy supporting anything that’s local, and this means that your business will be welcomed with open arms.


7. It’s a real mix. Each part of this state is unique. In some areas you may see wide and sprawling farms, but in other areas you’ll be smack in the middle of a huge city. One of the best things about this state is that you can drive from any major metropolis to a smaller town or farm area in just a few hours. Colorado is big, and that means that there’s lots of choose from!


8. Politics are mixed too. This state is really quite evenly divided between red and blue. It really depends on where you go!


9. Food is fantastic. Meat lovers will rejoice in some of the best beef in the U.S.A, but vegetarians will also find plenty of fresh produce to munch on. Since Colorado is big on local goods, food is no exception to the rule here.


10. Denver is the birthplace of the cheeseburger. The word “cheeseburger” can be attributed to a man by the name of Louis Ballast. Ballast created the cheeseburger in 1935.


11. Loveland is the land of love. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Valentine’s Day cards are sent to Loveland. Why? A group of volunteers in Loveland removes the cards from larger packages, hand stamps the cards with Valentine’s Day verses, and then sends the cards to the intended recipient – all so that a Valentine’s Day card can be sent from “Loveland.” Isn’t that sweet?


12. Love pinto beans? You’ll want to go to ‘Dove Creek’ – the pinto bean capital of the world.


13. Glenwood Springs has the world largest natural hot springs – get your bathing suit ready!


Getting Ready to Move


As you can see, Colorado has more than a few surprises! There are so many great reasons to move to Colorado. Whether you plan to move to Denver or to Fort Collins, Loveland, or any other part of this state, Exodus Moving and Storage can help you get there! Give us a call today for a quick quote and additional moving information.

Colorado is Content!

A recent Gallup Study has ranked every state within the United States according to a well-being and contentment survey. While ever state has something to offer, there are only a few states that are home to truly happy people. The list includes some states that are popular vacation destinations (like Hawaii), and other states that you may not know much about.


CC Image courtesy of agahran on Flickr

If you’re moving to Denver, Colorado, though, you’ll be moving to number seven on the list! As it turns out, people that live in Colorado are content. Here’s why!


Why Denver Makes People Happy  


It’s the sun, the land, and the open skies that make people in this state superbly content. With a life expectancy of 80-years old, and one of the lowest obesity rates in the country, Colorado is a healthy and happy place. Why are people in Colorado so active? It all has to do with the overall lifestyle that is enjoyed by all that live there. It’s safe to say that you can get outside and do almost any activity anywhere in Colorado, but Denver is where most people go to enjoy a mixture of city life and that laid back culture that puts Colorado at the top of the contentment chain.


Did you know that Denver gets more sunshine than most other cities in the U.S.? With over 300 days of sunshine per year, you’ll never get the winter blues. In fact, you’ll probably get a nice winter tan just from walking outside or picking up a pair of skis! So, it’s simple to see why Denver gets a nice high ranking from the latest Gallup Study. If you’re wondering what other states are on the list, here’s a quick look.


Other Happy States


  • Iowa
  • Washington
  • Hawaii
  • Vermont
  • Montana
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota


All of these states now have some serious bragging rights. High life expectancies, high salaries, high quality of life – what more could you ask for? What about states that didn’t make the list? Well, there are some states ranked by USA Today that didn’t quite make the happy lineup.


On the Flip Side


CC Image courtesy of PLeia2 on Flickr

The states that were ranked the ‘Most Miserable’ by participants across the United States in a recent issue of USA Today are as follows:


  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Missouri
  • Tennessee
  • Arkansas
  • Ohio
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Kentucky
  • West Virginia


If you are moving to Denver from any state (not just the ones listed above), you’ll love it here. We have sunshine, happiness, and plenty of things to make you sit up and notice life.  Plus, Denver happens to be one of the best places in the United States to open up a new business.


The Denver Business Scene


If you’re considering moving to the happiest place on earth (in our estimation, at least!), you’ll be happy to know that Denver can make your dreams come true (kind of!). Denver’s business scene is a booming one with lots of different opportunities to start and build a new business of almost any kind. Commercial rental spaces abound, are affordable, and the Denver crowd is really into local businesses.


If you have a great idea for a business, make Denver your new home. With everything that’s so great about this city, it’s hard to find a reason not to move here and start something new, right? Then again, if you’re already reading this article, you’re probably looking into moving to Denver already, so let us help you make that move happen!


