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Green Moving

For a better, cleaner world…

Exodus Moving and Storage was recently awarded the 2010 Green Affiliate of the Year by the Fort Collins Board of Realtors. This award is given in recognition of outstanding accomplishments which take initiative to incorporate environmentally friendly business practices.

At Exodus, we are just as conscientious about protecting the environment as we are about giving you the best moving experience you have ever had. When you choose Exodus Moving as your Colorado moving company, you can be confident about your move in addition to feeling socially responsible.

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, one of the most pro-active green communities in the country, At Exodus Moving, we strive be a green moving company by reducing our carbon footprint in everything we do.

Environmentally Friendly Packing.

Reusing cardboard boxes can save more trees and water than recycling does. By reusing boxes, Exodus Moving supports the EPA’s nationwide Municipal Solid Waste challenge to reduce the amount of waste going into our nation’s landfills. As expert packers and movers, all new moving boxes we use are made from recycled cardboard containing post-consumer waste.

But it is our aim to avoid having to buy moving boxes altogether. As an Exodus Moving customer, you can receive free moving boxes, based on availability, that have been reused. And after you return them to us, we’ll cycle them on to other customers.  We are also happy to use heavy-duty rubber bands whenever possible to secure pads and blankets around precious furniture instead of using tape.

We are committed to conserving whenever and wherever we can.

Forever Boxes.

Cardboard boxes eventually wear out, but plastic totes are much more durable. That’s why, for office and short-distance moves, we pack your non-fragile items in plastic totes. Totes make packing and unpacking easier, and they can be used again and again. We also save trees by using carts and commercial bins, rather than boxes, to move furniture and equipment. This makes moving more economical and environmentally friendly.

Less Fossil Fuel.

We believe in conserving fuel and being as efficient with our truck usage as possible. For customers who have large moves, we offer a large tractor trailer rather than two smaller trucks. That means one less vehicle on the road, less fuel consumption, and less carbon output. And, to further reduce CO2 emissions and gasoline use, we’ve converted one of our moving trucks to run entirely on used vegetable oil. When moving customers long distances, we also combine loads to reduce fuel usage and carbon output.

A truly green moving company also needs to take into account its employees’ energy consumption. We have placed our main office in central Fort Collins to encourage our employees to walk, bike, or take public transit to work in order to reduce fossil fuel use.

Energy Efficient Warehouse.

When we built a new warehouse for storage, we wanted to make it as energy-efficient as possible. The loading docks face north to reduce cooling costs in the summer. We have also installed rubber foam wrapping around the loading docks to insulate the space between the truck and the dock. This ensures that we don’t lose heat in the winter and cool air the summer.

Powering Off.

Each evening, before closing, we minimize our building’s energy use by turning off all lights, electronics, and other energy eaters. We are proud to say that the commercial neighbors within our building do the same.

Tree Planting Program.

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and add to the natural beauty of our surroundings. When you hire Exodus Moving to do your move, we partner with the nonprofit organization Trees, Water & People and we plant one tree as our way of giving back. Each tree offsets approximately 1 metric ton of CO2 output. That means you, our customers, are helping us to offset carbon dioxide emissions every year.

Green Office Practices.

The people who work at Exodus Moving and Storage do their part for the environment, too. Instead of using paper or Styrofoam, we drink coffee from reusable cups, and we are all committed to recycling in any way we can. Our newest company event is an annual gathering in which we plant new trees in our community.