Defining Your Moving Charges

In a continuing effort to empower our customers to make informed decisions when it comes to moving, we would like to continue our highlight on industry terminology.  As we mentioned before, the business of relocation has developed a vocabulary all of its own over time. Without understanding what these words mean it can become increasingly difficult to navigate not only the search for your preferred mover but the contractual process. The following are some of the key terms used to describe the kinds of charges that you may encounter.


An Accessorial Charge is an extra, additional, special or supplemental charge. These charges are associated with services offered by moving companies such as packing or unpacking but can also include Flight Charges and Pickup and Delivery Charges. In general, these are fees associated with extra services that you request. But it is important to pay attention to Accessorial Charges that can become included based on the nature and scope of your move. Paying close attention to the terms in your contract can help you to avoid hidden fees.


As mentioned in one of our Terminology Tuesday posts, a Line Haul Charge is a term used to describe basic charges for long distance moves calculated by mileage and weight of total shipment. But a Flight Charge is generally calculated in addition to this figure. Flight Charges are additional fees associated with a moving crew relocating your items up and down flights of stairs as this creates a need for extra time and effort on the part of the team. These fees can be avoided if there is an elevator available to the crew that is large enough to transport your belongings.


Many people may take for granted that they understand what movers mean by Pick up and Delivery Charges. But most often you will find this defined as “Separate transportation charges applicable for transporting your shipment between the storage-in-transit warehouse and your residence.” This cost is generally only a factor if you will be needing to use storage in between moving from one place to another. It is a good idea to read the fine print when it comes to not only a moving companies taking your items to storage and storing them, but also, how much it will cost to move them on to their final and eventual destination.

Focus on You

Sometimes companies forget what they are in business for. This happens more often than not, especially as they grow. It’s easy to get distracted by the myriad of responsibilities that accompany building a successful organization. There are administrative tasks, management duties and of course the day to day operations of creating and maintaining whatever product or service it is that you actually sell. But one of the most important things for a company to remember is what they do their business for, their customer.

At Exodus Moving and Storage, your satisfaction is only a minimum. We prefer your delight. We want to bring ease and clarity to the two activities that almost no one looks forward to: moving and storing. For this reason we are excited to find out when we are making your life a little bit easier because it reminds us that as a nationally capable mover, we are still putting our focus on what is most important: you.

“Dear Jake,

I want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful move.  Tim and Phil were EXCELLENT to work with.  Couldn’t have handpicked them any better myself!!  From start to finish they were very enjoyable to work with. GO HUSKERS!!!!   Your company helped make our move less stressful.


Amazing job!   If we ever move again, I wouldn’t think about using anyone else. I highly recommend Exodus Moving for anyone’s moving needs.


~Jason Nowak

Frontier Family- Moving with Kids

CB026210Moving with children can be difficult, especially when they are young. Of course there is the practical side, the sorting and the packing of all of their things and the logistics of where they will be during the transition from one home to another. But there is also a highly emotional side to relocation. It is common for children to feel insecure and act out if they are feeling at all uprooted. In order to avoid this situation as much as possible, it pays to be both organized and think of simple ways to make moving a special experience for the whole family.

Have a Family Meeting. While it may be hard to explain, the sooner your child knows about the move the more time they will have to adjust. Encourage any questions they might have and make the concept of changing homes something that sounds like an interesting adventure.

Get your Kids Involved. If a child feels like they are an important part of the team, they will be more likely to help out. Keep positive energy about your move going. Encourage the planning of a moving sale and allocate the proceeds to something everyone in the family wants like a new game system or a new pet.

Create a Special Bag. Each child should have a special suitcase, packed for about 3 days worth of time. It should include not only living essentials like clothes and toiletries, but also things that will make their first few days in their new place feel like home. Familiar personal items like their favorite toy or blanket, glass or game. This will help your child to feel more like they belong in your new place of residence.

Have a Family Party. Make the first night in your new home special. Order a pizza, play board games on the floor, or make a tent with blankets and boxes. Even though moving can be filled with its headaches and stresses, it is important to find creative ways to make your kids feel like a good change has just occurred in the life of your family.

Dollar Signs & Peace of Mind

crop_Comparing-damage-ratiosThe contents of your home are a combination of two types of items; things you can put a price on and things you cannot. And while it may be easy enough to have an antique expert tell you that your 18th century Baroque chaise is valued at $8,000, who could put a sentimental value on that odd desk lamp given to you by your college roommate for graduation? The reality is you can’t usually put a dollar figure on the things that matter most.

Valuation is the determination of the economic value of an asset.  This concept is thrown around heavily when it comes to selecting a mover. Though there are many different kinds of insurances, from limited to full, at Exodus, we believe this to be the wrong focus.