Getting Ready to Move to Denver


You don’t have to worry about moving on a gloomy day when you move to Denver. Since we have one of the sunniest cities in the United States, you can pretty much expect the sun to be shining when it’s time for your move, but you’ll still want to be prepared. To make sure that you have everything in place and ready to move to the happy state, give us a call. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we strive to make your move stress-less and free from any unexpected event – doesn’t that sound nice?


Give us a call today to see how we can help you move to Denver. We also have a massive storage facility should you need to store any of your items before, during, or after your move. When it comes to Denver moving companies, you’ve come to the right spot.


We also want to know: what do you love about Denver?

Top Things to Do in Loveland, Colorado

Are you moving to Loveland, Colorado? You’re in luck! This city is lots of fun with plenty of really interesting and unique activities to keep you busy all year long. Plus, Loveland offers residents some great winter events that are happening right now. First, let’s take a look at what you’d find if you wandered into Loveland today. Next, we’ll list all of the top things to do in Loveland all year ‘round.


Ready to start your Loveland adventure?


Loveland’s February Lineup


1. ‘My Big Date Night.’ This Loveland event is all about couples, and it’s the perfect way to immerse yourself into the Loveland culture. Enjoy dining, beer tasting, and an overnight stay at one of Loveland’s best hotels starting at $200 per couple. If you haven’t moved to Loveland yet but want to see what the city is like, this package deal might be for you!


2. ‘Cartoon Skate.’ If you have kids, you’ll love this event! Every Saturday morning at ‘The Promenade Shops At Centerra’ outdoor skating rink, you and your kids can skate with popular cartoon characters! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Admission prices for kids under 12-years old are just $6.


3. ‘PechaKucha.’ How would you like to see 20 original artist images shown to you in less than 20 seconds? That’s what this Loveland Museum/Gallery exhibit is all about! Join the artistic crowd for a gathering of art-minded folk for free on February 27th at 7pm. Sounds like fun, right?


All of these February events can be found on the Loveland city main website ( But, that’s not all. This city sets up events every month (and nearly every weekend), so you can check out what’s happening next month too. Just pick the month that you are set to move in, and find an activity that will get you right into the swing of how things work in Loveland!


Plus, there are tons of activities and landmarks worth checking out at any time. Here are a few of our favorite Loveland spots.


CC Image courtesy of jessicareeder on Flickr

1. Devil’s Backbone Nature Trail: who can resist a trail called the ‘Devil’s Backbone?’ Expect nice and long paths, lots of nature scenes, and plenty of irresistible fresh air. You don’t really need to plan this one out – just grab your hiking shoes and go!


2. Rialto Theater: step back in time and head to the Rialto Theater for a show or two. This restored 1920s theater is a really great way to forget all about the connected world and head straight into the past (the acoustics aren’t half-bad either!).


3. Studio Vino: if your Italian is any good, you probably already recognized the word ‘vino,’ but where does the studio part come into play? Well, have you ever thought about combining wine and painting? Studio Vino supplies the wine, the paint, the brushes, and the instructor. Just pick the painting you want to create, and the studio will set up the rest. Check out Studio Vino’s website for additional details and to register your painting session.


4. Olde Course at Loveland: if you like to golf, this course is a must-try. The ‘Olde Course’ is a good old-fashioned golf course with lots of great scenery and plenty of tight greens.


5. Fly fishing. Love to fish? Why not try fly-fishing? There are lots of spots in Loveland, and you can even snag a coupon or two online for a fly-fishing lesson.


6. Shop and relax. Colorado has a completely different vibe to it. If you’re new to the state, you have to experience this vibe in order to believe it. The idea here is to relax, unwind, and take life at an easier pace – live to work! Trust us, you’ll love it here!


Help With Moving to Loveland


We’d love to be your gateway to Loveland by making your move as smooth as possible. We offer full-service moving solutions, and we also have a large warehouse storage space for any item that you can’t fit into your new place (or aren’t sure about keeping – like your grandmother’s tattered couch!). We can also set you up with information about moving specialty items, and we can help you when it comes to arranging anything else that pertains to your move.


At Exodus Moving and Storage, we love Loveland – and we know that you will too! Call us today for additional details or for a price quote.

Finding a Job In Your New Town

Relocating to a new town can be a lot of fun! You have a new home to decorate, new friends that you haven’t met yet, and a whole new life just waiting to be explored. There’s just one thing that you’ll need when moving to a new town: a job! Looking for a job in your new area doesn’t have to be a struggle! We have some amazing tips for you on how to relocate and find that perfect job.


man moving boxes with a dolly1. Narrow it down. Take a tip from popular Google searches, and try to narrow down your job search. Instead of using a major job website, try to find some local job search boards. You’ll have a much better chance of finding work in your town if you go local. You can also try using the ‘+’ key when conducting a Google search to really keep things narrowed down.


