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Dropcam For Your New Home: Does It Work?

As soon as the Boulder movers drive away and leave you in your new home, you may start to wonder how safe your new neighborhood is. Or, whether or not you should invest in a home security system. A traditional security system can cost a lot in initial setup fees and monthly fees, but there’s another option that’s gotten a lot of attention lately: the Dropcam home security system.

What It Is

Dropcam is a small home security camera that you can place on any surface or attach to any wall (no wiring required). Dropcam monitors movement inside of your home, stores all images to the cloud, and then allows you to view those images from your tablet, laptop, or other mobile device remotely. In addition to its camera capabilities, Dropcam also includes a two-way speaker that lets you communicate with people (or pets) that are in your home, night vision to see what’s happening at night clearly, and “bank level” security and encryption.

Dropcam is one of the simplest ways to arm you home. If you don’t want to invest in a home security system that’s expensive and requires a tricky setup, Dropcam might be the choice you’re looking for.

Possible Drawbacks

The one drawback to Dropcam is that you will have to outfit your home with many of these devices if you want to see everything that’s happening in your home. Otherwise, you’ll have to point the device at one particular area. But, the Dropcam does come with a 130-degree field of view, so you can see a lot of what’s happening in any home. It’s also possible to zoom in on any image when using this camera.


The actual camera is $199. If you want to add cloud recording to the device (and that’s probably a good idea), pricing is available on a yearly basis starting at $99 for 7-day cloud recording and moving to $299 for 30-day cloud recording (after that time has expired, the images will no longer be available in the cloud, and the time will reset). Cloud recording is optional, though, and you can just purchase the camera.

A Good Idea?

If you’ve just moved to a new town, you may start hiring people like babysitters and dog walkers. While it’s great to find necessary help in your new town, it’s hard to know whether or not you can trust those people right away (after all, it takes time to build relationships!). This is where a camera like Dropcam comes in handy. You can monitor everything that’s happening in your home, and you can see when people come in and out. If someone is doing something that you do not like, you can simply look for another person to complete that task. If you do opt for one of the cloud packages, you can record details of a person’s visit. Essentially, Dropcam gives you the peace of mind that you may require following moving into a new area.

Help With Moving

If you’re looking for a moving company in Denver to help you move to your new town, Exodus Moving and Storage is ready to help you with professional services and rates that are hard to pass up. We also have storage facilities in both Fort Collins and Denver, so you can store anything that you can’t move into your new home. We can also help you with any office moving that you may have to do as well.

Call us for a free estimate today, and we’ll come take a look at what you have to move. We offer competitive rates, the best movers in the business, and we come with references. If you need to move, consider setting up a camera in your home, and call us to make your move an easy one.

Single Mom Moving: Helpful Tips 

If you’re starting over as a single mom, moving to a new location might present a challenge. Not only do you have to find a new place that’s affordable on one salary, you also have to pack everything up by yourself and get it where it needs to go (or you could just hire a Boulder moving company to pack and move for you!). We know that moving as a single mom is hard, so here are some tips from Exodus, your Boulder moving company.

  • Begin your move early. Start looking for a place, figuring out finances, and planning everything else well in advance of the actual move date. Chances are that you know when you are going to move, so take a few weeks ahead of that date to find the perfect place.
  • Get rid of things you don’t need. If your closets are bursting at the seams, make sure to go through each item, determine whether or not you need all of those things, and toss what you no longer need. This way, you won’t have to pack so much, and there will be less for your Boulder moving company to move.
  • Get help. Either hire a moving company in Denver, or ask some friends and family members to help you move to your new place. With kids, pets, and other things in tow, it makes sense to hire a moving company in Denver to help you out – trying to take on too much is simply exhausting!
  • Try and organize your schedule and other things. If you actually write everything down on paper, you will find that getting through everything you need to do is a lot simpler. From the moment that you decide to move, buy a calendar and start making down things that you need to get done before the move. Then, stick to this list and the dates that you have set. Sometimes, a bit of organization goes a really long way.

When You Arrive

On the day that you arrive at your new place, try not to wait to unpack your boxes. You may not get it all done in one day, but unpacking as soon as possible is the best way to make sure that everything is in its new home quickly. Plus, the sooner you have spots for all of your things, the faster you will get used to the new layout of your home.

As far as your kids go, if they are old enough to unpack their own things, you can easily turn moving day into a fun day filled with packing games and unpacking games. If you ask the moving company in Denver that you hire to place the boxes in the right rooms, unpacking should be a lot simpler. Unpacking quickly is one of the best ways to explore your new place, and to see what you do have and what you need to buy.

