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We’re a People-Business.

Our staff is at the very heart of Exodus’ success. There are many moving companies in Colorado, but not all of them care for their employees like we do. And the difference is obvious. When we invest in those who work for us, they, in turn, invest in our customer’s satisfaction. When your property is at stake, that sort of integrity is priceless.

Exodus has a rigorous application process for its employees. As premier Fort Collins movers and movers in Denver, when staffing our offices, each employee undergoes a background check, drug testing, an in-depth interview and a reference check. Unlike other movers who will bring on temporary contract labor, we put workers on our payroll. We know exactly who we have on our team and what their character is. This way you can be assured that each individual on our moving staff is trustworthy.

Once hired, our staff receives extensive technical and customer care training as well as a personal orientation by the CEO. We live by the philosophy that a satisfied employee equals a satisfied customer, so we pay our staff fairly, provide comprehensive training, have a successful organizational structure and encourage communication on every level. At Exodus we offer more than just a moving job, we offer a place on our team. It is for these reasons we have a remarkably low staff turnover rate compared to our industry.

Treating our staff with kindness and respect instills in them an uncommon loyalty to the firm. As a result, we have reliable, experienced, earnest manpower available for moves of any size, big or small.

Staff turnover.

We Exodus staff members, are truly thrilled to be working for the best moving company in Colorado. Many movers in Colorado have high turnover which usually reflects employees’ dissatisfaction with working conditions and a cavalier approach to management. We have nearly 40% less turnover that the industry average. We are insured, bonded and well trained and have gone through a stringent hiring process.

Did you know...?

When Is the Best Time of Year to Move?

There isn’t a true answer to this. There are distinct seasons, but you have to decide which is best for you.

The first is summer. This is the busiest season. But there’s a reason it's so busy. For families with kids, this is when school is out and you have more time. For everyone else, this is when the weather is at its best. There also aren’t any major holidays to work around.

While summer is a great time to move, it's difficult. You’ll have to schedule your move in advance and the price could be higher. Planning for a winter move means a simpler moving process.

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