Worried About Moving Your Piano? Three Quick Tips for a Safe Move

For most people their piano is so much more than a musical instrument–it’s a precious family keepsake that deserves to be treated with care.

When the time comes to move your piano, whether local or long distance, using a professional moving service to do the job makes sense.  Residential moving companies know your piano is important to you, thus they take special care to move it safely.

Use these three tips to calm your nerves about moving your precious and valuable piano:


  •  Prepare Your Piano for the Move

A piano is a sensitive instrument and you must take care to prepare your piano for a move.  Carefully wrap your piano with a furniture blanket.  Make sure the blanket you choose isn’t abrasive and won’t damage the piano’s finish.  Some moving companies may provide a blanket for you, so be sure to check with them before buying one.



If you need to buy your own blanket, home improvement stores and many online retailers carry them.  They can be picked up for less than $20–a minimal investment for the value they bring in protecting your piano.


  •  Prepare Your Home for the Move Out

Take a look at your piano, it’s huge!  Take some time to rearrange some of your furniture in order to clear a path for the piano.  The moving service will take great care to make sure your piano is carefully moved, but give them a hand by clearing a wide path.

Also consider purchasing corner guards to temporarily attach to walls that form a sharp corner in the path of the piano.  These can be purchased cheaply at many online retailers and provide a means to protect your house and piano.


  • Research and Contact a Residential Moving Company

Residential moving companies aren’t created equal.  Choosing one is the next task on your list–and the most important one.  Make sure the company you choose is insured and reputable.

It’s also very important to verify the moving service has experience in handling pianos.  Pianos are highly sensitive instruments and they require a high level of skill and care to move.  The moving company you select should have previous experience in piano moving.


That’s it!  Utilize these three tips and you’ll be well on your way to getting your beautiful baby grand to its new home.

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