Planning Your Move

Aside from finding the perfect spot, informing the kids, changing things like schools and doctors, and actually moving to your new place, there’s a lot that goes into moving day. The whole process can be a lot simpler with a moving company like Exodus on your side. Plus, we also have storage facilities in both Denver and Fort Collins, so you can store anything that doesn’t fit in your home right now. Contact us today for a free moving quote, and we’ll be happy to let you know how quickly we can move you and your family to a new home.

Moving as a single mom isn’t always simple, but we can help make the process simpler. Follow the steps above, and ask us if you need any help when it comes to moving.

The No-Stress Move

A move without an ounce of stress may sound like a mythical creature. It might be hard to believe, but a stress-free move is possible!

One way to ease the moving-associated stress is to hire a Denver moving company. What else can you do to make your move a pleasant experience?

Plan ahead.

Don’t wait until the last minute to call a residential moving company. This is especially true for those people planning a move in the middle of the summer or early fall. Many plan their moves for the summer, and not just because the weather is more favorable for moving. Families like to move when their kids aren’t in school so as not to disrupt their schedules, or to avoid transferring schools mid-school year.

If you wait until late August-early September, you are competing with college students. If you have no choice but to move during this busy time, calling ahead may be the only way you get the Denver moving company of your choice. It is recommended you secure a company six weeks in advance of the date you’re moving.

Move in the off-season.

If you can wait until late fall or mid-winter, this is ideal. Not only will you have your pick of moving companies in Denver, you’ll find the companies offer lower rates. The period from October to April is the off-season for moving companies.

Move mid-month.

If you must move during the busy summer season, schedule your move mid-month, if at all possible. Just about everyone is moving on the first of the month. Since this is when most rents are due, it’s when leases start and end. If you are able, find a way to move on the 10th or the 20th instead of the first. Your chances of hiring the residential moving company you want are higher.

Make sure you have enough boxes.

It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. When you are gathering boxes, don’t refuse anyone’s offer to provide you with boxes. Raid the liquor and grocery store frequently. You can always recycle what you don’t use. There’s nothing worse than realizing you need more boxes at the last minute, but you’re not able to find them anywhere.

Label your boxes properly.

Some skip this step, but it’s important to making the move as easy as possible. When you clearly label the boxes, there’s no question as to where it belongs when it arrives at its destination. So you either label boxes and they get stacked in their appropriate room immediately, or you have to go through each individual box before you can unpack just to figure out which room the box belongs in.

It’s a no-brainer! You can take this a step further (and you really should take the extra time) and inventory each box. In this way, you not only label the boxes with the room they belong in, but with a number as well. You can refer to the list for the kitchen, for example, and know that box 12 is full of pantry items while box 9 contains dishes. The more systematic you can make your move, the less stress for you!

Make a “packing station.”

What’s worse than packing a box and realizing you can’t find the packing tape and permanent marker to label the box? Set up a specific area, like the dining room table or the kitchen counter, where you bring boxes to be taped and labeled. In this way, you don’t misplace your packing tape.

Pack a cleaning box.

You’ll need to clean your old residence prior to turning the keys, so be sure you pack up a cleaning supply box. Just don’t allow the Denver moving company to take it! An easy way to do this is to leave it unsealed and in a place away from the rest of the boxes. Then you can start cleaning when everything’s been moved, and when you’re done, pack it all up in the box again to transport it to the new house.

Pack as early as possible.

Even if it’s two months in advance, begin the act of packing. The sooner you start, the less you need to get done each day. There is plenty that you can pack ahead of time, and it also allows you start the process of getting rid of things you no longer need or want. If you won’t be using it, pack it!

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful time. With a moving company in Denver helping you get your belongings where they need to go, you’re spared some of the stress of moving. Take matters into your own hands – with preparation well in advance, you’ll get through the experience just fine!

Under The Weather: Moving In Less Than Favorable Conditions

The fall weather is here, and that means more rain, and eventually snow! Some things will become completely ruined if they get wet, so that means money spent in the form of extra packing supplies to protect your stuff.

That’s why relying on Denver moving companies is a smart idea. You don’t need to worry about exposed furniture in the beds of friends’ trucks – the residential moving companies feature enclosed box trucks and trailers to get the job done, protecting your belongings from inclement weather.

