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This moving & storage company from Denver is miles-high better.

When looking for the right movers in Denver people are discovering what so many satisfied clients in Colorado have known for years: Exodus Moving and Storage offers unsurpassed, quality help when it comes to relocating to or within Colorado and the Front Range area.

With the addition of our newest office in Commerce City, Exodus is happy to be moving Denver residents and businesses. In fact, all of Colorado trusts Exodus Moving and Storage for residential and commercial moves. That’s why Exodus is considered the best moving and storage company to hire in Denver, when you need patient helping hands.

Exodus Moving and Storage has been moving the Denver for over 25 years!

Denver Moving Company

We understand that moving your home or business is a busy, stressful time. You’ve got a million things on your mind, and the last thing you need to worry about is whether you picked the right mover. If you’re mover is unreliable, untrustworthy or just plain dishonest, it’s easy to make a stressful situation into an unbearable one.

Unfortunately, in such a highly competitive market, some Denver moving companies cut corners, make promises they can’t keep, and fail to take proper care of the property entrusted to them. At Exodus, we take pride in being one of the most reliable Denver moving companies there is.

We’re miles better, too.

Exodus is a different kind of Colorado moving company. We are absolutely fanatical about customer satisfaction. In an industry that sometimes gets a bad rap for being fly-by-night’ish, Exodus shines as bright as the Denver sunshine. We’ve been in the moving business for 20 years and you’d be hard pressed to find a person with something bad to say about us. We do whatever it takes to make sure you’re happy with your moving experience.

Trustworthy Sales Representatives.
Four out of the ten Certified Moving Consultants in Colorado are employed by Exodus. We are the only professional Colorado moving company that doesn’t base our sales system on commissions. This means our sales reps are more trustworthy than commissioned sales reps at other companies. Our fully-salaried, fully-employed staff is free to divulge all our processes, IN DETAIL, to our customers and prospects.

They tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, to potential customers and focus entirely and whole-heartedly on meeting their needs.

Professional Crew.
At Exodus, our crews are ALL employees of the company. Most of them have been with us for over five years, and they have the experience and skill to move you carefully, quickly and efficiently. We wouldn’t think of hiring crew members each morning off the highway. We would never let someone we don’t know and trust into your residence or commercial building. Our employees must pass drug tests as well as stringent background checks. We know that all of the team members who wear the Exodus name hold your valuable property, as well as our reputation, in their hands.

Established Integrity.
Originally based in Fort Collins, Colorado, our moving business has grown because we’ve made sure that each client has had a wonderful and stress-free experience. We don’t low-ball our estimates, and we don’t make unrealistic promises in order to get a sale. We have built our business on fairness, honest competition, and earning the trust of our community. We hire only the best Denver movers so that the job gets done right.


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Did you know...?

What is a Moving Valuation?

This is coverage for your belongings that financially protects them from being lost or damaged. Most moving companies offer different levels of valuation and some offer separate liability coverage. All good movers will offer a level of free valuation, and then you can pay for extra protection. That cost will be based on the weight and value of your items. Speak with your moving representative to learn more about our moving valuation or insurance.

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