Like most moving companies, we offer these options. We want to give you the chance to purchase additional coverage to increase your level of comfort.  And while it’s great to have insurance, wouldn’t it be that much better to have your stuff arriving on time in one piece? In an effort to provide a more complete kind of peace of mind, we work a little harder to minimize your need for these insurances. By taking pride in what we do, we have been able to maintain a damage ratio that is less than a quarter of the industry average. This means that our measure of income to damage claims is significantly lower than most other moving companies. So while you can put a dollar value on your things, by selecting a company that cares, you can put real value on what is most important to you.

Moving Up In the World

Moving to Denver can be exhausting for more than just the usual reasons. Many people underestimate the effects altitude can have on your mood, energy level and overall health. Unless you are relocating specifically from a mountain community, chances are there will be some adjustment taking place during your move, not only in your life but also in your body. They call Denver the Mile High City for 5,280 little reasons.

Because of the height of the Denver Metro, the air itself contains less oxygen then that of sea level air. This “thinner” air causes your heart to have to work harder to facilitate blood flow through your system. The water in your body evaporates more rapidly and can quickly create a dehydration situation.

Altitude sickness can present itself in a variety of ways. In fact, often newcomers to the city simply believe they are getting a common cold. But the symptoms can be more like a combination flu bug/carbon monoxide poisoning with a little bit of hangover for good measure. Experiences of nausea, headaches, lack of appetite, nose bleeds, shortness of breath and fatigue are quite common.

During your move to higher altitude, it is also important to increase your carbohydrate intake as it will give you more sustainable energy. Is it also a good idea to incorporate more garlic and more bananas into your daily food regimen. Instead of giving into the temptation to drink extra coffee to provide that quick pick me up to get through your move, we suggest drinking more water and other non caffeinated beverages to avoid the additional dehydration that caffeine provides. And while it may not be realistic during relocation, it is good to try to lighten up on the extreme physical activity and get a little extra sleep. By being the professional, helpful mover on your side, it is one of our greatest goals to help out with this last important point.

Moving Tip #35

RF250522There are a lot of administrative items to take care of when you move. Remember to cancel your utilities, change your address with the post office, and contact your friends, family, work, creditors, insurance providers, along with any subscriptions about your change of location. We suggest setting these changes up at least 3 weeks before your move date in order to insure that no important notifications are misplaced and no additional fees are charged.

Seniors Moving Out

Caring for a senior is often no easy task. The emotional and physical demands that it can take on an individual (both caretaker and giver) can be great. Many times we are faced with the decision of whether to put a loved one into an assisted living retirement home. Although this decision may be the best for all parties, it is important to know that it will be emotionally taxing for everyone as well. When making the jump with a loved one into this situation there are a number of things to keep in mind.

1. Make sure that everyone in the family has a chance to address and clarify the way that they are feeling about the decision. This is not only a hard transition for one person–it usually weighs on everyone involved so its important to stay open.

2. Let it be. If your family member is upset by the move, allow them to feel the way that they do. Be there as a sounding board to absorb their frustrations. Sometimes its ok just to listen and empathize.

3. Make sure to reassure them of your presence in their life. Let them know that just because they will be living somewhere else, doesn’t also mean that they will lose you. They need this reassurance at this time.

4. Remain calm. Raised voices or outward displays of anger will only leave both parties feeling hurt. This is a highly emotional time for both of you; recognize it, but try not to let it enter the conversation.

5. Let them make decision that are important to them. Things like choosing the facility, their room, colors that will be in their room is very important for them to retain control over. This is a tough time for them in feeling loss of control. This will help.
6. Let them know calmly why this is the best decision for them practically. Try not to add an emotional element into the mix as it may lead you down a slippery slope. Stay positive and let them know all of the positives of their new life.

7.  If you’re family member is having a difficult time accepting this decision, allow them time to absorb the news. You may also consider seeking professional help, such as a counselor or a senior moving specialist. Sometimes it helps to have a neutral outside party to talk to.

8. Don’t be hard on yourself; try not to feel bad about this decision. Be good to yourself and know that this is the best thing for the entire family. Dealing with your emotions outside of the decision will help ensure that your conversation remains calm and focused.

Moving Your Pets with Care

There is no getting around it: pets are like family. And only taking the best care for them will do, so make sure that you have taken precautions and prepared for their departure as well as yours to assure that their move as well as yours is smooth and painless.  Check out the tips and insights into pet care while traveling:

• Make sure your pet is wearing identification and any required license tags in case they get lost.

• Ask your veterinarian for a copy of your pet’s medical history to take with you, and be sure all shots are current.

• Shortly before the move, your pets may become nervous because of all the unusual activity. Keep a close eye on them; stress may cause them to misbehave or run off. Consider looking into some holistic remedies for calming.