But if the moving company in Denver is not moving everything, there might be a box or two that you’ll keep with you, like your ‘Essentials’ box, or a bag containing your laptop. If you’re doing some, or all, of the move by yourself, you’re going to have to learn strategies to make moving in the stormy weather a little easier! Here are some tips to help.

Start At The Finish

Before you start moving into a new place, you’re going to want to begin by protecting surfaces you’ve likely just cleaned. While you won’t be able to stop any messes from being made whatsoever, you can minimize the damage done and reduce the time you’ll have to spend cleaning up after the Denver moving companies and helping hands.

Whether you rely on rugs, towels, or old bed sheets, you need to lay something down on the floor to keep mud and dirt off of the clean floor. If this is a winter move, this will minimize the risk someone will slip on snow tracked in on their boots. Also, be sure you turn up the heat prior to lugging those boxes in – besides keeping the occupants warm and snug while going in and out, certain belongings need to be stored at a certain temperature, like your electronics.

Weatherproof Your Stuff

For your items in boxes, as long as holes are sealed up with packing tape, everything will be just fine. However, you’ll probably be moving some things that shouldn’t get wet, like any artwork, large electronics, or expensive furniture. You can very easily head to your local residential moving company to rent out things to make your move easier – plastic sheeting, mattress pads, etc – or you can employ the use of blankets and tarps you have on hand.

Get Ready To Load Up

 If you’ve employed the help of moving company in Denver to load up the big stuff, great! Just be sure you do the same thing you did at the new place – lay towels, sheets, or rugs down to minimize the mess made from wet shoes and boots. Be sure anyone carrying boxes is wearing good slip-proof shoes or boots so no one gets hurt! If you plan on moving some or all of the boxes yourself, you should inspect the area the boxes will be placed for leaks or the presence of water.

Work Smart

If the Denver moving companies are unloading, great! If you don’t have the help of a residential moving company when it comes time to unload, there are ways to make the process less painful in inclement weather. It all starts with the way you pack your truck(s).

Try to be as systematic as possible, packing rooms together instead of all spread out throughout the vehicle. It can be tempting to try to find smaller boxes to fit into gaps, but resist this urge. It is easier to just unload each room in order. You can use the people who’ve come to help you unload as an assembly line of sorts, minimizing the amount of time anyone has to be outside. Not only does this ensure a speedy unpacking process, it also reduces the amount of wet traffic in your home!

You can move in bad weather! Let Exodus Moving & Storage help you so that the weather isn’t even a thought in your mind.

Top 5 Reasons Your Pending Sale Fell Through

It is one of the most frustrating things in the world. You’ve walked through the home of your dreams, decided you had to make an offer, and filled out all of the paperwork with your bank. As you sit and think about what color to paint the kitchen and contact Denver moving companies, it happens – the realtor calls you with the bad news your deal fell through.

There are a variety of reasons that this scenario can turn into a reality – some of these reasons are preventable, others are not. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons, so that you can be prepared, requiring the services of a moving company in Denver a whole lot sooner.

Can’t Obtain the Loan

If you skipped the pre-qualification process, you might want to reconsider that first step. There are times when the mortgage just won’t go through – maybe it’s your credit score, or just a few negative entries on your credit report. If it’s the later, this is fixable, but takes time to show up on your credit report. You should take the time to review your credit and correct any problems ahead of time, so that nothing stands in your way of obtaining the financing you need.

In some cases, debts that you are carrying, even if you are paying on them faithfully each month, can work against you. If you’ve recently purchased a car or obtained financing for a big-ticket item like a computer or refrigerator, your lender might be a bit hesitant to add to your debts.

In both of these cases, you can either work to pay down the debts, or you can offer up a larger down payment on the mortgage. This will mean a lower loan amount, which will work in your favor towards financing the home of your dreams, allowing you to move in sooner with the help of Denver moving companies.

Buyer’s/Seller’s Remorse

This can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons. Some people find a better house to suit their needs, or closer to their workplace. Others just realize it is going to cost them more money, and they get cold feet. Some just get scared at the enormity and finality of the decision altogether, or research the neighborhood and find it isn’t as desirable as once originally thought.

Sellers can experience the same hesitancy, and can change their mind at any time. Maybe moving is going to put them further into debt because the appraisal wasn’t favorable, or they just cannot imagine parting with a house that holds so much history to their family. Whatever the reason, it happens, and sometimes can’t be avoided.

When you are the buyer, the best way to combat this is to arm yourself with knowledge. Not just about the house in question and the surrounding community, but knowledge of your financial situation and needs. Why are you moving in the first place? Does the house suit your needs? Don’t find yourself making an offer and then retracting it as quickly as you submitted it, losing out on a deposit paid to a residential moving company.

