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Packing Boxes and Supplies

No matter the size of your move, we have the moving supplies you need. As expert packers and movers, we are happy to offer a wide assortment of item specific boxes to insure that your items are safe and secure in transit. We can provide moving boxes specifically for pictures, lamps and even items hanging in your closet. For your convenience, we can also supply essential packing “accessories” to make the job of packing for a move easier.

Accessories such as packing paper can be a blessing when you’re protecting glasses because unlike newsprint, this paper is designed for both protection and cleanliness. Everything from tape to bubble wrap, mattress bags to dish packs, Exodus is happy to provide it all.

Brand-new supplies.

If you are not sure where to get moving boxes, our full line of reasonably-priced moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, mattress boxes, tape and other moving supplies are available for purchase at our location. If you hire Exodus to do your packing, we are happy to include all of the necessary packing materials.

Green Moving with Free Moving Boxes.

Exodus is proud to be an eco-friendly moving company. We work hard to be a Green Moving Company because Colorado is a naturally beautiful place to call home and the importance of preserving the environment here is a very clear priority for us. In stead of deciding to buy moving boxes, why not recycle and reuse? When you book your move with Exodus Moving & Storage, we are happy to supply you with free used boxes, based on availability.

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Did you know...?

Do I Have to Get My Quote In Person?

No! As virtual options have become more popular, moving companies have followed suit. Any top moving company will allow remote options for your quote survey.

Now, when looking for virtual options, remember how important it is to have a good, thorough walk-through. There are some moving companies who will offer “instant quotes” or quotes over the phone. These should be avoided at all costs. Instead, look for an option over video chat where the moving representative sees your house and the items to be moved.

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