• When you move, take along a health certificate and a rabies vaccination certificate. The health certificate, signed by your veterinarian, says your pet is in good condition. The rabies certificate states when and where your pet was vaccinated.

• Look into the state that you are moving to and make sure that you are prepared for a quarantine period. In many cases your animal will need to be put into quarantine from anywhere from 30 to 120 days before you can take them home.

• After the move, give your pets time to adjust to the new neighborhood. Don’t let your pets roam freely until they learn where new “home” is now to avoid losing them.

• If you pet has an ID implant, remember to have updated contact information.
Follow these tips to make sure that your move is smooth and less stress on your loved ones!

Pain in the Behind: Airline Restrictions

Flying these days can truly be a pain in the behind with all of the rules and regulations nearly strangling the luxury right out of flying and travel overall. With the amount of terrorism that has flooded in the world these measures are thankfully made to protect our people nationwide and worldwide. As moving can be stressful enough and if you’re having to fly to your new home, the airport setting can make things much more strained and uncomfortable if you are not prepared and expecting what you have coming to you.

Bags Most airlines these days are going to charge you a fee for bags from anywhere from $15-$25 per bag. The second checked bag is also usually more expensive than the first. However if you are travelling on Southwest Airlines, you are granted 2 free bags to check–no hoops, no catches, just free. If you are looking to save or compare how much your favorite airline is charging per bag, check out

Carry On This luggage is a lot of times the preference for many to travel with–exclusively. Not only does it guarantee that your luggage arrives with you (as it is with you) but it also saves you, in most cases, loads of cash. The average carry on measurements 22″ x 14″ x 9″ or an average of 45″ total. Don’t depend on luggage that guarantees that it is “airline restriction friendly”–bring your measuring tape.

Pets Certain airlines let you carry on your animals for a reasonable fee on board if it can fit underneath your seat. If not, you must check your animal in the cargo storage area with the rest of the luggage. Also, check the regulations for your destination and see if there is a quarantine period to keep your dog (usually about 30 days)

Security Make sure that you don’t get caught up here! Have your Passport/ID ready along with your boarding pass. Once at the scanner area, take off your shoes, coat, scarfs, any metal on your body and put it in the bins. If carrying a computer, take it out of the bag and put it directly into a bin. Also, any liquids that you carry must be under 3 ounces and in a clear container. If you don’t adhere to the rules they don’t care how much your $70 shampoo scalp treatment is, it’ll go in the trash! For more info, check out

Checking In You can usually check in online, or even on your iPhone if your airline has an application to do so. If you would like to expedite the process, check out the skycap area (usually outside of the airport terminal that your airline belongs to) these lines go much faster and are shorter. Have your ID/Passport and reservation code ready to go.

So You Want to Move to….SEATTLE!

If you are considering relocating to the Pacific Northwest, look no further than the wonderful city of Seattle. Floating bridges, revolving restaurants and an underground city separate Seattle from most other cities in the country. In addition, Seattle is home to the longest continuously running farmer’s market in the country, the Pike Place Market. Whether you are watching the infamous “fish throwing” in Pike Place Market, driving over the world’s longest floating bridge or exploring the Seattle waterfront, you will find that Seattle’s rain does not put a damper on its beauty.


Transportation in Seattle is great. Whether you are looking to take a ferry, a ferry taxi, a bus and more, you can expect that you can live in Seattle without a car easily.Not to mention that with the public transportation you can enjoy the beautiful scenes and sites of the city. If you have a car like any city this is a great one being that they have streets and highways like everywhere else :).


If you like rain, you are going to like Seattle. If you like lots of rain, you are really going to like Seattle. If you love tons of rain, Seattle is the place for you! With some sunshine in the summer time, this city has mostly water as its climate.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Seattle is 19% above the national average. You are paying a bit more for all of the coolness of the city, the amazing sites and the fantastic location of your new home.
Cool Spots

If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you are most likely a fan of Seattle. So go and check out the Space needle just to get it out of the way. If you want to stick to the waterfront, check out the Seattle Waterfall Garden or Pike Place Market to do some seriously amazing shopping. If you’re feeling up to a little nature exhibit check out the Seattle Aquarium as well, it is truly a breathtaking sight for your eyes.

Reasons to Move

  • No State Income Tax That’s right people, you heard it first here.
  • Jobs The Industry is booming and lots of opportunities are sprouting everyday.
  • Music Scene Seattle is the birthplace of many amazing bands and acts and still hold a place in the music world.
  • Nature With some of the most beautiful sites in thee country, Seattle has a little bit for everyone to

Random fact about Seattle
Seattle was the first US city to play a Beatles song on the radio

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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