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Moving companies come in all shapes and sizes; from a “friend with a truck” to a franchised national fleet and everything in between. The important thing to discover is just exactly what kind of company is right for your moving job. Whether you need packers and movers or one way moving, it’s important to ask the right questions.

I’m moving to another state. Are there special regulations interstate movers must meet?

Yes. Whether you are moving to Colorado or moving away, your mover must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and assigned a motor carrier number. You can verify their status here.

Is “ProMover” Status Important?

On Jan 1, 2009, the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) initiated a new consumer protection and certification program called ProMover. This program was designed to filter out imposters, (or “rogue operators”). The ProMover certification helps consumers identify reputable professional movers who have pledged to abide by the AMSA’s Code of Ethics.

Should I check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before hiring a mover?

Absolutely. The BBB received more than 8,400 complaints against movers last year alone. These disagreements ranged from damaged or lost goods to freight being held hostage. The BBB maintains more than 17,000 reliability reports on movers across North America.

Are firm phone estimate as opposed to in home estimates a good idea?

No. Giving a ballpark figure over the phone is one thing but a firm estimate is another. According to the Better Business Bureau and American Moving and Storage Association guidelines, “no legitimate mover will ever offer to give a firm estimate online or over the phone.” The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration advises that a reputable mover should provide a written estimate only after looking at the belongings or goods to be moved. Exodus Moving and Storage assigns a Move Coordinator to each move. Our coordinator will make a free on-site visit to prepare and deliver accurate quotes for moving. The Move Coordinator organizes and monitors your move from beginning to end to avoid surprises and hidden charges.

If I have several quotes of a similar price and one that is much lower, should I be concerned?

That one super low quote is called a “low-ball quote” or “curve ball pricing” and is a good reason for caution. The Better Business Bureau and AMSA warn that unrealistic estimates end up costing the consumer more in surprise charges and in some cases, freight held hostage. Other Red Flags to Watch For;

  • The mover requires cash or a large deposit prior to the move.
  • A rental truck arrives on moving day.
  • The mover’s telephone line isn’t answered with the company’s name.
  • The mover claims all goods are covered by their insurance.
  • Company’s website has neither local address nor information about licensing and insurance.

It’s important to know your rights. Interstate movers are required, by law, to give you a copy of a booklet called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” It’s a good idea to read the booklet before an interstate move to familiarize yourself with these rights.

What is Valuation coverage and do I need it?

Valuation is additional coverage beyond the minimum insurance that must be carried by any reputable company for any contracted move. Valuation is similar to insurance but because an insurance policy is not issued in this context, it is not technically considered insurance. Fortunately, at Exodus, we have numbers to back up our claim that we are better movers. Northern Colorado trusts us because our damage ratio is less than 1%, while the industry average is above 4%. Still, there is always the chance that something may get damaged in your move. For this reason we highly recommend that you take valuation on your items. We offer several valuation options to suit your needs. Please keep in mind that that valuation charges are in addition to your moving costs.

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Get a Free Moving Estimate Today!

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