Will Your Fixtures Light Your Way to Your New Home?

It is hard to leave behind certain things when you are moving. But unfortunately it is necessary, whether you need to because of space issues or just because you would like to start anew.  One of those items that people must consider in their own homes is whether or not to bring their light fixtures.  Obviously fixtures such as lamps should go, but more complicated areas, such as fixtures that have been installed.

Like with anything that you are considering to chuck when you move, ask yourself the simple yet effective question series:

Do I love it? This is the first line of defense. If you answered no, then chuck it/donate it and move on. Its as simple as that. Someone else may enjoy them just fine. If yes, then answer question number 2 before making a decision.

Is it replaceable? If the answer is no, and you answered yes to question #1, then it sounds like taking them would be a fantastic answer. If the answer is yes, then know that you may be just fine buying a new fixture somewhere else.  Bottom line is that if its replaceable, isn’t too special in the first place.

Does it have sentimental value? This is the take it or leave it last line of defense. If no, then consider your past answers to the other questions  and make a collective decision. If yes, then go for it!

When removing a light fixture make sure that you have either a professional helping you as to avoid electrocution and also to avoid damage to your items. Also, make sure that you have consulted people like Real Estate Agents and land lords to assure that you are not leaving anyone high and dry with your take along items. Enjoy!