A Bad Inspection

When a licensed home inspector conducts a walk-through, they might find an electrical (or other) issue that the homeowner refuses to fix. This can lead to the buyer retracting their offer. Of course, it isn’t limited to just electrical issues – the roof, heating system, drainage, and plumbing are amongst other issues that an inspector checks for. If the needed repairs can’t be negotiated into the contract, the bank will deny the mortgage, simple as that. Sometimes, there is a structural issue, in which case no negotiations can be made whatsoever. The bank will simply deny the mortgage on the spot.

Low Appraisal

It’s common practice to receive a loan up to the appraised value of the home. If you aren’t able to come up with the difference, or the seller isn’t willing to negotiate a lower price, the loan will be denied, no Denver moving company required.

Pending Sale on Your Current Home

This applies to those whose contract is contingent upon the sale of your current home, which happens to be the majority of those seeking to get a new mortgage. You just can’t afford two mortgages, so why would the bank agree to let you obtain a mortgage when you haven’t gotten rid of the other one? You can look into a bridge loan to help out in this situation, or if you are a new homebuyer who hasn’t even listed your old home yet, you can go for a home-equity line of credit.

In this way, you are extending your loan, with the collateral being the equity on your home. You can get that moving company in Denver to lug your stuff to your new home while the old one is on the market!

If you are careful, you can avoid any potential snags popping up during the approval process. Just take a look at your financial situation, and be sure the home you are making an offer on is worth what the owner is asking. Contact us today, we would love to be your residential moving company when the deal goes through!

Moving With Kids: Making It Easier On The Little People

Moving is stressful. There’s the process of finding and closing on a new house or leasing a new apartment, selling your old home or giving notice to your landlord, selecting the perfect option from a long list of Denver moving companies, and packing up your belongings, just to name a few. What will you keep? What can you get rid of?

Pink Sherbet Photography

Hopscotch CC Photo Courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography

If you have children, this complicates things a bit. Sure, you need to think about the situation at your new home a bit more – is there enough room for all of you, and is there adequate space to play outside or a playground in the vicinity? What are the schools like? Before the moving company in Denver loads even a single box on that truck, you need to look at every single way this is going to impact your little (and not so little) ones so that you can ease their anxieties and meet their needs.

In order to avoid listening to incessant “I hate you, you ruined my life” comments, here’s a list of things to think about before Denver moving companies are selected.

Can You Stay Where You Are?

Obviously, I’m talking about the city here, and not your actual residence. Do you need to relocate due to a new job? Then you probably can’t remain in the city your child has come to know and love their whole life. If you’re just looking for a new house, do you need to look outside of town? Staying in the same vicinity keeps your child in the same school and near the same group of friends they have acquired over their short life, which removes the anxiety that goes along with starting in a new school and starting from scratch.

Can It Wait?

If it isn’t job related, there are times when you might want to wait on contacting residential moving companies for a bit. If you’ve just gone through a divorce or a loved one close to your child has recently passed away, you might want to wait just a little bit. They need a chance to work through their grief before they start over in a new location. In times of emotional stress, the last thing they need is to watch Denver moving companies hauling their stuff from the home that is comfortable and stable to an unknown world. Give them some time to heal, and introduce the idea slowly.

Make Them Feel Important

Sometimes, all it takes to make a child feel better about moving is to involve them in the decision-making processes. Make them feel like they have some say, and take their opinions seriously when deciding on a home, a moving company in Denver, and even what items you plan to get rid of when packing day comes along. The more involved your child is, the higher the chances they will look forward to the move.

It’s important to remember that your child’s feelings are important. While you know this move is in the best interest of the entire family, your child probably doesn’t see it that way. Listen to their feelings, and try to put yourself in their shoes before you respond in a negative fashion. Remember that the issues they are worried about are really important to them.

Are you moving to another country, or to the other side of the United States? Turn to the Internet to show them all of the exciting things this new area has to offer. Let them look at the community, things to do there, the website of the new school they’ll be attending, attractions, museums – anything that will pique their interest and make them look forward to the new move. Is there a club they would consider cool at their new school, like Lego Club? Look for opportunities and experiences they don’t currently have available to them to change their opinion from negative to positive.

