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Virtual Warehousing

Why use Virtual Warehousing?

With the rising cost of real estate coupled with the growing number of large competitive retailers, it can be hard for small businesses to compete. For this reason, Exodus Moving & Storage is proud to offer virtual warehousing services with our excellent customer service and extensive industry shipping experience to provide.

When the “big guys” have access to large warehouses, extensive staff and multiple supply chains through which to both market and distribute goods, sometimes niche store owners are challenged to keep their offerings competitively priced and their service levels appropriately high. At Exodus Moving & Storage, we understand that in order to maintain high levels of customer service it is important to work together with the right people. In a business climate where online ordering is on the rise, extended supply chain integration with the proper buyers and suppliers can make or break your business.

What is Virtual Warehousing?

A virtual warehouse is a rented distribution space that allows businesses that want to diversify and extend their product lines to do so without purchasing additional property or hiring additional staff. Virtual warehousing is an innovative way to organize the flow of both information and products while keeping overhead low.At Exodus Moving & Storage, our employees are trained to store, select, package and ship any item ordered through your companies’ retail chain. This can allow small businesses and start-up companies to free-up space on store shelves and free-up time to focus on other areas of the business.

Did you know...?

What is the difference between a moving broker and a moving company?

A moving broker is someone who does not have trucks or movers of their own but instead arranges to book your move and works with an actual moving company to carry out the job. A moving company has actual moving trucks and movers of their own and will work with you throughout the entire process.

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