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7 Tips To Divide Your Stuff After A Split

If you’re going through a breakup, you probably have a lot on your mind. If you were married, numerous questions arise when it comes time to divvy up your belongings – even if you had a prenuptial agreement, there are likely to be things not mentioned in that agreement. What if you weren’t married? Some […]

Exodus Team Profile #1 – President Ilan Levy

Name:  Ilan Levy Title:  President/Owner Years in the industry: Started in 1986 Years at Exodus: Formed Exodus Moving and Storage in 1996 in upstate NY Place of Birth:  Rachvot, Israel Fun Fact:  Served in the Israeli Army driving tanks – a great base for running a company as you must constantly solve problems and create […]

Meet the Team!

Come learn about the amazing team at Exodus! We will be posting bios for a team member each day, starting tomorrow with the big man himself, owner and entrepreneur Ilan Levy .  Come back each day for to see a new bio and learn the craziest thing each employee has personally moved, as well as tips […]