Example: Fort Collins + Name of Desired Position Here + Job Openings.


2. Start to branch out. It can be hard to network when you first move to a new town, but this becomes easier if you use social networks like LinkedIn. Try to find groups in your area that you can connect with through these networks. You’ll soon find lots of opportunites for brunches and meetups. Once there, start asking about work in your field.


3. Hand out cards. Work from home? Have your own business? If you want some local work, try haning out your business cards wherever you go. You never know if the girl at the coffee shop is in need of web designer for her new business!


4. Post to local job boards – the physical sort. You know those bulletin boards you see at grocery stores and other places? Consider posting a few business cards to those areas in your town (ask first).


Here’s an even better tip: think about where your target client may like to shop, and post your business card on a bulletin board in that store. Example: if you are targeting health-minded people, look for a bulletin board at your local vegan restaurant or healthfood store.


attention graphic5. Try Craigs List. This job site has gotten a bad reputation recently, and there are some scams to watch out for, but Craigs List can also be a goldmine of great job postings. It’s worth a shot, right?


Upkeep Is Important!


Looking for new work can be tiresome, but the best lesson I can give you is this: search for new work every single day. It never hurts to spend some time looking at job boards and sending out resumes. Even if you are tired at the end of the day, shoot off an email or two – it can’t hurt!


Keep Your Resume Current


If you’ve spent the last five years at the same job, I’m guessing your resume still looks like it did when you last searched for a job. Don’t send out an incomplete resume. Instead, update it the best that you can, or look for a professional resume writer to help you out.


Search In Advance


If your move is still a few weeks away, start looking for a new job now. It can take a few weeks to get any kind of a response from some people, so it’s a wise idea to start as early as possible.


Get Your Moving Day Ready First!


Here’s a bad situation: you have to search for jobs because you are moving in three days, but you haven’t booked your Fort Collins moving company yet. Yikes! Is there anything more stressful than packing, booking a moving company, not knowing when you are actually going to move (day and time), and having to looking for a job? Make your life a lot simpler by calling us for your move today. Even if you are under a time-crunch, we can help you pack, move, unpack, and make those reassuring arrangements. We want to make sure that your move goes smoothly, so you can save time for other things like sending out job applications, sipping some local java, or connecting with that new friend you haven’t met yet (but you will!).


Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving – and storage – company with locations in both Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado. So, if you want to store things, need help moving simply, or just want some quotes, give us a call! We’re here to help.

Helping Moving Companies Move Your Things Long Distances

With all the moving companies in Colorado competing for the same business, it’s nice to branch out and help to move people into the state who are moving from outside. It’s not an easy endeavor to undertake considering that there is usually a lot of travel involved and a lot of long distance hauling a very large objects. However, for professional moving company this should be no problem.


The amount of travel that’s involved with long distance moving is not generally considered to be a large hurdle, however it can be one of the greatest hurdles to exist when moving. Distance may be dead when it comes to technology with the advent of the Internet, but the movement of physical objects is still very limited. Until the day that teleportation is created, distance is always something that must be considered when moving. However, if you hire the right moving company to help you move your things from out-of-state into Denver, then you should be golden. Understanding the highways and byways that lead to and from Denver is really kind of an important aspect to being a mover. Understanding how to handle objects over these long distances is really what makes movers different from the average Joe who puts everything in the back of a truck. It’s really what it comes down to.


These large objects that are tied down in the back of moving trucks are not supposed shift. No matter what any moving company will tell you, if a large object like a couch shifts in the back of a truck, the amount of weight on one side or the other during the turn dramatically alters. This in turn could cause the truck to tip over if enough of the weight ends up on the wrong side. So before you let any moving company take your belongings and move them along distance in the back of a truck, make sure that you take a look and that you agree with the set up of everything that has been tied down. Make sure it’s tight, and don’t leave anything to chance. It’s great to trust people with your belongings, otherwise moving companies wouldn’t exist, however you should never take any chances when it comes to the safety of your belongings.

Fresh Place Friday: Moving to Music

Last week, we talked about a few of the big differences between Los Angeles and Denver.  For this edition of Fresh Place Friday, we’d like to focus in on a feature both have in common: world-renowned outdoor amphitheaters.