Toddlers: Special Considerations

They say there’s no reasoning with a toddler. This is very true! You might notice that they are excited about the prospect of moving, until you actually move. They realize they are in a scary new room, in a scary new house, and their world is falling apart. You’ll likely notice tantrums, episodes of acting out, and all sorts of unruly behavior once the move is complete. Because of this, try to keep other changes to a minimum – don’t do things like transition them to a bed from a crib or potty train during this period. Keep as much as you can the same as it was in the old house, just until they adjust to the new place.

Once You’re There

Make setting up your child’s room your first priority, although you’d probably rather be unpacking the kitchen! Place the furniture, fill the drawers, and let your child decide where important toys and books will go. What’s more, don’t get so wrapped up in the move you toss schedules out the window. They are more important than ever now!

Be sure your child meets with teachers and tours their new school before their first day. This is important to making them comfortable before being in front of a new set of peers.

If you need to, find a child therapist in the area to work out any anxieties or unresolved hostilities that remain.

While a move is tough on kids, the majority are resilient and bounce back quickly, realizing their fears were unfounded. They’ll see that it isn’t so bad after all!

I’m Out of Here: When Your Roommate Moves Out

There will likely come a time in your life, whether the first few years out on your own, or later on in your adult life, when you’ll be faced with it – your roommate decides to move out. And it doesn’t matter if it is because the two of you just don’t get along, or your very best friend needs to relocate for a new job, it’s still a hard thing to go through.

Orin Zebest

Bedroom CC Photo Courtesy of Orin Zebest

What can you do when your roommate starts to look for Denver moving companies? Sometimes, it just means you need to find a new roommate so that you can cover the rent. Other times, it can leave you stuck with expenses you are legally responsible for, ones you simply cannot afford.

Best Case Scenario

In a perfect world, your roommate begins to research Denver moving companies only after meeting obligations detailed in the lease agreement. They wait until the period they agreed to live in the property is over, they give the landlord and you a minimum of 30 days notice before contacting moving companies in Denver, and they make sure all of their bills are paid up before vacating. In some cases, they even find a replacement tenant, making it even easier on you and your landlord! You end up avoiding the dreaded tenant search, and you aren’t stuck covering the bills and living on Ramen noodles until a suitable tenant is found!

To increase your chances of having a scenario like this occurring at move-out, it becomes so important to draw up your own agreement. Think about the things that are important to you: not getting stuck with their residential moving bills, not having to pay their half of the bill, not having to pay for stuff that they break, etc. Writing your own “roommate contract” can help you avoid all these messy situations that can spoil a friendship or acquaintanceship and leave a sour feeling in your gut.

When They Don’t Pay Up

It’s hard to collect money. Whether you’re dealing with a close friend, or someone you’ve grown to despise during your time of cohabitation, it’s not easy to figure out what to do if a roommate doesn’t pay up. It can feel like a slap in the face when they’ve been able to provide money to a moving company in Denver, but can’t cough up the money to pay their portion of all of the bills before moving out. What if after choosing from a variety of Denver moving companies they choose a company that damages the hallway with their couch or bed frame? You shouldn’t be responsible for this.

If you’ve drawn up an agreement with them in advance, and they’ve signed saying they agree to be responsible for these expenses, you can take them to court. The same is true if they breach their lease agreement with the landlord. Yes, you will have to go without the money for a bit of time, but a judge will have no choice but to order they make good on their obligation, as they had agreed to when they first moved in. In the end, you’ll end up getting back what is rightfully yours, along with any costs associated with getting someone new in the apartment and court fees. It’s certainly better than never getting the money back at all!

When They Break The Lease

This can cause problems for everyone within the house. Let’s just say that you’re known to have a party or two, and your landlord has been looking for an excuse to get you out of there. If your roommate breaks the lease and moves early, even if they pay all expenses in advance, they are still violating the lease agreement. At this point, the landlord can choose to evict anyone else remaining in the apartment, even if you wish to stay. This is only something that happens to problem tenants, so if you’ve been a stellar tenant, you likely have nothing to worry about. However, it is an option, so it’s something you should be prepared for.

When It Just Won’t Work

In some cases, you might have to start contacting Denver moving companies yourself. If your roommate leaves and you just can’t seem to make ends meet, or if you just don’t want the hassle of another roommate and wish to downsize, moving out yourself is always an option. But just as spelled out above, you want to make sure you’re following all of the rules.

Don’t break the lease, and make sure you get the apartment in tiptop shape, so that the landlord can begin showing the place to other prospective tenants. The sooner he fills the apartment, the sooner you’ll be able to move, and get your security deposit back!


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