We Are Exodus Moving and Storage, and We Have One Goal

Exodus Moving and Storage is our name, and moving is our game. We are a northern Colorado based moving company who knows all about Colorado and how to move people near and far. We have move people out of state, in state, and even across the world in one way or another. This experience is something that we would love to show you and provide for you. We understand that moving can be an extremely scary experience and we understand that it can be quite costly. We think we can help you out here though.


Magnifying GlassMoving is not generally something that people do on a yearly basis unless forced to. In fact, many people will not move unless required to because of the hassle that it puts upon them and their family. We believe that we can help reduce this burden though, especially if you’re someone who needs to really get out of the area you are in. Moving should be a fun experience that you do every now and again when you want to become a member of another community. It should not be something that scares you away because of all the difficulties that you will have to surmount. By choosing to go with us, you are choosing someone who understands the fear that can be involved with moving and wants to help you get over it in the easiest and most painless way possible.


We also understand that moving is a very costly endeavor. Between selling the home, purchasing a new one, hiring moving companies and whatnot to help you get into your new place, and all the essentials that become required therein, that bill can rack up fast. We don’t want you to feel pressured by this extremely large financial burden, which is why we try to offer the best prices possible when it comes to helping you move. We try to put our prices somewhere between what you feel would be a very good price, and what we need in order to make our business run for another day. We don’t want to bankrupt you, that is actually our last goal. Our first and foremost goal is providing you with excellent service at the best price possible.