If you are considering moving to Los Angeles or moving to Denver, you are in for some world class entertainment and rich musical offerings in each location.  The Hollywood Bowl brings to mind the glamour and spectacle of Hollywood legend.  It is a perfect reminder that underneath the surface fads and trends, there is artistic achievement that can inspire awe.  Red Rocks showcases the stark natural beauty of Colorado and the vibrant relief of the Denver skyline.  It is as though a stage naturally formed through geologic events. When people come to a concert, they are simultaneously visiting nature and enjoying the showcased talents of advanced society.

Until recently, the natural acoustics of the Hollywood Bowl had been diminished by its massive and iconic shell rather than amplified.  It has undergone several changes in structure and materials throughout the years, although the dome shape has remained for the last seventy years.  The Bowl, as the locals call it, is probably the only building that has been worked on by both Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry, two of the most influential architects of the last century.

Red Rocks is a park and amphitheater 15 miles outside of Denver and has been hosting events as far back as 1906. It was purchased by the city of Denver in the thirties to showcase the city and its culture, but the main attraction has always been the huge fountain formation of rocks that encase a nearly perfect storm of sound and sight.  Huge and angled red rocks jut out from stage right, and provide a natural amplifier that hones the music for the 10 thousand seats in between it all.  The unassuming disc shaped stage was designed by a Denver architect and built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, but the point has always been the discovery of an ideal place to listen.   And in the case of Red Rocks, nature took care of the details.

Both venues are great to take in the sunset and exist as constantly memorable summer venues, although Red Rocks is the only one that remains open year-round.  Both venues have hosted legendary concerts and have subtly made their mark on popular culture.  Even acts such as the Beatles, who performed at each, could not overshadow the stage they were on.  Red Rocks helped to popularize U2 in the eighties and remained the favorite stopping place of the Grateful Dead.  The Hollywood Bowl has drawn opera and symphony performers from the peaks in Paris and Italy since the twenties.

If you move to Denver or move to Los Angeles, you would be remiss to neglect spending an evening at a live outdoor music venue.  Whatever your tastes, the diverse line-up of world class acts will give you an opportunity for an experience you will never forget.

Fresh Place Friday: Moving from Los Angeles to Denver

On the Move from Way out West

This week’s Fresh Place Friday is dedicated to one of our most popular moves: moving from California to Colorado. There are many differences between these two sunshiny places and many compelling reasons to live in them both. But at Exodus, we are happy to help you move to Colorado from California or the other way around.

Los Angeles is a seaside center of entertainment. Once a destination for millions east of the Rockies, L.A. has been hit hard during the economic downturn, and many are leaving to seek better opportunities elsewhere. Many of these people are moving to Colorado.

You can watch television or visit a movie theater just about anywhere in the world, and eventually you will see the familiar images of Los Angeles: the beaches, the Hollywood sign, Sunset Blvd, and so on. You are only seeing pictures of a fraction of this sprawling metropolis.

What separates Los Angeles from almost every other city is how spread out it is. It was not built around a center (although there is a downtown) that serves as the economic and political hub. Instead there are several centers laid out across 30 or so square miles that make up Greater Los Angeles. From older cities like Pasadena to expansion burgs in the San Fernando Valley to the elite, iconic vistas of Malibu, Los Angeles is a diverse passage through time and culture. Everyone complains about the inadequate public transportation, but the fact is that in most cases, public transportation simply isn’t practical. Yes, the first and possibly greatest difference from Los Angeles life to Denver life is the time you will spend in the car. Don’t get us wrong, Denver has its share of traffic jams, but they are like a horse and buggy country ride compared to the 405 freeway. An Angelino can count on getting at least two hours a day back after moving to Colorado.

Another huge difference is the scenery. Los Angeles has a little of everything, but just a small helping of each. You are a short distance away from an ocean, a desert, the San Gabriel Mountains, and the Angeles National Forest. For a couple months of the year, there might even be snow just an afternoon drive away. In Denver you are limited to the prairies and the Rockies, but these are the premium versions. In Colorado, you know how expansive an open space really is and how towering mountains really can be. Finally, while the air quality in Los Angeles has improved dramatically in the last twenty years, it simply cannot compare to the cool, refreshing mountain air of Denver. An Angelino who exits his car for the first time after arriving will find it tough to get back in and close the doors.

Needless to say, the weather differences are dramatic, as there are roughly two seasons in Los Angeles to the four you will experience in Denver. In L.A. there is hot, warm, and chilly. Both places get about the same amount of rain (yes, it does rain in L.A.), but anyone who is moving to Colorado should also be prepared to shovel snow and wear thick clothes. There is quite a difference in magnitude between Los Angeles cold and Colorado cold, and any Angelino should expect to take a couple of winters to adjust.

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